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1st Survival class (closed)

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26 Re: 1st Survival class (closed) on Thu Jan 07, 2016 11:40 pm

Flip Nelson
Well, this was most odd Flip thought as he wonders which was more weird. The way the teacher interaction with a female student with the doll or the head to toe leather ninja want be hiding outside of the window. Then there was also the blonde thief in the back and the white hair man that just made his skin crawl. It made him wonder just how weird did he himself might appear to be. After all it seemed it was a trait needed for the class.

Turning back to the actual classroom discussion as the white hair man went on what might have been a self absorbing rant about how the rest of the classed had overlooked key import of the question. Flip only rested his head on hand as he leans on it. It sure seemed like this guy like to listen to himself talk since most of what he were talking about was suggested scenarios. So the young man only waited as the rest of them talked.

Eventually, it returned to the teacher as he reminded everyone of the most base needed for survival: Fire. Flip had to confessed he had forgotten all about that since is seems like such a given. Fire made the difference in everything and was something everyone in his clan learn within their early years. Turning in his seat to see the teacher Flip spoke after the girl.

"Flint and steel. It's very basic, but it gets the job done. Can be used day or night and don't have to worry about getting it wet. But if you lose it you can go even more primitive with just two rocks. It takes some time and a lot of practice, but it can be done."

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27 Re: 1st Survival class (closed) on Sun Jan 17, 2016 12:06 pm

Ash Rockford
Going through the window as the teacher offered he nod to him firmly in respect. He remain mostly silent and went to take a seat per the teacher's instructions and took one by Avery as it was closest he figured the back would be less conspicuous as people would be attracted to the sight of something bright and white than the dark individual beside her. Blending in wasn't the easiest but the lesson of survival was important to him it help improve his living standards at his campsite. Checking out the people there he could see this was a serious room of individuals and removed his notebook writing in descriptions of each person and the lesson at hand. importantly he observe the Avery looking her over as if gauging or analyzing but given the scarf it may be he was just being creepy before he looked at the cutesy one who he dubbed Velvatina Rabbit girl.

Writing down more along his notebook he pondered what he could expect from this class and if it the teacher will actually offer something he didn't know. Something basic to survival should be something all Hunters know given their constant travels around Remnant especially when civilization was scarce and so was any safe place to rest. Removing a piece of parchment inkwell and quill he set down the mechanical pencil and begin drawing sketches of each individual pondering how to add them the tome of knowledge he had safely tuck away. Looking at Flip the answer was pretty thought out and the suggestion common if no one knew that then obviously they lived a spoil life. Though recalling Avery's response was.. err cute maybe? Doomed at night when Grimm's are the most active? Yah this was school for a reason and hopefully the facts of these lesson will make her, him, and everyone better Hunters.

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28 Re: 1st Survival class (closed) on Sun Jan 17, 2016 2:44 pm

Lucille Annabelle Klug
Lucy was so focused on staring at her book and trying to not bother the girl she was sitting next to that she jumped when she actually spoke to her. Her name was Avy, and she was smiling and seemed very nice. This made Lucy smile a bit, although still rather nervous, and she stood up an curtsied to the girl.

"Greetings: He-hello. Introduction: M-my name i-i-is L-Lucille An-Annabelle Kl-Klug..b-b-but you can call me Lucy i-if you p-prefer!" she was going to ramble on a bit more, but she quickly sat down and was quiet as Mr. Davis began talking and she didn't want to distract anyone from his lesson. Mr. Davis mentioned that the students brought up a lot of good points, but that they all forgot one of the most important things about survival: fire, which was especially important in the winter. While Lucy was usually taken care of in every which way possible, she had read books about people being stranded and that one of the most important things that can learn to do is create a fire, and this caused Lucy to feel like she failed Mr. Davis because she should have spoken up and said something.

However, Mr. Davis gave her another chance, as he asked them how they could make fire outside of these things called 'dust' and 'semblance.' Lucy wasn't sure what those things were, but they must be things people can bring with them to make lighting a fire easier, like gasoline or a lighter or matches. This was her chance to make Mr. Davis proud of her, and to contribute to his class! She knew there was a certain way to make fire, with only two sticks and repetitive movement.

She raised her hand politely and waited until Mr. Davis acknowledged her, then she spoke up. "Suggestion: Well, if it hasn't rained recently, you can try the Friction Method. Explanation: The Friction Method is when you shape two pieces of wood in such a way that grinding them against each other produces enough friction to provide a small coal. Further Explanation: You can then add said coal to a tinder bundle, and produce the beginnings of a fire!" It was about this time that she noticed everyone was looking at her, and she started to get nervous. What if they thought she was showing off? What if they thought she was wrong about it, and thought she wasn't smart? What if she was wrong about it? And with Mr. Davis watching as well? The small amount of confidence that was in her voice quickly began to fade.

"Explanation: If you have the proper tools, you can produce the coal more quickly by p-performing a l-l-left and r-right circular m-motion, b-but i-if you don't have the tools you can just use a b-b-back and f-forth motion within a notch t-to p-produce the c-coal and add it to y-your tinder b-bundle to start the f-fire and then add it t-to your f-fire pit and t-then you have th-the fire y-you n-needed oh please stop looking at me please I'm sorry!" she then hugged Mr. Floppsies and hid her face in her arms on the desk in front of her, quivering and waiting for everyone to focus on someone else.

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29 Re: 1st Survival class (closed) on Mon Jan 25, 2016 10:27 pm

After all other’s finished, he readied up his long, long response. “I question the need for a fire, to a point. Sure, for those of us without special tools, the friction method, is without a doubt, the best. All I have-” He takes out his razor, smiling still. “Now, take this into consideration. I have a razor, my clothing and my wits. What is my best option? Possibly cut the wood bark and try a fire with that, but there’s also conditions. Conditions are the most important thing. Anyone in this room could make a fire, honest. I could make a fire and I’ve lived in a city my entire life.

Sure, saying that you may think that I lack survival skills. I assure you, it’s the opposite.”
He rolled up his sleeve, smirking. He continued to smirk while pulling up his other. These people were stupid. He figured none of them could survive a day in the land of reality. This girl, the one in the blue with the scope trick, what a stupid cur. If she didn’t have her gun, what would she do? Stand next to a tree, without any physical strength? Although, he knew for a fact that he shouldn’t underestimate anyone in here in combat.

After all, no one would guess he was trained in Muay Thai. He could kill a man with his bare hands, has in fact. It’s something that his bark is just as loud as his bite. It’s the glorious fact that each day he lives, he grows better while others stay the same. He was to continue his tirade after a few seconds of silence.

“I wish to know how many of you could survive on the streets, a place of many dangers, but unique from the dangers of the forest. You may have to worry about big cats and dangerous fungus in the wild, but in the urban wild, you have to worry about your fellow man. At least predators attack straight away, and not pretend to be your friend anymore.”

He sighed at the end, his smirk going away. He had no idea the impact of his words, if there was to be any.

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30 Re: 1st Survival class (closed) on Wed Jan 27, 2016 4:38 pm

Alexander Davis
Several of the students chimed in to answer Alex's question, and this made the professor smile. They didn't all answer but the didn't have to. There wasn't any truly right or wrong answer to it... well okay there was, but in truth Alex had asked because he wanted to see just how knowledgeable his class was and if there were certain subjects that could be skipped... and from the array of answers it was clear that most of them had an idea on what to do in such a situation but others didn't so he had quite a bit to teach. However, he also had some good material to work with as well. Each answer earned a respectful nod from the Professor along with a reply.

Averia's answer brought Alex a small smile, more from memory then from her answer. "Those are both good methods for starting a fire... and it's also an interesting way to burn your name into the side of a building with a magnifying glass when you're a kid... followed by the building burning down. Yeah, fuuuun memories. Back to the matter at hand though, Averia those are some of the fastest ways to start a fire, and also useful for sending or leaving a message. One could use the lens technique to burn a message or an arrow to leave a trail so you can find your way back to your camp, or so those around you can find you by following your trail."

He then turned to Flip and gave the young man a nod. "That's another good method, though it does take time to learn how to do it properly, and then one has to figure out how to direct the created shower of sparks onto their kindling. However, still very easy." Alex stated before finally turning to Lucy. "Hey, no need to shy away from giving a good answer. Rubbing two sticks together to create an ember is one of the most primitive ways to start a fire and it's one of the most well known. However it's also one of the hardest methods since it's easy to lose the ember. Been there, not fun. However it's an important method to remember since not only does it make an ember but it also prepares the two sticks you use to make the ember to start burning too." Alex stated as a small vine grew out from under Lucy's desk and the tip blossomed into a small purple flower. It was lying in Lucy's lap so the likely hood of anyone else noticing was low. It was an attempt from Alex to help cheer Lucy up. It was good suggestion and she shouldn't be afraid to admit that.

However that was when Black spoke up. "Those are good points, but living in a city your whole life doesn't mean you lack survival skills. I was never implying that. I didn't know this stuff when I started out as a huntsman, and I grew up on a farm without any electrical power, save for security cameras. We all come from different walks of life Black. The trick is everyone exchanging all of their knowledge from their life experiences with everyone around them, and everyone has to be willing to learn from those experiences so everyone has a better chance at surviving. This is why I said that if someone else has better method to what I'm teaching then they should speak up." Alex responded, emphasizing on the part that everyone seems to forget.

He then continued. "When we get to city survival you're knowledge and experiences will be valuable Black. I only hope you'll be willing to share it with us when we get to that subject down the line." The young man clearly had no respect for those around him, but what he had said had a valid point so Alex would show him some respect in return and hoped that doing such a thing would open him up a bit, he hoped. With that Alex commanded several vines to grow and each one picked up a box from a nearby set a shelves and moved the boxes so each student had a box in front of them. Inside was some kindling made from splintered wood, a magnifying glass, a lighter, a flint, and a small knife. The vines then retracted back under Alex's desk. "How about we indulge our inner pyro and see if we can use the suggested methods to start a fire? I coated the entire room with a flame retardant spray so you shouldn't burn down the school... but still, try to keep your fires inside the ceramic trays you have, alright? Also there are some flame retardant smocks and hats in the back of the room if you don't want to risk catching yourselves on fire. Oh, and you may keep the flint, lighter, and magnifying glass." Alex stated as he pushed a button on his desk, causing the vents in the ceiling to open. Now the smoke alarms wouldn't go off either.

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31 Re: 1st Survival class (closed) on Thu Jan 28, 2016 2:03 pm

Avy Frost
Avery smiled a little at the young girl's form as she curtsied. It was almost perfect and she wondered if they share a common background, though she didn't quite recognise her surname. Still, what a cute pet toy classmate~ "Nice to meet you, Lucy. If you need help, I'm not sure if I'd be of much use, but I'll try," she said before shifting her attention back to class. Everyone gave good answers which mostly involved friction. It wasn't something new to her as she'd seen it in movies, but she still didn't know how to do it herself. But the white-haired guy... a litany. Avery let go of the first time but any more of this and she's going to be sick.

"Hey buddy, you think everyone's impressed by your speech? Sorry to burst your bubble, but your answers have all been absolute crap. Know why? Because you don't answer the question itself." Avery leaned back with a yawn. "What's the colour of the sky? 'Oh but we have to consider the cumulonimbus clouds, the condition of the atmospheric pressure and global warming. I actually don't know much about clouds because I don't look at it, but the sea is really dangerous'." She imitated before turning to him lazily. "That's practically you. We're talking about the wild, so why are you insisting on urban life? The hell do I care if you grew up in a city or a cave; do you think these people haven't experienced hell themselves? And instead of answering whether the sky is blue, black, or freaking pink, you go into lengths about things that don't matter, or if they do, it's all part of common sense and was already taken into consideration."

"The fact that you think you're so smart is laughable. At least I know my limitations and willing to grow. You, however, is stuck in your delusion that you're so great when really, the more you talk, the more you reveal to us that you know nothing and is simply playing with your words. So before you speak, think. Real intelligent people give one sentence but full of useful information."

And with that Avery went to focus on her box. Everyone was being polite to this guy but save Avy the handholding. Ignorant people need to have a wake up call sometimes. Moving on, upon hearing Alex say they can keep the flint, lighter and glass, Avy realized they'd be using those later and it'd be best to them in good condition. She arranged the kindling which would be the base for the fire. Going with the flint first, she tried striking a small portion of it with the knife, trying out every angle until about 30 degrees, she noticed a small spark. Striking once more, the spark ignited and caught the kindling. She blew gently on it to spread the spark, placing splintered wood on top of it while still giving oxygen to the growing flame. Eventually, she could see smoke forming and she smiled - it would only be a matter of time before the fire is made.

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32 Re: 1st Survival class (closed) on Mon Feb 08, 2016 6:24 pm

Ash Rockford
Hearing Avery's retort ash could surmise that this class was going to be like the other one with her voicing her opinion as always to assuage her insecurities. This class as well had their stars feigning for the light he soon became less interested in some of these future hunters knowing they would in time understand and learn from their own follies.

Living at a tent most your life fire was one of the first things to know how to do. simply he took the materials for the class and struck the flint and steel to the tinder with ease. He even took two small twigs and made fire. Of course with a finger pointed at some tinder he snapped his finger using his dust skill to create a small spark to allow the tinder to burn.

Was a simple enough skill to survive out in the woods. He let the fire dance around a bit manipulated by his dust skill before he drew from the flames snuffing them out a coldness surrounding him momentarily. "Alexander-sensei what about provisions will we be learning about hunting and food gathering as well?"

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33 Re: 1st Survival class (closed) on Mon Feb 22, 2016 7:29 pm

Lucille Annabelle Klug
Lucy was still nervous, even though Ms. Avy had been very nice to her and even offered her help, but her nervousness was not something easily squelched. However, she was still rather grateful, and she knew it was only polite to thank someone. "Gratitude: Th-thank you v-very much, M-Miss Avy, th-that is very k-kind of you." she stuttered out, politely bowing the best she could in her seat.

It wasn't long after that Ms. Avy decided to inform Mr. Black in her own special way that seemed a bit mean to Lucy, but she just stayed quiet and waited for Mr. Davis to respond. He said that she did a good job and to not be nervous about sharing, but she was still nervous being around all these people she didn't know. That was when she felt something touch her leg, and she jumped a bit before looking down and seeing a beautiful flower and a smile covered her face. "Identification: Tibouchina urvilleana, the Princess Flower! Exclamation: Wow, it's so pretty!" she whispered. She wasn't sure how it got there she plucked it and decided to keep it and take it back with her to Mr. Davis's house and give it a nice place to stay. When her head was back up she had a smile on her face due to the pretty flower.

Mr. Davis said it was time to prove the methods that they mentioned, and Lucy quickly came down to the front so that she could make her ember and then hide back at her desk. She grabbed all the supplies she needed: a sturdy piece of bark, a strong stick, and a tinderbundle. She pulled a pair of sturdy gloves from her dress pocked and put them on before beginning her task of creating a fire. She set the bark down on the ground and placed her knees on one end, then held the stick like a broomstick with both hands and pushed it up and down the length of the bark furiously, yet with a certain etiquette. She seemed very focused on what she was doing, full of determination. After a short time, she produced a small coal, which she quickly yet carefully put into her tinderbundle, and after a short moment and a few breaths it lit up in flickering flames! She seemed very proud of herself, and she hoped that Mr. Davis was proud of her as well before she took the bundle and put it in the dirt pile to put out the flames.

She then quickly went back to her seat and put her gloves away before staring down at her desk and shifting nervously.

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34 Re: 1st Survival class (closed) on Sat Feb 27, 2016 12:36 am

After getting called out by a small child, he was furious. His mask, now completely gone, seemed to fall. His economy of movement was that of a killer as he crossed the room. He'd light that fire in a few moments, he had to show this little girl that she should respect her elders. It was clear the girl was 18, at most. She was probably a rich girl, someone that got everything handed to her. His movements, while marking a killer, also marked a trained martial artist. It was a mix.  

When he arrived over to this small child of a girl. Someone so clearly unexperienced in life as to challenge someone like Grenal, he looked her into her eyes, gazing. He was attempting to get her off her edge, and wouldn't be surprised if her bravdo stopped it from working. He sighed. It was an annoyed sigh. Something most people would be offended by, and he was sure that this child would be as well.

He wasn't saying this extremely loud, but if the room was quiet, he wouldn't be surprised if he was heard.

"Let me tell you something about smart people.  You're not one. I've never seen a woman... no, child. Child stupider than you. You know next to nothing about survival, I'll guess. You carry yourself like you had a silver spoon born into your mouth. I'll admit, I don't have those advantages.  However. Your statement is a fallacy in itself, you Yaldson."

He walked back, and using a mix of the lighter and the small knife, he shifted the wood and started a very small fire. He cradled it and blew on it when needed. Soon enough he had a sustainable fire without using the flint. He smiled at sat back in his chair, eying the child in blue. She had her fire going as well, but not nearly as fast as his. He knew his would burn out faster, but he didn't care.

He probably let on that he was more than he actually was proclaiming to be, but no matter. Alls well that ends well, right? Or in the words of his favorite philosopher...

'When life gives you a hand, you throw that hand and get a better one if at all possible.'

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35 Re: 1st Survival class (closed) on Mon Feb 29, 2016 12:26 pm

Alexander Davis
And with that the class project had begun. Many of the students seemed to have been paying close attention to what Alex and the other students had to say since it wasn't long before Alex could clearly see sparks, smoke, embers, and finally small wisps of flames began to burn on the tinder that Alex had supplied to his students. Some of them used only one method to get the tinder to burn, though others did managed to use more then one method of getting the fire to start. During this Alex had started to walk around the classroom to watch over the class closely, but also so if one of them still managed to catch themselves on fire he could quickly put them out. Smothering out fires was easy for him since all he hand to do was coat the flames with flower nectar, then command the nectar to 'evaporate' so a student wouldn't have to wash off the thick liquid.

Averia seemed to be trying the flint at several different angles to see which one gave her the best spray of sparks before trying to get her fire going. Ash used multiple different methods to create a fire, including using his dust. Lucy seemed to be starting to make a friends with Averia and, after having seemingly decided to keep the flower for later, and then managed to start a fire as well. Alex rewarded her by patting her on the shoulder... and if she checked her pocket she'd find two flowers in there instead of just one.

Grenal also managed to get a fire going, though his attitude had finally reached Alex's limit. He might be kind and patient, but to Alex there was a different between patience and tolerance... and Alex wasn't tolerant of something that was wrong. Because of this he stopped in front of Grenal's desk and leaned in to talk in a low tone, just like he had with Aviera. "There is a difference between contributing to class and being a disruption. Your attitude is becoming disruptive. Please calm yourself down or I will have you ask you to leave. Don't let your pride take you into stupidity, alright?" Alex stated flatly before moving away.

He stopped by Ash when he was asked about provisions. At first Alex chuckled. "No need to call me sensai, though thank you for the kind gesture. I'm just here to pass on what I have to all of you, though I suspect that some of you will have stuff to teach me as well." Alex stated with a smile before answering the question. "Yes, in a later class we will be learning out how to identify wild edible plants, along with how to hunt and properly gut wild game for meat and to cook it. If you have any problem with that let me know. Some students are vegetarian and others have trouble with gore, so if you can't handle let me know. I'll make accommodations for you."

Alex then turned to the rest of the class. "Right, that's quite a bit covered in one day, though we still have time left. Anyone have any questions?"

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36 Re: 1st Survival class (closed) on Mon Feb 29, 2016 2:52 pm

Avy Frost
While watching her flames grow slowly, a movement on her side caught her attention and she looked up to find the white-haired guy staring down at her like some form of intimidation. However, he chose the wrong person to do so for Avery had seen worse things in life than a cute little glare. She altered between making sure her fire was still growing and listening to what he had to say. And when he was done, Avery let out a small laugh right at his face.

"Did I say anything about me being smart? Didn't I say I'm willing to improve? Clearly you have a hard time digesting information. You say I'm stupid.. of what account? You know nothing about me, so everything you said are but assumptions based from how I 'carry myself', easily deceived by your eyes and using that as your weapon, just like what ignorant people do when they can't find concrete evidence," Avery stated with a smile. "That's why it's better to be quiet; the less people know about you, the better. Thus I applaud you for taking my advice and speaking less. Though the sensible part is missing. Don't worry, you'll get better."

And with that she focused back on her flame which had grown steadily. Ah. This is all too easy for her. She found it fun actually, especially when the guy created a fire faster than hers by using a lighter and looking proud of it. The reason Avery used the flint and steel was because it was the only thing in the box that she didn't know how to use. A lighter was common sense - even a child could press the switch and make fire. Flint and steel on the other hand was a resource in the wild that could be useful when you're left with absolutely nothing.

Avery was satisfied with her fire. At least she learned something new today. At Alex's inquiry of questions, she tilted her head, thinking of what to ask. They really didn't do much today so there was nothing she needed clarification of. She leaned back and listened to what the others had to ask.

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