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The First Class First Class (Closed)

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1 The First Class First Class (Closed) on Sat Nov 07, 2015 7:12 pm

Madam Haze
The smell of strong bitter wine stung Madam Haze's delicate nasal cavity. Setting the cork to one side, having removed it with the use of both her nails and shear strength alone, she poured herself a glassful. Nine forty five AM and twenty three seconds, her gold plated watch read as it boisterously ticked. She lounged in her large, antique, red velvet and mahogany chair with lions legs. Black to a large, semi-circular, window; light flooding through. She took a small sip, enjoying the delectable taste as it trickled down her large gullet that she dared not to mention. She crossed her legs in contemplation, a whole fifteen minutes until class began. Many had signed up when they posted her class registration on the school bulletin board, many more when she had conducted that interview in the school paper... that she had hated so. She was most certain they had taken many of her words out of context, let alone mentions of harsh glares... her facial expressions were always delightful.

She sighed, setting her glass down on a silver coaster, though the metal was hardly worthy to rest her drink. She rung her hands, gloved in luxurious black leather, and stretched them out ahead of herself; looking over her desk. The golden nameplate reading; Madam Haze, was placed at the forefront of her desk. Readable for the whole oncoming class. He mace lay behind it, an intimidation tactic; meant to scare them into obedience. To the right of it both her bottle of wine and a glassful of it, simply to make her look regal... yet there was something missing. A final piece of the regal puzzle.

She reached into he desk's drawer, pulling out the finishing touch. Her golden tiara. She set the ultimate piece atop her head, adjusting it to push her hair back.

"Perfection," She smirked, lounging back with a smile; "Hmmmm~"

In front of her lay the conditions she had made clear for coming to the class;

1. Students must not bring their weapon, armour nor dust.

2. Manners must be maintained at all times, as such you will refer to Professor Haze by her preferred name. Madam Haze.

3. All students will be required to wear an apron in this class, so as not only to avoid germs but in case of students coming into contact with the harmful substances they may come in contact with. You can bring your own or have one provided for you.

4. Ruckus will not be tolerated, troublemakers will be forcefully evicted if necessary out

5. Timekeeping is a necessity. Latecomers will be reprimanded and punished accordingly.

These rules can be remembered under the acronym S.M.A.R.T. Madam Haze's Combat Strategies Class is only open to those willing to follow them.

She looked to the vast collection of deep purple aprons, all hung in a line by the entrance. There was no way a student could miss them and, even if they did, she had set a printed copy of the class rules on each of the creaky quaint desks in front of her. Fitting for a lowly student. She sat up, cloak draped over both her shoulders... something was still missing... ah yes. She once again reached into her desk drawer, pulling forth an expensive and long cigar. She knew she didn't have time to properly smoke it and, as such, decided to let a tiny tiny fraction of her aura turn to semblance instead. Letting tiny wisps of purple smoke disperse from her fingertips and float slowly to the floor like long snakes, giving the illusion that she was.

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2 Re: The First Class First Class (Closed) on Sun Nov 08, 2015 12:43 am

Royce Ryuuto
Royce had come a little early to his first class, his teacher being the famously gorgeous Madam Haze, boy was he lucky. Well, even if he was he would come to know it soon enough, Royce was almost as feminine as a cross dresser so he knew the girl was a symbol of beauty, as his sisters taught him the ropes of feminine looks. He entered the classroom to the sight of what could be thought of as snakes. Royce grabbed an apron as he did not have his own, and he politely followed the rules except for one, his helmet.

That little piece might as well be permanently affixed to his head from how little it ever came off. He had his gauntlets in his room, and as for dust he didn't carry any to begin with. He took his place at the desk as he re-read the rules, awaiting the oncoming storm that the teacher would bestow on him for his helm. He quickly jotted down in his notebook before standing up and approaching the teacher herself before she could approach him.

The note said -'Dearest Madam Haze, I apologize for my breaking of a rule before the class has begun. As you can see by rule one, no weapons, armor, or dust, but I have my helmet on. My reason for this is I do not want to disgust any of your students nor do I want to disgust you. Early in my childhood I had my face caught on a bear trap, and from that I have terrible scaring upon my face, neck, and head. I surely hope that you understand, and if not i will leave the classroom at once as to not be a bother any further.'-

He placed the more on her desk and awaited further discussion, the worst that could happen would be that he had to leave. A suitable thing for a rule breaker such as himself would be to be told to leave, but he waited for the response from the teacher as he was already ready to do so.

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3 Re: The First Class First Class (Closed) on Sun Nov 08, 2015 8:42 am

Madam Haze
Madam Haze read the note at a perfect pace. No. She was not taken aback by the student's claim. She had a feeling that something alike this could come up. Maybe an android who's head was an entire helmet or a helmet completely affixed to a skull by some accident one of these foolish students had been involved in. She had come entirely prepared for this. The kid's horns did however make this a little more difficult although, she was certain her solution would still work.

"Regardless of any imperfections you know I cannot allow one student to openly wear armour where others do not. There would be an outcry, one that my perfect ears do not wish to hear. As such there is but one thing you can do." Without even blinking the teacher, briefly, removed the cigar from her mouth and went down under her desk. From there she pulled a large box, roughly thirty centimetres wide and thirty five deep. Pulling forth a letter opener from the desk drawer; she put two rough holes in the box, around eye level, before pushing it across the desk toward the student with the end of her cigar. It was clear what she expected the faunus to do.

"You should invest in some strong makeup or perhaps a bandana and sunglasses if you want to avoid being placed in the box again. I don't care whether you wear it over your helmet or take your helmet off; as long as you are not visibly wearing it. Now take your seat and wait for your classmates."

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4 Re: The First Class First Class (Closed) on Sun Nov 08, 2015 11:23 am

Avy Frost
Averia Frost walked casually through the empty hallway, a hand on her pocket while the other held a small book she was currently engrossed into. A blue messenger bag slung across her petite frame containing notes, books, and the black apron she learned was needed for today's class. Since she was attending combat strategies class, she had her golden guns with her - the longer belt holster strapped on her hip and the other on her ankle as per her preference. She continued to descend through the hallway until she reached the room.

As soon as she stepped in, she was greeted by the sight of a tall woman possibly in her mid-twenties with dark hair, a slender figure and an aura of sophistication. She immediately recognized her as Madame Haze, the class's instructor and one who she had grown to admire the first time she read about her interview in The Syne Post.

Averia was about to take a seat in the back when her cerulean gaze halted at the notes on the instructor's desk. A combat strategies class prohibiting weapons. The hell? Of course she kept her thoughts to herself. She had quite the problem with rule #2 and #4 as well, seeing she was a natural troublemaker herself. Nonetheless, she followed the conditions, removing her guns and accessories which served as her magical armour. She placed everything on her bag including the book she was reading a while ago. She slipped on her apron while she's at it.

Averia took a seat, placing an elbow on the table and chin on her hand. There was actually one other student in the room before her and she watched his interactions with the teacher. Based from Madame Haze's statements, the student must've asked if he could retain his helmet. This naturally sparked her curiosity... and wicked side.

"Hmm~ What's the matter, kid? Cat got you tongue?" she tilted her head which was still supported by her hand as she refrained from bursting out laughing when Madame Haze presented the box. "Though from the looks of it, it's not only your tongue the cat got~"

OOC: the eternal bully has arrived. xD thank you, thank you.

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5 Re: The First Class First Class (Closed) on Sun Nov 08, 2015 12:11 pm

Archeron woke up with some sort of rule set slipped in under his door. He decided to , in all his wise and elegant moments, read it. He understood most of it, except for the weapon. He'd just bring his chair with him anyway. His armor was across the room, and he left it there, figuring that it wasn't allowed anyhow.

He went into his closet and found he had no clean shirts. This was certainly an issue, since he kinda needed a shirt...nah. He'd go without it. He then dug deeper in the closet for a giant white apron, one that fit a man of his size and stature and put it on.

What did it say?

Meat the cook, which of course, was a pun. It's not as fun, if its not a pun in his jolly opinion.

He then went to the mirror, and saw that he wore black pants, and sandals on his feet.

Deciding that this clothing was just fine, he headed to the class and arrived in record time.

He decided to stay quiet as he unfolded the large chair and sat in the back of the room, with only an apron covering his top half.

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6 Re: The First Class First Class (Closed) on Sun Nov 08, 2015 8:14 pm

Royce Ryuuto
Royce watched openly as the amazingly polite Madam haze worked with him on his issue. He was a bit surprised though, bandanas were allowed? He had a ton, and often wore them to bed. Royce quickly wrote -'Really? That easy dearest madam? Why thank you, I will be sure to not make the same mistake again. As for the box, ill make it work. Thank you.'- He spoke and attempted to put the box on, he could see okay from the eye holes from the black skull that sat in front to the rough eye holes she made for him but his horns didn't fit.

He had to break the seal on the box to cut the holes to his horns, but he had it fairly well taken care of in a matter of seconds. He slipped the box onto his horns, and looked through the eyes to see Madam Haze. He heard the snarky remarks from the female, and as Royce was known in the family not to give a flying one, he wrote in his notebook and as he walked by he held it out to her, not caring to stop mid step.

It read -'A bear trap, actually. If you are to joke get your facts straight. A trap, not a cat. But that's okay, I'd rather not fight a battle of wits with an unarmed civilian.'- He showed her and took his seat in center row to the side. He didn't notice the other student come in, he was a little carried away with getting regular matters settled. First were to be bandanas that would cover his face. Colors, would they match, size, then what would go on above his nose. Maybe a hat as well as sunglasses like the Madam said, and it was a rather smart idea. Or he could just wear the box every day, he didn't care if he had to.

- Welcome!

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7 Re: The First Class First Class (Closed) on Sun Nov 08, 2015 9:33 pm

Eve Naria
Eve first ran into the door frame and sat there for only a few seconds before running into the classroom. Eve then realized something and she turned back to the door and yelled "I WIN KYO! THE RACE IS OVER! NOW COME ON ALREADY!" Before entering the classroom Eve and her friend were walking down the hall when Eve then began running and didn't really explain to her friend why she started running. Eve was standing there waiting for her friend with her tail wagging she didn't even pay attention to the class rules. Eve got bored of waiting for her friend at this point and she looked at all of her peers. Eve then smiled and waved and then said still in her outside voice "HI EVERYBODY!" Eve then noticed what looked like ram horns sticking out of a box. Eve ran over to the one with the box looked up and said with a big smile on her face "IT'S YOU! OH YAY! PLAYING WITH YOU WAS SO MUCH FUN BEFORE!" Eve was jumping up and down at this point as she reached for the man's horns again while saying "I want to touch them again! Can I? You let me touch them before." 

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8 Re: The First Class First Class (Closed) on Sun Nov 08, 2015 9:44 pm

Kyo Su
Kyo was walking along side his little friend thinking about how their first class was going to go when his friend took off. Kyo was a bit lost in his thoughts when he noticed his friend wasn't next to him anymore. Kyo then took off after her and made it too the door. Kyo looked around the room and then noticed what seemed to be a set of class rules. When Kyo read them all he then thought Oh no.. I got to try to keep Eve under controlKyo then saw his friend caused what he would classify as a ruckus and he stepped over to his friend and said "Hey Eve can we calm down a bit? This is a class and there are rules you have to follow." Kyo then pointed out the set of rules to his friend as he sighed and though This is going to be rather interesting I wonder how the professor is going to react to Eve.. I give the professor about twenty or thirty minutes before she has Eve leave the room then I can't help her.. I guess this can be classified as a test to see how well I can keep Eve under control I mean I have had years of practice right?.. If anything let's hope Eve can use her natural form of charm and cuteness to be forgiven this time. 

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9 Re: The First Class First Class (Closed) on Tue Nov 10, 2015 1:00 pm

Madam Haze
"I'm above you and you will refer to me as such, no more of that dearest nonsense," The elegant goddess scowled at the back of the box as in clomped back to it's seat, something catching her eyes dual weapons and some articles of clothing. Without blinking she retrieved yet another box from beneath her desk; "Girly with the pink hair, the notice says not to bring your weapons nor armour; not to hide it. It would seem you neither you nor box-boy read the notice on the school bulletin board very closely. None the less, what you should know is that this is a combat strategy class. Not a fight club."

She pointed a single slender finger down; "Equipment goes in the box, you'll get them back after class if you're goo-

A disgustingly loud shout graced the snake faunus' ears. She very nearly let her teeth show, the sharp little spikes she so very hated to show. With a low and deep hiss she pulled the cigar from her mouth, purple smog deepening around her person; "Little girl! Another outburst like that and I'll throw you out of this class! Now, both you and your pink haired acquaintance, aprons on. Now.... and don't think I've forgotten you. Items in the box this instant."

The tall, perfect, woman sighed but didn't allow herself to slouch. She lessened the density of the toxic smog she'd created, reducing it to a few string like wisps emanating from the cigar's end and regaining her composure. That stupid brat would put her items in the box, the other brats would get on their aprons and then class could finally start.

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10 Re: The First Class First Class (Closed) on Tue Nov 10, 2015 2:19 pm

Avy Frost
Averia still had her elbow on the desk, chin on her hand and head tilting from side to side out of boredom. That was when the guy placed a note on her desk. "A love letter already? But we just met~" she teased, though the guy didn't as much as look at her when he passed by.

As she read through the note, Averia laughed softly and nodded. Personally, she found the guy adorable. He was sport and didn't get pissed off by her little comment, which made her all the more playful towards him. She bit her lower lip as she dug through her bag and pulled out a pen, writing a response in her typical elegant penmanship.
Aww, sorry I can't relate, little boy. I was never slow enough to get caught in a trap, you see. <3 But I appreciate your response~
She crumpled the paper and threw it back to him. She then heard the teacher not only address her as 'girly with the pink hair' but ask to place her weapons, her beloved golden guns, in some stinky-looking brown box she got from who knows where. Averia's eyes narrowed as she looked at her, having second thoughts of what to say. She obliged nonetheless, walked up the front and dropped the bag on the box to avoid drama. However, when the newcomers aggravated the professor causing her to puff out smoke from her cigar, Averia just had to say something.

She distanced herself, her hand fanning the air almost immediately. "Okay, firstly, whatever happened to no smoking in class? Not only is it bad for our health, it can ruin my clothes too. Second, my hair is amber, okay. It's gold. And third," purple doesn't look good on you! she swallowed her last statement as she felt like she'd get in deep trouble if she said it aloud. "'re a good teacher. I admire you," she forced a smile before going back to her seat.

She glanced at her classmates. There was the cute little ball of fluffiness instantly getting her attention, her companion - a guy who looked like a male version of herself, a guy with horns wearing a box on his head, and sitting just on her side was a giant naked man wearing an apron.

Yeah. Nothing out of the ordinary.

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11 Re: The First Class First Class (Closed) on Thu Nov 12, 2015 6:27 pm

Robert Rouge
"I'm late, I'm late, I'm late..." Robert tortures himself as he walks fast through the corridor, soon moving back some as he notices he just passed his classroom. "Oh...not late."

He enters the classroom and the rules on the wall get his attention. "Hm, no weapons nor armor?" he peeks inside his shirt only to see his black leather armor. He traces his way back and out of the classroom, taking off his coat, shirt and then armor before putting back his clothes and going back inside with the armor on his arm.

"Thought this class would have more students. It's an important class." he takes one of the purple aprons and wears it over his coat, feeling weird. "Hm, maybe a cap would have been better." he walks towards the professor and bows. "Madam Haze, Robert Rouge." he gently offers to take her hand and give it a kiss before noticing the box with equipment inside. He drops his armor inside the box and hesitates before taking off his gauntlets and adding them to the box. He bows again to the elegant lady and takes a seat considerably distant from the other students. "Hm, a box as hat. That's cool. That other guy is...nearly nude. Yeah, I'm fine with coat and apron."

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12 Re: The First Class First Class (Closed) on Fri Nov 13, 2015 2:12 am

Royce Ryuuto
The squeaker, the adorable little squeaker, had also taken up the class. He heard her a mile away, and as she ran into the door he couldn't help but feel bad but was amazed at how quick she recovered. It was rather impressive to see how durable she really was, while not taking long for her to notice the most noticeable feature about him and rushed him. She asked about his skull extrusions and he reached over, picked her up, and placed her on his knee to allow her to terrorize his skull once again.

Kyo had followed suit and came in after her, but she was already getting yelled at by Haze. Royce didn't have to look to know the girl threw something at him, and he reached up and plucked it from the air before unraveling her message. She was a clever little prick he gave her that, but she wasn't doing so to be rude. Rather playful than rude, which was a nice change of pace. He turned to look at her, and held his hand flimsily to his throat in an act of astonishment.

--'That's okay, your joke came up a little... Oh...... what's your height... Oh, short. But you are funny enough to take a joke, so ill give you props for that.'-- He wrote and sent the message back to her. It didnt take long before student after student started rolling in Madam's class, a new boy, a common first name odd last name, entered and tried to kiss the Madam's hand. He simply watched the boy, and scratched Eve softly under her chin to hopefully calm her down. 'Oh what a school....' He thought simply by looking at the odd arrangement of students.

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13 Re: The First Class First Class (Closed) on Fri Nov 13, 2015 11:53 am

The large man in the back of the room got up; and smiled like the idiot he was. He was a fun idiot, but an idiot none-the-less. He left his chair, his weapon, there and smiled a big gleaming smile.

"Madam Haze, and all the others in the class-room, I am Archeron Hunter." He said such things without a lick of class. It was his name, none the less. It sounded far, far classier then the man who had the name, and if it were any man they might be more worthy of it in a way. Now, that doesn't mean that his self-less attitude isn't worthy of the name, it's just that he's not exactly the most classy individual.

He couldn't blame anyone but himself. He wasn't a poor child, but he wasn't royalty or anything. He was just big, strong and over-glorifyingly stupid. That part was always played on in the story-lines, the fact that he was less then intelligent was always played up, not that he was so stupid that he couldn't function. He had his moments. Honest. They were usually far and in between, but they were still there.

He'd sit back down in his chair, which was fit for him, and smile. He knew he was shirtless, he knew he most likely looked stupid, but it was that fact that made him who he was. He didn't exactly care. He could honestly care less, but he couldn't care any more then he did. Such things were him, and such things were so unbecoming of that who looked like a college student even though he was 32 years of age.

He wasn't sure just how this class would go, but it'd sure be interesting.

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14 Re: The First Class First Class (Closed) on Sun Nov 15, 2015 8:07 pm

Eve Naria
Eve was picked up by the ram faunus and didn't waste time as she began playing with his horns. Eve then heard her friend say something about rules and she briefly skimmed over them not really caring as she said "Rules will just end up ruining the fun besides as the saying goes rules are meant to be broken!" Eve the seemed to be a little angry at the professor's message to her and she said "You need to chill out Hazey! Also I am not sure who you mean by my pink haired acquaintance. If you mean Kyo his hair isn't pink! Pink is a girly color and Kyo is a boy." Eve then looked up to her ram friend and said "Don't you agree that Hazey needs to calm down this is a class it's not like we are in the middle of a life or death situation right?" 

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15 Re: The First Class First Class (Closed) on Sun Nov 15, 2015 8:23 pm

Kyo Su
Kyo heard his friend and it seemed like she didn't care about the rules. Kyo merely sighed and said "I knew you were going to say something like that." Kyo then heard the professor telling Eve to calm down which was what he expected. However what he didn't expect was his friend's response to her and he thought Hazey?! Out of all the things you call her Hazey.. Okay.. Don't panic let's see if we can save Eve from this mess. Kyo then cleared his throat and began so speak rather cautiously "I apologize Madam Haze she can be a bit hyper I hypothesize that it is because of her faunus qualities most dogs a usually about this hyper. Since I am the once closest to her here then I shall try to keep her under control if she gets out of hand then feel free to blame me. I will accept any punishment on her behalf. I do apologize for not warning you about her ahead of time and for her behavior." Kyo then grabbed two aprons and brought one over to his friend and said "Whether or not she needs to calm down Madam Haze is the professor of this room which means we must abide by her rules. If you continue to be disrespectful to Madam Haze then I can promise you that I will not join you in any of your games for a full week.. No.. A full month."

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16 Re: The First Class First Class (Closed) on Mon Nov 16, 2015 1:30 pm

Madam Haze
Madam Haze rolled her eyes; "Little girl, flattery will get you nowhere and your choice to sit beneath a light has cast your hair pink, it's not my fault that your choice in seating makes it look such a different colour. As for the smoke, you need to pay more attention. Not only is this part of the class but it kills germs, really you should be praising me. Now return to your seat before-

She was ten approached by a hooded boy who seemed to extend a hand, expecting Haze to simply give her own up. She clasped her hands; "Well, Robert. Alike almost every other member of this class it would seem you've already failed me to. Bringing weapons and armour along even though I clearly prohibited it on the memo. I don't want to hear another word from you unless I ask of it, to your seat, I understand that none of you are remotely close to my level of perfection but this is unprecedented. Now. You to Goldilocks. Both of you to your seats... it seems I have another matter to deal with."

The perfect teacher rose, drawing her mace from her desk. She glowered down at the class, eyes immediately locking on to the tiny girl who's friend seemed to be trying to protect her.

She first hissed at the male; "Regardless of whether it is faunus trait or not she is meant to be a huntress in training. Activities like this will get her killed if she were fighting grimm, do you really want to be so foolish as to risk your life protecting her all the while she jokes around? She must learn to control her compulsive urges in this class as she must on the battlefield."

She then turned to the small woman; "Do you understand that? The destruction one as imperfect as you can cause not only to yourself but to those around you? You must make right what is wrong, learn to channel your imperfections into perfections. Perhaps being around one as perfect as me will allow for this... also, refer to me by such an unprofessional name again and you will be punished."

She recomposed herself, setting her mace down and shrugging her cape from her shoulders. She didn't need such a thing to restrict her already perfect movements. She took the box of imperfections and set it in the perfect place, in front of her desk so tat items could be placed within but out of her sight. She took her cigar in hand;

"Underlings, class is in session. If you've not got an apron on get one, now. Then take your seat. This is combat strategies not some kind of fun club. For the first part of this lesson you will be learning..."

Madam Haze then froze, half turning to the diagram board behind her. She had never done anything like this before. Sure she could talk before them fine, having received many awards across her career but... what would she actually teach... she had something planned for a little later with her semblance, which's whips of purple smoke could be seen descending toward the ground, but for now... she returned her smoke stick to her mouth.

"Of the pros and cons of teamwork, as prompted by the tiny one and her meat shield. I will use what I have observed of you... rowdy, students as examples. Comparing the perfection of either I or two of me working as a team to what might happen to you lesser huntsmen and huntresses."

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17 Re: The First Class First Class (Closed) on Mon Nov 16, 2015 10:06 pm

Avy Frost
'That's okay, your joke came up a little... Oh...... what's your height... Oh, short.'

"Pfft. Hahaha!" Averia couldn't quite contain her laugh which came out unexpectedly, even coupled with a few slaps on her desk from force of habit. Realizing they were in the middle of class however, she pursed her lips, eyes darting towards the teacher and forcing a smile as an apology. She tilted her head a little towards the man with the box helmet and gave him a thumb up, indicating she loved the response and that little pun he added.

Since she didn't want to be rude, she crumpled the paper and put in her pocket to give her full attention to the teacher who looked perfectly elegant with what ever move she made.

Averia slid to a comfortable position on the chair while listening to the professor's reprimand on the two newcomers. What's up with those two anyway? Her elbow came back up on the table to have her head rest on her hand. Due to her short attention span, Averia found herself daydreaming about some hot guy putting suntan lotion on her until her thoughts were interrupted with a single word: teamwork.

She furrowed her eyebrows in objection as her eyes focused back on the teacher. "Lame. And I thought you were cooler than that," she murmured. She rolled her eyes in a disinterested fashion and stared outside the windows instead, blocking out the rest of what the teacher had to say. This wasn't quite what she signed up for. "What's next? Have us partner with each other and do some teamwork activity? Tch, typical," she whispered, more to herself.

Averia was the type of person to do better alone than in a team which was the reason why she wasn't in one yet. The last time she had partnered up with someone, they ended up getting into each other's way and had to resort to individual battles far from one other instead. It worked perfectly that way. Thus, from then on she didn't see teamwork as that much of a big help as it is a big hindrance.

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18 Re: The First Class First Class (Closed) on Tue Nov 17, 2015 12:13 am

Royce Ryuuto
Royce immediately threw his hands up in defense as the squeaker tried pulling him into telling madam haze to 'chill'. Right away he thought 'Dear god don't bring me into this I already caused enough trouble today. Do not involve me in your antics.' He moved his hands down, resting them on the little squeakers head and rubbed her hair slightly. Her hair was incredibly soft, which was something he really enjoyed. Soft hair to him was a luxury and showed people their level on cleanliness and health.

In fact Royce pulled a brush from his pocket and started brushing eves hair, until Haze started laying into Kyo and Eve in a complete verbal shut down. 'Ouch, pinkie got roasted.' He thought, silently chuckling to himself but nobody could tell since his body and head didn't move. As Haze grabbed her mace the chuckling stopped and he affixed his eyes on the metal monster she wielded. Metal, basically she was holding a giant lightning rod in front of him and, yes, if she did swing at eve a bolt of lightning would strike the mace and send enough volts to kill a bear.

But as she moved the mace back down there would be no need to defend the girl so he continued brushing her hair like nothing happened until out of the corner of his eyes he saw the girl whom he had been passing notes with bust out laughing. He turned to face her and saw that she had bestowed him a thumbs up, in which he returned her with a thumbs up. 'So I guess I have an acquaintance now. Eh, I wonder what it would be like to brush her long hair? I wonder if its soft. Should I wear a dress tomorrow?

I'm feeling blue if I do...' He had girly thoughts, dresses would be fun to wear because they were comfortable. He got distracted though, his eyes focused on the two boys in class that weren't Kyo. 'Archeron and Robert, they seem interesting. What could their semblances possibly be?'

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19 Re: The First Class First Class (Closed) on Wed Nov 18, 2015 12:33 am

Robert Rouge
Robert feels rather bad for the professor's superior and maybe even ignorant aura, but most of all, he respects her as much as any other professor he ever had. "Yes professor..." he thought, not looking to say any other word to disturb the lady. He presses his hand slightly embarrassed but believes she might be germophobic after the "germ" comment. With another higher bow and no expression he walks to his chair and watches as she keeps criticizing the other students excessively. "Well at least she's right about the little girl. Focus must never be lost."

"Tsch, such arrogant person." he starts paying attention as the class finally begins. "Ah, at last she's going to teach us something." he keeps his bitter thoughts locked away.

"Hm, teamwork. Interesting point. Teamwork is a great advantage once you find some you can synchronize with. If well-matched, it makes fighting easier even because of having each other's back. Such a romantic vision." he scratches the back of his neck as he observes the professor and hears to the blonde girl's whispering comment one chair in front of him. "Partner with each other for teamwork activities? That would be interesting, thought guess we won't do much using aprons, are we, blonde?" he keeps his thoughts to himself.

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20 Re: The First Class First Class (Closed) on Sat Nov 21, 2015 6:09 pm

With a stretch, a yawn, and a prick to the back of her neck...Akui was awake. No nightmares, no dreams, nothing that would cause any sleep disturbance...which was very good, she actually felt a bit rested. She was just going to mope around the campus today, maybe find something interesting to do, although more than likely she'd just end up napping somewhere...

Well, that was the plan...until her scroll went off beeping wildly. It actually had been going off the entire time, aside the brief moment of silence when she had snoozed it. She looked at the scroll, and it turns out it was alerting her to the fact that she had a class, and she was about to just ignore it until she noticed it was for one she had actually signed up for: some sort of combat tactics class, and the teacher of a woman no less. The memory was hazy, but she managed to recall signing up for the class strictly because she was a female teacher, the first Syne had as far as Akui knew.

While she didn't truly care about the class, she deduced that she also skipped a ton of classes, and that to avoid trouble with the academy board she should probably at least attend a class or two. Akui dressed up in her typical garb, and then once she had everything on her person that she needed, she headed out at her slouched pace. It took her a bit longer than the average person, but she eventually made it to the classroom. She stood outside the doorway for a second, leaning up against the wall. She peered through the doorway and noticed that the teacher was indeed female, and that the majority of the students had shown up and that the teacher had just spoke: class was in session, and Akui was late, but it's not like she cared at all.

She decided late was better than never, and waltzed in the classroom in her natural fashion, to which she noticed that everyone also had some sort of apron on. Akui had no idea why the purple apron fashion trend was so particularly catchy, but she decided to also take one, as it was probably the right thing to do considering everyone else did.

As she walked on up to an empty seat near the top left, she noticed the teacher was some sort of snake faunus, which kinda miffed her but wasn't too big a deal. She sat down deep into her seat and propped her feet up, letting the apron fall onto the desktop in front of her. Then she yawned, stretched her arms a bit, and waited for something to happen.

Whispers were more than likely being exchanged about now, due to her presence, but it wasn't in her nature to care.

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21 Re: The First Class First Class (Closed) on Sun Nov 22, 2015 9:11 pm

Eve Naria
Eve was very happy when the ram faunus began brushing her hair that she didn't really pay attention to what was going on until she noticed her friend talking to the teacher rather cautiously. Eve didn't understand why he was being so cautious but she knew that he meant business when he mentioned that he wouldn't play with her if she didn't behave. When the teacher began speaking to her. Eve noticed the mace and began walking in front of her friend and began growling. Eve then replied to her in a rather serious tone that people wouldn't expect from Eve "Lady you are not perfect no one can be since there is no such thing as true perfection. You are lost in a delusion seeing everyone else as inferior. To be quite frank I don't care if you are lost in a delusion. However if you keep wanting to bear your fangs with that weapon then I shall do the same. Don't you dare think you can threaten me or Kyo and get away with it." The way that Eve was speaking wasn't what people would call normal for her but that was because like any normal dog Eve was trying to protect her best friend.

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22 Re: The First Class First Class (Closed) on Sun Nov 22, 2015 9:22 pm

Kyo Su
Kyo immediately noticed the mace and seemed to tense up a bit as he said "Her personality will get her killed in a battle with the grimm? Well I don't see that is completely correct. If she were alone sure it could possibly kill her but the thing is she will never be alone. Also I don't feel like presenting your weapon to the class is really something that a teacher should do really. Some students could see it as a threat and as you must know threatening your students could get you expelled. I mean if we were in Mistral I would have my father arrest you but that is just how they work down there I am not sure how the police force works here in Bellmuse." Kyo then noticed his little friend walk in front of him and she looked rather angry as she began to speak to the professor. Kyo sighed and picked the little girl up as he said in an attempt to calm her down "Calm down Eve it's okay. I am sure she wasn't trying to threaten us by that. She just wanted us to listen to her and to make sure we got her point across." Kyo then put her down as he thought First class as Syne and things are going so well.. Eve I know you are trying to protect me but shouldn't it be the other way around? You just need to stand there and look cute yet you try so hard to help in anyway you can even if that means you could get hurt yourself.. You are very loyal but maybe that loyalty could end up killing you? 

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23 Re: The First Class First Class (Closed) on Mon Nov 23, 2015 3:26 pm

Madam Haze
"You both fell right for my perfectly executed trap!" Madam Haze perfectly pointed across the classroom, directly toward the two rowdy students going on and on about her having her weapon out.

"Through the use of diverted attention I've drawn all of your attention to me without even trying... not that that's by any means an uncommon feat for people around me to experience. I had to but lift my weapon and you were both affixed on me... FOOLISH!"

Madam Haze swept her hair back over her shoulders and continued, "By diverting your attention I have shown exactly how teamwork and subterfuge can be of use; had I an ally in the field they could take advantage of your, or any hunter or grimm for that matter, stupidity and strike from behind Giving us an extraordinary advantage over you for the remainder of the fight."

Madam Haze sighed, shaking her head; "Really... how could you two be so blind? Being perfect entails perfect movement, every action has purpose. Why would I raise a weapon to intimidate?...When I could simply have you expelled or reprimanded without such hassle of violent movement. That would be foolish effort I expect from the likes of oyu."

Madam Haze stretched with a syrupy sigh, "And as for your complaints boy, as a teacher I must demonstrate techniques with my weapon. You shall not be doing that, thus you shall not be needing yours. Now, onward with the lesson. I hope neither you nor your friend continue your delinquency behaviour. Take your seats, put on your aprons, or I will have to inform the headmistress of your misconduct."

The perfect teacher now began to address the rest of the class, "Now you know of both a good example of teamwork and a bad one, having an incompetent teammate who will distract you. And having a perfect teammate who can distract the enemy. We shall move on to the advantages of solo-work briefly. My preferred style of hunting."

Madam Haze once again collected her mace. She couldn't help but notice a late comer, fortunately however she seemed to be unarmed and had collected an apron... the perfect woman would let her slide for now. She removed her cigar and placed it on the table before letting loose a few perfect practice swings; one forehand followed by her signature backhand. Pamphlets detailing the rules on empty desks were blown away by her well practiced movements.

"As you can clearly see the solo hunter has far less to worry about than that of a team player. With no one in her path and no allies to call her own and distracter her, no arguments to get in the way, she can focus entirely on the hunt itself."

Madam Haze swung a forehand from the right, "She can move," Backhand from the left, "She can react,"
A lunge, "She is entirely in control. She dictates the pace of the fight. She dictates when the fight begins. She dictates the style implemented. She will be stronger. She will be smarter. She will get all the glory."

Madam Haze delightfully placed her weapon back upon her desk, brushing her hair back once more; a solitary, but perfect, bead of sweat tracing her nose. "Now, a show of hands. If you wish to become a solo hunter raise your left, a team player your right."

She sat back down, honestly having no idea where the class would go next... in a perfect manner of course... it was perfect to be disorganised in such a way, made one flexible. She recollected her cigar, letting a small burst of purple toxin emanate from it's end before reducing it once more too smaller streams of sterilising poison. She removed the sweat from her nose on her leather glove... this was going to be quite the class.

Post Order:
Alright, post order in this thread has been a little on the awful side so I'm fixing it now. The order currently goes; Haze > Averia > Royce > Robert > Akui > Eve > Kyo > Back to Haze. The thread is now closed, thus no new members can join. However, Acheorn may slot himself in anywhere in that order should he wish to continue in this thread. The order then adds him in to wherever he rejoins. The three day skip rule is still in effect.

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24 Re: The First Class First Class (Closed) on Mon Nov 23, 2015 3:59 pm

Avy Frost
Averia sighed and tilted her head to the two students, wondering why they keep challenging a teacher. She was a professor for a reason and even a rude person like Averia knew when respect is due. Personally she didn't care if the three of them argued over petty things. What annoyed her was that they were in the middle of a class and she was forced to hear these conversations that doesn't concern her anyway. This wasn't how she imagined to spend her precious time.

Then a latecomer arrived. Some pink-haired punk that Averia failed to acknowledge since she was too bored to care.

The lesson started and Averia listened silently. She found herself agreeing on some things the instructor said while disagreeing with others. Use a teammate as a bait for the grimm? Even a lone hunter can distract an enemy with a simple use of the brain and proper momentum. A first year like her has done it before, so it still doesn't warrant as an advantage to be on a team. Being on a team's main advantage was power in numbers. But even with that, you don't need teamwork skill for it to be effective.

Averia leaned back on her seat and raised her left hand as a response to Haze's inquiry of whether they were a team player or a solo hunter.

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25 Re: The First Class First Class (Closed) on Tue Nov 24, 2015 9:14 pm

Royce Ryuuto
As the woman still hadn't placed her weapon down and was continuing her talk with the young furry child on his lap, if she did swing her weapon the chances of Eve moving and the sheer weight on the end of her mace he could be hit. There was a rather high chance, but would the teacher do it, probably not. She seemed smart enough not to after all, and if there was a chance she wasn't smart, the result would be quite... Shocking. Breath taking. Heart stopping... Heart exploding.

As for Kyo's sake, he moved his hand over Eve's mouth to shush her as he rubbed her head softly. As the teacher continued on with her talk she was absolutely correct, in a sense. It was true their guard was focused on her, but do to Royce's semblance he could figure the amount of people in the room without looking at them simply by their natural electricity in their body however faint it may be. There were a total of eight in the classroom, from what he could tell there were no pets.

That's how he could tell that Akui entered without even turning his head, though he didn't exactly knew what she looked like or her, more importantly, what her fashionably styled hair looked like. When the weapon was down, that was it, no more worries. 'Seriously Kyo... get your butt in gear.' He thought, wanting the man to chill Eve out as he was effectively failing to do so. But then he had an idea, one that could possibly calm the squeaker down, at least for a moment. He took out his pen from his pocket, placed it in eves hand, and turned her body around to face him as he pointed to the bland box on his head as if to say 'draw'.

More and more words from the teacher, talking about rolling solo or a team, and as one hand went up, his did not. He didn't care either way whether he got a team or not, that question was more trivial at the moment in time. Sure there were many of whom could take the role of a solo fighter, but their deaths were inevitably forgotten in memories because of some beast when placed against an opponent that could not be beaten. If anything, he would prefer to go out like that, nobody knew where he went, nobody would find out. But still, his hands never moved up.

He was a tad bored now that the teacher had placed down her rather decorative lightning rod, silently waiting for more exchanged words, and picking up on some rather informative black mail need it ever be used. A child born from a parent of the law, basically he announced without physically speaking how high his random would and or could be need anything ever happen to him, especially with those who detest the licensed folks who can turn your whole life around in the blink of an eye. Atleast he wasn't a child of a corrupt third party, if that were the circumstances and if that information happened to spill, the possibilities were endless. All of these were mere thoughts in Royce's head as he got comfortable. With such scenes unfolding instead of bringing his communication device he should have brought popcorn.

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