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Avy's Weapon Training [Solo]

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1 Avy's Weapon Training [Solo] on Wed Nov 18, 2015 1:20 pm

Averia was chilling at the back of a building, sprawled on the ground on her front with elbows on the grass and hands supporting her chin. She stared silently at the golden guns before her. Now that she had grown more accustomed to them, she could pinpoint which parts were brilliant and which ones needed improvement. She was thinking of ways to improve them. She sat briefly and started to disassemble the golden weapons. Additional recoil would probably be useful for mobility in aerial combat. Increased magazine size. Optional semi-automatic mode. She grabbed the travel bag she had on her right which contained additional metal parts. Hmm. A travel form would be convenient too.

The bored girl started to change the structure of her guns, piecing together parts that were a little bigger than before. It took her almost half a day to complete it and even then, she was tilting her head, still unsatisfied. Then she finally realised it. No identification. Pulling out a thin blade, Averia started to embed a small lettering on the side of the barrel in her perfect elegant script penmanship: A.Frost.

DONE! Averia beamed and pulled herself up. She weighed the guns on her sides - noticeably heavier, but with her strength, it was light enough to not hinder in combat. She dashed forward, looking for the shooting range not far from her location and at the same time, testing the grip of the guns while in motion. It was perfect, light as a feather.

When Averia reached the free shooting range, she started a barrage of bullets with her new gun. She could feel the recoil pushing her back especially when the trigger was held for a long time, but the control was never lost. She just needed to adjust a little with the new settings and in time, the accuracy would be back to the way it was before.

Click. Click. She picked up the sound of empty magazine. With a swipe of the guns on her back, she had reloaded them and proceeded to train again. She dashed through the trees, firing bullets on every target she saw. So far her accuracy was at 80% and she needed to step it up a notch. The sun had started to set as well and she needed to finish before dark. Bang. Bang. Pratatata. Bang. Pratatata. Bang Bang. Click. Averia was having too much fun with the new semi-automatic function she added on her guns. It wasn't that much helpful, but it strains away from repetitive noise. It added a new flavour to it.

Averia continued gunning the targets until she could feel little to no recoil. Her accuracy was back to the way it was before as well. She looked at the sky. It had gotten dark. Ha! Good thing she upgraded on of the pair to have a small flashlight in it. How convenient~ After the rather tiring day, she walked back to her place before, picked up her travel bag and was about to call it a night when she remembered something.

She hadn't tried the travel form yet. With the click of the button, the guns switched gears and lengthened in size. She fastened the two together and placed it around her waist as a belt.



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