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A New Flower Blooms [Open]

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1 A New Flower Blooms [Open] on Mon Oct 26, 2015 8:46 pm

Lucerne Grey
Walking off the airship, Lucerne glanced around. For the duration of the trip, she hadn't ventured near the windows, her fear of heights preventing her from feeling the same awe that other incoming students felt. Near where Lucerne had sat, a group of girls had been chatting excitedly. They had been friendly enough to try and include Lucerne in the conversation as well. One of the girls talked more often than the others, and she dominated the conversation.  

"You talk a lot." Those four words shut the conversation down completely. Lucerne found herself subjected to the glares of the other girls. Clearly they regretted including Lucerne in the conversation. The awkward silence was soon broken as the other girls drifted away to continue the conversation elsewhere. Now Lucerne could see the same group of girls walking ahead of her. I had better avoid them, she thought with a slight shrug.

Lucerne's feet led her in a separate direction. Now was as a good a time as any to explore the campus, after all, she was a student here now.

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2 Re: A New Flower Blooms [Open] on Mon Oct 26, 2015 10:12 pm

Royce Ryuuto
Royce found himself once more in sullen silence, positioned by the entrance of the school. Why was he there? To simply draw once more. He liked speed drawing portraits and handing them out to those who looked rather down. His fourth start to a new picture happened to be a snow haired girl walking through. In the time he saw her face it was already captured on picture, and with a bright smile on it. She had a very beautiful face, with rather lovely eyes unlike his dull satin black colored orbs that rested in his eye sockets.

He was a good distance away, but as she was close he started the neckline and shaded in the girls top, and finally lightly shaded in her hair. He put detail in her eyes as he was running out of time, and even started stepping backwards ignoring everything behind him as he finally finished. He tore the picture from the notebook and approached her, holding up the black and white portrait of her. He concealed his notebook as he rubbed his black deer skull helmet, then scratched his ram horns.

He turned around now, and wondered back to his spot to continue the arts, while most of the students wondering through jumped back the moment they saw a deathlike figure standing in the center of their paths. Funniest thing was that nobody decided to confront what he was doing, which was probably out of fear.

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3 Re: A New Flower Blooms [Open] on Mon Oct 26, 2015 11:49 pm

Claus Lytton
Claus was out and about, generally the usual on early mornings when the ships with transfers came in.
It wasn't that he had any particular reason to, he just wasn't in the mood for anything else.
When he saw the grey haired human walking away from the group, she seemed to be drawing the ire of some of the other local girls, though he didn't quite catch why. As she left the group, he walked up beside her.

"Hey there, haven't seen you around here before." He greeted as he sidled up to her.

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4 Re: A New Flower Blooms [Open] on Tue Oct 27, 2015 11:41 am

Lucerne Grey
Lucerne blinked, and stared at the drawing that had been suddenly handed to her. A faint smile crossed her lips, as she mimicked the expression that had been drawn. Lucerne's expression returned to normal, as she looked around for the one who had handed it to her. she spotted him nearby, and it seemed everyone was avoiding him. That didn't matter to Lucerne though, she wanted to thank him for the drawing.

Suddenly, Lucerne found another person walking next to her. She looked over at the guy and then up to see his face. Lucerne halted midstep, "Well of course you haven't seen me around, I just arrived here." she replied simply before beginning to walk again. She didn't wait to see if the blonde boy would follow and try to continue the conversation.

Lucerne approached Royce, "Thank you for drawing me. It's a really nice drawing."

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5 Re: A New Flower Blooms [Open] on Tue Oct 27, 2015 9:13 pm

Royce Ryuuto
Royce was in the middle of drawing a new scene as the girl, his fourth drawing of a random human, approached him from behind. He heard the footsteps but didn't move, as he was unsure if it were a simple person just passing by. But his thoughts were not so correct as he heard a pleasant talk of his drawing, and he turned his body to see the lovely girl was the one who approached him. He stood up and took her hand ever so softly with his gauntleted hands and lowered his head as if to do the gesture of kissing a princess's hand, and did a curtsey.

Any reason why a male would do a curtsey which was a woman's way of showing respect was the four sisters he grew up with. But a gesture of respect was respect, and he gently released her hand as he grabbed his notebook. He wrote -'You are very welcome young dear, though it is a fact to say your beauty can not be captured on paper. A drawing is a drawing, which can never be as stunningly gorgeous as the real thing. I'm glad you liked the drawing, I had a very lovely base to draw from. And for that I thank you.

My name is Royce, and as for the reason of my writing is that I have speaking issues.'- He showed her and waited for a response. He wasn't trying to flirt with her, he was just genuinely being nice to the one being nice to him. The next thing he noticed was the blonde male standing oddly by himself looking in their direction. He tilted his head, curious as to what he was doing, thoughts were that he was captivated by the girl. He didn't blame the man, she was cute.

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6 Re: A New Flower Blooms [Open] on Wed Oct 28, 2015 10:58 pm

Claus Lytton
Well, wasn't this painter boy a real Prince Charming.
Claus sighed inwardly, realizing that he had just been given the brush off for some dude with a painting stand. Not that he minded, in all honesty, he was hoping to guide the girl around the place, or rather, look around together because he had only arrived the day prior.

Walking back to the pair, he chuckled as he saw the painter bowing and kissing the silver haired girl's hand.
"Hey now bud, don't get too ahead of yourself." It was a jovial tone, clearly teasing as he crossed his arms, giving a half attempt at a displeased look.
"You got some good drawing on ya, horns. Nice to see some folks who don't only care about fighting every once in a while." He smiled at the ram-horned man.

To both of them, he nodded. "I'm still new around here myself, but I can at least show you around. Maybe getcha something to eat? Waiting to get a proper dorm myself because I haven't quite been tossed in a team yet. How about you two?"

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7 Re: A New Flower Blooms [Open] on Fri Oct 30, 2015 6:24 pm

Lucerne Grey
Lucerne certainly hadn't expected Royce to take her hand as he did. Lucerne recognized his actions as a respectful gesture, but she was unsure of how to respond. In the end, she chose not to. Instead, she focused on reading what Royce had written in his notebook. When she finished reading, her gaze turned from the written words to the face of the one who had written them.

"Well Royce, it's a pleasure to meet you and I'm glad to hear I was a good model for your drawing. My name is Lucerne, if it isn't evident, I just arrived here at Syne." Lucerne spoke, blinking her eyes once and looking over at the blonde who had followed her over. She listened to what he said, a semi-thoughtful look on her normally expressionless face.

"Well, It would be nice to be shown around, but I don't even know your name, plus this is the second time you've asked me a silly question. I've just arrived here at Syne, so of course I don't have a team yet." Lucerne told Claus, not really caring whether or not she insulted him.

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8 Re: A New Flower Blooms [Open] on Fri Oct 30, 2015 9:09 pm

Royce Ryuuto
Royce watched as the boy approached them while making a slick comment, which he could tell was a simple joke. He didn't take anything to heart, even the girls appreciation wasn't taken to heart for reasons better left for later. He wrote to the boy -'I'd laugh but I'm physically incapable.'- he lied. He was new, just like the 'group' of people that were beside himself, which he then realized he wasn't alone in the new factor that resided in the school. The boy spoke to him again, complimenting him about his artistic skills which wasn't taken to heart as well, but it was the thought that counted.

-'I've been drawing long before I got my armor, I'd have to say... Maybe at the age of seven I was drawing? It's just a way to pass time, and, as you can see, it can make people happy and open conversation. You are rather handsome, a trait I do not carry myself. As you said It's nice to see those who don't care for fighting... I don't normally tend to fight, I don't like what my semblance can do to a living being.

It's rather...... violent. But if I have to, all is fair to live another day right? Oh, I have a dorm though, just no team or roommates. If you care to you can sleep in my dorm while you are waiting. I'll leave you alone, I'm a very quiet person so you will have some peace and quiet. As for you Lucerne I'm sure you would more or less find it odd to share a room with two boys you just met, but if you would like you are more than welcome until you find a team.'- he wrote to the boy and Lucerne. It didn't bother him in the slightest whether either agreed, it was a simple offer for shelter. In fact Royce was going way out of his element, he never roomed with a boy before, let alone associate with the male gender. So if the boy chose to accept it would be a new experience.

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9 Re: A New Flower Blooms [Open] on Tue Nov 03, 2015 7:38 pm

Claus Lytton
It took Claus a moment to soak in their conversations, if one could call what was going on with Royce a proper conversation.
"I getcha. Unfortunately you end up getting used to it, 'specially in the line of work we're here for." He smiled halfheartedly at the Faunus, a tang of sympathy in his voice. While Claus himself couldn't match his thoughts completely, his semblance certainly had the habit of making rather large messes.

"Ah, figured I was a special case or something. Name's Claus. Unfortunately I has the wonderful experience of meeting the school's self appointed welcoming committee when I arrived yesterday. Really wouldn't recommend you meeting him, so I suggest we pack up and get moving before he finds you both."

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