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1. General Rules

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11. General Rules Empty 1. General Rules on Sun Feb 09, 2014 8:43 pm

Leena Lilac
General Site Rules

  • Respect everyone and everything
    There's a fine line between messing around with friends and actually disrespecting someone. Yes, go have your fun, but watch the line and make sure you don't cross it. Where's that line? Well, that's up to your common sense, but you probably shouldn't go around telling people to drop dead.

  • No profanity
    Yeah, you get mad and it slips out. That's fine, I get it. But I am at least gonna expect and apology there. If there is no reason to cuss, then don't. Simple as that. Trust me, you can have a normal conversation without those words, I swear. I believe in you. This applys to not safe for work talk too. We will allow the occasional MILD innuendo. Just be careful, and we will all be happy. If you have a feeling SOMEONE isn't going to be comfortable with what you are about to say, it's probably best that you hold off. Remember that people DO read chat archives and past threads, so be mindful of all members.

  • There is a place for Advertizing
    There is a forum for advertising, and it does not involve the chatbox. We are fine with you guys talking about other sites to an extent, but please to not advert for said other sites unless it is in the advertising forum.

  • Staff has authority
    Any and all staff that are chosen down the road probably know what they are doing and should probably be listened to. If there are any doubts to what a staff member says or does, just go along with it and direct your questions to me, Richard. I like helping people.

  • No Trolling
    Trolling is making people mad for the sake of making them mad. Again, you are allowed to have your fun, but if it goes too far it just becomes annoying. Besides, a troll is hard to trust and when they are really telling the truth about something super important, everyone else just goes 'Boy Who Cried Wolf' on them. Don't be that guy.

  • Warning System
    The warning system here is simple. You get three chances to screw up. Once you hit that three, You get banned for a week and join the 'Hot Seat' group for public ridicule. Screw up on the hot seat and you get permabanned. That makes sense, right? No? Oh, lemme try this: Rules are in place, follow them and we can all be friends. :3

    Hot Seat duration is One month after the week Ban.
    Plagiarism, Blatant posting of Porn, Joining the site with a profane name, and coaxing people into joining another site are all grounds for instant Permanent Banning.


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