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Ties That Bind [Private, Averia Frost]

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1Ties That Bind [Private, Averia Frost] Empty Ties That Bind [Private, Averia Frost] on Wed Nov 11, 2015 4:59 pm

Today was a day that was a bit better than others, as Akui had no classes or anything that she had to do. She decided would just stay in bed all day, not bother with anything or anyone, just keep to herself and her own personal daze. If she could get back to sleep, than she wouldn't have to worry about her injection this morning, just doze off and fall back into the dark abyss known as slumber.

She rolled over onto her other side, closed her eyes and waited, occupying her mind with things she loved, like her guns and the new idea for her prototype hoverboard. Soon, she was half asleep, no control over her thoughts bringing up her meeting with the rock star chick, her hunt with that stupid girl, and...for some odd reasons...the chick in red, Riley...

Little did she know that this day would not stay this pleasant, nor what it actually had in store for her...

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Avy Frost
The loud bang of the door emanated through the silence of the hallways as it swung open violently, threatening to come off its hinges.

"Rejoice, peasants! The queen is here! Ohoho~" her rather feminine voice resonated next.

Averia Frost lowered the leg she had used to kick open the door in her typical flashy entrance. A pink luggage in tow, she casually walked inside her new residence and surveyed the place. It wasn't half-bad. There was the window, door to the bathroom, the wardrobe, the beds, the girl in the bed... the girl in the bed?! Her thoughts reshuffled when her gaze halted at the figure of the woman napping.

Her face flushed at the realization that she wasn't alone. It occurred to her before that her roommate might have been inside, but pushed it aside thinking there were far more interesting things to do on a bright day than spend it holed up in the four walls of this room. And from what she heard from the gossips so far, this roommate of hers was somewhat of a.. rebel. Rebels don't stay home, do they? She nibbled on her bottom lip in thought.

Averia tilted her head as she eyed the girl silently. Not in a condescending way. She simply noted her slender frame, her obnoxiously pink hair and the seemingly nonchalant attitude. Interesting. Averia smirked as she had a feeling she'd enjoy having this person as a roommate.

"Sup roomie~" she beamed, "Sorry for the door by the way. And for waking you. Of course I'm not really sorry, but just saying it for formalities, you know," she added casually as she walked to the bedside end table and tested if the lamp was working.

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3Ties That Bind [Private, Averia Frost] Empty Re: Ties That Bind [Private, Averia Frost] on Wed Nov 11, 2015 7:12 pm

Akui had just reached a decent sleep state that she may have been able to keep up...had it not been so rudely interrupted by a loudly slamming door and the unwelcome party that followed.

The slam made her heart start up, but she was still partially asleep, so her voice didn't reflect the startle, but rather a quite lazy and bothered tone. '....the f***?' The majority of her body under the covers, she sat up slightly, and the comforter clung to her chest. She wiped her hand across her eyes, then looked at the intruder who had just spouted some sort of nonsense about being royalty or something.

She saw what was a woman, which made things instantly better than they could have been, and she had a rather distinct color of blonde for her hair color. She appeared to be around Akui's height, possible a tad smaller, and she seemed rather slender and petite...but in an elegant sort of way, healthy and elegant. She was lacking much more in 'features and benefits' than Akui was, but then again most woman were, one of the many reasons she tried to hide them...but she wouldn't be able to do that very well here: Akui always slept topless, and today was no exception.

The word 'roomie' had come out of the intruders mouth, something that made Akui briefly shudder with a mix of grief and anger: she specifically requested not to have a roommate and that she keep her dorm to herself. She understood that the heads of the academy had the power to do whatever they preferred, and that if she disagreed then she could always head back off to prison, but you'd think that she was a willing student that they would respect her accommodation wishes a bit more.

This new female intruder also mentioned something about an apology for causing the door slamming that ended up waking her, but then immediately suggesting she didn't really mean it and was just doing it for the sake of it being the proper course of action.

'Don't say s*** you don't mean, you're just wasting your f****** breath.' Akui then put her rather dainty-appearing arm across her chest under the blanket, and then proceeded to lift both the comforter and blanket off of her. Fortunately, Akui did wear pajamas, pink in color with black and white stripes, so she didn't need to worry about covering up anything else...and to be fair, covering up her chest was a difficult enough task. She then stood up out of the bed, bare feet touching the ground, and she yawned a very short but powerful yawn before scratching the back of her head.

She was about to go for a backward stretch and was just about to both her arms backward, but then she remembered the situation and quickly stopped, her covering arm moving up enough to bring her bountiful chest up slightly and then back down. While this chick had no manners, and Akui didn't care, it was more of a habit and defensive nature that she covered herself: Not just because of her past, but also because who could only know how she might effect this chick, inspiring awkwardness or jealousy or maybe even...attraction?

'...I'll be right back. All the s*** on that side is yours, do whatever the f*** you want with it.' She muttered while pointing at the opposite end of the room containing untouched and untouched dresser and bed. She then made her way to the bathroom casually, even though her heart was starting to beat abnormally fast. Unfortunately, Akui couldn't walk in any other way then seductively, what with her hips being the way they were, not without her baggy jeans.

She walked into the bathroom and shut the door, locking it. She then slid off her pajamas and took a quick ten-minute shower, paying extra attention to her hair. Then, she would proceed to dry off, prep her hair for styling, apply her wrap around her chest, put on a pair of boxers, partially complete her hair and have it held up, put on a black t-shirt, follow it with a black hoodie with a sickly-looking smiley face on it, put on rather baggy pair of black pants, and then finish prepping her hair...this would take her about another ten minutes.

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Avy Frost
Averia clicked her tongue as she tried hard not to cringe with every foul word her roommate spew out. She tilted her head towards the girl, a frown on her delicate features as her lips parted to reprimand her about it when suddenly, the girl ascended from the bed without as much as an upper clothing on. Averia's thoughts flew out the window. She found herself staring, like, really staring. She couldn't help it. It was pure human instincts. The girl had the curves at the right places after all.

Her eyes involuntarily shifted to her roommate's ample chest which had nothing but an arm to cover it. Ample wasn't quite the word she was looking. The girl was, for the lack of a better term, huge. She had to summon all her willpower to avert her eyes and without moving her head, glanced quickly at her own. What a pang of disappointment.

Averia bit her lower lip while trying to wander her gaze everywhere but the girl. After all, she was taught not to stare at people. She wasn't quite sure what to feel however. This was a classic situation of 'I don't know if I wanna be you, or on you' type of deal. Averia looked at her. No! She quickly averted her stare from those seductive hips. Bad Avy! Behave!

She mentally slapped herself and kicked off all inappropriate thoughts. Averia decided to distract herself by unpacking her luggage instead. She had a lot of things to organise after all: her clothes, her gadgets, her guns, oh and before she forgot, her voice and confidence which miraculously disappeared.

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Akui had just put the finishing touches on her hair, having her rather loud Neon Pink hair spiked just the way she liked it, and she was just about to hand back out...until her hand touched the doorknob. Her hand was trembling, and she just noticed she was getting major heart flutters and her palms were sweaty and a bit clammy.

Yep, it was official: she was definitely awake, because this was reality, and she couldn't handle reality without a little help from her one true friend...her trusty syringe. She was in a predicament, however: her stupid and obnoxiously rude new roommate distracted her in such a fashion that she was unable to take her usual injection, and her syringe was out there near her bed...but so was the new girl. Not only did Akui not want her to discover the secret she hid so well, there was no way she could even make it out there: her whole body was trembling now, her legs felt like jiggling gelatin, she felt like her lungs had been removed, and her eyes were tearing up followed by faint sobs escaping her throat without her permission. She had to do something quick...and that's when she remembered the medicine cabinet.

Akui quickly turned around and forced herself to walk to the cabinet, her forced walk turning into more of a scramble and as she made it to the sink and reached one shaky arm towards the cabinet the drive to get sick flooded her body. She shut her mouth and did her best to keep in control of her stomach as she grabbed the handle and slowly opened the door to the cabinet. there was a bunch of different things in there, like aspirin, nasal spray, even some cologne and aftershave from a previous student...but Akui only cared about the syringe on the far right. She tried twice to snatch it, failing the first time, succeeding the second time while also knocked over a few bottles and a can that clattered to the floor.

Once she grabbed it was exactly when her legs gave out, and she collapsed on her butt on the bathroom floor. Her sobs having gotten louder and tears running down her face, it took everything she had just to pull down the back of her hoodie collar and stick the syringe in it's usual spot in the back of her neck and push until it couldn't go any further. First she felt a sudden rush of cold at the injection site, which quickly flooded through her entire body, but it was soon replaced by a numb sensation. Finally, her vision became hazy and cloudy, and it was about that time the sobs stopped coming and the tears stopped flowing.

Akui took in a single deep breath, and since it was met with no resistance or urge to cry or puke, she knew she was okay. She got up and grabbed a towel to wipe away the tears and performed a couple of stretches to un-cramp her body from her tremors. Now that everything was right in her reality, she turned the knob and walked out the door.

She left the bathroom just in time to see her new and undesired roommate unpacking some gadgets, but she didn't get a good look at them. She did get a good look at her guns, however, and if there could be a spark in Akui's eyes there would have been at that moment. She walked a bit closer and peered over the girls shoulder, getting a better look at her weapons of choice, before deciding she should open up some sort of conversation.

Akui wasn't sure how this new girl would react about someone else wanting to touch her weapon, and Akui didn't really want to ask or, she had already been rude to her, so why not return the favor. 'Well, like it or not, you're my f****** roommate now, so you'll probably find this s*** out sooner or later anyway. Might as well get this s*** over and done with then...'

Akui felt deep down within her, then looked at the girl's guns. A very faint pink aura emanated from them as they floated up and above the girl's head (and her reach) and over to Akui, who held them suspended in mid-air as she observed them. After about ten seconds of observation, Akui already knew approximately eighty-five percent of what there was to know about these weapons, and she placed one of them on the girl's lap.

'Desert Eagle, Mark XIX. .50 AE Caliber. Titanium gold, Custom make. Compartment scope, laser sight.' She said in a rather matter-of-fact tone, almost sounding robotic. He then crossed her arms and stared more intently at the guns, having it rotate a few times...before have it disassemble in mid air.

Akui balanced all the pieces in mid-air as she continued to inspect them, quickly bring one piece closer to her and rotating it, then putting it back in it's little floating space as she focused on another. Once she had inspected all the pieces, she spoke again.

'Self-reloading, upgraded to full-auto. Still an 8-round mag. Adjustments made to reduce choice given your weak frame.' Akui then reassembled the gun as quick as she had disassembled it, all in mid-air, and then put it in the girl's lap atop it's sibling. 'Overall, not too f****** shabby, assuming you made it yourself like everyone else here. Definitely seen worse, the work you put into it shows the effort as opposed to the s****y workmanship that goes into your average piece these days. However, there is definitely room for improvement: with a bit more know how, you could have adjusted them so that they would have almost zero recoil. Also, you've added Dust capability, but it seems f****** primitive. You should also clean them a bit more often, their design causes buildup more rapidly and drops their performance a bit quicker than other designs, so get all the s*** out of them at least two or three times a week, depending on usage...although it wouldn't hurt to be f****** responsible and clean them after each use like you should be doing anyway.'

Akui then flopped on her bed and looked up at the ceiling, letting her mind guide her on what to do next, now that sleeping the day away was no longer an option.

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Avy Frost
In the middle of unpacking, Averia heard the sudden clatter of bottle resounding from the bathroom, causing her to wonder of her roommate's well-being. Of course being the naive girl that she was, she didn't think of any other possible thing to do inside a bathroom than to do the business. It made her wince when there soon followed sounds of sobbing and crying. She glanced at the direction of the bathroom and raised an eyebrow, pondering over her next course of action. She thought of going there at first, but then what? Use encouragement such as 'push' and 'it'll be okay, you can do it?'. Nah. Too personal even for her who had no regards of personal space.

Soon, the door opened and the pink-haired lass walked out looking perfect even after her little waterworks in the bathroom. As Averia scanned her choice of clothes though, she couldn't help a small scoff. "That looks cool and all, but what the hell are you wearing?" she muttered. I have the perfect outfit for you: your birth day suit. She mentally kicked herself again.

Averia continued packing but had to stop when her roommate walked past her side of the room. She blinked innocently and followed the girl with her stare. That was until she realized the latter was looking at her prized golden guns.

"Like what you see? Mhmm, I built this baby alright~ But sorry, only for display, no tou--wha?!" She was cut off when her guns floated in midair surrounded by a pink glow much to her surprise. Her eyes trailed back from the guns and towards her roommate, realizing she was the one behind the stunt.

While a part of her was fascinated by the girl's semblance, most of her was irritated. Technically her roommate didn't touch her guns so it wasn't like she got fingerprints all over her baby. Still, she was annoyed that this person managed to get a hold of her guns so easily. She shook her head and shrugged. Meh. What harm could it do? After all, that'll make the two of them closer if they shared information.

And then one of her guns was disassembled.

Her eyes narrowed and the temperature in the room dropped as her semblance leaked unintentionally. She was glaring daggers at the girl. Diplomacy. Patience. Friendliness. Hot girl in the room. Patience patience. Averia chanted on her mind to keep away from raging towards her roommate. Hot girl! Hot girl! Chest! Hips! Don't Kill! She had to chant harder when the latter criticized her work, going further as to imply the guns were dirty and not taken cared of. Then after all the insult, she had the nerve to just flop down on her bed like nothing happened?

Averia rose from her position and walked over to her roommate. She sat on the bed idly, crossed her legs and tilted her head to look down at the girl situated behind her. "Let's set one thing straight..." Her fingers moved towards the girl's chin and shifted it gently towards her to meet her stare. "I like you. I think you're hot and all. But I do not appreciate anyone messing with my guns as I'm sure you do not want anyone doing the same with yours."

As she said that, she moved the hand that was on the girl's chin down towards the fancy-looking bracelet on her wrist. Her hand simply hovered over it, not touching. The metallic parts and bullets would noticeably fog, ice crystals forming, until the whole thing is encased and surrounded with ice.

"Our personalities are alike in ways that caused us to clash in the first meeting. We can do this all day and rest assured I'd enjoy every minute of it. However, I would prefer a roommate who I am not tempted to strangle every night in her sleep.. and keep my own neck at the same time," she snapped her fingers and the ice on the bracelet melted, soaking her roommate's clothes in the process. "Now, let's start over. I'm Averia Frost, your roommate. I'm sorry for your clothes, but I am willing to buy you a new one if you want," she suggested with a smile.

While it sounded as though her suggestion was an innocently weird way of inviting someone to go out and shop, in her mind, Averia was grinning.

That's right. Change your clothes and I get to pick it. Muwahahaha! You're so brilliant, Avy!

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Akui was thinking that maybe she would go and try and find the Riley chick when she noticed her bed moved, and she then noticed the new girl talking to her. She missed out on some of it, but she didn't miss the freezing of her weapons and mags. While she didn't really feel it, being numb and all, she didn't much appreciate this chick's intentions of using her semblance in a threatening manner. She picked up on a good share of the rest of what she said before she made the ice melt and soaked parts of Akui's hoodie and baggy black pants...another thing Akui knew had happened, but didn't feel.

"Now, let's start over. I'm Averia Frost, your roommate. I'm sorry for your clothes, but I am willing to buy you a new one if you want," was the last thing to come out of her mouth. Akui gave it a few seconds to see if she would emit anything else obnoxious and overbearing out of her face hole before she responded.

'Aww, that's f****** adorable. By the way, if you ever did ruin my weapons, I could just make newer and better ones and sell the old and non-working s***s to some f****** dumbass on the street. I've had worse taken from me, things taken that cannot be replaced...' Akui said non-chalantly. She sat up briefly, then grabbed the collar of the chick and pulled her close to her face.

'Okay, now it's my turn: I don't give a s***. About you, about anyone here, about this academy. Never have. I'm here because I have no other choice, otherwise I'd be out on the street splattering the brains of f****** brats like you who think that act like everything centers around them all over the concrete. I've killed your kind before, I've killed others. I've killed a lot of people in a short time frame, and I don't give a s*** about them either. I'm not f****** afraid of you, so don't get the wrong idea. You came in here with that attitude and started this, and even now you started with the threats, and I never f****** asked for a roommate...especially not you. Putting a bullet through your skull wouldn't necessarily be hard, nor would I not consider it, but killing you doesn't help me in the slightest f****** way possible. In other words, I'll just let you do your thing, you let me do my thing, and if you toe the line and stop this f****** bulls***...everything will be fine.' Akui's voice was a bit more sinister and serious than her usual tone, but she didn't notice, and it was completely devoid of anger.

Akui let go of the chick and stood up, then walked over to the door that led outside the dorm. 'Now, since the air has been cleared between us two and I highly f****** doubt that the Academy Board will separate us...and you technically owe me new clothes, so if it will make you settle the f*** down with your crazy s***...I suppose I have nothing better to do. So sure, why the f*** not. Let's head out.' Akui grabbed a slab of metal that was leaning by the side of the door and carried it under her arm.

'Oh, right. In my bottom drawer, here should be something that looks like this. You should pick that s*** up before we leave...I'll explain outside.' She waited for the girl to be ready to leave.

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Avy Frost
Averia chuckled, shaking her head a little when the girl's foul mouth started at it again. Though she was rather impressed at the latter's revelation of her ability to create a new weapon with ease. Plus points for her hot roommate.

"I've had worse taken from me, things taken that cannot be replaced.."

At the mention of those words, Averia's grin faded and she stared at the girl. Someone like herself who had grown up a comfortable life and acquired whatever she desired couldn't quite relate to the latter's circumstance, but she did understand. She did empathize.

Just as quickly though, her grin was back in place when her roommate sat up and took her by the collar, spouting a long speech coupled with her usual profanities. Averia's brilliant blue eyes glimmered with so much interest for this girl. No one had ever handled her like that before. No one dared to. No one was able to. And no one did she allow to. And yet, this roommate had quite the strength to equal or even overpower her own to the point of handling her roughly.

When the girl finished, Averia followed her with her eyes, a sly smile still curved in her lips.

"Hmm. You talk big and all. But since you can't put it into action, you're not worth sh**" Oh look, she could do it too. Not even a full day and she was already getting influenced by the bad habits. "And may I remind you that you started going through my business first? I just returned the favour," she shrugged in a matter-of-fact way.

She hopped off the bed and went through the bottom drawer to get the metal slab her roommate pertained to. "See, I don't get why you didn't just take it yourself. You should be glad I like you or I wouldn't even bother," she grumbled with a pout. She strutted towards the door where her roommate was and noticed something. Her eyes fixed on her roommate's arm - the free one which wasn't carrying the slab, and her eyebrows shot up in understanding.

"Oh I see. So that's why~" With a playful grin, she slid next to her and linked an arm around the girl's free arm as though they were the best of friends. "Aww, I didn't peg you to be the clingy type. But sure, we can walk linking arms. You could've just told me so, oh you shy cutiepie you~" she grinned and started to walk with her roommate in tow.

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9Ties That Bind [Private, Averia Frost] Empty Re: Ties That Bind [Private, Averia Frost] on Sat Nov 21, 2015 1:57 pm

As Akui had figured, her new roommate didn't listen to much of what she said, nor did her attitude change: judging by everything the girl had said and done so far, she deduced she had some sort of pampered upbringing where everything went her way no matter what. The whole "I'm the center of the universe" attitude didn't appeal to Akui in the slightest, but no personality really did, so just as with everyone else she would just interact with her as minimally as possible.

'...f****** Christ, what makes you think I give a s*** about what you think of me...' she muttered, then sighed as she leaned against the doorway and waited. Suddenly, this girl decided it was just okay to link arms with her and go about their day acting like nothing was wrong. Once again, this girl presumed anything she did was okay, and that was whatever to Akui...but touching was not okay.

As the girl drug her outside the doorway into the hallways where everyone else was gathering, Akui wrestled her arm free and used it to push the girl away from her, the one-armed shove targeting her shoulder. 'The whole touching thing? Yeah, you can f*** off with that. Don't take it personal, I'm off-limits to everyone. The reason you are carrying that is because you are gonna use that s***, so why should I have to carry both? I'll clarify outside.' Akui then moved along at her usually slouching pace, not extremely slow, but a bit slower than your average walk speed.

Once they were both outside, she position herself in front of the girl, side by side. 'Now, follow my lead.' she told the girl in a bit of a serious tone, just to try and command even the slightest bit of her attention. Then,  she set the slab on the ground, the side with long metal stripes facing up. She then placed both feet on the slab in that of a stance similar to one would make riding a skateboard. She watched the girl and waited for her to board the slab.

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Avy Frost
Averia was humming a cheerful note until she noticed her roommate detached from their linking arms. The next thing she knew, her vision blurred, her frame collided against the wall of the hallway and a slight pain ran through her left side. She grumbled and pouted a little, rubbing on her shoulder that was unfortunate enough to receive the other end of her roommate's temper.

"What a tsundere," she chuckled, clearly more amused than annoyed. She regained her bearing and followed the girl, staring incredulously at her slow pace. Since the two were taking their time heading outside, her free hand dug out a piece of gum from her pocket and popped it into her mouth.

Once the two were outside, Averia looked at the slab on the ground and watched as the other girl planted both feet on the metal striped surface. Her eyebrows shot up. It was only then that she recognised the object, or rather, the device. Coming from a prominent family known for their technological manufacturing business had its advantages after all. Identifying a gadget at first glance came second nature to her. Averia placed the slab on the ground just as her roommate instructed.

"Oh no. What to do? It's my first time riding something like this~" she whined. Lie. It was every Frost's childhood toy. "I'm afraid of heights too. Another lie. If anything she loved free-falling.

Averia snapped her fingers as though she thought of something. She moved behind her roommate and rode on her board instead. She positioned one foot in between the other girl's and the other on the rear. Feeling bold and as payback for pushing her earlier, Averia wrapped her arms around the girl's waist and placed her chin on her shoulder. "I can catch a ride with you instead~ You wouldn't want your poor roommate to fall off a board now, would you? You're not that cruel, right?" she asked with a blinding smile, batting her eyelashes as she did. After her roommate's display of aggression earlier, it only made Averia even more persistent to tease her. She just hoped she wouldn't die from the girl's wrath.

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11Ties That Bind [Private, Averia Frost] Empty Re: Ties That Bind [Private, Averia Frost] on Sat Nov 21, 2015 9:01 pm

Akui was trying to provide the stupid chick with her own personal ride, but for some reason she was making up silly excuses as to why she couldn't just stand on the damn thing. No, instead she had to once again invade her personal space for the fourth time today, forcing herself onto the same board as her and wrapping her arms around her waist while putting her chin on her shoulder and putting on some cutesy charade. Akui wanted nothing better than to just punch her right in her stupid rich face, but she knew that the academy board was always on top of her and she couldn't really risk something like that. So, rather than knocking the teeth out of this girl and going back to prison, she used her now balled-up fist to deliver her a painful noogie.

'I f****** hate you, just in case that wasn't clear.' she grumbled as she continued the noogie for a few more seconds, then she let out a noise that was some sort of fusion between a groan and a sigh. 'Listen, I really don't like being touched, I absolutely f****** hate it. That's why I brought the secondary board, just for you, your own personal little ride all to yourself.' Akui sighed again, crossing her arms. 'PHB One, Initiate Flight Mode.'

The hoverboard that the two of them were on began to hover in mid-air, but without the aid of jet propulsion, it just seemed to...float. They were about a foot off the ground, and the Akui spoke again. 'PHB Two, Imprint Mode.' The second hoverboard began to float, and moved so that it was directly behind them, nearly touching the other hoverboard but not quite. 'Let's just go get this s*** over with, but please promise to ride the secondary board on the way back...and to stop f****** touching me as much.'

Then, with a small movement of her left foot, they were off at a high speed towards the center of Bellmuse. Akui hoped that obliging her a small bit would maybe get her to back off once it was over, even if for a little while.

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12Ties That Bind [Private, Averia Frost] Empty Re: Ties That Bind [Private, Averia Frost] on Sun Nov 22, 2015 10:12 am

Avy Frost
"Ow.. ahh~ hngg~" Averia whimpered, purposefully hitting her sultry voice as her poor head received a noogie. She looked up at her roommate and bit her bottom lip, lowering her eyes as her cheeks flushed a soft red. "P-please not too rough... it's my first time after all..." she whispered, totally without hidden meaning whatsoever.

Hearing the sound of the latter's aggravated groan-sigh, Averia nibbled on the lip she bit to hide her grin. So the tough punk had an adorable side to her after all. The scheming girl couldn't wait to witness them all. What would she look like if she's shy? Blushing? Hmm~ Cat ears? Averia was drowning in her fantasy... until she snapped back when her roommate informed her that she'd have to use the other board on the way back.

"Sure I will," she said with such a big smile it overflowed with sarcasm.

As the hoverboard floated a foot off the ground, Averia tilted her head. This wasn't the same toy she was used to but judging from how the other controlled it, it must've had the same mechanism. During the travel, Averia was enjoying her position. She would occasionally pop a bubble from her gum directly over the girl's ear to annoy her. And if it that wasn't enough, she would teasingly blow hot air on it. Her arms were too bored as they were so she took it upon herself to poke the other girl's stomach, her funny bone on her side and her upper arms. "Do you have abs? Do you have a funny bone? How hard are your guns?"

Even travelling at high speed, Averia noticed something at the corner of her eye. She used her front foot to swipe away her roommate's left foot, tightening her arms around her waist so the other girl didn't fall off, and since Averia's other leg was situated on the rear, she had full control of the board. She pressed hard on the rear while minimizing the pressure on the front, causing the board to stop.

"First stop, "Yes Frills"," Averia grinned, dramatically pointing at the clothing store with a wave of her arm. Yes, it's a store with clothes made of frills. "Oooh~ That would look so good on you.. and that too... and that..." Averia was beaming with enthusiasm. She didn't want the thing on the hallway to happen again, so instead of linking arms, she simply took the other girl's hand and dragged her to the store.

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Akui had finally figured out this chicks gig: she was literally just trying to get a rise out of her, and it worked momentarily, but Akui definitely decided she would just treat her like everyone else as of now. She focused her hazy but troubled mind on the path ahead she flew by all the other students on the road, wanting to get all this over with so she could just be left alone again. She just ignored the rich chick the entire way, not even really noticing that she was touching her all over like some sort of weirdo.

Once they hit Bellmuse, Akui bobbed and weaved around traffic for a bit before she muttered something about going higher, to which both boards responded and rose a couple of feet so that they could glide over all the automobiles. Once they had reached an area popular for the different shopping outlets and Akui had lowered the boards to their original level of height, she was still moving rather fast as she was searching for the clothing store that sold mostly guy clothes.

Suddenly she was swept off her stance on the board and they were forced to stop by the rich chick. She was excited over a store she saw, and she grabbed Akui by the hand and dragged her into a shop with tons of frilly dresses. 'First f****** time my eye...' she muttered as she was being dragged away to a place she had no business being at.

Today was certainly not going to be her day...

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Avy Frost
Averia glanced at her roommate from the corner of her eye, noticing the difference in her personality. She seemed rather... calm about this. Averia found it odd from what she assumed would be an aggressive retaliation from forcing her roommate in a frilly store like this. She blinked as a thought came to her head. Wait, does this mean she likes these kinds of things? She wandered her gaze around the store, noting all the cute lolita and gothic dresses around which made her eyes sparkle in delight. Nah~ Can't be. She would be too much of a tsundere then. Haha. She nodded to herself. But then she pouted and tilted her head to the side. Or does she really?

With an attention span of a gold fish, Averia's thoughts vanished at the sight of a cute dress that captured her maiden heart. She let go of the other girl's hands and zoomed in around the store, laughing crazily, giggling to herself, talking like a mad person and basking in her fantasies as she picked a few outfits to try on her doll.. err.. roommate.

"Tadah! What do you think of this? And this one? And this one too! Cute right? I know! Try 'em on!" She exclaimed as she chucked the clothes on her roommate's arm, moved behind her and pushed the latter towards the dressing room. From the looks of the clothes alone, they were all varying shades of pink, something she assumed her roommate liked based from her hair colour. "Oh and of course I need to see them on you since I'm paying for them. Ehe~"

Averia closed the two curtains of the dressing room and she sat on the bench in front of it, waiting for her roommate to come out. She had both feet on the ground and hands on her lap like a prim and proper girl that she was.

As if.

Averia grinned, leaned back, crossed her legs and whipped out her phone on video mode ready to press record once that curtain opens.
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Akui felt like a flag on a flagpole on a violently blustery day, or like some sort of baggage being carried by someone who was about to miss their flight. She was being dragged too and fro as her annoying rich roommate flew from dress-rack to dress rack, flailing around wildly at nearly every dress in the store, and Akui could only assume she was gushing about how she would look in each of those dress...what a weird fetish, dressing up another person for your own kicks. What did one really gain from it, other than some sort of sick fantasy?

Akui was trying to remember the term for such a personality trait. It wasn't weeaboo or otaku, those kinds of people were related to those foreign cartoons. Was it...fashionista? That sounded right, but the term was so elegant, and this erratic and depraved. Suddenly, it all stopped, and Akui started to naturally gravitate towards the exit when she was handed multiple dresses and shoved into a dressing room. Technically, she had the right and the willpower to just drop the dresses there and to leave without saying a single word, but Akui had the feeling that this deranged and depraved rampage of being obnoxious and demanding frills wouldn't stop unless she at least obliged her a little bit.

Akui sighed, and began to undress, going through the motions fluidly until she was in her undergarments. She was about to put on the first dress, but after further inspection she realized that all of the dresses were made without upper undergarments in mind, and she grumbled. This new roommate was just as much a pervert as the average man, just as much as Riley the, not as much as her. Why was everyone so obsessed with her body? She wasn't, and it belonged to her. She saw it only as something to hide so people didn't become disheveled with lust around her, a body that was wrong for being right.

As she sighed one last time and began undoing her wrappings, she noted that all the dresses were pink. A cute notion, for it wasn't untrue the Akui related to the color pink, but all of these dress were a gross light variation of the color...almost like they were purposely faded. Akui preferred the darker and deeper tones of pink, and these dresses were not only...well, disgusting in color, but just in general as they were...well, dresses.

After the last layer of her wrap was remove, her breasts sprung out like they were joyous that they could breathe clean air, and this made Akui sigh again in disgust. She then began putting on the first dress in the series she had been given. It took her a bit, but she managed to put it on, although it was uncomfortable around her chest as it was too tight for her.

She had apparently been given shoes as well, and she put those on and walked out...with no issues, despite the shoes being the opposite of the sneakers she usually wore. Some things your body doesn't forget, no matter how long ago it was, she supposed.

She emerged from the dressing room with a massive scowl on her face, waiting for her roommate to get off at the sight, providing her a full look as she slowly rotated around. Once she completed the full rotation, her scowl was directed right at her roommate. '...Well, are you getting your kicks, you f****** sicko?'

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Avy Frost
Averia initially planned to press the button on her phone to record the scene once her roommate comes out. But the moment the curtains opened, her jaw dropped and once again found herself lost in her own world. The dress fit the girl's figure perfectly, well, perhaps a little tight on the chest area. Nevertheless, it brought out her natural beautiful frame which was inconveniently shrouded by her baggy punk clothes. Averia smiled and admired the girl, completely forgetting her phone which was placed off to the side.

'...Well, are you getting your kicks, you f****** sicko?'

She blinked and snapped out of her trance. "Hey, don't call me that~ That actually hurt, you know. I'm not a sicko. I'm just an admirer of beauty." Averia grinned. She stood up from her seat took her phone and giddily began snapping pictures from all angles. She moved behind the girl, took her by the shoulders and turned her gently so she was facing the full-body mirror.

"See? See? It looks cute right? I'm not saying you should wear these types of clothes every day, but it doesn't hurt to try them every once in a while. Especially when you're with that special someone~ Eh? Am I right? Am I right? Say I'm right~" she grinned as she kept nudging the girl on the side playfully.

"Moving on, you've got two dresses to try. Off you go, chop chop~" she pushed the girl back to the dressing room and closed the curtains.

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Akui's scowl increased from massive to el gigante, signifying the amount of disgust she was dealing with due to the fact that her new roommate had not only forced her into putting on dress, but was now snapping photos off her in the dress. Akui didn't really care so much about what people thought of her, nor did she really care about keeping up her ganglord reputation since those days had obviously since past, but the fact that a girl she didn't even know had embarrassing pictures of her on her phone could only spell trouble someone...and upon reflection, those photos making their way across the desk of the Syne Post or Syne Academy's website...or just general social media...

Akui was booted out of her thought process by being pushed in front of a mirror. As requested, she looked into the mirror, and what she saw didn't surprise her: Akui already knew she had what many would call a 'perfect-ten frame' and even with her hair styled the way it was, she was rocking that dress...but this just made her even more disgusted. She didn't want to rock anything, she didn't want to turn heads or encourage cat calls or anything like that...she just wanted to fade away and never be noticed again, and the closest she could get to that was wearing the clothing she did and avoiding most people and their boring and unimportant lives.

'...Especially when you're with that special someone~ Eh? Am I right? Am I right? Say I'm right~"

'...there is no special someone, nor can there ever be...' she muttered. No swearing, no negative tone, no attempts to harm the stupid girl...just emptiness filled Akui for a moment, and for a moment she felt truly alone...

Then she was shoved back into the dressing room, as well as reality. Her grumpy attitude resurfacing a bit, she sighed as she took off the dress and her unfortunately large breasts decided to be obnoxious again as she dressed herself in the second dress she had been given. This one was even tighter on her chest...and even shorter. She walked out and showed it off to her roommate, and was forced to look at herself again, forced to look at her disgusting self again.

She was shoved back in...for hopefully the final time. She took off the second dress, and was upset by her body for hopefully the second to last time. This dress was very long, almost some sort of pink wedding dress, and it was the least tight around her chest out of the three. She slouched out and did the same diddy as before, praying that this would be the end as she faced her roommate after two spins.

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Avy Frost
'...there is no special someone, nor can there ever be...'

Averia was about to blurt out another tease about her roommate being such a loner but the latter's tone of voice and facial expression halted her from doing so. There it was again, another emotion, and Averia had finally learned how to tread on thin ice with this girl. It wasn't that she was perceptive of her roommate's feelings; it was more like the girl herself was transparent. That made Averia smile a bit. She was beginning to learn more about her roommate's real personality.

"Hey, for what it's worth I think you're a cool gal. I'm sure you'll find that person someday. And.. that person will like you for who you are and not for how you look," she stated, more on a serious note than what she's used to.

That was only for a moment obviously, for she was back to her giddy self while waiting impatiently for the second dress to appear. Once it did, she squealed like the fangirl she was and began her barrage of picture taking. Then she was fangirling even harder when the third dress came out. Her roommate looked like a bride, a fab one at that, and Averia couldn't help but feel proud.

"Ehe~ Nice job, roomie. Now you can wait there while I pay for these. Be back in a jiffy~" She zoomed to the cashier bringing the dresses and shoes with her and paid for them with no regards of the price. Once done, she returned to Akui carrying the paperbags.

"Here," she said with a smile as she handed her the paperbags. "You don't have to wear them if you don't want to. But who knows. Maybe it can be useful in the future. A girl needs to have at least one decent dress for emergency. In this case, you have three~ Of course if you ever need to shop for a few more, I'm up if you need company." She winked then moved beside the girl.

"Alright, cause I'm such a kind roommate, I'll let you choose where we'll go next. Anything in mind?"

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Akui was met with some very inspiring words from her new roommate, and she really...appreciated it? Did she? Well, she was at least close to that she supposed, for whatever reason. As she showed off the dresses, her roommate was going absolutely ballistic with glee, and the amount of photos she took and the angles she felt like being surrounded by paparazzi. Then, she congratulated her, and she wasn't sure if it was sarcastic or not...but she didn't truly care because not long after that her roommate took off with the other two dresses and went to go be useful in the only way she could: money.

Akui decided she had a moment before she returned, and she was about to walk into the dressing room and put her normal clothes back on when she noticed the mirror. For whatever reason, she decided to go ahead an take a look. When she got there, she noticed how well she fit in this dress as well: she would be defined as 'pretty as well as edgy' and 'a more modern approach' or a whole bunch of other things. She continued to stare at the woman in the mirror, the woman who dared to look good, the hideous woman that Akui hated so much that it caused her to start shaking with anger.

'...I f***ing hate you! I f***ing hate you SO MUCH!' she yelled before punching the mirror with all her hate. It made a circular crack that frayed outward to cover the whole mirror. Now the perfect woman was staring at her from multiple angles...tears started to run down her face...she was trembling all over. Out of instinct to hide, she dashed into the dressing room and closed the curtains. Her chest wasn't just tight from the dress, and she was just wobbly from the high heels...why was this happening right now?

She had taken her dose, she shouldn't be feeling anything, everything should be dull and numb and void...but there was only distraught and suffering. She did her best to keep the sobs inside herself as she searched for her pants. It took her a brief moment, but she found them, and reached into the right front pocket...and pulled out a syringe. She examined it for a moment just to confirm with herself, and then she reached around to the back of her neck at the base and stuck the syringe in and pushed down. Within mere seconds, the suffering faded into a lack of any feeling at all, and suddenly everything was fine and manageable again.

Akui looked at the syringe briefly before putting it back into the pocket and getting redressed in her normal clothing. It was really official now, something she had tried so hard to deny or ignore, something she never wanted to bring up: she had taken her normal half a dose this morning, and that was all she ever needed...until now. Her tolerance had built up, and it would seem that if she wanted to make it through an entire day, she'd need a full dose now to acquire the same effect.

Akui put the dress back on it's hanger nice and proper, then grabbed it and the shoes and walked out of the dressing room. She was just in time, as the rich chick showed up with the other dresses and shoes all bagged up and ready to finally head out of this horror show. Akui knew there was no way she didn't hear her earlier or wouldn't at least see the mirror before they headed out, but Akui just deciphered a bit of her ramble and acted like nothing happened instead of talking about it: she said something about emergency dresses, and that it was time to browse another store.

Akui placed the dress and shoes in one of the bags and headed for the exit. 'Not that I give a s***, but there is a store I usually hit up. It's down the way a bit.' Akui walked straight out the door and hung a left, heading straight towards that store without saying another word.

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Avy Frost
Before leaving the store, Averia noticed something on her periphery and when she turned to look at it, she choked. A broken mirror. Her jaw dropped and she stared at it for a full ten seconds before snapping back to reality. Only one thought crossed her mind: Do I have to pay for that too?! She glanced at the staff and none of them seem to notice so she hurried out of the store with her roommate.

While walking, Averia looked at the girl from the corner of her eyes, knowing full well she was responsible for the mirror. She knew the latter was suffering from some form of self-loathing yet she didn't know it was this strong. Averia took out her handkerchief from her pocket - a personal favourite of hers - and unfolded it. She took her roommate's hand without a word and wrapped the cloth around her injured knuckles. She tightened the make-shift bandage and knotted it around the wrist before letting go.

"The dresses aren't that bad, you know." She pouted. Of course she knew the dresses weren't the problem. But she figured asking her about it might make it worse. So what better way to cheer up her roommate than to divert her anger from herself and to someone else. Averia took it upon herself to reach up and shuffle her roommate's neon-pink hair. "Cheer up, roomie~ This is called fashion, yeah? You could use some yourself." She laughed and quickly gained distance in fear of the punk's wrath. Maybe directing the anger to her wasn't a good idea after all.

Just across the street from where the two were, Averia spotted a unique store and an idea popped into her mind. She grinned and turned to her roommate, stretching both hands in front of her. "Halt! Before you kill me... I found something." She dramatically waved her arms towards the store across the street. "Petshop! Kawaii, right? Let's check it out!"

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Akui new that her roommate wouldn't be lagging behind for long, and when she showed up she showed an act of kindness by wrapping up the hand she had punched the mirror with. Akui didn't feel any pain or really notice that she hurt herself, but once again she didn't exactly hate her for a short moment, as she was beginning to see that under the obnoxious rich girl exterior there was a softer side to her. A combination of her feeling numb and hazy again, and the fact that what her roommate said didn't really offend her lead her to not even be bothered by the rich chick's little taunt. She gave her a bit of a weird look when she backed away and started acting like she was going to hit her.

'What in the hell are you going on about?' Then she looked in the direction of her hands and noticed the pet store. Akui had a small bit of an urge to go check it out: she never had a pet as a kid, and animals were always cool to look at and meet. She turned and followed her roommate as they headed towards the door of the pet shop. 'Sure, why f***ing not, right? Maybe they'll have an Ursa I can feed you to.' She said with no emotion in her face or tone, though she was hoping the girl would know she was teasing.

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Avy Frost
Oh? She didn't get mad?

Averia pursed her lips as her inner self celebrated with this possession of new information. She doesn't mind having her hair touched~ Honestly, she didn't expect that. She'd thought since it was dyed pink and all, her roommate would be overly protective of it, just like how she herself hated it when people touched her hair. Now looks like she would have a new hobby. As they neared the store, she looked at the girl then reached a hand and shuffled her hair again... just because she can.

'Sure, why f***ing not, right? Maybe they'll have an Ursa I can feed you to.'

She immediately retracted her hand and pouted. But then smiled afterwards. Oh look, an improvement. The girl knows how to tease~ That was a tease, right? She couldn't be serious, right? "Not my idea of getting eaten, if you know what I mean." She grinned as her eyebrows wiggled.

Averia opened the door to the store and was greeted by puppies barking, cats meowing and other different cute animals for sale.

"KAWAIIIII~!" She placed a hand on her forehead dramatically as she turned her head to the side. "So cute... I can't~"

Just then she saw a pig for sale. She blinked and looked at it then turned to her roommate, then looked at it again. "Hahaha! Look, roomie, it's you~" Without further ado, she placed her hands on either side of the girls cheeks and pulled her rather roughly so she was standing side by side with the pig on the glass. "See~ Totally you. Hahaha!"

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Akui must have really been feeling the Everclear, because she didn't even notice the first time the girl messed with her hair. She went and ruffled her hair a second time, for what she assumed was for kicks, as that was all this girl was ever in for. She didn't really care a whole lot, because she took care of her hair and knew it would be exactly how she wanted it in any kind of weather or extreme condition, but she didn't appreciate how grabby this girl was: They had just met today, and she was constantly touching her in some regard, something she never allowed anyone to do.

As they walked in, they were bombarded with the noises of various animals, the most prominent being yips and howls mixing with the mewls and squawks. Akui looked around and saw lots of puppies and kittens, more grown up dogs and cats. She spied parrots and parakeets, and she noticed lots of colorful fish. All these creatures were special in their own way...but they didn't interest her. Suddenly, she was grabbed by her face and put up next to a pig...and told by her roommate that they resembled one another. The pig actually looked at Akui and snort, turning his head away as if to say "Why, I never!" and walked to the other end of his pen. Naturally, being compared to a pig wasn't what any woman would want to hear, but it was more that her roommates level of 'grabbyness' and and form of acquiring her kicks was getting a bit out of hand.

Akui removed herself from the rich chick's grasp and with her left hand actually unclasped her bracelet in a one-handed manner, and thus Agony came in full bloom. Akui flipped the gun around in her hand, and smack the butt of the gun over her roommates head. She didn't put her full force into it, but she put in enough that she knew it would hurt. 'I believe that answers one of your earlier questions. Now, calm your f***ing s***.' she grunted as she pulled the keychain on Agony and re-clasped it around her wrist.

Akui then made her way through the store, just skimming everything, and she had arrived to the more exotic pet section. She saw some bearded lizards, a toucan, some insects...still nothing spoke to her...until she turned around and saw something that made her gasp a bit!

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Avy Frost
Averia was stopped from her hyperactivity and stared in fascination as the bracelet from her roommate's hand transformed into a gun. Oh so that's how it worked. It was the first time she had seen it in action... and didn't expect to be on the receiving end of it. A loud thud and Averia whimpered, grabbing her head that was the victim of her roommate's revenge. She rubbed it a little and grumbled.

"But it was pink. And you're pink. And you both have fat," she stopped as her eyes unconsciously directed to her roommate's chest... out of human instincts of course. "Yours just happened to be on the right places," she murmured.

Averia attention was then taken by a cute little wolf-like puppy and she squealed, running over it and hugging the poor thing. It looked almost like Snowflakes, her pet puppy back in Atlas and it drove her crazy. After playing with it for a bit, she saw a white tiger-like cub and she hugged it as well. Same went with the rabbit, the fox and the bear. Just then she noticed her roommate froze on her tracks as though she had seen something amazing.

Curious, Averia approached the girl and tackled her from behind, wrapping her arms around the latter's waist again and placing her chin on her shoulder. She peeked at the thing that her roommate was looking at. "What? What? Did you see something you liked~?"

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Akui was about to reach for what caught her eye when she was tackled by her official stupid and VERY OBNOXIOUS roommate. She rolled over and her back squirmed around a bit to push the stupid rich girl into the floor and then managed to drive her heel into her right shin.

Finally free, she stood up and gasped again. Then she reached into the steel tank-like living area and retrieved...a snake! It's scales were a mystifying blend of white and silver, almost like it was translucent...but it was the eyes! The deep red eyes that brought up not only a sense of uniqueness and personality, but it also matched with the color of it's scales to give a very compelling presence: it demanded your attention...and your respect.

Akui balanced it on both arms and looked at it. 'Oh my f***ing god, you are a f***ing gorgeous reptile. Do you have a name, pretty lady?'

She was responded to twice: The first was by the snake itself, who moved itself so it's face was only an inch away from hers and the hissed. The second was from the lady watching the store.

'Just to let you know, it's actually a he...and he doesn't like being called pretty. He's also very poisonous, so please put him back down...'

The slight smirk on Akui's face settled back into her expressionless template, but the sparkle was still in her eye. 'Of course it's a male...but I call 'em how I see them, you are f***ing beautiful.'

The snake hissed at her, right in her face for a second and third time, but Akui didn't move a muscle. The snake then wrapped itself around her left arms and started to constrict as tight as it could. Akui...actually had a small giggle. She then leaned in so that she was snout-to-snout with the snake...and when the snake hissed at her, she hissed back.

'Ma'am!' shouted the startled owner who was probably fearing a lawsuit in the making.

'Look, I understand you are trying to assert your dominance, but unfortunately I don't feel a thing. Normally I would have beaten the s*** out of any other male by now, but you are different...I like you. She stare the snake right in the eye, then put her forehead against his. 'There is a difference between fear and respect, and I feel you know that difference.'

The two stared off for a while...until the snake unbound itself and took a more relaxed stance on Akui's left arm, then moved and hung itself around Akui's neck, lightly flicking it's tongue.

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