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To Business [Armor Upgrade]

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1 To Business [Armor Upgrade] on Thu Oct 22, 2015 1:19 am



Kei walked into the local armourer's shop in Bellmuse central with the intention of getting his trench coat upgraded. At the moment, his Kevlar lined trench coat provided plenty of protection against smaller arms such as swords, claws, and smaller fire arms. It only prevented against the actual piercing attack however, and did nothing to actually protect Kei from the force of the blow, leaving him very open to still getting bruises or broken bones from a heavy attack. Kei decided to see if the armourer could do anything about it. Kei walked into the shop to see an old man, probably in his 60's, working on a piece of mail on top of a workbench.

"Hey gramps," Kei called out to the armourer despite not knowing who he was, "I need you to fix up something for me."
"What do you want kid?" The armourer said as he looked up from his work, no doubt annoyed at how Kei had addressed him, "You better have a legit reason to being in here. I don't like people who walk in for no reason other than to annoy me. I swear I'll kill you if you're one of those kinds of people."
"No need for hostility now," Kei told him casually, "I have an actual request, I want something upgraded."
"Damn your generation, you guys have no respect at all." The old man sighed, then he extended his hand to Kei, "Well, let's see it then, what you want upgraded."

Kei removed his trench coat and handed it to the armourer, explaining to the old man that he wanted the armor to be able to absorb attacks better. The old man took the trench coat and laid it across his worktable, examining the armour. It was quite clear he was slightly impressed with it.

"Full body Kevlar lined, yet entirely flexible to not obscure movement..." The old man muttered to himself as he observed the Trench Coat. He then frowned at Kei, "Where the hell did someone like you get something like this? This is high end gear-"
The old man shook his head, "You know what? I don't even want to know, judging from your appearance, you probably stole it from someone."
"Oi," Kei complained, "Are the insults necessary? Can't you just tell me if you can get the upgrades I want in?"

The armourer continued to observe the armour. It was apparent to him the old man that the trench coat had seen its fair share of action, it was tattered in some places, torn in others, but was just overall worn. Truth was, it had been a while since the Trench Coat had been repaired at all. It had been all the way back when he was still training with Ul many years ago. Kei just never gotten around to repairing it.

"Well first off, I'm going to have completely rethread some of the areas on this coat. It looks like you put this into a washing machine full of bricks and left it spinning for years. In other words, it looks like crap." The old man grumbled, "Thankfully for you, I'll do this for free. I'll need to fix it up before I add the upgrades you want. Unlike your generation, I actually care about the quality of my work. Come back in three days."
"Damn I hate you," Kei muttered as shook his head. He began to leave the shop and as he did, called out to the old man behind him. "Three days it is then..."


Kei returned three days later to find that the old man completed the job. The Trench Coat had been fully restored to its former glory and looked new once again. On top of that, the old man managed to get the upgrades in like Kei wanted. In certain areas of the trench coat, the armourer had lined the inside of it with a uniquely prepared leather that specialized in observing blows. The leather was added on carefully so that it obstruct any movement. Kei was overall impressed with the old man's work, and though the two didn't get along entirely well, Kei would return to this shop should he have more upgrades he wants done.

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