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Skills request for old characters

Wed Nov 16, 2016 12:08 am by Lloyd Vanheim

Hey, your character was created after the Mid-November update and you just learned about those skills? You want them? Good! You don't want any? Well too bad they're MANDATORY! Please reply to this with your old character in order to receive those skills!

Here's a link to the list so you can choose:

Have fun with your newfound skills! ^^

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Happy Birthday Syne!

Tue May 31, 2016 12:57 pm by Leena Lilac

Woah wait what? We're Entering our third year? Holy shhhhhhh----- Oh hey guys.

*cough cough*

WE DID IT! We're moving on up in the world! I cannot tell you how incredibly happy I am that you all decided to stick around this long. I started the site 2 years ago thinking, "What Am I doing? I'm probably gonna forget this place exists and it'll die off like the others." (Yes others, I had tried this Site ownership thing before) I'm not sure what happened here, but for some reason it stuck for this long and still going strong, and I just cannot thank you all enough.

This year has been really great for the site. Our Annual White elephant event still continues to be the most popular seasonal event, We got our domain name provided by Forumotion for the second year in a row, and we made lots of …

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The Very First Annual (Maybe) Cross-Site RWBYRPG Tournament (aka Red like Syne)

Sun May 01, 2016 9:53 pm by Leena Lilac

"Come one come all, enjoy the festivities and the yummy, greasy food as we hold our first ever Tournament! This Tournament will be held together with Red Like Roses, showing off only the best combat Skills in an all out Brawl for the Top!"

We have often had many requests for this in the past, but now we are FINALLY hosting our very first tournament since we rebooted 2 years ago! However, not only is this our first Tournament, We have also invited our friends from Red Like Roses to join us in this event, making this the first Intersite Tournament for both of us!

"But Leena, Our sites are so different. It'll never work!" You'd think that, huh? WELL. We have been spending months planning this out with the RLR staff, and we have come …

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