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[Hunt] Autumnal Blues [OPEN]

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1 [Hunt] Autumnal Blues [OPEN] on Tue Oct 20, 2015 1:03 am

Claus Lytton
Claus sighed. He wanted to learn the lay of the land a bit, so he went into the forest.
Thankfully he wasn't told about the amazing scenery however. Otherwise the surprise would have been ruined.
Finnek was absolutely breathtaking with its almost otherworldly coloring, like he had found himself in a dream.
While he himself was wearing blue in the form of the Ogreweave, the darker shade made him stand out, as did the lush of blonde hair.

He knew he was in Grimm area, but that wouldn't be any sort of problem, at least that's what he assured himself.

He was quiet, just absorbing the scenery, the black padding on his joints brushing up on stray leaves, and the gentle breeze whispering in his ears.

This was raw nature, he decided. He'd learn some paths most likely, check some of the plant life and see if it matched anything from his home, probably sneak a look at some animals here and there, and make it out without any sort of confrontation if he was lucky.
That was his game plan. Learn the land in case he needed it memorized.
Sour Deal was strapped tightly to his waist as always, just within reach. On his right hip was a small pouch of munitions divided evenly between shells and slugs right down through a divider sewn into the kit.
In his left hip side pouch however was a small pack of various oddities only he could know the uses for: A roll of tape, a bag of marbles, and what looked like a discus of some sort was strapped firmly under the pouch, lipped so he could easily grab it if the odd need rose for it.

Hopefully he wouldn't, but one could never take any chances when in Grimm territory.

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2 Re: [Hunt] Autumnal Blues [OPEN] on Tue Oct 20, 2015 1:47 pm



"Just my luck..." Kei pouted aloud to himself as he trudged along the grassy ground of the Finnek Forest.

Higher ups at the academy forced Kei to go on a hunt, dissapointed in his recent work ethic as he had been avoiding several jobs that were passed onto him. This Hunt was supposed to be a form of punishment. As a result of coming here unwillingly, Kei traveled carelessly, not attempting to hide his presence from Grimm and other people. He was also not paying attention to his surroundings, causing him to completely overlook the hunter with blonde hair.

Mood: Careless
Condition: Healthy
Health: 180
Aura: 120

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3 Re: [Hunt] Autumnal Blues [OPEN] on Tue Oct 20, 2015 8:10 pm

Albert Camaieu
After having read about both the geographical nonsense pertaining to the Finnek Forest in adolescence, as well as a number of stories set within all throughout childhood, the male couldn't help but be baffled. Certainly given the blue hue of -everything- one was expecting a sort of ethereal vibe, as though magic seemed to run through its very core... yet it seemed as though the expectations were wholly subverted and surpassed all at once. The entire thing reeked of nature and so Albert could not help but dislike it, and yet conversely it seemed as beautiful as it did in his stories if not more-so.

Regardless, the male calmly adjusted his jacket as though somehow taht would confer extra warmth, simultaneously drawing a breath that was soon visible in the air before him. Apathetic as always, the true purpose for this visit was not nature or solitude, but rather that it was merely something to do. Who knew when a class or job might place him in such a place?

Regardless, rather than actually wander through it and get lost, he soon found a slightly elevated segment of forest and laid upon it, rifle in hand. Though the safety was on in that instant, he still chose to gaze through the scope in order to view the fauna in the hopes of seeing something dangerous. Perhaps a Grimm to test out the weapon's real capabilities, or perhaps another hunter to speak to?

And indeed the latter was what he got. Yet rather than observe Claus or the other, the male simply watched and waited, much like in a chess match.

No matter how boring it was.

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4 Re: [Hunt] Autumnal Blues [OPEN] on Tue Oct 20, 2015 8:31 pm

Grimm Type: Beowolf
Count: 2
Level: 1
Wulf 1 HP: 60/60
Wulf 2 HP: 60/60

Standing at the brim of the treeline hiding amongst some bushes near the two hunters who were oh so oblivious to the presence of one another, the two young Beowolves stood crouched side by side, waiting patiently for the perfect time to strike. They waited until the masked hunter walked a bit past the blonde hunter and then they split. One chasing after the masked hunter with a quick and short bark and a furious pounce. Whereas the other one attempted to give the blonde hunter a run for his money with a rather furious chomp from it’s jaws. Whilst these Beowolves weren’t overly large, like some of their elder counterparts. They were still certainly almost as fast as, or as fast as, their larger, and certainly more well protected, brethren of larger stature. However the primary topic of the moment was probably the two night black, bipedal wolf-like Grimm trying to gnaw on some innocent students of Syne Academy.

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5 Re: [Hunt] Autumnal Blues [OPEN] on Fri Oct 23, 2015 12:43 pm

Sammey White
Sammey was jumping form tree to tree in the Finnek Forest she was to do a hunt. She was told by one of the Professors to go on this hunt. Sammey wasn't the kind to really go on hunts whit other people she didn't know, she was hoping they maybe nice she was a bit shy around new people or a lot a bit shy around them. Than she seen something it looked to be two no three guys walking around. "Ar-are th-they we-were for the hu-hunt to-too?" Than some caught her eye's it was two Beowolf's by the look of it and they were fallowing two of the guys.

Sammey called out to the guys but her voice was way to soft and and low that no one could wear her. She than pulled out two non-dust arrows and loaded them into her bow and pulled back on it. She aimed in the middle of the grimm and the tow guys, so she had to be careful not to hit the guys and stop the girmm for a little. She than had a shot and get go of the bows string and sanding the arrows flying to the ground. Sammey than moved jumping form the tree she was in she moved to another tree to get ready for another shot.


Tier 1 Dust: (10x Water) (10x Fire) (10x Earth) (10x Air)
Tier 2 Dust: (10x Fire) (10x Water) (10x Earth) (10x Air) (10x Explosion) (10x Ice) (10x Plant) (10x Thunder)
Tier 3 Dust:(6x Fire) (6x Water) (6x Earth) (6x Ice) (6x Lightning) (6x Light) (6x Shadow)
5x poison
Shadow's Bane
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6 Re: [Hunt] Autumnal Blues [OPEN] on Fri Oct 23, 2015 12:48 pm

Claus Lytton
There was a sound. In his odd zen like state, he instinctively reached for his gun in case of Grimm, fingers brushing on the collapsed firearm before the Hunter came into view.
A sigh of relief, almost laughing at himself at how tense he was.
While the other hunter didn't quite notice him, anyone else who might have been stalking the woods probably knew the place better then him.

He spoke out.
"Hey." A simple beconing was all that was really needed for this.
"What are you doin' around here?" He gave a brief pause as he relaxed his stance.
"You a student for Syne?"
It might not have been the brightest idea to startle anyone who might have been walking through Grimm territory, as he himself nearly evidenced, but it seemed as though he bore no sort of firearm, so a sudden snap attack would probably not be to worry about.
The oddness of a muddy brown Trenchcoat in these gorgeous blue woods was something of a sight to behold. In all likelyhood the coat was more used to conceal something rather than stave off the cold, unlike the fingerless gloves and tightly wound and buried scarf he wore, both just visible from poking out under the deep blue Ogreweave.

Suddenly there was motion. Arrows Whizzed last and landed onto the ground in front of him. Claus caught his breath and shot his eyes up to look for the source of them, only to find shaking leaves. They weren't alone. But what was it for? A warning?
the sound of more movement behind him caught his attention once more and he looked back down to his level just in time.
Black white and red blurs leapt out of the brush.
As a spiny lupine figure launched out at him, sharp teeth gnashing.
This is what he had come here for. Grimm.
"Head's up!" He said, warning the other person.
A wicked smile slashed itself across his face, the sun's glare shining off the sunglasses he slapped on with one hand as his other snapped to the pistol-like grip at his waist.
In one swift motion he snapped the shotgun to its full length, pumped the grip, and jammed the barrel directly into the open maw of the leaping monster, squeezing the trigger.
"Was thinking I'd go the day without anything interesting!" He chuckled, the kick of the gun and the dull thud from the explosion propelling a load of pellets directly into the body of the Grimm, the impact of the blast packing enough stopping power to slow the monster's momentum almost entirely.

Another pump of the grip, another blast at point blank.
He pumped once more, then withdrew the gun and trained it on the other Beowulf, blasting at it as well.

As he cocked the gun once more, he let out his voice to whoever their arrow wielding friend was. "Thanks stranger. But we might need to see each other to fight these things so I don't end up hitting you or something."
They weren't alone, thankfully, but the spread on the gun was something to worry about in its current state.
With his free hand, Claus snuck into his ammo pouch and grabbed three more shells, holding them against the handle and putting his finger back over the trigger.
The fight was on.

[Combat Log]
>Attack - Beowulf A
>Attack - Beowulf A
>Attack - Beowulf B

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7 Re: [Hunt] Autumnal Blues [OPEN] on Sat Oct 24, 2015 12:46 pm



Being unattentive, Kei jumped at the sound of another voice. Kei jolted his head in the direction of the voice, his left hand immediately flying to the belt that covered his waist where one of his weighted wires remained coiled. Kei sighed with the sight of another human, a hunter it seemed judging by the shotgun he wielded.

"Oi oi," Kei complained as he relaxed his arm, "If I was 40 years older then I currently was, you'd have just killed me because that would have given me a heart attack."

The shotgun wielder asked Kei a series of questions but before Kei could answer, a sudden thud impacted the ground behind him. Kei quickly turned his head to find arrows that suddenly sprouted from the ground. Behind the arrows, two beowolfs were approaching Kei and the shotgun-wielder. It was apparent to Kei that the Beowolf didn't shoot the arrows, Grimm were unable to use such weapon, so it had to be the work of a third party. Kei's eyes quickly scanned the treeline to identify the third party, but to no avail as he soon had to revert his attention back to the Beowolf's.

Kei began stretching his left arm, like he was preparing for this fight.
"Looks like we don't have much time for proper introductions," Kei told the shotgun wielder, "So let me get straight to the point. I'm Kei, hunter at Syne academy, I like money, ice cream, and those Sunday afternoons where you don't have any obligations or duties for the day so you can just stay home and do whatever you feel like doing."

As the shotgun wielder began his attack on the Grimm, Kei stood back. He wasn't much of a long range fighter, but he also wasn't the type to initiate a fight. That being Kei stood next to the shotgun wielder, ready to counterattack should the Beowolfs successfully close the distance between themselves and the Hunters. While keeping an eye on the Grimm, Kei also kept an eye at the treeline, watching for the unknown bowman (or woman). It was still unknown whether the archer was a friend or foe and it was plausible that Kei and the shotgun-wielder could come under attack from arrows as well.

Also to note, Kei had no idea that there was a sniper off in the distance observing the scene.

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Health: 180
Aura: 120

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8 Re: [Hunt] Autumnal Blues [OPEN] on Sat Oct 24, 2015 5:15 pm

Albert Camaieu
Initially the male simply continued to look down his scope, simultaneously straining to try and hear what the two hunters were saying to one another. Despite attempting to do so, the sheer distance between the three of them was enough that other than a slight bit of noise that caused his ears to twitch, Albert's own breathing drowned out anything that could have provided context.

it was so dreadfully boring that he could not hear anything, as whatever they were saying could have provided some information as to why each were there, why the masked man indeed wore his mask, or at the very least something to do in the midst of the woods. Some kind of action would have easily kept him from going idle, and though Albert was certainly accustomed to waiting... in this particular scenario it seemed as though waiting was the most difficult part, even if self-enforced.

And yet in an instant the wait was over. First there came the arrows, which served only to make one wonder exactly who would shoot such things at two hunters given the feral nature of Grimm. Of course, it would have been something of a stupid move for someone to do such a thing, given they were outnumbered two to one at face value. Therefore, it was either an accident or...

A smirk crossed Albert's face, as before he could so much as think it to himself the two Grimm came barrelling out of the bushes. Exhaling and then drawing a rather deep breath, the male calmly undid the safety on his weapon and took aim momentarily before at last, firing just as Claus did.

The shot rang through the area, and with a reloading of the weapon there was another, which in turn was paired with a rather swift forward burst of grey aura in that same instant running down along the rifle that was in turn followed by an instantaneous gust of wind just beyond, intended to propel the bullet along faster and therefore, give it a higher force of impact.

Exhaling, Albert again prepared the weapon and stood, aiming to either joint he fray or change his original location. It wouldn't have particularly mattered regardless, as his long black jacket clearly stood out amid the blue of the forest. Rather, it seemed one would have preferred to avoid being attacked by a Grimm whilst laying down, as at least when standing he could have run or done something....
Action Log:

HP: 130
AP: 170 - 20 = 150

Attack > Beowufl A
Attack + Semblance > Beowulf B
(Attack 4: unused.)

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9 Re: [Hunt] Autumnal Blues [OPEN] on Mon Nov 02, 2015 3:19 pm

Sammey White
As her two arrows hit the floor, it looked like the two seen the incoming grimm and got ready for a attack. Sammey looked at the guys and grimm form another tree. She watched the guys go after it, she than pulled out two more arrows to get ready to shoot. Than a boom form a gun came ringing out form somewhere farer back form the rest for the guys there. Sammey jumped a little making the the tree branch move a little and in turn making some of the leafs fall. The falling leafs made a little bit of noise, she than moved once again to another tree to get a better shoot. Once she was found a better spot she loaded her bow and started to pull back and armed at both of the grimm.

She than stopped as one of the guy got in the way of the shot. She than TPed over to another tree behind the grimm and let the string go and started the arrows flying at the two girmm.

HP: 150
AP: 150-10=140


Tier 1 Dust: (10x Water) (10x Fire) (10x Earth) (10x Air)
Tier 2 Dust: (10x Fire) (10x Water) (10x Earth) (10x Air) (10x Explosion) (10x Ice) (10x Plant) (10x Thunder)
Tier 3 Dust:(6x Fire) (6x Water) (6x Earth) (6x Ice) (6x Lightning) (6x Light) (6x Shadow)
5x poison
Shadow's Bane
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