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Leena Lilac
Useful info for people who have yet to see RWBY

  • First of all, go see RWBY.

  • Remnant
    Remnant is, According to the RWBY Wiki, The planet or world on which RWBY and consequently this RPG takes place.

  • Vytal
    Vytal is the continent on which the events of RWBY Take place, Home to four kingdoms of light. Vale being one of them, the main one thus far, and Bellmuse not being one of them but hoping to one day join them.

  • Faunus
    If you are making you character and don't know the difference between the two races, just know that Faunus have some sort of animalistic physical feature somewhere. Leena, for example, is Faunus. Faunus are normally victim to discrimination from humans, and this may also be true for Bellmuse. Up to you guys.

  • White Fang
    Though the White Fang has yet to be established officially on this site, they still exist and I feel like you should know about them. It is a protest organization of once peaceful Faunus (The reason they are still discriminated against, even after the war between the two races), though their actions got violent when a new leader rose up. They began to raid Dust Shops and steal from cargo trains, Attacking anyone in their way. They will come up here soon, I promise.

  • Grimm
    Souless Creatures of darkness that need to be destroyed on sight. This is why there are schools to train Hunters and Huntresses.

  • Hunters/Huntresses
    Warriors trained to fight off the Creatures of Grimm and help people, though it is not completely impossible for these fighters to go bad...

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