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Beach Bum Battle (Hunt/Ask to Join)

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26 Re: Beach Bum Battle (Hunt/Ask to Join) on Sun Nov 29, 2015 10:43 pm

Averia grinned as she could see the decimation brought down upon the snake by the professor and her's combined assault. In its last desperation attempt however, the snake managed to smash its head against the cave wall and disrupt the rock formation. The girl looked up to see the rocks crumbling down at her. She cursed under her breath and formed a spherical ice wall to encase herself within. The rocks hit the top of the sphere, and because of its shape, would roll to the side which alleviated from the pressure of piling up. The rocks proved to be heavier than she thought though for she could practically see her ice wall cracking with every hit. C'mon, hold out a bit longer.

When at last she could almost here the calming, a huge piece broke through the wall, making a huge gash on her right arm.

"...!" She cursed under her breath as her left hand shot to the stop the bleeding. Of course this would happen to me. Tsk. Once everything was calm she expanded her ice wall to free herself from the pile up and she walked away casually out of the cave.

"Well, that was fun. Good work you two. Even though you didn't do anything, shrimpy. Now, off to the beach!"

Battle Log:
Aura: 110/170 (-20) | HP: 125/130 (-5)

Semblance Use: Ice Sphere (20)


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27 Re: Beach Bum Battle (Hunt/Ask to Join) on Sat Dec 05, 2015 8:17 pm

Alex's wrecking ball struck true, but as the beast began to fade and Alex had swung again, his weapon had passed through the fading Grimm as if it was made of nothing but gas, and slammed against the ground hard.


"What the?" Alex exclaimed as he pulled his weapon back towards him and started to inspect the giant iron ball. There, on the side of the ball opposite where it attached to the chain, was a massive crack in the caste iron that formed the weapon's outer shell. Seeing the massive crack made Alex's eyes go wide. "How the heck did that happen?" Alex exclaimed in surprise, though deep down he actually had an idea as to how it happened. When he first made the weapon it had been done in bits and pieces, with long pauses in between each time he added a piece. What's more was that he didn't use a proper weapon forge to create the outer shell. In short, his weapon was sub-par and couldn't handle the stress of actual combat and active hunting instead of the rare occasional fight, which is what it was made for.

It had to be fixed, or at least the outer shell had to be repaired. With it in this state, he really couldn't transform it into backpack mode, so he was gonna have to haul it back to the academy with it deployed. He walked out of the cave, and glanced down at the small man holding the scythe like weapon, and sighed. "You know something? You might actually be the only smart one on this beach. You held back while the idiots, including me, charged in. Remind me never to underestimate you again." Alex stated with an apologetic tone, then started to walk towards his vehicle.

He stopped however, then held up a hand above his head and his palm started to glow with green light. The 18 seeds that were scattered across the beach sported out of the ground, grew eight stems which curved down till the top tips were touching the sand, and pulled the seeds that had spouted them out of the sand. Now all 8 seeds looked like plant spiders that started to scurry to him. Each one was a different size, depending on how large the seed was. When the spider plants had reached Alex, they crawled up his legs till they reached his magic belt, inserted themselves into the pouches that were meant to hold them, followed by the legs retracting. Finally, all 18 seeds had returned to Alex and he dropped his hand. Now it was time to head back to the academy. With that, he started to stroll towards his vehicle, while shouting at the young woman. "You can have the soda, gunslinger! I'm not gonna have room in my car for it now!"


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28 Re: Beach Bum Battle (Hunt/Ask to Join) on Mon Dec 07, 2015 7:19 pm

Richard didn't even grace them with a goodbye, soon as he knew the snake was dead he wandered off; back up toward the dock he had been so diligently fishing from. He plopped down with a grunt and a yawn, scooping up his hat and beginning to ring out his apparel. Honestly, that broad. Pulling him off the ledge like that... where he in the mood he would have at least shouted... but eh. That took way to much energy to be worth expending on a brat like her.

He replaced his hat upon his head, the damp tips of his hair being pushed down toward his eyes... just... fantastic. Brilliant. Absolutely what he had always wanted. Ten out of ten. Totally worth his while... ugggggghhhhh.

He couldn't be bothered fishing in this state. Instead he simply lowered his hat and laid down a little away from the pier's edge. Sleep was quick to take him.


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