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1st Survival class (closed)

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1 1st Survival class (closed) on Thu Nov 12, 2015 3:59 pm

Alexander Davis
Dude, take it easy.  You can do this... Alex thought as he walked down the hallway of Syne academy, heading towards the classroom that he was going to be teaching his first class in.  He was officially a professor now, in charge of teaching the students about surviving out in the wilderness.  However part of him felt like he wasn't the person to take up this role in Syne Academy.  Yeah he was getting his old skills back, his wealth of knowledge was still at it's best, and some of the interactions he's had with the students thus far has resulted in his feeling a little bit more confidant... and yet part of him kept insisting that him trying to become a professor here was stupid on his part.  After more then 5 years of not picking up his weapon or using his semblance once, how could he ethically teach these students on how to survive when he hadn't even bothered trying to survive that whole time?

Alex shook his head and entered the classroom that had his name on it.  It was too late for second thoughts now.  He was here, he was a professor, and he was going to pass on as much of his experience as he possibly could to the students he was going to have while working here.  As he glanced around the classroom he was happy to see that everything that he had requested had been provided, ranging from seeds, to leaves, to empty vials for students to collect samples in.  There were even several books on how to identify edible plants out in the wild.  However this class wasn't just about plants, otherwise it would be a botany class.  Alex was going to have to teach his students how to track Grimm, how to move through the forest and urban areas, and how to hunt wild animals for food.  Just because you brought supplies with you on a hunt didn't mean that your food supply would last until you got back to civilization.

Taking a seat in a rather large chair Alex started to wonder if the interview that Madam Haze had gotten with the Syne post had made everyone think that the professors demanded to be treated as superior to everyone around them, or if the kingdom of Bellmuse was providing enough money for the academy to flaunt it a little.  Considering the size of his mahogany desk Alex was wondering if it was a combination of both.  A simple desk would've done fine for him.

As he waited for his students to arrive, Alex thought over the rules he had posted for his students.

1. Bring as much of your combat gear as you can carry.  We will be going into the wild repeatably during this class.  Students that don't bring their gear, or don't seem to be properly equipped, will be asked to retrieve their gear.

2. Wear clothing that you don't mind getting dirty.  We're going to be going out into the wild after all so you will be getting dirty.

3. You are expected to use an indoor voice while within the classroom.  You are also expected to behave yourselves, and will be punished accordingly for foul behavior.  

4.Don't fall asleep in my class unless we are camping out in the wild overnight.  You will be notified ahead of time if that is a possibility.

5. More rules will be added to this list if it seems they are needed.

Alex nodded in approval at the list he had made.  Leaning back in his chair, Alex adjusted the emerald green tie he was wearing so it wasn't choking him, and brushed a bit of fuzz off of his black suit.  Now all he had to do was wait for his students to arrive.

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2 Re: 1st Survival class (closed) on Fri Nov 13, 2015 5:14 pm

Robert Rouge
Robert unsheathes his blades before sheathing them back, loving the sound of them cutting through the air. He checks his pockets and makes sure to be wearing his armor under his clothes. "Hm, ready to go."

He walks out of his room and towards the Survival Class classroom wondering what exactly they shall do in that class. After a while he finds the right classroom and walks inside, heading to the professor's desk and bowing. "Professor, Robert Rouge. I have great expectations to your class." he smiles lightly to the man before walking to a distant seat in the corner of the classroom.
"Oh, left my video game in my room. Wouldn't bring it to this class since I'm not sure what to expect." he thinks some about what to do until the class starts and then decides to listen to music from his mp3. He scratches the top of his head under his hood and then puts on earphones, yet still alert to the professor and if any other students enter the room to make sure of taking the earphones off once the class starts.

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3 Re: 1st Survival class (closed) on Tue Nov 17, 2015 3:44 am

Alexander Davis
It didn't take long for Alex's first student to arrive, although the way that the student greeted him took Alex by surprise. "No need to grovel with me Mr. Rouge. I'm not some fancy guy that you're required to praise." Alex said with a chuckle. He had to admit though, the young man had good manners. However considering that he went to sit in the back made Alex wonder if the boy was one of those people that didn't want to be noticed. There were several like that, and Alex was more then willing to respect their privacy.

After glancing at the clock, Alex realized that the young man had arrived a bit early since class wasn't going to start for another 20 minutes. There wasn't any problem with him showing up early, but it also meant that he might get a little bit bored while waiting for class to start. At least he brought something to listen to. However... "Mr. Rouge, you're more then welcome to play that or something else while we wait, but I would appreciate it if you'd put them away when class starts, alright?" Alex stated in an understanding tone that was a little on the loud side so he could be heard through his headphones.

After saying that he glanced at the class schedule on his scroll and realized that Madam Haze was starting her first class at the same time as him. Whoops. I accidentally forced the students to choose between my class and hers. Might want to change what time of day my class meets from now on so they don't have choose. Alex thought with a frown.

After putting his scroll away he grabbed a small seed off of his belt, and after focusing a little, the seed started to glow with an emerald light as it sprouted in his hands and grew into a branch that an apple grew from. After picking the apple Alex released the seed from his power thus causing the whole thing to shrink back into the seed in his hand, which he then placed back onto his belt. He wanted his favorite fruit, a dinosaur egg, instead of an apple however an apple was far less messy to eat since it didn't squirt it's juices when you tried to eat it. After taking a bite and swallowing it, Alex sat back down in his chair and continued to wait for the rest of his students.

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4 Re: 1st Survival class (closed) on Sun Nov 22, 2015 10:55 pm

Avy Frost

Averia popped a bubble from her gum while trudging towards Survival 101 class. On her left hand she spun one of her golden desert eagle pistols while her right rested inside the pocket of her shorts. As she entered the room, she glanced briefly at the rules posted on the board despite knowing them beforehand. She had actually come to this class prepared, wearing a simple black tank top, khaki shorts and hiking shoes. Although she figured she might still have a problem with rule number #2 since she loathed dirt with a passion. Why did I go to this class again?

"Hi, I'm Averia Fro-- YOU?!" Averia exclaimed in surprise, cutting her introduction short as she realised who the professor was. She bit her bottom lip and rushed to a vacant chair at the back near the window in hopes that he didn't notice her.

Oh who am I kidding. The girl mentally facepalmed. She should've known 'Alexander Davis' rang a bell. Not only did she read the newspaper, it also wasn't the first time they met. Add the fact that their first impressions were far from being pleasant. I shouldn't have attended this class... she thought over and over. It was too late how ever and she didn't want to be rude as to leave the room.

Averia took out a book from her bag and pretended to read while waiting for the rest of her classmates to arrive.

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5 Re: 1st Survival class (closed) on Thu Nov 26, 2015 8:02 pm

Alexander Davis
Robert, sorry for skipping you, but I really want this thread to keep going so I'm making use of the 3-day rule, in which the next person can post if the person that's up doesn't post within 3 days. You're not kicked out of the thread, you can rejoin when ever you want. I just want people to know this thread hasn't died.

After greeting the young man, Alex had looked down at his desk to consider which lesson to teach first. There was showing them what wild plants and insects are safe to eat, though that might gross out some of the students. Perhaps teaching them how to find drinkable water in the wild would be a better idea. There were multiple ways to get water out in the wild... although some of them required tools that some people normally didn't carry. That and some methods required a heat source. Ah... that's what he could teach first; how to make a fire without the use of semblance or dust.. That would really come in handy since making it through a cold night was important, sometimes more so then food or water. However he was expecting the students to ask why he was a professor now when the most recent Syne Post said that he was the grounds keeper. Leena offered him the position, so here he was, and that was the end of it.

Alex looked up when he thought he heard a familiar voice, and his eyes widened when he saw Averia, the same loud mouth that he had fought along side with out on the beach against a two headed snake Grimm. She saw her run to the back of the room, and realized she didn't know he was going to be the teacher. After a bit of thought, he got up and walked over to her so they could have a private conversation. He spoke softly so only she would hear him.

"Alright, I will admit that I overreacted on the beach... by a lot. I'm sorry about that, and I have no excuse. However you didn't do much better. So how about this? We both leave the past in the past and start this over again? Clean slate, second chance for both of us. You alright with this? I don't want what happened on the beach interfere with with this since what I'm going to be teaching here could help you save your life and the lives of your friends." Alex asked sincerely with an insecure look in his eyes. He made mistakes, but he owed up to them.

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6 Re: 1st Survival class (closed) on Fri Nov 27, 2015 12:11 am

Markus Barnett
With his Halberd on his back and his armor neatly tucked into a bag Markus made his way towards his class, doubtful that he'll be needing either on his first day, the oddity of a weapon that didn't fold into a convent space seemed to continuously baffle people everywhere he went and while the odd glances would hardly phase him. He was still glad that he was early enough that very few people were hanging about in the halls and that just made the simple act of finding the class and not bumping into other students that much easier. His trade off was part of his morning routine being cut short, it wasn't a huge blow since he would likely be going for a run after school anyway and he shouldn't have problem fitting in some additional gym time.

The door opened and Markus took his first steps inside, a quick scan and he concluded that he was in fact still very early. He wasn't totally sure what he had walked into but it appeared the teacher was apologizing for something so he just silently walked to the back of the room, placed his things down and sat in a desk to wait for the class to commence. Now without much to do he spent a bit of time to ponder what the teacher and this female student were talking about. he had a couple far fetched ideas before he just passed off the whole subject and being a sort of minor issue, he hoped so anyway since he hadn't brought anything to occupy his time and it could get real awkward if they just ended up arguing in front of him.

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7 Re: 1st Survival class (closed) on Fri Nov 27, 2015 7:29 pm

Like normal, Grenal planned on being very early, and took some precautions. He hid his razor in his pants pocket, and button up his shirt. He looked in the mirror and was rather satisfied with himself.

"Most people fight their demons in the morning, but I? I let them take over so long ago, we're not one in the same, I, in fact, became them."

He stepped out of his room about five minutes after that, noting he still had a ton of time. He looked around and noted his dorm looked empty. Probably because most weren't up, they were still asleep in their beds, maybe leaving REM sleep for the first time, and go back to sleep. Not his fault, nor his problem. Sometimes his pleasure, when they became late as he came back from his morning walk. A morning walk to clear his head, and the twitching in his wrist. It had been too long since he had killed someone, but he had to keep it tame just in case.

He reached the lecture halls, and went inside, noting the significant lack of people meaning he still had lots of time. People moved away from him, as though they feared him. Good. They better fear him, otherwise he might have to put the fear of the family Black in them. He arrived behind a taller boy, and saw the boy sit down, so he couldn't resist interrupting this conversation between a girl and, what seemed like, a teacher.

"Hello, is this Survival 101? If it is, I'm in the right place, and if I'm right, it also means you're Alexander Davis. I'm Grenal Black."

He'd went into full deceiving mode. Every moment made in an effort to make him seem like a nice, and innocent person. Something he did so that he wasn't sent away, yet with all that effort. His blood-lust shone through even more.

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8 Re: 1st Survival class (closed) on Sun Nov 29, 2015 12:56 am

Avy Frost
Averia just then realised that the book she was pretending to read was upside down. Cursing under her breath she fumbled to flip it the right way but was already too late for the professor had made its way towards the back of the class. She grumbled and gave up, placing the book down and bracing herself for a long speech about respect and those useless things... only to be surprised of his tone of voice and, well, his apology. Averia gave a soft nod as he spoke though deep inside she scoffed. You're just scared I'll tell someone you threatened a student.

Two other students joined the class, one being a tall guy with obnoxiously red hair, tiger eyes and a halberd on his back. Averia turned her head a little to look at him. He seems interesting. Though he didn't say a word. Either the silent type, the shy type, or the i-dont-give-a-crap type. Or maybe he just didn't feel like talking. The second guy though had silver hair and.. a presence that gave Averia chills. She didn't know why but her gut instincts were telling her this guy was not your typical aspiring hunter.

"Sure professor, I'll keep that in mind," Averia said to the teacher with a perfectly crafted smile.

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9 Re: 1st Survival class (closed) on Sun Nov 29, 2015 12:46 pm

Alexander Davis
As Alex had talked to the Averia he noticed out of the corner of his eye that two more of his students had come into the classroom, both male. He didn't really care if they were faunus or human or android. He'd teach them to the best of his ability. While Alex saw the young woman nod, saw her smile, and heard her words, he had a feeling that she didn't fully accept his apology. True it could've been crafted better, but still he was sorry. However something still needed to be attended to. Before turning to face his new students Alex pulled a note pad out of his pocket, used his fountain pen to quickly write something on it, then placed it face down in front of Averia. He then capped the pen put it into his pocket, and turned to face his new students.

If Averia turned the note over, what was written on it was clear as day. Just because I apologized doesn't mean I should get away with threatening you. If you wish to complain to the Headmistress, I won't deny it. She's more then aware of my temper issues. How Averia took that was up to her. He just wanted her to know his apology was sincere.

The instant Alex had turned around he was face to face with a young man that had a rather... interesting... energy about him. He had introduced himself as Grenal Black and he seemed nice enough, though Alex wasn't a rookie. He had been doing this for several years and had run into more then a handful of people that wanted you to think something about them but were completely different on the inside. This person before him had a thirst for violence, and Alex could see it in his eyes. However until Alex saw him actually do something wrong, he would treat the man like anyone else in his class; with respect. "Yep. Welcome aboard Mr. Black. Fine yourself a seat and class will begin momentary." was all that came out of Alex's mouth with a respectful nod, then started to walk back towards his desk.

He did look over at the other young man with the halberd before reaching his desk though, and gave the young man a respectable nod as well. He was having trouble telling what type of person he was, but he clearly had some sort of respectful attitude since he didn't interrupt him and Averia unlike Grenal had. That or the man just wasn't much of a talker. Not wanting his students to get bored, he walked over to the book shelve behind his desk and pulled out a large pile. Most of them were survivalist tips books started to walk around the room, placing one of them in front of the students that had already arrived. "These should give you all a small jump start for the class. You don't have to read 'em if you don't want to though."

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10 Re: 1st Survival class (closed) on Sun Nov 29, 2015 4:00 pm

Markus Barnett
Markus let out an internal sigh of relief since it looked like whatever was going on between this teacher and student had come to an end, mind you his attention was pulled away from them for a moment as another student entered the class just behind him and made his presence known, bit of an odd character and while he was surprised that be boy seemed to miss that he was interrupting something he seemed alright at a glance anyway. His attention turned back to nothing in particular in time to notice the teacher giving him what seemed like a friendly nod, it didn't seem very formal of a teacher but he had no problem with a relaxed learning environment so he simply nodded back.

Now with nothing else to do and the whole environment feeling a bit more relaxed he thought it wouldn't seem like snooping if he casually took a quick look around and try to catch a better look at Grenal and the mystery girl that had been arguing with the teacher, nothing too spectacular, Grenal appeared to be pretty normal with nothing really standing out and the girl was kinda cute, in a petite sort of way. His pondering of his fellow students was interrupted by the teacher as he was offered a book to start up the survival class. "Thank you." He picked up the book and opened to the first page to begin reading, Markus had a decent baseline for this, it was one of a few things his brothers would talk about learning in recent years, he still wouldn't consider himself an expert by any means and knowing his brothers they've fed him a few lies.

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11 Re: 1st Survival class (closed) on Mon Nov 30, 2015 4:57 am

Flip Nelson
Survival 101. The young man read the paper once more as he walked down the pathway toward the building which held his classroom. Learning how to survive out in the wild... He could still hear his father laughter once he learned of this class. He knew his father laughs weren't out of disrespect for the class, but rather at Flip himself for taking the class. It was true that the odds were Flip knew more about living outside among the Grim's far more than others in the class would. However, he could always do better, learn something new that might save his life. After all his knowledge was with a group, his family, people he could trust without thinking. How good could he really do if he was tossed out all by himself? That was the real question.

So with that question in mind the blonde came ready as the instructions had stated. With his white cloak around himself, he looked more fit to walk into the desert then a classroom. Along with his spear resting on his back Flip enter the room, giving it a quick glance around. It seemed the teacher were handing out a book to someone which lead Flip to believe he might be later than he thought.

The rest of the room consists of another young man with silver hair and young girl who didn't look too happy to be in the class. Starting off with high spirit he thought as his eyes landed back on the one reading the book with tiger eyes. A faunus? He thought removing his eye before he could stare. He had always found that race interesting during his travel. He spotted the last person sitting in the very back with headphones.

It seemed the class wasn't as big as he first thought it would be. Still, he turned toward the teacher. "Sorry, if I am late, Sir." He said apologetically. "It seemed the commute here took longer than I initially thought." With that Flip quickly took a seat along the row just behind the front placing his compacted spear atop the desktop. He picked a spot not too close to the others, but not too far away. A happy middle around the other students on could say as he waited to hear what the teacher had to say.

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12 Re: 1st Survival class (closed) on Sat Dec 05, 2015 9:02 pm

Alexander Davis
Alex nodded at the young man with the pole arm weapon when he accepted the book, then turned around when he saw a new student enter the classroom.  The instant Alex saw this student though, something in the back of his mind said this one was different.  The male was young, yet he had a rather seasoned look to his eyes.  After a second Alex figured out what had made this young man stand out; he had the same manner air about him that Alex had when he had first stepped onto Beacon's campus.  Uneasy and yet determined, or so Alex thought.  In truth he didn't know much about this young man, save for the fact that he carried a spear-like weapon, wore a white cloak, and had good manners.  "Not late at all.  As a matter of fact, I believe you're right on time.  No need to apologize for that." Alex replied as he walked pass the young man and headed to his desk.

When he turned to face his class, Alex took a deep breath, slowly let it out, and began.  "Right.  Welcome everyone to Survival class.  I'm Alexander Davis, you may call me Professor Davis... though in time I hope you'll feel comfortable with addressing me as Alex.  As some of you may know, thanks to the Syne Post, I used to be the academy's grounds keeper.  As for why a humble grounds keeper would become a professor... well..." Alex'x voice trailed off, and then suddenly a tree that was glowing with emerald light grew out from under him, scooped him up, and carried him to the right side of the room where it stopped growing and he was roughly 5 feet of the ground.  The tree had grown in a matter of 2 seconds.  "... I felt like branching out.  Which brings me to the newest rule for this class; bring your sense of humor.  You're gonna need it to put up with me." Alex said with a slight chuckle  before he pushed himself off the branch and landed on his feet with ease.  The tree stopped glowing and started to shrink back behind the desk.

"Now just because you're more then welcome to laugh in this classroom, that doesn't mean you can get away with not paying attention.  Several sessions of this class are going to be done out on the campus or in the neighboring forest so stay on your toes.  In this class we're going to be discussing how to handle yourselves when you're out in the field.  This includes learning how to track Grimm, purifying water so it's safe to drink, learning how to use you're environment to your advantage, maneuvering through said environment, and even hunting wildlife for food." Alex stated calmly as he walked back towards the front of the room.  He then turned to face the students with a stern look.  "Yes I said hunting the wildlife for food.  This will include learning out to cut it open, gutting it, removing the edible flesh, and cooking it.  If you have trouble with that sort of thing, let me know publicly or privately and I'll make accommodations for you." Alex sternly advice, but then he smirked.  "Though if it helps you at all, you should know that I couldn't handle it at first either.  Puked all over my professor's combat boots."

Alex then cleared his throat before continuing.  "Now just because I'm the professor doesn't mean I know everything.  I ain't perfect and I'm not gonna try to be.  You want perfection, head down the hall to Professor Haze's class on combat tactics.  If you have a better idea, or an alternative idea, on how to do what the lesson is, don't be afraid to speak up.  You might actually know something I don't."  Alex continued, then held out his hand towards the class, as if encouraging them to speak.  "Any questions before we continue?"

WARNING!  This thread will be closing soon so this is your last chance to join this class.

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13 Re: 1st Survival class (closed) on Sat Dec 05, 2015 10:55 pm

Avy Frost
Averia tilted her head as she looked at the note given to her by the professor. Seriously, what's with all the notes in my first day of class? she thought to herself, remembering how she got a written note during her class with Haze as well. She turned the note over and was surprised by the teacher's honest apology as well as his keen perception of what she had been thinking. It was as though he read her mind. That caused Averia to laugh softly and nodded. This professor was not bad. He seemed pretty cool as far as she could tell. Plus, his performance during the King Taijitu battle in the beach was not to be taken lightly.

When the book was the placed on her desk, she gingerly flipped open the pages and scanned through. Hmm. Survival tips. The kind of book she'd want. Plus point for the professor again. At least she had something to do while waiting for the rest of the students.

Then Flip arrived. Yes, the very same blonde-haired guy she met in town. She quickly lowered her head and covered her face with the book. What is he doing here?! Yes, he knew the guy was a new student, but what were the odds that they'd be in the same class? Fortunately, the professor started the lesson and went on to discuss what he had in store for them. She couldn't help but compare him to Haze. They were freaking opposites.

And of course came the wildlife hunting - gutting a fish. Just the mental image of it sent her stomach spiralling. She raised a hand hesitantly. The students in the class were all male including the teacher and she didn't want to be stereotyped as being such a girl, but really, that was just too much for her.

"Uhh, actually, I don't eat meat," she said truthfully.

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14 Re: 1st Survival class (closed) on Sun Dec 06, 2015 3:42 am

Markus Barnett
(ITT: Markus becomes a faunus?)

Markus didn't put much thought into the final student to enter the class, it wasn't becasue it wasn't keen to give the guy a quick look over and try to get a gauge of him but the teacher had jumped right into the class. He chuckled a bit, he'd admit he was being cheesy and he didn't exactly know who Professor Haze was but it was interesting to see a teacher have such a relaxed teaching method and going out of his way to create that sort of atmosphere but it made sense, at the end of the day this was a very serous lesson and each person should be taking charge of themselves. "I not exactly keen on the idea either. I'm not a vegetation but I try to keep servings low, I'd like to learn how it's done but I'd prefer to avoid slaughtering an animal for the sake of learning to slaughter an animal."

A few things raced through his mind, he was mostly considering how he thought a survival scenario would pan out, on top of the idea that unnecessary murder was absolutely against his nature he had some question about the effectiveness itself. He wouldn't throw it out as useless be any means but saw no reason he couldn't learn the methods that would be shown and if he were in the position to require it he could try putting it into practice then. "How much of this class will focus on plant life? Meat has it place and I won't deny it's important but wouldn't most edible wildlife be full of nutrients as well? I'm also going to assume if I'm using improvised methods to purify water and gathering my own food I'm up a metaphorical shits creek without my paddle and preserving energy should be the goal, I'd expect the animals to be a bit better at evading me and a failed hunt would be wasted energy only making a bad situation worse." He just sorta shrugged after that last point, even in a real time situation with other options exhausted he wasn't too optimistic about the odds of him being able to sneak up on an animal or the worth of chasing them down if they ran, hunting might make more sense if he carried some sort of ranged weapon.

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15 Re: 1st Survival class (closed) on Sun Dec 06, 2015 2:19 pm

Flip Nelson
Flip was glad when he learns that it seemed he had made it just in time to class. In the future, he would have to plan his trips better from now on. Professor Davis wasted no time jumping right into things with his explanation of what everyone was expecting to do in the class. Flip was happy that it seemed a lot of the class would be taking place outside in the wild. After all, there was only so much you could learn within a classroom about survival.

Most of everything the Professor said Flip had seen done one point or another before coming here. But if you were to ask him to do himself now he would be just as clueless as the rest. However, listening to the others, he couldn't but wonder what they thought they be learning in a class about survival if they didn't want to get their hands dirty. He tried his best to keep his eyes forward as he believed he knew to voice of the girl behind him, but chose to look toward the other young man.

"It's not so bad." He suddenly spoke up. "The first time I skin a deer with my father, I think I threw up too. But the food does somehow taste better when you make it all yourself." At least that was how he had always felt. "Also, I agree with you about not wasting energy. But at the same time people like our size." Flip said, motioning toward himself and Mark. "We would have to eat a lot of vegetation to keep us afloat. Especially if you spend all day traveling or fighting." But, Flip stop there realizing he been talking so much. "Eh, sorry I tend to ramble a bit when thinking." That being said Flip was never the hunter in his group, but the skinner and cook. He knew he could cook just about anything in the wild, but hunting it? He might just starve before a kill.

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16 Re: 1st Survival class (closed) on Mon Dec 07, 2015 12:58 am

Lucille Annabelle Klug
Lucy was hustling as best as she could, she had been so taken aback by the academy, and this was literally her second day...and she didn't have Mr. Davis to assist her! She was so lost that she had actually at one point found herself on the opposite side of this rather large educational establishment, and she had taken so many wrong turns and ended up at the wrong door so many times...she was at one point completely distraught, Mr. Floppsies's little hat having quickly changed from orange to yellow to black as she sat down in a corner of the school and hid herself in her arms, at the brim up crying up a massive storm. It was then that her scroll beeped that she was close to being late for her first class, and she when she observed the scroll in intensely...she found the room number and the scroll actually gave her a bit of an example of how the floor worked with it's map function. Quickly, she stormed off as fast as she could towards her first class, as she didn't want to be late: first impressions were always key, and this was her second first impression!

This was because she was attending Mr. Davis's class, and while she had already met him just the day before at the Arrival/Departure area, their relationship was still fairly new and she didn't want to disappoint her new friend...especially since he was not only her friend, but also escort, and soon to be professor! It didn't take her long to get lost again, aiming for the 600 row and landing at the 300 row, but she just read her scroll again and then took off in the right direction, knocking over a couple of students on her way by accident.

'Apologetic Statement: Oh d-dear, I-I'm so sorry, b-but I can't be late! Continuation: I-I hope you both are alright, I really do apologize!' she emitted strenuously and bowing in an apologetic manner repeatedly before taking off in the right direction again. "Addition: I reeally am soorry!" she echoed as she was nearly all the way down the hall. She then bounded the corner...and fell down the stairs, landing her on the 200 row. She quickly brushed herself off and picked up her books and Mr. Floppsies, who was now rocking a solid yellow hat that actually looked rather dapper on him considering the circumstances of being face down on the floor before being picked back up and tightly squeezed by his beloved owner.

Lucy then bolted down the second flight of stairs to reach the 100 row, then bolted out the doors of that section of the academy and hurried pushed her way to the section containing the 400 through 600 rows, and she flew up the stairs with such grace that one would have thought Mr. Floppsies's ears had suddenly bless her with the ability to fly, as she elegantly glided down the hallway. She somehow managed to find such grace and elegance that she found herself making it up both flights of stairs, past the 500 row and onto the 600 row, without knocking over so much as a single fellow student. She then turned and faced the longest hallway yet: the 600 row, seemly endless, and her class was near the opposite she was on.

As she dashed across the 600 row, she noticed that there were barely any students left meandering the hallways, those that were left were evaporating within their respective classrooms...and this was the moment where Mr. Floppsies chipper and charming head-fashion, which had just recently adopted a rather handsome shade of orange, immediately shifted back to the rather dapper hue of yellow: she was going to be late!

"Nervous Exclamation: Oh nononononononononono!" she uttered in an exasperated manner that also managed to have a hint of extra panic tossed into it. She looked at her scroll again in an effort to stay on track, just to make sure she didn't pass up the classroom...and she was in luck! Not only had she not passed it, but it was right on her immediate left. A nervous smile covered her face, as she experienced a fleeting moment of happiness knowing that she wasn't going to be late and would not ruin her reputation with Mr. Davis. This quick flash of joy was quickly replaced by darkness, which was quickly replaced with bright lights and spots: she had ran right smack into the doorframe. Lucy quickly helped herself up again and gathered her books once more before picking up Mr. Floppsies and giving him a tight but apologetic hug. She then heard Mr. Davis's voice and she immediately dashed into the classroom and began her apology.

"Long-winded Panicking Statement: Mr.DavisohI'msosorryIdidn'tmeantobelateIwantedtogethereontimesothatyouwouldn'tbemadatmebecauseyou'remyprofessorfriendandyousaidmakesureyou'reontimesoIleftaboutanhourearlyto

It all kinda just fell out at once, but it fit well with the way her face was scrunched up and red from embarrasement and flailing in place with her arms going every which way, somehow not dropping her books or Mr. Floppsies...who, although looking quite unbecoming being flipped and tossed every which way knew that, with his rather dapper yellow hat he still could swoon all the lady bunnies and make the other gentlerabbits quite envious for sure.

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17 Re: 1st Survival class (closed) on Fri Dec 11, 2015 1:55 pm

Grenal took a deep breath and grabbed the book and rubbed his wrist. The urge was...raising, and people were being loud. He kept his smile on his face and went to sit down, away from the man who didn’t like to talk, and closer to the front, so in about the middle of class, and once sat down, a slight grimace, unnoticeable to any but the trained eye, appeared on Grenals face. It was clear he was displeased with the situation at hand.

He was actually out of his element. These people weren’t scared of him, not at all. It was like in the forest, with that woman and that strange forest boy along with the one who’s named after the Sky. They were not fools, but he wouldn’t count out the people he sat inside this room with, that could be the death of him. He had no doubt that these kids were likely just as smart as he and Coal were. Although. Not as smart as him. After all, he was the one man who outwitted Coal, the one man who managed to elude all other detectives. Yet these bastards weren’t scared, and that just increased his wrist twitch. The twitch was obvious, it was small but it was noticeable to those who paid attention.

Especially since they might be those who do. He shook his head, as to not get absorbed in his own thoughts. He was having a rough time, but was keeping his head on as straight as a murderous psychopath could. Since that meeting with Coal…

“Damn you Coal”

Those words slipped out of his mouth, although not too loud, and he pretended he didn’t say them. Although his voice connotation was rather obviously distressed, but anything else was making him neigh normal looking. His hair was nice, his shirt unfluttered. He opened the book and swiftly scanned it.

He decided to answer the teachers question after the rest finished, especially after that giant explosion of words from the gal that just came in, which he was able to take note of and digest each single word. The skills of someone like Grenal do come in handy.

“Skinning is fine by me, I’ve done all sorts of skinning.” A sinister tone was hidden behind his nice guy one, which he was trying to keep steady. “In case you’re wondering, I’m most likely far better at survival then all of you. I’ve read up on most of these plant life and animal life inside the area, which makes me a pseudo-expert in the things. I can’t be asked to dance around the truth, but anything survival related, I’m pretty sure the only one here who could match me is our teacher, Alexander Davis. After all. He’s the teacher after-all. Oh. And if you’re wondering, I took this class to fill up some time in the day, and to see who’s smarter. The prodigy, me, or an experienced teacher.”

He wasn’t sure how old they thought he was, but if he had to guess. Alexander was either a tiny bit older then he, or a tiny bit younger then him. After all. He was 26, not a younger fellow for a college campus, but just young enough that he didn’t look strange when walking. Especially with his younger looks. Younger looks along with good charisma, oh how much could be done with that.

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18 Re: 1st Survival class (closed) on Fri Dec 11, 2015 5:26 pm

Alexander Davis
As the professor explained what they would be covering in the class, he over heard what sounded like a grimmest and glanced out of the corner of his eye where it came from without missing a beat of his explanation. While it seemed to of come from Mr. Black, Alex was a little far away to fully he what he said though it had appeared he was simply thinking out loud so Alex chose to ignore it for now. However when the students all as they're questions, every single one of them took the same form, and Alex had to fight the urge to slap himself across the forehead. How did he forget to mention the plant part of their curriculum?

He was about to answer them when he were cut off short by a loud thud coming from the outside of the class room. "What the?" Alex exclaimed out of surprise and started to head over towards the door to see what happened when his final student, Lucy, burst through the door. That was another thing he had forgotten about; guiding Lucy to the classroom! It was her first day of classes so clearly she would have trouble finding her way around. As soon as Lucy opened her mouth though she started to go a mile a minute and Alex wondered if her slamming into the door did something to her vocabulator. In an effort to calm her down, Alex walked over to her and knelt down on the floor in front of her so they were at eye level. "Shhh. Take it easy Lucy. Deep breath. It's not you're fault you got lost. I might have shown you around yesterday but seeing how to get around this large place once isn't enough. How about you have a seat?" Alex said to her in a soothing tone. He might of looked strange to the students, but that didn't matter at the moment. The student he was asked to protect was on the verge of a nervous break down and he had to avert it.

It was only after all of that he looked back at the class and answer their questions. "Indeed, you're all correct. What I forgot to mention is that we're also going to be learning how to tell the difference between edible and inedible plants. You are right in thinking that a hunt that doesn't yield and food is bad so finding edible plant matter is a very high priority too." Alex stated with a slightly embarrassed looked. However it was then the man that gave Alex a chill up his spine talked again, and this time it sounded like he was bragging. Alex's eyes narrowed as he said, "Okay mister prideful, lets test that ego of yours to see if it can stand up to a pop quiz." Alex deadpanned, then looked at the entire class. "What are all the essentials required to survive in the wild?"

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19 Re: 1st Survival class (closed) on Fri Dec 11, 2015 6:38 pm

Avy Frost
When the other students started to tell their opinion on the matter about skinning live animals, Avery took this time to flip her phone under her desk and continue playing her mmo game. She bit her lip and her eyebrows scrunched going on full concentration to defeat the boss until suddenly a loud thump echoed across the room.

Avery flinched and flipped her phone close, eyes diverting to the young girl near the door. She tilted her head as she tried to recall where she'd seen the girl before. Meh. Couldn't remember. Though she found it odd that the teacher was utterly close to her. How old was this person anyway? She looked too young to be a huntress.

Then came the white-haired man's statements about being the best in the class. Now this outright made Avery laugh. She gotta admit though, the guy had the charism to make his words seem legit, not just a random braggart who wanted to shine in class. What more when he technically challenged the professor's knowledge over the subject. This'll be fun. She smirked. She looked forward to the clash of these two later on.

Obviously, if survival wasn't the subject of interest, Avery would no doubt be up in par with those two. But this was not her forte so it's best to simply enjoy the show. At the professor's question of essentials of survival in the wild, she flopped down on her desk, chin resting over her arms.

"Hmm. Water, food and shelter? And safety of course."

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20 Re: 1st Survival class (closed) on Wed Dec 16, 2015 7:58 pm

Flip Nelson
Right after his own words Flip almost jumped out of his skin as another student burst through the door. In an instant her words flew from her mouth to the point Flip gave up trying to understand any of it halfway through. There are some weird people in the city he told himself leaning back in his chair. It seemed the teacher and the girl knew each other which didn't seem to odd the Flip.

From the side Flip interest perk up as another student spoke of his idea of the question. It seemed this one goal of the class was to fill up free time and to personally challenge the teacher on his own subject. Flip couldn't help but smile at this a bit. It was something he had seen more than once back on his travels from the younger members of his family. Where students would challenge the teacher, but it was always encouraged. After all, you never got any better if you didn't challenge yourself and others.

So with that the Teacher asked another question; this time what are all the essentials required to survive in the wild? The blonde would the first to speak up from the her table. Hey! That girl looked a little familiar....The thief! He almost shouted it out, but kelp his mouth in the end. He didn't want to just outburst it in front of the whole class. "Oh, right what needed to survive..." He said gathering his words. "Adding to what she said you stay dry and never lose your way. Even the best tracker skills can't help you if you get lost deep in the woods without a map. Oh, it's also best, if you can, never go out alone."

Flip wasn't sure just what the Teacher was asking for so he just added what he remember learning as a child. Many think Grimm's is all they have to worry about in the wild, but nature itself could just a easily kill you as a grimm.

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21 Late to Class on Mon Dec 21, 2015 9:47 pm

Ash Rockford
Apparently being late to class had become his constant it would seem as the black leather clad individual climbed the tree outside the classroom. One would wonder how some one in leather boots, chaps, jacket, and jeans could be so sneaky and it came at a lot of practice. Seeing as the class had started he stared out from the window observing the on goings from outside the classroom particularly surprised at the young woman playing on her phone during class. Not his place to judge given he was outside the classroom studying in on the lecture since more than likely the teacher had probably shut the door. Removing his note book and mechanical pencil he would write down some of the teachers lessons pondering if he should sneak through an open window.

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22 Re: 1st Survival class (closed) on Sat Dec 26, 2015 1:50 pm

Lucille Annabelle Klug
Her flailed managed to settle into nervous shifting as Mr. Davis came and spoke with her, her taking a deep breath as he requested. She was quiet and listened to him, and his words relieved her a small margin: not only did he not blame her for getting lost, he didn't mention anything about her being late, which either meant that she wasn't late or that he was at least excepting of it this one time. When Mr. Davis implied she should take a seat, she nodded and gave him a quick hug before turning and hesitantly gandering at all the seats.

Now normally in this scenario, she would want to sit in the front as close to Mr. Davis as possible, but she also didn't want to be the center of attention, although that idea kind of fell through already. Still, there was already someone sitting in the front, so she looked towards the middle and saw a bunch of people she didn't know, which kept her in a nervous state as she slowly walked up the steps in the middle. She looked over in the upper-left corner and saw no one there and she was rather attracted to the idea of hiding all alone in that corner until it was time to leave, but she made sure to look at the rest of her options.

Over to the right, she noticed someone familiar: it was the loud girl from the Host Club who was full of energy. The idea of sitting next to her made poor Lucy's knees shake, as she hadn't really talked to her and didn't even know her really at all, but she at least had seen her unlike the rest of the students here. She debated on her two options, and after a quick shake of her head she quickly dashed up a couple for steps and rushed over and sat to the blonde loud girl.

She wanted to contribute to the questions asked by Mr. Davis, but it seemed all the good answers had been taken, so she decided to focus on something else: making conversation, her biggest weakness. She looked over to the blonde girl, who she now noticed upon closer inspection was rather pretty and took very good care of herself, and she took in a quick deep breath and began open conversation. She decided to opt for the typical 'Hello there!' as it was the easiest and least confrontational way that would have a lesser chance of leading to any issues or complications.

She looked at the girl in a very determined, but still quite shaken,  manner. "Nervous Greeting: H-hel-" Lucy immediately cut herself off. She had just realized that they are in class, and it was likely that this girl was trying to learn something important, so instead of bothering her Lucy decided to stay quiet and just look at her desk which had her books on it while she tightly hugged Mr. Floppsies and his dapper yellow hat.

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23 Re: 1st Survival class (closed) on Mon Dec 28, 2015 12:58 pm

He rubbed his chin at the answers; all of them were at least partly correct but lacked the thought that was required to truly answer such a question. Especially one of such broadness. Heck, even the gal who nearly broke her face on the door didn't have an answer, and he couldn't be bothered to think why. So, with a broad smile and an even broader idea, he started after all were finished.

"Such a question deserves a far more, and far better, answer. If you take into consideration the fact that he didn't specify what kind of wild, so while what you all said is true... you must also take into consideration that a map is rarely needed for a man who truly knows how to survive. It's not a matter of knowing where you are, so much as knowing what exactly is around you. Not miles around you, while nice, you must be ready to survive with absolutely nothing at your side.

However, I must admit. I've never had to last in the, 'wilds' , in the most typical sense. I have no true experience surviving out in the forest compared to being able to survive some typical city jeers. Like murder, and getting my entire family out of poverty, but that's enough about me. No, I must not get distracted. I shall continue my answer now.

As I was. To understand how to survive in the wilds, you must first gather food, then make simple weapons if you lack them. Say, if you crashed. It's something none of you took into consideration. You didn't question exactly the situation."
He sighed, and continued. "For example, imagine if we crashed and..." He pointed to his arm, smiling. "Say if my arm broke. Unusable. Absolutely nothing I could do right? The question, he put forth, makes your answers seem so broad. But in truth. You have to do something before you do anything of which yall said. You must get your head on straight, even before gathering food and water and getting shelter. Before anything I said, you must get your head on straight."

He ended with yet another sigh, but felt he got his point out to these underwhelming plebians, these curs who think so much yet say so little. He felt the twitch, which subsided now to an itch in his arm, surge, but merely itched it to get rid of it. For now at least.

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24 Re: 1st Survival class (closed) on Tue Dec 29, 2015 5:09 pm

Alexander Davis
At first Alex was glad to see that Lucy was starting to calm down, although he was taken aback by her quick hug. It was a little inappropriate and he hadn't been expecting it, so his surprise and nervousness was clearly visible on his face... and he didn't hug her back. "Lucy, we're gonna need to talk about that later on." he whispered before she let go. He quickly cleared his throat and turned back to face the class as they started to answer his question. Averia's answer was a quick and simple one, and it worked. "Correct. Food, water, and shelter are the three bare minimum essentials to surviving. Acquiring them isn't easy but it's doable to the point that one can even thrive in the wilderness. Good start."

Flip's answer drew Alex's attention as well. "Also correct, though traveling alone or in a group is a debate that honestly will never truly end. There are pros and cons to each one. Going solo pros are that you move faster, you leave less of a trail for potential pursuers to follow, and you get to keep all of the supplies that you find to yourself. The cons however is that you have only yourself to rely on when it comes to building a shelter, you'll have only one set of eyes and hands to find the essentials you need to survive, there's only so much you can possibly carry, and if you get trapped, like say under a tree, your kinda screwed if you can't move it on your own. The school of thought for traveling in groups is that you can carry more supplies, you can take out your prey more quickly and effectively, building a shelter becomes easier, and the odds of you getting out of danger if you're trapped increases because more people can focus on thinking of a way to get out. The disadvantages are being forced to split any supplies you find, you leave a far clearer trail for a pursuer to follow. and you'll move a bit slower." Alex stated in response.

Before Black could respond though Alex held up a hand to stop him, his eyes locked onto a shadow that was on the floor of the room. It was coming from the tree outside, but the shadow had changed shape, as if the tree had a new limb that was roughly the size of a human. Alex turned on his heel, walked over to the windows, and opened them up, half expecting to see a late student... or someone that wanted to harm Lucy. He was happy it was a student. "You know, it's alright to knock on the door if you're late. Also, make sure your shadow doesn't cross the field of vision for the person or creature you're trying to sneak up on." Alex stated in a deadpan tone, then got out of the way of the window, followed by him using his semblance to grow a set of wooden stairs for the late comer to use to get in through the window a bit safer.

He then turned back to Black and motioned with his head for him to continue. His long answer had several points, but it was a smart mouthed answer so Alex narrowed his eyes in amusement... and annoyance. "Mr. Black... the two of us are either going to be friends, or we're gonna be holding one another by the throat by the end of the school year. How's about we aim for friends, eh?" Alex stated calmly, then cleared his throat again while rolling his right shoulder. "Though you do have a lot of good points, especially your mind set. Having the right mind set, say a determined one, will push you further then you could if you had a panicked one. Your thoughts actually have a very unique effect on your body. Believe it or not, repeatably telling yourself that you're worthless and that you hate yourself will actually result in your immune system attacking you. Staying focused on the task at hand will result in your odds of surviving increasing long enough to find more supplies."

Alex then glanced over at Lucy to make sure she was still aright, then continued. "However none of you mentioned an important one; fire. It cooks any food you find so it's edible, boil water to make it healthier to drink, provide light during the night or when underground, and help keep you warm in the cold. That last one is even more important now because of the current time of year. Now, how many of you know how to start of fire without using dust or semblance. If you have a preferred method then lets hear it."

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25 Re: 1st Survival class (closed) on Tue Dec 29, 2015 7:40 pm

Avy Frost
Due to her position flopped down on the desk, Avery was completely oblivious of the guy outside the window and only noticed when the teacher opened it. She blinked and looked at the said person. What a weird guy. Just then the little girl who crashed against the door settled on the seat beside her. Upon closer inspection Avery realised she was the same girl from the host club, and even then Alex was with her. Hmm. Suspicious girl is suspicious.

But cute nonetheless, especially when she stammered out a greeting. Pfft. Kawaii~ It hit Avery's particular weakness against anything adorable. She couldn't help a smile. "I'm Avy," she said simply hoping it'll help with the girl's trembling.

Her eyes trailed to the man with white hair as he went into long lengths just to explain something that's common sense. She wanted to drop a rebuttal but too lazy to comment. The loud ones are usually the useless in the actual scenarios anyway. Instead, she listened to the professor as he mentioned fire. Isn't that kind of... common sense too? If it came down to it, then the most important part in survival is air. Because you know, how can you create fire or get your head on straight if there's no air. But Avery decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they really do start from the basics of the basics of survival, even if it meant having to mention fire.

"I think I've shown you this before during our hunt." She took out her gun and flipped the scope up. Glancing at the angle of the sun outside, she positioned the scope so it was pointing to the nearby tree that the new student was hanging in earlier. A few seconds later and a fizzing sound occurred followed by traces of smoke. Before the actual fire could be made, Avery flipped down the scope and returned her gun to her holster. "The easy 'sun against lens' technique. The downside is I can't use it at night, but I know how to play with gunpowder and tinder for alternative. If I don't have my guns though is a different story. I'm doomed if that happens." Avery chuckled.

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