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State of Mind [Open]

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1 State of Mind [Open] on Wed Nov 11, 2015 7:48 pm

Midday in the training area, Scarlett panted softly, feeling the sun beat down on her in her exhausted state. Thankfully it was the fall, not in the middle of summer where things would have gotten even hotter, the girl finding a bit of solace in the light breezes that past, causing her red hair to flow gently in it. However, the time certainly wasn't for posing or enjoying the small moment; now was the time to continue pushing herself to be better than she was before. After the hunt with Warren, Mana, and Sammey, the young woman had began to feel even more inadequate with her skills, unsure if she even belongs in the academy for future hunters. Those thoughts worked as poison in her mind for both her confidence and her skills, causing her to perform even worse than normal.

But that was the purpose of today's training, having been dragged out here by her roommate Warren to ensure that she maintained her skill in fighting, and to assist with getting over whatever may have been bothering her. As yes, Scarlett certainly wasn't the best when it came to social situations, and that was included when she would attempt to hide how she was feeling. Her bad mood and even lesser sense of worth stuck out like a sore thumb to most people, especially the one she shared a room with. And once again, it was the entire point of the drills she was running - or more being forced to run - by Warren.

"One more!" Scarlett cried out as she steadied her gun once again, barely taking a moment before she squeezed the trigger, her Prism creating a loud noise as the shot was fired, hitting the last target that she needed to in this obstacle course that Warren had helped set up. This being the fourth or fifth time that she did go through it, it was fairly reasonable that she was exhaused. Leaning over, she rested her hands on her knees, trying to catch her breath, panting lightly still.

Once she was able to steady herself, she shook her head, looking over towards her roommate, "Are... are we done yet..?" she asked, glancing around and noting all the times she managed to hit the targets, rarely even not getting close to the center, much less missing entirely, "We've been at this for... quite a while..." she complained and pleaded to Warren, giving a long sigh, "Can... we at least have lunch?" she asked. It was most likely not going to be the last time she ran the training today, but a small break would do the girl wonders, she thought.

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2 Re: State of Mind [Open] on Wed Nov 11, 2015 9:49 pm

Warren crosses his arms as he watches Scarlett run through the course, leaping across obstacles and firing at large wooden targets the boy had helped to build. He cracked a smile as he saw her bend over and pant for air. All in all, things were going rather well, and while Warren saw a number of places she could improve upon, she wasn't all that bad off to begin with. If nothing else, she was an earnest worker, and she certainly wasn't one to slack off.

The boy steps towards her at the finish line, glancing up towards the sun as he does so, dressed in his armor, as, if nothing else, he'd at least suffer the midday heat with her. He glances up at the sun, shading his eyes before giving a sigh. "Yea, I suppose we've been at this for a few hours now..." He gives a nod. "Breaking for lunch sounds like a good idea. You've been working pretty hard." Honestly, the whole course he was running her through was perhaps a tad more unforgiving than he would've preferred, but... If Scarlett thought she was taking it easy on her, she probably wouldn't have reacted well to that.

"Come on, I bought sandwhiches from the cafeteria beforehand, so we can have those in the shade here." Warren says, pointing off to an area shadowed by a wall that covered at least some of the noonday sun, before walking over to take a seat.

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3 Re: State of Mind [Open] on Wed Nov 11, 2015 10:55 pm

"Come back here! You piece of-- ack!"

Averia Frost crashed against one of her ice pillars and staggered on her tracks yet managed to recover and speed forward in pursuit of her target. Her unfaltering eyes glowed an azure hue, leaving a trail on its wake. When its target made a sharp turn, she planted a foot against the ground and skidded, transferring her momentum from before and shot herself towards the target's direction. Her concentration was at focus. She won't let it get away. Her eyes narrowed as she shifted fluidly from side to side, moving through the row of ice pillars and trees alike with grace until she was an arm's length from her target. She reached out a hand. A little more...

And that was when she realized she was about to crash against someone. A girl with red hair? What was she doing here? Out of instincts she waved a hand, producing a wall of ice in between two. Planting her feet against the ground proved to be a wrong move as the force behind her speed was too much to stop and her body propelled against the wall.

The impact made Averia curse under her breath, pain surging on her shoulder. Great. Just great. Steadying herself up, she opened her closed fist in hopes that she at least got her target. Nope. The little translucent ice ball still floated in the air, mocking her failure.

Today was one of the days Averia had self-directed physical speed training. Since she was undeniably faster in her ice manipulation, she uses her semblance to create a little floating ice ball that fit on her hand. She would then chase it around the training arena prepped with ice pillars for obstacles in hopes that her physical speed could at least catch up to her semblance speed. Yeah, it was her own way of playing by herself and training at the same time.

"My bloody hell. Of course there's a conveniently-placed person right in front of me just when I'm about to reach my goal!" she muttered sarcastically, dusting her clothes as she lowered the ice wall to glare at the red-haired girl.

She blinked and just then realised she was in a clearing. Wait. How far had she gone off to? Averia looked around and caught sight of someone familiar to her.

"Aha! Pretty boy! What're you doing here~" she beamed at him, as though she wasn't just annoyed seconds ago. "And who's this conveniently-placed person right here? Your girlfriend? Oh I see~" she wiggled her eyebrows with a playful grin.

OOC: *sees the length of the post* ok, so I might have played a bit too much...

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4 Re: State of Mind [Open] on Thu Nov 12, 2015 12:31 am

Scarlett gave a soft smile towards Warren his acceptance of her plea for a break. She exhaled slowly, her body already relaxing at the idea of being able to sit down for a few moments and simply enjoy the cool day air instead of relying on it to cool her body down. She nodded in agreement, "That's good. Oh, did you get turkey, I wonder?" she asked, moving a hand to rest on her chin, "Or roast beef, that's good too!" she mentioned, certainly not wanting to seem picky or ungrateful to the boy that was so willing to assist her with training even more. And even more, was so gracious enough to buy her lunch after working her to roughly.

Scarlett began to move towards the designated area with food and rest on her mind. That is, until she heard what seemed to be footsteps running towards her, turning on her heels quickly to face towards the intruder. A pretty girl with pink-ish hair was running towards her and outstretched her hand. Before her mind even was able to register the events, her hand was traveling to her holstered handgun. A wall of ice came up just as the redhead was aiming her Prism towards the girl that was so quickly running at her, prepared to fire. That is, until the girl crashed into her own creation, causing the gunner to grimace slightly, "O-ow... are you..."

Before she could inquire as to the girl's well being, she noticed the distinct glare of her, causing her to let out a soft whimper of nervousness. She wasn't used to people being angry at her and when she didn't even know what it was for, it just made the feeling be even worse. She lowered her gun as well as her shoulders, "S-sorry..." she apologized for... existing. Yep, that's pretty much what was happening here. Her spirits hurt even more than before she was training. Such a fragile thing she was. She looked down towards the ground, noticing that it seemed that this newcomer knew Warren somehow. The inquiry as to whether or not they were lovers. She turned, heading towards the designated area once again, "... No, nothing like that..." she denied rather bluntly, her movements now somewhat sluggish.

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5 Re: State of Mind [Open] on Sun Nov 22, 2015 1:18 pm


Averia felt like a dagger went through her heart at the sight of the conveniently-placed person's display of woe. She clutched her chest dramatically and swallowed the nonexistent lump on her throat as her eyes glimmered of fascination. She turned away and gave herself a brief pep talk. Woah, t-that was dangerous. T-too cute. What was that thing? She nibbled on her bottom lip as her eyebrows were lowered, pondering over what to do. She looked at Warren and noticed the sandwiches on the table. That prompted her stomach to growl almost immediately and she blushed. She was so engrossed on her training that she failed to notice the time.

Averia was about to say something when she caught sight of the redheaded girl again, pitifully walking towards Warren. For some reason, that made her look like a gloomy red penguin pitpatting to the shore with its tiny feet. That was the last straw.

"Kawaiiiiiii~!!!!" Averia squealed and glomped tackled the girl yet soft enough not to cause them to crash on the ground. "I wanna take you home~ I wanna take you home!" she whined, huggling the poor girl and attached to her like a koala on a branch. She peeked at her face, noting the latter's innocent-looking appearance which made Averia's possessive instincts kick in.

"Hi~ I'm Avy. But you can call me 'master'," Averia said with a harmless smile as though it was a normal thing to say to someone she just met. "And you? What's your name? How old are you? Where did you come from? What class are you taking? How long have you been in Syne? How long have you been together with Warren?"

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6 Re: State of Mind [Open] on Mon Nov 23, 2015 3:36 pm

Scarlett let out another sigh as she began to wander over towards Warren once again, her gaze quite low to the ground. Perhaps she didn't really have anything to feel bad about, but either way it hit her like a bag of bricks. Just like back during the fight with Warren, she was more just in the way than anything in her mind. Nevermind the fact that she helped more than harmed as Scarlett was far too focused on the negatives, of course. That's how her mind worked, for whatever reason. Instead of arguing or simply apologizing that she was in the way, she lingered on the thought, causing her own sense of self worth to drastically decline. Focusing on those negatives that swirled in her mind, it seemed that they were just combining, causing the weight to increase.

However, and rather fortunately, Scarlett was brought - more like tackled - out of those thoughts that coalesced. Giving a surprised yelp as she was tackled, she attempted to squirm out of the taller girl's hold. Flailing her arms in an attempt to escape, but it proving to be completely ineffectual due to her weak frame. Her eyes were wide, looking around as she tried to connect the dots in her mind and figure out what was happening, "I... T-take me h-home..?" she asked, not even knowing what that statement was supposed to mean.

"A-avy..? M-master..?!" Alarms were set off in her mind, but she didn't have time to linger on those thoughts as she was barraged with questions, attempting to answer them as they came, "M-my name's Scar-" She was interrupted before she could continue, but attempted to keep up with the girl's questions, "I'm eight- I lived with m- I'm just taking th- I've been here for a fe- I've known him f-for-" With that, the barrage of questions ended, but there was nothing in her mind working enough to efficiently go back and answer them completely. Instead, she simply continued to squirm more, looking around for assistance in her friend Warren, asking for help if he was still around.

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7 Re: State of Mind [Open] on Thu Nov 26, 2015 5:10 pm

Averia chuckled at the redhead's adorable nature. Everything she did was just too... "Kawaii~" Averia huggled the girl even more. She did give the latter some air to breathe though as she let go and moved to cling on her arm instead. "So your name's Scar? Let me guess, Scarlet? With a single t or double?" she asked.

Just then her stomach grumbled again and she winced, her cheeks flushing in embarrassment. "I-I'll be back."

The blonde-haired girl detached from her pet newfound acquaintance and dashed away deeper in the training arena where her things were located. She picked up her bag and holstered guns from underneath a tree and jogged her way back. The ice pillars on the way dispersed into puddles of water since she didn't want the other people to be curious as to why something like that existed in the area.

"I'm baaack~ Miss me?" Averia grinned as she emerged from a distance with her own lunch in hand - a bento box. "Mind if I join you? Of course not~" She joined the two on the table without even waiting for a response. She made sure she was sitting beside the redheaded girl because... you know. For science. -.-

"So I've met Renren before. And now it's your turn. Tell me something about yourself." she said to the person next to her.

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8 Re: State of Mind [Open] on Thu Nov 26, 2015 6:11 pm

Scarlett's eyes were quite wide in a mixture of terror and surprise. A girl hanging onto her was certainly not what she had in mind when she went into the woods with Warren for training! This caused her to attempt to pull her arm away from the girl's grasp, a fruitless effort due to - once again - their difference in strength. This only caused the red-haired girl to struggle ineffectually, pulling her arm hard enough that it seemed like she was trying to pull it right from the socket. Her feet digging into the ground, she grit her teeth lightly as she was determined to regain her freedom, "G-gah..!" she let out quietly, "Y-yeah... t-two of them..!" she said, continuing to struggle as much as she could.

Averia suddenly let go of her captive, Scarlett needing to catch her footing as her constant struggling was suddenly met without resistance. She blinked, watching the girl blush slightly before making her way out of the area. And thus Scarlett was left alone, more confused and terrified than she could process. She had one thing she could rely on and that was Warren! Quickly, she began to look around, biting down on her lower lip as she found no trace of him. Figuring that he went behind some trees for some reason, she cautiously walked towards their lunch-area, taking a seat carefully.

Scarlett let out a soft sigh, allowing herself to relax for a few moments while she regained her senses and mental clarity. So what there seemed to be some strange girl that wanted to make her a pet. With Warren around, surely there wasn't anything that could happen to her... s-so long as Warren actually came back first. Her hopes were dashed suddenly when the girl took a spot directly next to eachother, their arms even brushing against eachothers, causing the red-head's body to tense up, straightening her back and tossing out any idea that she had of relaxing out of her mind.

Did she really mind if Avy joined them - or her if Warren was lost to the void? "I... I don't really mind, b-but..." she paused, "Y-you're sitting really close you know..." she said, so much discomfort in her voice that almost anyone would be able to see through her attempt to maintain her currently nonexistent composure. And then came Avy's question, something that Scarlett really had no idea how to answer, "E-erm... I dunno... I'm... Warren's roommate, that's all..." she explained lowly.

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9 Re: State of Mind [Open] on Thu Nov 26, 2015 7:20 pm

"Hmm?" In the middle of taking a bite, Averia noticed the girl flinched when their arms brushed. She slightly tilted her head to look at her and saw the latter's expression. The redhead was so stiff and uncomfortable in her seat that she was blunt enough to tell Averia about it. That made her smirk. Averia was a natural bully and she liked people's discomfort. Besides, the girl's expression was just too cute that she wanted to see more of it.

"Oh? You mean it's not close enough for you? Ok~" Averia intertwined her right arm with the girl's. She then switched her chopsticks from her dominant left-hand to her right. Being a dual pistol wielder, it's only natural for her to be ambidextrous.

"I didn't know you were the clingy type but it's okay, I still like you," she whispered as though Scarlett was the one who requested the arm linking. She grinned and continued to eat her lunch.

Averia scanned the place for any signs of Warren but to no avail. The pretty boy was nowhere to be seen. "They allow male and female in the same room? Hm. Didn't know that." she said upon Scarlett's response of being Warren's roommate. She then picked a tiny slice of hotdog from her lunch and held it up to the girl. "Here you go. Aaaah."

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10 Re: State of Mind [Open] on Thu Nov 26, 2015 8:04 pm

Scarlett, quite obviously, was not the best at handling most social situations. This especially became apparent when people touched her, causing her to simply become even more uncomfortable. Talking to strangers has never exactly been easy for her, that was for certain. However, it was entirely possible for her to become more and more comfortable with people over time. And yet, no matter how friendly or well she got to know people, touching her for prolonged periods of times was something that always make things even harder for the girl, causing her quite apparent social anxiety to only increase in intensity.

Perhaps her reaction wasn't /as/ strong at first because of the surprise of the entire situation, or perhaps it was because it was only a bit of constant when compared to what was happening now. She attempted to give a sluggish nod to the girl's question despite of her hooked arms with Avy, but that only made her slight trembling even more noticeable. If looked into her eyes, it would be quite easy to tell that they had began to water, the girl doing what she could to contain her reactions for the time being.

While Scarlett didn't open her mouth to accept the hotdog, if she even noticed it due to the situation, she did lightly part her lips to let out a ghost of a plead, "P-please..." she said at a tone that was just above a whisper.

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11 Re: State of Mind [Open] on Thu Nov 26, 2015 8:31 pm

Averia's smile faded and was replaced by a look of concern. Usually people who didn't like having their personal space invaded would react in two ways: violent or shy. In this case, the girl was trembling on her hold, eyes glistening with tears as all her reactions suggested this wasn't a normal response to a simple dislike. Averia placed the food back on her box and slipped her arm off the girl, moving away from where she sat.

"Is this distance okay?" she asked as she sat with almost a foot of space from the girl. Actually... Averia stood again and this time went on the other side of the table in front of the girl. That way, they weren't too close and they could converse normally.

"So what's your deal with touching and all?" she inquired with a hint of annoyance. She wasn't really mad at the girl. Knowing Averia, she's not the type of person to apologise even if she knew it was her fault. This usually results on her defense mechanism of bringing out her unpleasant side, thus the rather mean tone on her question. Deep inside, she was super disappointed that she couldn't cuddle with the cute girl. So near yet so far~

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12 Re: State of Mind [Open] on Thu Nov 26, 2015 11:38 pm

Scarlett let out a slow exhale of relief, panting ever-so-softly as she calmed herself down. Avy unhooking their arms seemed to lift a weight off of the slightly shorter girl. She swallowed hard, allowing the pink-haired girl to move away from her. For a moment there, Scarlett hated herself even more, thinking that she pushed away yet another person with her social anxiety. She was certainly getting better about it, however, but something so sudden as to being hugged and held onto like that was going too far. It would take trusting and being more comfortable with someone than she ever would have thought possible. And perhaps being so meek as to freak out at such a level of contact was proof that she never would. And that thought rather terrified the red-head.

However, Scarlett was pulled away from her thoughts by the girl speaking across from her. She nodded slowly, "Y-yeah... that's fine, t-thanks..." she said. With that, the red-head shrunk in her seat, trying to make herself as small as possible as she was the target for Avy's annoyed tone, "I'm... sorry for being a bother... I... I know it's weird, but I just can't h-handle people... t-touching me and everything..." she spoke slowly and stuttered almost the entire way through. "N-nothing against... you of course, I... just... can't, I'm really really sorry..." she said in the most pathetic way possible. But no matter what she said, she did become calmer and more collected as she spoke and regained her composure somewhat. No longer incredibly tense and tearing up, she allowed her gaze to linger upwards, meeting Averia's eyes for a few moments, her own eyes revealing quite a bit of sorrow.

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13 Re: State of Mind [Open] on Fri Nov 27, 2015 12:10 am

Averia raised an eyebrow as she listened to the girl's explanation of her situation, blabbering about inability to handle touching and people in general. To someone like Averia who had never met a person scared of physical contact, this came as rather absurd to her. She placed an elbow on the table and cheek on her hand as she observed the girl, pondering over whether she was telling the truth or making a believable excuse. Averia had to admit though, the redhead was so adorable with her teary eyes, stuttering and pitiable demeanour.

Whatever the case, Averia was in no position to judge. She was about to give a soft nod and go back to finishing her lunch when the girl tilted her head up to meet her stare. She blinked. Kawaii~ Averia smiled on her thoughts. Feeling the need to tease the girl, she narrowed her eyes at her and didn't say a word. This would surely give out a negative response to the person.

She chuckled on her thoughts and went back to her lunch. "Whatever. Now what were you two training anyway?" she asked. She briefly glanced at Scarlett and eyed her in a scrutinizing fashion before letting out a scoff. "Although from the looks of it, he is training you. Poor Renren," she said with a shake of her head, her bully side showing entirely because she wants to see more of the girl's adorable reactions.

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14 Re: State of Mind [Open] on Fri Nov 27, 2015 10:40 am

Scarlett didn't allow her gaze to linger on the girl for long, the narrowing of Avy's eyes pretty much telling her everything that she needed to know. She returned her eyes downwards, looking towards the table as she went back into her more negative thoughts about her self-worth, "I... I know, he was..." she admitted, "H-he was helping me b-beacuse... I'm such a bother a-and..." she sniffled, but managed to resist allowing tears to form for the time being. She pulled in her arms, hugging herself as her hands gripped just under her shoulders. However, despite this, she seemed considerably more calm than when Avy was next to and constantly touching her. She was sad, of course, but in her current state, she couldn't be said to be distressed for whatever reason she was having.

Scarlett stayed quiet for several moments, not wanting to say anything else out of fear that Avy would look even further down on her. This right here was exactly why she was so terrified of meeting new people, thinking that she would always eventually come to dislike herself even more than before she went into the conversation. She gave a slow, sigh before, "I-I... I'm gonna... Just leave you alone now... I'm sorry for bothering you..." With that, she slowly lifted herself from her seat, standing straight while her head and shoulder hung low. Her stomach grumbling as she did so, her hunger was the least of her worries at the moment.

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15 Re: State of Mind [Open] on Fri Nov 27, 2015 3:06 pm

Averia nodded her head while wolfing down her lunch as she listened to the girl, enjoying the latter's cute reactions as though it was her personal show. A small silence soon followed and then the redheaded stood up to leave. Averia blinked and quickly stretched out her hand. A thin ice stick formed from it and stretched out to Scarlett, the other end reaching just above her shoulder. Averia then placed it on the girl's shoulder and pushed down, forcing the girl to go back on her seat. Averia gulped her food and drank water first before speaking.

"Ahh! I kid, I kid! Okay, my bad. I might have gone overboard with the teasing. But please don't leave." She chuckled, placing the stick next to her. "A-and, the stick.. ehm, well, you were leaving and I.. didn't know what to do.. so.. hrm.. technically it's not touching... right?" She scratched her cheek.

"Well in anyway case, I was joking. I only wanted to see what you'd do. And by that I mean your reactions. "And woah, seriously, you should defend yourself or something. Don't allow other people to bully you like that." Averia advised, going back to her food since she was still hungry after all. Then an idea came to her.

"In fact, because I am kind like that, I will teach you how to defend yourself seeing as Renren went MIA on us. Muwehehehe~"

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16 Re: State of Mind [Open] on Fri Nov 27, 2015 7:42 pm

Scarlett blinked, being immediately sat back down as she attempted to stand. She was less surprised by the girl's use of her semblance and more of her insistence that the red-head stay for the time being. She wasn't entirely sure why she wanted her to stay at the moment, in her eyes, she was just being an annoying bother. She gave a soft sigh, submitting to the girl's desires without much resistance, "It... it's fine... it'e better, b-but I still don't like it..." Scar stated while averting her eyes away from the pink-haired woman opposing her. She bit down on her lip lightly, once again revealing how nervous she was.

Although even Scarlett had to admit that Averia was right about her needing to stand up for herself, but that was rather hard for her, "I... I know..." she admitted, "B-but I can't really argue when I agree..." she stated, lowering her shoulders even more and just trying to melt into herself at this point. Perhaps if she made herself super small she wouldn't be able to be seen and everything would be fine. However, it's doubtful that someone like Avy would leave their prey alone if she for some reason decided to make herself even more vulnerable.

However, Avy's claim caught Scarlett by surprise, forcing her to look up towards her and tilt her head in mild confusion, "E-eh..? Defend myself? I... Even though I may not look like it I already know how to fight, s-so... y-you really don't need to bother yourself with someone like me..."

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17 Re: State of Mind [Open] on Sat Nov 28, 2015 12:52 am

This girl has a serious issue of inferiority complex.

Averia finished her lunch to which she returned the box neatly and properly in her bag. At the mention of Scarlett's ability to defend herself and knowing how to fight though, Averia burst out laughing. She couldn't help it. She stared at the girl again, giving her an incredulous look before continuing to laugh obnoxiously.

"You? You know how to fight? Ahaha~ With what? Cuteness? Do you stare at grimms and give them your puppy eyes in hopes they'll leave you alone? Bahahaha!"

Ack. Crap. Averia pursed her lips to stop from laughing. I did it again. Stop giving the girl something to grieve about, my god. She sighed and cleared her throat. How should she approach this situation? Make her angry maybe. I bet she'll still be cute. Ehe~

Averia stood and went over where Scarlett was. She stopped beside her and grinned down at the girl. Placing one hand on the table she bent down a little so that she was still looking down at her but was noticeably closer. "You? Knowing how to fight? Her tone was mocking as her other free hand went to the Scarlett's chin and tilted the girl's head up to meet her stare. "You can't even defend yourself against me. Maybe I should kill you right now, hm?" The hand on the table moved to get her golden desert eagle from the holster on her thigh. She spun it on her hand to show the girl before pointing the gun at her.

"Bang~ Dead. Oh wait. Renren will save you. But then again, maybe Renren will die trying to save you. Aww, would you like that? A close friend dying because you can't stand up for yourself? Go on. Ask for his help now~ Maybe I'll kill him too just for the fun."

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18 Re: State of Mind [Open] on Sun Nov 29, 2015 11:41 am

Scarlett barely even registered that Avy had stood up and was moving around the table towards Scarlett. That is, not until she felt the girl's fingers on her chin, directing her gaze upwards at the pink-haired girl. She bit down on her lower lip, looking at Avy's face for several moments, waiting for what she was going to do. Sure, she certainly had a point, Scar didn't seem like the person that was the most capable in a fight, but she wasn't useless that much was for certain. However, it didn't change the fact that it hurt her pride ever-so-slightly, even as she was called cute. Being called cute was certainly something that she didn't want, but even such a typically nice thing to say to someone felt like a stinging sensation when it came from the pink-haired girl's mouth. Just as everything about her up to this point, it all just felt like constant torment to just be around her.

Scarlett's eyes widened when it came to the gun being pulled out and pointed towards her, mostly just surprised that someone would do such a thing as threatening someone out in the open. And for what purpose? Despite Avy's possible intentions, Scarlett felt no fear, not truly believing that she would shoot her - but knowing how cruel Avy had been up to that point the idea wasn't entirely off the table. That and she knew that if she was shot, her aura would easily be able to handle the first shot or two without much damage to herself, enabling her to either draw her own weapon before Avy got another shot in or simply ran away.

And then the pink-haired girl said something that hit just a bit too close to home for Scarlett, the idea of Warren bloodied on the ground flashing through her mind. Her eyes began to tear up slightly, trembling at the thought. But one thing was for certain at that moment: she wanted nothing more to do with this girl that was not only threatening her, but also her friend. She was truly despicable and any moment that she knew about her was one that she would severely regret. Scar didn't get angry or mad at the thought. Instead, she simply closed her eyes, allowing her tears to begin to trail down her cheeks as she spoke, "I... You're... just the worst kind of person, aren't you..? Just leave me alone already..." she said in a hoarse voice.

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19 Re: State of Mind [Open] on Sun Nov 29, 2015 3:08 pm

"I... You're... just the worst kind of person, aren't you..?"

Yes. Yes I am. C'mon, get angry. I wanna see y-- Averia blinked as she noticed something from the redheaded's eyes, falling delicately down her cheeks. As she examined them closer, her eyes widened. Tears?! They really were tears! Averia recoiled as she took a step back, placing her gun on her holster instinctively. She stared at the girl incredulously as so many thoughts raced through her head. How could this person be so... incompetent? Was she really crying instead of defending herself? Or standing up for her friend? Does this girl even have a tiny bit of self-confidence in her? Sure she had bullied a lot of students in her stay in Syne so far, but at least they showed a tiny bit of resistance.

Averia sighed as her mood made a complete shift. "Mmkay, I'm done here," she said in a monotone voice. She turned around, no longer holding the same interest as she had for the girl. She walked to her belongings and slung the bag across her body. "Being shy is fine. Having low self confidence is fine too. Some people are just born that way. But when you're in a life and death situation and your friends are at stake, the least you can do is not cry."

She took out her neatly folded handkerchief from her pocket and placed it on the table in front of Scarlett before walking away towards the training arena. "I'll be over there training. If you change your mind and decide to fight for a bit, I'm free. It can be boring training alone anyway."

Averia found a spot a good distance from where she had been. She placed her bag underneath a tree and with the wave of a hand, produced training dummies made of ice for shooting practice.

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20 Re: State of Mind [Open] on Sun Nov 29, 2015 4:38 pm

Perhaps Scarlett was needlessly timid and uncertain about her own abilities. She kept her eyes closed softly, wanting to be anywhere else at the moment. And at that moment, Scar got quite the surprise from her bully. Saying that she was.. done? With Scarlett? It was hard to tell, but it seemed so. As Avy walked away, the redhead moved her arms to the table as a make-shift pillow so she could lay her head on and hide her face. She lingered there for quite a while, not sure if she could stand because her legs seemed to just not get the strength to stand. She wasn't crying or sobbing really, merely letting tears flow down her face and begin to fall down onto the table.

Scarlett didn't reply immediately, waiting for her to begin to hear the sounds of training before speaking, "... Why should I..?" she asked rather quietly before her volume increased, "You've been nothing but a terrible person that... if I ever met you again it'd be too soon." By then her tears had stopped as she was just breathing softly, regaining what composure she had slowly. She didn't have confidence, that was true, but she most certainly wasn't unskilled, "No wonder Warren left if it would have meant that he wouldn't have had to deal with you... such a cruel thing of him to do to leave me alone with you though..."

With that, she slowly lifted her head, wiping her somewhat damp cheeks on her sleeve. She stood from her seat steadily, careful to not let her legs give out as she did. Without looking back, she moved towards the belongings that she had brought for the day of training, grabbing and preparing herself to make her way out. Giving a very slow sigh, she shook her head, "Good bye, Avy..." she said softly before making her gradual exit from the area unless stopped. Not that she was going to pause for whatever reason that she may have had.

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21 Re: State of Mind [Open] on Sun Nov 29, 2015 5:35 pm

Averia was spinning her gun in her left as she stood there staring blankly at the ice dummies she had created. She stopped the spinning and fired against one. It hit the target on the head but a little to the right, uncharacteristic of her usual on point accuracy. She fired another one, this time hitting the heart but once again slightly off the mark. She bit her bottom lip and with a swipe, took the other gun from her holster to which she fired at the last dummy. It completely missed the target.

She grumbled and practically threw her guns back on their holsters as she turned around, marching back to where she left the redheaded girl. Averia arrived to an empty table causing her to panic a little. She quickly surveyed her surroundings and found Scarlett leaving the arena. Wasting no time, Averia walked towards her but stopped midway. What would she do anyway? Apologise? She held too much pride for such feat. Besides that, it wasn't her fault to begin with. The thoughts of this girl being incompetent really didn't appeal to her. Not to mention her unwillingness to change that. Averia was already there offering a helping hand and still, she refused. She was done chasing.

Averia turned around with a heavy heart. The girl was such a cutiepie too~ She sighed and trudged back to her training spot. If in the future the two meet again, then perhaps she would apologise for everything. But for now, that wouldn't be the case. Their circumstances prevented her from doing so.

"Goodbye, Scarlett," Averia Frost whispered. "I hope we meet again someday."


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