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Tokaru Anderson Completed

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1 Tokaru Anderson Completed on Mon Oct 26, 2015 4:04 am

Enrollment Form

Quote: "In this world that we live in, every moment is one to remember."

Basic info
Name: Tokaru Girimanaro Anderson
Nickname: Grim
Alias: Tomaku Alexanderson
Age: 21
Birthday: October 20th
Gender: Male
Race: 1/2 Human & 1/2 Viper Faunus
Height: 6'2
Weight: 185 lbs.
Face Claim: Grim by Lil_Bit_Krazy (I did not draw this, I had this commissioned a long time ago, and the artist Photobucket is here.)
Face Claim Link:

STR: 5
DEF: 3
RES: 3
SPT: 1
Aura 150|150 HP

Major: Medical Major
Likes: People | Food | Sleeping | Herbs | Reading | Writing
Dislikes: Bullies | His Insanity | His Power | Needless Battles
Fears: Losing Control | Killing Close Friends | Being Alone | Pain (In general)
Overall Personality: A soft-hearted, fun loving fellow who tends to be thick headed and rash at most times when faced with a tough situations, usually he tends to rely on his brains and wits to help but if all else fails, he will use his fists to talk. Tokaru at times is somewhat impatient when it comes to certain tasks and when waiting he tend to tap his foot on the ground, mostly he is moody and tends to let it show, but at other times he will try to hide them so people don't see the pain that he bares. And when it comes to his friends, he is always there for then, ready to lend a hand to them when they’re down for Tokaru has lost enough and wishes no one else to feel pain like him, a strong man who will fight for what's right, and often he does it with his own form of style. Usually, Tokaru doesn't hit on girls or guys a whole lot, but when given the chance he won't pass up trying his luck in wooing another being, so long as they peek his interest he may attempt to either bed them or take them on a date.

A cheery and happy fellow, also being a positive person who enjoys having a smile and seeing the brighter things in life, he tends to keep a child-like aura about him. Meaning he tends to give off a form of bubbly tone and always keeping things in the brighter moods, he tends to do this for he dislikes negativity around him. Seeing how his life was mostly filled with it, Tokaru is also a very stubborn person, one who doesn't give up too easily, depending on the situation he will stay on a task for hours to even days if need be.He is a very sweet and kind person who tends to make friends easily, he enjoys other people's company and often will strike up a short conversation, in combination of being kind, he is a gentle being which can be seen with his love of animals. He also has a tender heart for children seeing how he is a child at heart and an older brother figure figuratively, thought Tokaru isn't without his downsides, despite his kind and tender like nature,

Chaotic Good: His major flaw in his personality, many people don't know that Tokaru is mentally unstable, meaning he is insane and often will never tell people, though he is insane, he has not control over the voice or voices that will randomly appear and speak to him. If ever pushed to the point to where he blacks out or breaks down his insanity will flourish and take hold of him, but not without a fight as though he tends to suppress it, to keep others safe, when in such a mindset he keeps one priority set, "Keep all friends safe." He also has a short and violent fuse, if something pushes him beyond his limits of calmness, he will become like an angered being, attacking those he see's as enemies, this can be seen if someone harms his friends or family.

True Neutral: Often in combat Tokaru is called a Ice Warrior and a Mechanical thinker, which this is due to his suffused with emotion in battle, which they channel into a deep, cold hatred of his enemy, at times he is sly and deceptive in battle and maybe cruel in his attacks, often deliberately wounding an opponent to prolong their suffering. This is perhaps in endless revenge for a persistent past hurt that still drives them, It is said that revenge is a meal best served cold, and Tokaru may well be driven by such motives. While though this is the case with his attacks, being a 'mechanical thinker', Tokaru views see's each battle, each blow is an interesting problem to be quickly thought through logically and executed with fine skill. Each opponent is to be sized up, weaknesses identified and then efficiently dispatched. In some ways this, combined with his insane though process and his mechanical thinking, he can and is the most terrifying and inhuman opponent as Tokaru will treat you as little more than another specimen.

Aura type: Recovery: +5 SP every post
Aura Color: Obsidian Black - Mist Form
Semblance: Two Headed Serpent - Two Headed Serpent is a unique name for a semblance is there was one, Two Headed Serpent is a medical term Tokaru uses for an idea of a being that helps, and a being that lies and hinders others. (THS) the shortened version of the name works in two manners with slight quirks to them, his power has the ability to heal and harm those he chooses, his power comes in the form of liquid and gas, depending on his choice of the form for the time he needs it to be. His power can act like a refreshing liquid to help his comrades and heal them, visa versa for the form to harm others as it will come in the form of an acid to burn anything, or they can be used in a gaseous form, to do the same manner as their liquid forms.


Side Note: Only one form can be taken at a single time, to change the forms, Tokaru must apply 10 Aura to alter the chemical make-up of the Aura to give it a new form, see Utility for more info.

Liquid Form: The liquefied form of his damage portion takes on the form of a thick, sludge-like acidic liquid, this liquid forms from the pores of Tokaru and is able to bypass his armor without damaging it, this black liquid can change to a thinner type. But usually is seen dripping from either his hands or his blade as it is able to be applied without damaging it, the liquid is potent enough to damage anything it touches and the damage is unresisted by any stat, meaning if it hits it does the full amount, it deals a 1 to 1 ratio of damage to Aura up to 20 AP/DMG per post.

Gaseous Form: Much like the liquid form, while is gas state, the form is takes is a thick, fog or cloud-like haze that can affect a single person, but can cover a large area, though the status effect affects only one being, the cloud if able to coat several beings, meaning anyone inside the cloud can be affected by the burn aliment. It deals a 1 to 1 ratio of damage to Aura up to 20 AP/DMG per post so it can only effect a single person at a time.

Status Effect: Burned: After been dealt damage for every 20 damage the burned-player deals the burned-player takes 5 damage (At affinity one), target is not impaired, but can be healed through a burn heal or any kind of healing semblance. Five of which would be lost is neutralized by healing aura, but if you deal damage resulting in over five points of burn damage to yourself you just subtract 5 from the total burn damage. At affinity two: You take 5 for every 15 you deal At affinity three: You take 5 for every 10 you deal At affinity four: Likelihood increases.


Side Note: Only one form can be taken at a single time, to change the forms, Tokaru must apply 10 Aura to alter the chemical make-up of the Aura to give it a new form, see Utility for more info.

Liquid Form: The liquefied form of his healing portion takes on the form of a royal purple, sweet and succulent scented liquid, this liquid forms from the pores of Tokaru, it can be applied from either his hands, bottles or needles, the liquid holds powerful proteins and vitamins that enhance chemical and cellular regeneration,  it has the ability to heal himself and or possibly others, as for every 30 Aura, Tokaru can heal +20 HP but when healing multiple people, he can heal 10 HP per person instead of 20.

Gaseous Form: Much like the liquid form, while is gas state, the form is takes is a light violet tone and has the power to affect a single person to multiple, the cloud ranges in size depending on how many people he is healing, and can be sent from a distance to the needed being, as for every 30 Aura, Tokaru can heal +20 HP but when healing multiple people, he can heal 10 HP per person instead of 20.


Ability: The Utility portion of his power invovles altering the physical form of his semblances two abilities, by using 10 aura points he is able to alter the chemical compisition of his liquid abilities and alter them into a gas like form, these forms still hold the same properties as their liquid forms, but offer more versitile combat situations.

Item 1: Nights Messenger [Weapons/Physical Damage]: Nights Messenger is a magnificent weapon, a weapon that towers with its wielder, the Obsidian appearance shimmers in the light of day or night, a slender elegant single edged blade with a tapered wide blade head with a sharpened false edge along the upper portions of the mune, beginning from the kissaki. Nights Messenger tsuba is also ornately engraved, with a golden or bronze dragon design, the tsuka is a strange design with several indentions in the handle for ergonomic handling, the weapons also holds many bronze etched lines in the region above the seppa and along the tsuka.

Nights Messegner:

Item 2: Black Heart Mail [Armor/Physical Damage Mitigation]: A rather quaint armor usually accompanied by a pair of gauntlets and boots, the black armor is a mixture of several types, a leather combat tunic with black chain shirt sewn into the fabric, then metal plates located on the shoulders, waist crotch region, and a large chest plate all add a more defensive aspect, and to top it off, an azure robe is wrapped on top of the chest piece and around the waist portion, under the metal plates.

Black Heart Mail:

History and Sample
Tokaru was born in a small village island province off the coast of the continent of Anima, he was born into a tough lifestyle, while most children had either a militarian like father or mother, Tokaru had a father who was a retired assassin, and he was not a kind man, though he gave off a misleading aura of a kind man, in reality, he was a manipulative person who caused physical and mental damage to all who crossed him. His mother was a mute, due to his father's rather drunken rages, without able to fight back she just healed herself as she was a herbalist and a was the person who owned the only apothecary in the village.

When Tokaru became of age, his father took him under his wing to attempt to make him a skilled assassin, but as he quickly learned his son had no actual skill with being sneaky or deadly in any manner, he didn't hold any rage or vice to anything, but however this was the case he did uncover that his son held a good attention to his wife's work. He allowed him to work with her, but this was after years of abuse to the boy who found comfort in his mother's work and grasp, he worked with her until one fateful day when the mayor had Tokaru's father arrested on grounds of being an assassin, and cause of several members of the community disappearing.

After being taken into custody, his mother was moved to a mental institute to undergo evaluation, and Tokaru was placed in a temporary foster home, when the date of his father's execution was stated, the young lad escaped his home to watch the mayor give the speech about when his father would be hung, but before he could get close a guard stopped him and it turned out this guard was his uncle. His uncle was notified about the situation and was filling out paperwork to have everything sorted out, thankfully he was able to take his nephew into his home and able to get his sister out, they all lived in the same housing.

When the day did came of his father's execution, he was surprisingly calm and willing to meet his fate, but Tokaru noticed something odd about the smile on his father's face, and the look of vengeance gave him a chill and a glare towards him made him feel this wasn't the end, when the ordeal was over and Tokaru was back home and raised with a more proper environment. His uncle eventually taught his nephew the way of the sword, which Tokaru took the route of a two-handed curved sword, he spent the next eight years training with his uncle, mastering his talent as a gifted swordsman and training him in heavy armor.

Several years passed and Tokaru became a skilled warrior in the art of swordplay, he was able to tango with his uncle and easily defeat him in swordplay and hand to hand combat, he was a quick learner and this gave him an edge as he always studied his opponent before striking, by the age of fifteen however his life changed, he had gotten a letter in the mail about his mother. It was stamped with his father's seal, a sudden shock washed over him as the letter told him to come alone and with no weapons or armor, when Tokaru came to the location he was knocked out with a chemical compound.

When he woke up he was chained and pinned down onto a table, his father over him, he told his son he used a false human body to take his place, a puppet that was cloned from his own body, after that he tortured Tokaru for the next four years until the age of nineteen, he experimented on his by using poisons and chemicals to test his sons limit, when he felt as though his son was nearing his end. He exposed him to a horrid sight, his mother, skinny and very weak, before he could say anything his father ended her life before his son, the shock caused Tokaru to change, for over the years he heard a faint voice.

But with his mind now shattered by the sight of his mother death, it ripped the chains of his mind apart and released a being that his father didn't expect to find, a more demented being that released the stored power in his body to set its vessel free, without warning things went south quickly, when Tokaru came back from his blackout he was rescued by his uncle and several Hunters. They told him everything that they found, his father dead and a deformed state they found him in, they said he looked like a puddle of mush, Tokaru didn't remember anything and they took him to be evaluated.

When they found nothing after six month's, except some mental trauma of large groups of people, they allowed him to go when he was more fitted for life in society, he trained his mind and body to full health again until he was twenty-one, he always though heard the voice, had visions of a masked figure talking to him, clearly he knew something happened, it told him he would kill all his friends, family, and dance in the moonlight. Tokaru held back soo many years and after he found a way to suppress it, he enrolled to a Hunter Academy, he knew this would be the best way to help others while keeping his training going.

RP Sample:
"So, Beacon Academy was a fluke, cute girls there too, but nothing they could offer me, hmmm, Uncle did say a place up north called Syne would take people." The young lad whispered to himself, his long black hair fluttering about, pulled in an iconic samurai style ponytail, his emerald hue orbs glinted with glee as he was ready to begin his way to help other's, he knew his mother would want this for she taught him well being a herbalist had its perks. A high knowledge of herbs and plants to help people in medical practices, Tokaru did study it in his free time to gain understanding of it, hell he was able to use some of his Semblance, but not much: but seeing the Airship take him across the emerald ocean of tree's and wildlife, Tokaru just sighed, his ivory-hued skin glimmering as it clashes with his hair and his blackened armor. The facial he held also seemed to stand out, his goatee and mustache combination seemed to dance slightly as he smiled.

letting his long canines flicker, his large fangs due to his faunus heritage, hi pearl white shards danced behind his lips as his tongue, slightly forked also slid with them, he looked up at the sky, the falling blue ocean above being quickly taken by the obsidian sea, the sea that held billions of glimmering diamonds in it, he loved the night time it gave off a mysterious glow and vibe that drew him out. "No one is safe.... To... ka, just wait, when they see the monster you are.... they'll abandon you, just like everyone has." The voice, the same one that always talked to him when he let his guard down, the very same one that always would come in the form of a cloaked figure with glowing red eyes, a figure that looked like him, he knew he was insane, but he also knew he wasn't, this was all in his head and he was strong enough to fight it, he always had and when he entered Syne, he would become strong to comepletely kill it for good. For over the horizon, his new life would begin and his odl one would fade away into his memories, forever forgotten like most thinks he pushed away.

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Hello! I'm Leena and I'll be your Moderator today!

Thank you very much for your enrollment into Syne. This is a very well done application and we would be very happy for you to join us.


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