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The First Class First Class (Closed)

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26 Re: The First Class First Class (Closed) on Fri Nov 27, 2015 6:09 pm

Akui leaned back and did her best to relax and zone out, for she still had no idea if this teacher would even utter any words that were even of a slight interest to her. Some loser and what was basically his dog in a somewhat human form were making a bit of a ruckus and bothering the teacher, but Akui just closed her eyes and zoned out, having her ears only attentive to the teacher's voice. Akui even managed to get in a nice stretch before scratching the back of her head and beginning to nod off...

That's when the teacher decided on a topic and had already asked for class participation, in the light of raising ones left or right hand, signifying whether you'd rather hunt solo or in with a team. Akui already knew the advantages and disadvantages of both flying solo and using the buddy system, and each had it's own unique moments of usefulness, so Akui decided that she should maybe sit this one

Rather than sit this one out, she would make the correct decision: putting her arms behind her head so that she could still relax, she made it so that both her hands up in a way that the teacher would notice. She hoped she wouldn't be called on as to why, because she didn't want to bother with it...but at the same time, she needed to show some participation, so as to not upset the board members too much.

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27 Re: The First Class First Class (Closed) on Mon Nov 30, 2015 7:47 pm

Eve Naria
Eve took a few steps back when the professon began to talk and it was rather obvious that Eve wasn't listening. Eve was more focused on two choices in front of her and she began pondering them while still glaring at the professor Hmmm I really don't like Hazey she is a meanie! But if I try to go against her then will Kyo actually not play with me? Is that a risk I am willing to take... Take down the meanie or not.. Maybe I can take her out later when I manage to get away from Kyo?... But I want to beat her up now!... Maybe I can do both? But how?.. Hmmm I am not sure.. Why doesn't Kyo see that she is being a meanie?... WHAT IF SHE BRAINWASHED HIM!!! KYO DON'T GIVE IN TO HER!!! YOU CAN'T BE BRAINWASHED YOU WOULDN'T LET YOURSELF FALL SO EASI- Eve's train of thought was thrown off when a pen was placed in her hand by the ram faunus. Eve looked up at the ram faunus and it seemed like he wanted her to draw on the box that was placed over he head. 

Eve's face lit up and she dragged the ram faunus to there seats and she pulled out what seemed to be a little zipper pouch from her pocket. This pouch contained pencils there were more colored pencils than actual pencils though. Eve then took a light brown from the pouch and began drawing a very light outline. Next she moved to darkening those lines with the pen. Eve looked like she was about to color it in when she realized that she wasn't asking for the ram's opinion on what colors she should use. Eve pointed to the pouch and said to the ram "You pick your favorite colors and then I will color it in okay Box Man!" Eve called him Box Man for one reason and that reason was that the doodle she has done on the box was made to look like a superhero mask with a giant B on the front. While he was picking the colors Eve had nothing better to do than listen to the lecture by Professor Meanie. She heard something about raising hand for whether or not she wanted to work in a team and raised her right hand lowered it to make sure it was her right hand and then raised it again.

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28 Re: The First Class First Class (Closed) on Mon Nov 30, 2015 8:13 pm

Kyo Su
Kyo listened to what the professor has to say and responded with "I get that you wanted our attention.. But you little example doesn't have as much of an affect if you don't actually have someone behind us. Also take our setting into play we are in a classroom in an academy that is is very tight when it comes to grimm security especially since the somewhat recent attacks. We knew that there wasn't any danger behind us but we could see the one in front of us. Now if someone were to have actually been behind us then yeah it would be a solid example." Kyo looked over and was going to say something to his friend but realized she was gone. She had moved to her seat and was doodling on a box that seemed to be on top of the ram faunus' head. 

Kyo sigh as he went to take his seat almost forgetting to put on his apron while he though At least she has calmed down.. But something seems off with Madam Haze... I mean that example could of been better thought out.... I know it is her first day here at Syne but.. Does she not know what she is doing? While his friend seemed to be lost in her doodling Kyo took the other apron he has grabbed and slipped it over her head knowing that she wouldn't notice it right away. Kyo then focused on the professor's lecture. The class was told to raise their hands for whether or not they would want to be working in a team and just like his friend Kyo raised his right hand.

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29 Re: The First Class First Class (Closed) on Tue Dec 01, 2015 4:21 pm

Madam Haze
The toxic goddess sighed, it seemed so many of these silly students were so unsure of themselves that they hadn't raised either of their hands. Perhaps it was the sheer intimidation factor that came from being around one as perfect as her. She smirked at the thought, pushing back her golden tiara.

"Well, the truth that you don't really have much say in the matter. A huntress, or a huntsman, must be able to fight alone. Without such a skill the instant even a single teammate dropped it could spell catastrophe for the entire party." She informed, the class, "A purely team based hunter will surely be forced to either fall or flee at some point in their carer. When the going gets tough and their fellow hunters cry for their help they will either struggle and fail or run like cowards. However, by initially focusing on hunting alone and then building some form of teamwork skill even the most useless of hunter can be of some use."

Madam Haze raised a single gloved finger, the toxic smoke she had been so calmly wafting through the classroom suddenly rose up and by many of the student; directly toward the roof so as not to poison any of them. It was as if purple tendrils were rising from murky seas, a perfect purple squid primed to pull a ship of sailors to their demise.

"As you can see, the lack of alliances I hold allowed me to tamper with the entire room. I need not fear my allies falling upon my traps as, being the goddess of toxicity that I am, I need no allies. Only one of you even verbally noted the scent, the rest of you allowed your classmates to go unknowing or were to enamoured by them to focus... or, rather, you were enamoured by me instead. FuFuFuFu-Fuu~" The superior huntress smirked, removing her cigar from her lips and immediately reducing the purple wisps to nothing.

"And before any of you go off on a tangent about how the glorious goddess was trying to kill you, I would not waste such an effort on it. Those tendrils weren't nearly venomous enough to harm one of you, let alone kill any of you. It was simply an... example. An example of how a solo huntress need only fear for her life, not the lives of all around them." She informed, clasping her hands before her at the desk.

"So, defensive boy, do you not now see that there was someone behind you? Not only that, but all around you? It was me. Being a solo goddess I can devise such devastating strategies, draw attention and talk long enough to let my opponent seal their own fate. In the spotlight, yet behind the scenes. Can you really trust this... strangely artistic huntress to man the behind the scenes? Or do you think you can trust yourself enough to man them for her? Speaking of which you said you were responsible for her, stop her distracting that pupil. If you are going to do so, if not I may have to evict her... you hearing that artist?" The goddess decreed.

She then returned to facing the rest of the class; "Now then, a question to all; what is the first rule of hunting?"

She was sure none would know her ultimate answer to this question.

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30 Re: The First Class First Class (Closed) on Tue Dec 01, 2015 4:54 pm

Avy Frost
It would seem most of the students didn't raise their hands at the professor's question. Averia yawned and lolled her head to the side. Sure she was bored of the class since there wasn't anything involving shooting or killing something, but she would not be rude as to ignore the teacher's inquiry. Why were they even in the class then? Might as well leave, it wouldn't make a difference.

Her eyes trailed up to the ceiling where purple tendrils of smoke spread throughout the class. Then came Haze's explanation about enabling her to deal an area of effect damage without the risk of killing her teammates. Now that, Averia could agree with. That was the reason she was a lone huntress after all. But what she couldn't understand was why Haze wasn't giving much explanation about the advantage of being on a team - aside from that baiting thing. Wasn't it Syne's almighty law to have students be in a team of four?

"Now then, a question to all; what is the first rule of hunting?"

Averia chuckled.

"Kill or be killed?"

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31 Re: The First Class First Class (Closed) on Thu Dec 03, 2015 4:17 am

Royce Ryuuto
Royce just listened and watched as haze was glorifying herself and not much of anything else. 'Coward, not the word I'd of used for someone that's fleeing a fight that's out of their ability. That's more like instinct kicking in while your conscious is giving you a swift kick in the rump for getting involved with it in the first place. And the reason I believe nobody commented was because if you were to massively kill a classroom your semblance would be the only possible piece of evidence given its capability and your lack of absence less you flee the scene.

Either way, you aren't an idiot, its more like you are weeding the idiots out.' What was there to do, besides take the focus of the little squeaky creature as she had been distracting the moment, or rather, before she walked in. As she asked of his favorite color he shrugged, he didn't have a favorite color, or favorite anything for that matter. Instead he just grabbed royal blue which was his semblance color, black which was his helmet color, and brownish gold which was the color of his horns. Blue being the only color that made anything really pop with the more dull colors, and sat them on her lap as he leaned back against the chair.

He noticed the tendrils twirl up, and he was a little... not distracted... but curious. He extended his thumb and fingers, causing a small arcing of electricity to occur between them, and reached for the tendril closest to him. If his thoughts were correct, it would ride up along the smoke and bounce harmlessly across the classroom mixing a royal blue color with hazes purple. If not, he'd just look like an idiot trying to poke a semblance with a semblance. He heard Kyo getting ripped into again, and he noticed that she nay have been referring to him as the one being distracted, mostly because Eve was sitting in his lap making him pretty.

He kept his hand in place and used the free hand to write -"Im not distracted if you are referring to me. I'm just quietly listening and doing what needs to be taken care of."- and stuck the pad of paper in the air for Haze to read. As the question was asked he lowered the notebook and laid it quietly on his desk and thought of what exactly was rule one. 'No mercy? Don't die? Don't be a hero? Kill or be killed as the shorty said? Quite possibly be prepared not to come home. Don't get attached could be a good one, I never discussed this topic with anyone so I wouldn't know.' He thought to himself.

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32 Re: The First Class First Class (Closed) on Mon Dec 07, 2015 8:21 pm

Akui yawned and leaned back even farther, stretching herself out and maximizing the feeling before going back to her regular slouch. She didn't hear much of what the teacher had said, but not because of her haze...well, not SOLELY because of her daily haze...

This teacher showed every sign of being interested in only one thing: herself. Akui didn't really care about that so much as that she was forcing this attitude upon everyone in the class...and since no one is ever perfect, this idea of spreading egotistical ideology and budding brand new inferiority complexes was not okay with Akui...actually, she was just being irked and wanted to enjoy her nap.

"The reason you didn't poison us is because you would get fired, don't act like it's for any other reason. A truly perfect person wouldn't lie...also, you talk a lot about flying solo, but in my experience some f***ing teamwork goes a long way. You shouldn't rely on some motherf***ers to do everything for you, as you should be able to hold your own s***, but what you can handle only versus what you can accomplish as a team? There's no comparison..." Akui decided that was all she would contribute for this class, as that was a little too deep for her, so she adjusted herself again and was ready to sleep through this boring monologue of a class.

"...pompous ass b****..." she muttered a bit more loudly than she probably should have, and she had the feeling that student faces would be looking at her.

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33 Re: The First Class First Class (Closed) on Mon Dec 14, 2015 10:11 pm

Eve Naria
Eve looked at the colors that the box man picked and then stared at her design trying to decide what colors should go where. However it seemed that she couldn't concentrate with the teacher being so full of herself. Eve simply growled as she said "Hazey really needs to shut her mouth if she doesn't have anything nice to say to others. She is nothing but a meanie Hazey is a meanie."Eve then looked over at another student who didn't see to be all too happy with the way the professor seemed to be doing things. This girl seemed to have more of a mouth on her yet Eve didn't care as she said "Yeah! You get the Meanie Hazey Punk Girl!" Eve didn't really know this girl's name but even if she did Eve would probably still call her Punk Girl just because to her it sounded cooler. Eve then went back to Box Man as she used the gold color to color in the B the blue to color in the lines and the black to color in the rest.

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34 Re: The First Class First Class (Closed) on Mon Dec 14, 2015 11:07 pm

Kyo Su
Kyo was listening to the professor's words and though Being alone in a fight isn't always the best choice... Maybe Madam Haze didn't have many friends growing up and that is why she is saying that being alone is better? Kyo glanced over at his little companion every now and then to make sure she wasn't being as disruptive as she was before as he thought Well at least she is a bit more quiet. Then he heard the professor speaking to him and he responded with "You can't always be a solo hunter while hunting as a team does have it's disadvantages so does trying to hunt solo. For example there could be some form of ambush if you are in a team it is more likely that one of them will feel yes but there is always the chance that they would come back with other hunters and if they didn't they would just have to deal with the regret. If you were hunting solo then there would be no form of back up and that same ambush that could of been taken out there would be attacking other people. While someone more skilled like yourself could deal with it solo yet we students might struggle against the bigger grimm if we went solo... Now as for your question it is a bit of an opinionated don't you think since you seem to be such a perfectionist asking such a question means you are looking for a specific answer that none of us will get. The first rule of hunting could range from making sure you have your weapon on a hunt to making sure you don't die it varies from person to person." 

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35 Re: The First Class First Class (Closed) on Thu Dec 17, 2015 2:03 pm

Madam Haze
As the first student attempted to blurt out their first answer she cut every student short, closing her left fist. The room was lit by a single light, a long and thin pillar of sorts hung from the ceiling. Almost immediately the room was plunged into darkness; a dense layer of purple smog had completely engulfed the light. Not a single beam could escape, it was as if the clouds had wholly covered the sun.

"The first rule of hunting is to never fight on your opponent's terms," The goddess perfectly pitched voice cut straight through the inferior students, her eyes glinting through the darkness alike polished rubies as she rose from her desk, "To do such one must constantly be vigilant, there is no room for imperfection... rather unfortunate for the likes of you pupils. Never allow yourself to be ambushed, always know everything within a ten meter radius of yourself."

The goddess, cigar in mouth, stalked down the center of the classroom. It was rather apparent to her quite who had faunus eyes and who did not, those who were squinting or fidgeting in some way clearly did not, but it would seem that the boy clad in a box and the tiny annoying one did... harder as it was to tell with the latter.

"Whether or not you belong to a team does not matter, a hunter must be capable on their own. There is no option when it comes to this, you may want to go out adventuring with a large party but every single one of you have forgotten a key factor," The Goddess turned, strutting back to the board as she opener her palm; harsh light returning to the room.

"Grimm are attracted to negative emotion. A teammate dying, or even merely falling sick, can bring a swarm upon the party," the Perfect Huntress informed the students; "Not only is this yet another reason to focus on solo skills, learning some team ones on the side, embracing the perfect lack of emotions as I have.... though I doubt any of you could be at my level when it comes to anything save for looking drab and being wrong... one can become almost invisible to grimm until they are upon them."

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36 Re: The First Class First Class (Closed) on Fri Dec 18, 2015 2:03 am

Avy Frost
The moment the lights went out, a clear spherical wall of ice formed around Avery. It activated upon instinct but she was somewhat prepared for it the moment the smoke spread throughout the ceiling. She allowed the darkness to linger for a while before she took out her scroll and activated its flashlight. The light bounced off the crystalline surfaces of her ice sphere, allowing for the small light to expand and spread out, effectively illuminating the room. She opened a small part on the bottom of the sphere to enable her voice to pass through.

"I think the ability to adapt in any given situation, especially the disadvantageous ones, is more important." Avery stated. "When going on a hunt, we are stepping foot on the enemy territory so an ambush is not unlikely. How you handle the surprise attack, however, is what makes one better prepared."

Her sphere dispersed into tiny ice crystals as the woman released the light back to the room. "An ambush is useless if it fails."

With a soft sigh, she leaned back on her seat and folded her arms beneath her chest. "With all due respect, is this the only thing we're going to do for the entire class? Talk? Clearly, each person has their own fighting style that suits them thus the reason why no one's even agreeing to whatever you say. So can we skip to a topic that we haven't heard before? Or maybe an activity? Something interesting for a change."

The class was honestly starting to bore her. A narcissistic self-indulged professor and her idiotic classmates. Why was she wasting time here again?

So instead, she stood up and took her bag from the box before walking out of class.


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37 Re: The First Class First Class (Closed) on Mon Dec 21, 2015 5:16 am

Royce Ryuuto
Royce heard the punk style girls words cut through the air like a knife, every swear and every change in the tone in her voice. He almost wanted to clap since it was comical to him, but no laugh or emotion was brought forth with the ram. Instead he listened to the girl while petting the innocent faunes on his lap, until the light cut off. His eyes adjusted quickly and with the sudden surprise, so did his actions from his hatred of the darkness. His arm extended, and the royal blue electricity pulsated into a ball of raw light emitting energy in his hand.

Every second it would arc between his rather boney fingers, while at the same time creating a small buzzing hum and crackle. He used that to keep a watchful, or protective, eye on Hazes direction incase she did decide to try and harm anything within his striking radius. As the light returned, the ball of destructive energy dispelled back into his body. All while he forgot the electricity arcing from his helmet nearly set the box on his head on fire. It smoked a little, but he patted the flames out before the sprinkler system kicked in and way before his head burst into flames.

He was a little on edge now, something he detested was the sudden surprises Haze oh so enjoyed demonstrating. Now, slightly bothered to the point of nearly walking out, he would have gritted his teeth but there was the issue of threads stopping any sudden action of his mouth, he sat in wait. He started wondering if the point of this class was for Hazes own amusement, and he was getting to the point of amusing himself if she didn't light that freaking cigar anytime soon.

It was serving no point but a distraction, and if anything was distracting the impatient ram Faunes it was the immense amount of OCD building up from just that cigar. He wondered though, how funny it would be to light that cigar from all the way across the room. 'Will you light that 'father'ing thing before I go insane?!' He thought.

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38 Re: The First Class First Class (Closed) on Sat Jan 02, 2016 2:57 pm

The annoying and ego-filled teacher had made it darker somehow, probably with her semblance or whatever, but Akui couldn't be bothered with that. In fact, it just made it easier to take a nap, and she had half falling asleep in the time between the smoke surrounding them and the blonde bimbo lighting up the room again, forcing her to stir. She yawned and stretched, but unfortunately the darkness that had plagued the room faded as quick as it had come and she was forced to remain awake.

The teacher dragged on about obvious things that even Akui, someone who never hunted Grimm until she came to this academy, could understand through common sense or already knew. She yawned loudly again: this class was boring as hell. The only thing keeping her awake was the annoying taunts after every sentence that could have meant something, education being spoiled by self-indulgence of a higher plane. Akui gave out a bit of an involuntary chuckle: this lady was comedic material alright, convinced that she was indeed 'perfect' at whatever she does and that no one would ever match her so don't even try or you'll be sorry, like that was even a real thing.

"Of course Grimm are attracted to negative emotions, that's their f***ing trait. Anyone who knows even the slightest thing about Grimm knows that s***." Akui then raised up her hand and wiggled her fingers, as if to show signs that she herself knew little about Grimm, which was a true statement. "It wasn't brought up because it's common f***ing knowledge, and we already have the idea of how teammates can be a liability, but that's just how life works. The fact remains that a group of hunters have the potential to hunt Grimm better than a single huntsman or huntswoman does, straight up." she thought about just leaving things there, but messing with this woman was just too fun, and she kept opening herself up to taunts.

"You're not invisible to Grimm, they just give you a wide birth, just like everyone else around you: Your ego is so f***ing big, no one else can fit. That also explains why you up-talk hunting solo: no one wants to team-up with your egotistical bulls***. Any team you're in would be a magnet for entire armies of Grimm, what with the disdain your team would have for you."

It wasn't outside her nature to call out and make fun of people, but she did usually keep such thoughts to herself...however this was a special occasion. Also, she didn't often agree with others, but it was just a case of tons of special occasions today. "I'm with the blonde bimbo over there: make this class interesting, something worth our time. Oh, and don't let your stupid f***ing ego get in the way and ruin it for us." she stated loudly, her pinkie finger in her ear as she moved it back in forth and yawned before taking it out and laying her head back.

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