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A New Home for a New Friend (Open)

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1 A New Home for a New Friend (Open) on Fri Nov 20, 2015 2:46 am


The peaceful walls introduced the interior of the dormitories to the entering duo. Gawain- with his casual clothing of a white coat, blue shirt, white pants, and white shoes- entered the main lobby, walking beside his innocent, happy little dog. The little dog simply looked around at his surroundings, wagging his tail back and forth while he progressed slowly further, following the direction Gawain was heading towards. Having allowed his pet out for a walk, not wanting to restrain him, Gawain carried the traveling cage in his left hand while his satchel hung from his right shoulder; after all, the two spent some time before their happening across the dorms with some kind people, causing Gawain to simply let his dog play and run around. Gawain didn't want to ruin his little one's fun.

Guiding his dog towards the winding stairs, Gawain gently crouched down on the clean, white, carpeted floor, closer to the side of the stairs- as to not create any traffic. Dropping the cage next to his right leg, Gawain raised his right hand in front of him, low to the ground with his palm faced skyward, and calmly clapped with four of his left-hand fingers, pressed beside one another. Responding to the call, the little dog started skipping slowly over to his owner, staring up at him with a gentle, friendly face only to sit down with a wagging tail. Joyfully smiling at the little dog, Gawain pet his head and gestured for the dog to try and walk up the steps, using his right hand's palm to do so.

Responding with a light tilt of its head, the dog stood up and started approaching the hand, climbing the stairs slowly with very little struggle to reach the hand; Gawain found his dog's intentions clear that he still wanted to play. So, when the dog reached Gawain's hand, the mute boy picked up the little one and set him on the boy's lap, petting the dog happily with a smile on the boy's face. Gawain truly enjoyed his new friend's companionship.


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2 Re: A New Home for a New Friend (Open) on Sun Nov 22, 2015 10:17 pm

It was a typical day for Averia Frost. No, not really. She was in the dorms because she had just finished tutoring someone who was too stupid for their own good. She suddenly wondered why she even bothered agreeing to this. Even if the teacher had tasked her to do so, she could've just said flat out declined. What a drag. Averia sighed, grumbling at her inability to say no to favours. As she walked through the silent hallways, she decided to take out her pocket book and read to alleviate her boredom while walking.

Averia trudged through the hall until she reached the winding stairs. Since her focus was on the book, she didn't notice the boy crouched on the side of the stairs who happened to be conveniently located on her blind spot. Coupled with her naturally clumsy personality, Averia ended up bumping on the guy's back and due to his lowered position, caused the girl to lose her balance and trip forward.


Averia instincts kicked in as usual as she brought a hand on the ground and used it to flip herself forward, landing midway on the stairs as though nothing death defying just happened. It was a good thing her reflexes were above average or that would've actually caused a major tragedy. She returned her book on her back pocket and glared at the guy on the stairs as she marched towards him.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you right now," she seethed, grabbing him by the collar and pulling him up close to herself. She was too annoyed at the moment that she failed to notice the dog on the boy's arms.

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3 Re: A New Home for a New Friend (Open) on Sun Nov 22, 2015 11:05 pm

The little dog happily barked back at its owner, curling into the pets he received while he wagged his tail against Gawain's legs. However, the dog was clearly surprised, feeling the interrupting bump against his owner's body. Raising its head to see the commotion, the dog noticed a light haired girl recovering herself from a fall; however, what the dog was confused about was why she looked so mad. Looking up at his owner, the dog tried to figure out what was going on, slightly understanding by the worried look on Gawain's face what happened.

As for Gawain, he was immediately surprised when he accidentally tripped another student with his position; he stuttered when she hit his back, causing her to trip. Worried as he was for the girl, Gawain gently waved with his right hand, showing an apologetic expression. Nevertheless, despite his forgiveness for the trip, Gawain swallowed hard when he found him confronting the student face-to-face, her hands on the collar of his jacket.

The boy's face lit up in surprise, and worry for his own health. Setting his dog down Gawain started shaking his hands and head, trying to settle the altercation peacefully; however, with his disability, doing so would be all the more harder. Gawain was almost ready to accept the beating if it wasn't for his little companion.

The dog started barking angrily at the girl, disapproving of the conflict that she was causing; however, considering how young the animal was, this interaction only caused the dog to grow five times larger in size, almost as tall as a child, but longer than half of Gawain's height. Even the dog's vocals became louder; his barks were audible quite far up the stairs. Gawain's new companion truly didn't want his caring owner to be hurt.

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4 Re: A New Home for a New Friend (Open) on Sun Nov 22, 2015 11:33 pm

Averia's eyebrows lowered as she noticed the guy's reaction to her temper. He was shaking his head and arms desperately, yet still didn't speak a word. She concluded this guy was either mute or caught speechless of her sheer beauty and perfection. Probably the latter. However, Averia couldn't bring herself to hit him especially at how harmless he appeared with his cute blonde hair and puppy dog eyes. Speaking of puppy, Averia finally noticed the little thing when she heard his bark. She looked down at it and smiled at its futile attempts to defend its owner. Cute~ She exclaimed in her thoughts, eyes sparkling of delight. That actually caused her hold on his collar to loosen gently before letting him go altogether.

Then out of the blue, the puppy grew in size, five times larger than its previous form. Its tiny bark turned into a growl that echoed throughout the dorm and Averia found herself taking a step back from the two.

She glowered. Her azure gaze shifted to the blonde-haired guy in a piercing glare thinking he was the one who had ordered the little guy to transform. "What, you're too much of a coward to face me that you're sending your puppy to fight a girl? As if I can hit a dog, you coward. Really such a coward. No spine whatsoever," she muttered continuously.

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5 Re: A New Home for a New Friend (Open) on Mon Nov 23, 2015 12:41 am

Gawain was truly relieved when the blonde-haired girl finally released him; however, the boy was soon directed to a new problematic source, his own dog. Seeing his own pet with the pet's Semblance active only caused Gawain to worry about the situation further: the three of them were causing a large disturbance, enough to draw the eyes of passing students. And Gawain truly didn't want his first day with his pet to end up in chaos and ruin.

Ignoring the girl's insult towards him, despite it slightly hurting, Gawain clapped his hands the same way he had done before before stepping in between his dog and the girl, his back towards the girl. Crouching down to his companion, Gawain shook his head calmly but sternly, shaking his finger back and forth before cupping his dog's head in his hands. Staring into his pet's eyes with the same calm yet stern expression, Gawain waited for his big dog to slowly revert into his little dog form. The process took nearly two minutes before Gawain's dog reverted to its normal form, but with that note, Gawain was happy to at least settle his pet's conflict.

Heading over to his satchel with his little dog following him, Gawain pulled out his spiral-bound notepad with his black fountain pen encapsulated in the spiral. Removing the pen and uncapping it, the boy turned to blank page in his notepad and began writing a peaceful response to the rather unpleasant student, hoping to settle any conflicts they had between them; plus the dormitories wasn't the right place to fight if they wanted to solve their quarrel.

"I'm sorry for causing you to trip. I honestly didn't mean to, and I'm sorry for the trouble my dog's caused. He's still young, and he has a lot to learn about the world and its people. Nevertheless, I hope we won't cross paths like this again, so please, have a nice day."

With his response ready, Gawain turned to the blonde-haired girl and offered his notepad to her; he wasn't mad, happy, apologetic but rather calm and just that. He didn't want to end their confrontation on a bad note, so he tried his best to bring their feelings to each other to a neutral standing. If anything worse, then Gawain promised to to keep an eye out for her in the future.

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6 Re: A New Home for a New Friend (Open) on Mon Nov 23, 2015 11:52 am

So Averia might have felt a tinnie tiny as in miniscule bit of sense of guilt at the sight of the blonde-haired boy calming his pet down. Still, it wasn't her fault he didn't train his dog to behave... right? She grumbled and looked away as she folded her arms beneath her chest. It took a full two minutes of them standing there attracting all the people on the dorm to finally settle down the scene. She casually peeked at the two, her attention getting caught by the little puppy. In her weeks of stay in Syne, it's the first time she'd encountered a puppy on the campus. She didn't even know pets were allowed.

Just then the guy handed her a notepad containing a message. Her assumptions were right; he was mute. She read the message and grumbled some more at his apology. Averia wasn't a bully. Or maybe she was. But she's a different type of bully. She's one who takes pleasure in challenging the strong and not the harmless. She recalled all the harsh things she had said to the guy and she groaned, turning her head away.

"S-so..s...ry. S-or..ry Mmm, srrr.. so-so..y.. Grr, gimme that," Averia snatched his pen and wrote on the notepad furiously instead. She knew she should apologise yet her pride prevented her from saying it straight.

So I might have said some things that are not appropriate. Still, that's your fault. In saying that, I appreciate your efforts in calming your dog.

She pushed the notepad and pen back to him and folded her arms beneath her chest once again. Her eyes trailed towards the puppy before looking away with flushed cheeks. So cute~ she thought. Averia had a particular weakness against cute things and she wanted to play with him as well, but the circumstances weren't exactly befitting.

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7 Re: A New Home for a New Friend (Open) on Mon Nov 23, 2015 5:09 pm

A small smile drew itself on Gawain's face, the boy expecting a happy ending to the conflict between the three. Regardless of his expression, Gawain was taken aback when the blonde-haired leaped out at him for his pen, writing what seemed like a furious reply. The mute boy wasn't too sure why she was doing so; he was perfectly fine with receiving a verbal response. He always was. By the time she finished writing her "apology," Gawain eventually came to the conclusion that the girl simply couldn't apologize out of her own temperament. Smilingly lightly at the girl once more, Gawain gently accepted the notepad and pen back, capping the pen while doing so.

Once her "apologetic" response was read, Gawain nodded his head at the girl before closing his notepad and sliding the pen into the spiral binding. However, in the midst of Gawain's activity, his little dog barked back at the girl who was staring somewhat starry-eyed at the dog. Gawain examined the two of them before crouching down to his pet to try and ease any tensions the three of them had.

However, as a result of the interaction between owner and pet, Gawain eventually picked up his dog, holding him with both his arms to his chest, and carried the dog over to the blonde-haired girl, wondering if she wanted to play with him for a bit. Gawain knew that his companion just needed time to accept others, and, despite the girl's conflicting nature, Gawain thought such an interaction would be a way to ease his pet into accepting others.

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For once Averia appreciated the silence this blonde guy possessed. It brought a new sense of melancholy to her being. It made her realise it's been a while since she had a proper conversation with someone. The two were not talking to each other yet Averia had her full attention on him, a rare feat for someone like her with a short attention span. She eyed him curiously, watching as he picked up his pet and brought him over to her.

She moved back a little and glared at him, thinking he'd use the pet to definitely attack her this time. But judging from his calm expression, she figured that might not be the case.

"W-what? You want me to pet him? No! Get that thing away from me. I hate dogs." Lie. Of course she loved pets. In fact, the puppy reminded her of her own young siberian husky she owned back in her hometown in Atlas. A feeling of nostalia made her smile a little.

Staring at the still barking puppy, Averia hesitantly raised her palm to a stop motion in front of him then moved it to the side a good distance from its left ear and snapped her fingers twice, made the stop motion again, then snapped her fingers the same way. It's what she usually did to her own dog to get its attention and make him stop barking to strangers.

Once she realised what she just did, she quickly brought her hand down and groaned. "Anyway, why are you two playing here? Are pets even allowed inside the dorms?"

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9 Re: A New Home for a New Friend (Open) on Mon Nov 23, 2015 8:48 pm

The little dog barked in response to the hurried nature of the girl's statements, believing them to be words of distaste. Gawain himself frowned, snuggling his little dog to try and enlighten the dog's mood; Gawain didn't expect such harsh statements from the girl after having seen her expression of glee. What came next though caused a bit of confusion for Gawain; the boy simply didn't understand what the blonde-haired girl was doing to his pet.

At first, Gawain thought she was simply going to pet his dog, who was staring at the girl in silence with a calm expression. However, when she motioned her hand to the left of the little dog, snapping twice near his ear, Gawain was simply confused as to what she was doing. For the boy in his retrospective thoughts, she was possibly trying to tell the dog that he shouldn't be barking, but even then the little dog tried biting on the two fingers instead, only to bark afterwards. Such an action caused Gawain to pull slightly away from the girl, still with his dog to his chest. Then the little dog started to paw his owner, waggling his tail a bit playfully while he bit rather playfully on Gawain's arms, an action that Gawain told himself to fix later on.

In response to the sudden question, Gawain gently set his dog down who sat himself down and stared up at the blonde-haired girl calmly. With his hands free, Gawain removed his notepad from his satchel once more, writing another response, calmly however.

"A pet shop recently opened up, and I'm sure we can keep pets in the dormitories, just they have to be well-disciplined. I'm sure in time my dog will learn, so I'm not worried about anything."

Handing his notepad over to the girl, Gawain took a look around them, seeing the watching eyes of the still many students before watching the girl with a calm expression; he was slightly worried about the attention they were attracting, however.

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10 Re: A New Home for a New Friend (Open) on Mon Nov 23, 2015 10:37 pm

Averia blinked and pulled her fingers away from the dog. She smiled a little at its innocence. She watched in silence as the puppy interacted with its owner, which was totally cute but not really any of her business. Why was she still here again? Still with arms folded, she eyed the boy as he scribbled on his notepad and showed the message to her.

"Ah.. I see." Averia nodded, unsure what else to say. What else was she supposed to say? It was even a miracle she stayed this long with him, seeing as she had no business with the guy. Well, perhaps with the puppy yes, but since even the pet didn't like her, might as well leave.

"Well, nice meeting you... stranger," She realised she hadn't even gotten his name. Oh well. "But I need to get going. See you around. And take care of the puppy," she said and walked off.

Just as Averia started to walk away however, she stopped on her tracks when she saw someone she recognised: her gangster friend Paul, along with his 2 other sidekicks. The three guys had stopped walking as well when they saw the girl. Averia sighed and rubbed the back of her neck. This would be a pain.

"Ave! Wachuu doin here, babe?" Paul grinned as the three moved to her location. He slung an arm across her shoulders as he peeked at the blonde-haired guy beside her. "Who's the wimpy kid? New victim?"

"No. Random person. I was just about to leave," Averia replied as she removed his arm from her shoulders. "And stop calling me babe. We're not even together."

"D'aw, but look at him acting all cute with his puppey," Paul cooed mockingly. He walked in front of him and grinned. "What's your name, pup? Naah. Let's get straight to the point... you got extra cash to spare?"

Averia sighed and rolled her eyes at her 'friends'. As expected of them. "Seriously Paul, don't."

But the guy ignored her and stood tall in front of the blonde-haired boy, his two sidekicks behind him for extra intimidation. Averia on the other hand, moved to one side and watched in silence, partly curious to see what the mute boy would do.

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11 Re: A New Home for a New Friend (Open) on Tue Nov 24, 2015 8:22 pm

Nodding his head for a good-bye, Gawain returned to his bag with his little dog by his side, pocketing his notepad and pen before shouldering his satchel. The little dog barked for a good-bye as well, more playfully than berating. Nevertheless, when Gawain started to help his dog into the cage, the boy was surprised to find what awaited him.

Staring at the man in front of him, Gawain kept a calm expression although slightly worried about what could happen. Noting the two bystanders behind the presumed leader, Gawain tried a diplomatic approach: shaking his head and turning his back to try and leave with his dog in its cage. At least, Gawain hoped that was going to be the end of the conflict. Regardless of Gawain's attempt, his little dog wasn't making matters any better however. He started barking angrily and fiercely, only to falter for a moment when Gawain picked up his pet with his right arm and the cage in his left. Nevertheless, the tiny angry barks continued as Gawain started walking away from the three, keeping a wary eye on the situation, however.

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12 Re: A New Home for a New Friend (Open) on Tue Nov 24, 2015 11:00 pm

Averia pursed her lips as she watched the blonde-haired boy turn his back on the three. She knew Paul didn't like being ignored and her thoughts were confirmed for the bully had his smirk turn into an annoyed glare.

"I'm talking to you sweet cheeks. Hey," Paul's eyes narrowed and he glanced briefly at the two sidekicks on his back before tilting his head to the boy. They nodded as though understanding the message and sprang forward. One of them snatched the cage while the other snatched the dog, then both returned to where their leader was.

"I'll repeat again, do you have extra cash to spare?" Paul grinned as he ordered the two to put the puppy inside its cage. He reached out a hand, demanding that the boy give him what he had asked. "I'm sure you have, if you want your little pet back."

On the other hand, Averia was not liking the situation either. Sure she was a bully, but then again, the puppy... it involved the puppy. She frowned and looked away, pondering over what to do. It wasn't like Paul will listen to her anyway. And she didn't want to cross paths with him either. She was too lazy to deal with it at the moment and all the aftermath thereafter.

Averia looked at the boy. Depending on his reaction, she might actually be forced to do something.

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13 Re: A New Home for a New Friend (Open) on Wed Nov 25, 2015 2:06 am

Widening his eyes, Gawain turned to look at the three that just stole his pet and cage. Reaching his hand out for his little dog, Gawain kept his eyes locked on his pet before moving them towards the boy in the center. The mute boy knew then that there was certainly no way out of the situation through peaceful diplomacy. Frowning at the three of them, Gawain took a fighting pose: keeping his right leg behind his left, shoulder-width apart and his right hand near his left, both near his chest. Combat in a public area, particularly for foolish reasons, was a subject Gawain especially disliked, but, nevertheless, such a case called for action.

However, what came next was rather unexpected, even for the analytic Gawain. The boy himself watched as his dog started growing in size as it had done before, barking fiercely at the dog's captors when the transformation was complete. Only then did the dog start attacking his captors, biting at their arms and chests particularly while slapping them away. As for the dog's owner, Gawain let his pet be for then, not wanting to intervene in the dog's anger.

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14 Re: A New Home for a New Friend (Open) on Wed Nov 25, 2015 9:54 am

Averia's eyebrows raised a little as she noticed the boy had taken a fighting stance. A smirk formed on the corner of her lips, watching in anticipation. However, just then the puppy transformed into his 'adult' form jus as how he did before. It broke through the cage and started attacking its captors, much to their shock. This time, Averia couldn't contain her amusement and she laughed as she watched them panic and scramble to try and get away from the dog.

"I told you not to mess with him," she stated in a matter-of-fact tone. She noticed Paul had gained distance and took out his weapon, a crossbow enhanced with fire dust and aimed it at the dog. Seriously? Averia thought. And when the idiot shot an arrow towards the clueless pet, she just had to step in.

In a flash, Averia stood in between the dog and Paul, an arm outstretched in front as the flame arrow collided with her ice wall. She took the chance of his confusion to grab his two sidekicks heads and smash it to one another, knocking them out cold. Then she dashed towards him, manoeuvred to his back and used the side of her palm to strike him on the back of his neck, knocking him out as well.

Averia dusted her hands and stood for a moment, staring at the dog to see if he'd lunge at her.

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15 Re: A New Home for a New Friend (Open) on Wed Nov 25, 2015 4:48 pm

Having successfully scared away his captors, the beastly dog focused his attentions on the one who meant harm upon Gawain. Unfortunately, before the dog could leap into action, paws and jaw at the ready, the girl from before stepped in his way, summoning a frosty wall while simultaneously creating a "thunk" noise. The dog was confused at what was happening, slowly calming down to regain its standing as the girl started to go to work on the three hooligans.

Once the three thugs were clearly defeated, the large dog examined the situation, staring at the blonde-haired girl who meant harm upon his owner but now protected the dog from harm. Slowly, the dog decreased in size, walking up to the girl and sitting in front of her as he gently pawed her left foot with a tiny happy bark. Despite clearly tired from using his Semblance for too long, the energetic dog tried to stay awake as long as he could, wagging its tail in appreciation.

As for the mute boy watching the entire scene in play, Gawain expected his dog to effectively take care of the three meddlesome boys but was immediately surprised when the blonde-haired girl from before stepped in and protected the two of them, mostly his dog than anything. Nevertheless, Gawain accepted the action with thanks, approaching the girl with a light smile and an open hand. Such an action was the least he could do to show his gratitude for her.

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16 Re: A New Home for a New Friend (Open) on Wed Nov 25, 2015 7:37 pm

Averia smiled when the dog returned back to its original state. When it walked up to her and pawed her left foot however, Averia couldn't contain a blush. She flustered and didn't know what to do, looking back and forth between the blonde-haired boy and at the cute puppy on her leg. She hesitantly lowered down and rubbed the dog's head gently. She noticed its tired eyes so she picked it up on her arms and rubbed its back.

The girl noticed the blonde boy had approached her, opening a hand as a welcoming gesture to which she appreciated. However, the dorm was already getting noisier with all the whispers and gossips of students who happened to be passing by. It wouldn't be long before a teacher hears of this commotion and gets them in trouble.

With one hand holding the puppy, her free hand grabbed the boy and dragged him with her upstairs, away from the scene. She took up one more flight of stairs and paced through the hallway until they reached a lounge area. This time it seemed this lounge was vacant. Averia settled the puppy on the couch, removed her blazer and placed it over the dog to warm him up. Averia herself sat on the couch across, letting the boy sit next to his dog instead.

"Sooo, well, those were.. my friends. And.. hmm" Again, she didn't know how to apologise. She leaned back on the couch, crossed her legs and folded her arms. "Whatever. You should be glad I saved your puppy seeing as you were just standing there letting him do all the work. So what's your name?"

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17 Re: A New Home for a New Friend (Open) on Wed Nov 25, 2015 9:33 pm

The boy smiled softly and happily when the girl picked up his friendly dog and started rubbing the little thing's back; Gawain found the act quite adorable to say the least: a tough, mean girl taking care of a small, fragile, and kind animal. Even his little dog enjoyed the caring nature of the girl, keeping his paws on the girl's body while wagging his tail and barking lightly in bliss. Gawain was almost starting to accept the girl for who she was inside, until his trace of thought was interrupted by a sudden pull from the girl taking his hand.

Despite Gawain's worry of his destroyed cage and the knocked out thugs, Gawain continued willingly with the girl, not knowing what to do if he stopped them before they reached her destination. When the three eventually reached what seemed like an empty break room, Gawain followed the girl after being released to the couch where he sat down beside his covered dog. Petting his little dog, Gawain smiled lightly at the brave little one whose front paws and head popped out from underneath the blazer. Barking at his owner, the dog nuzzled against Gawain's leg and faced forward, barking then at the girl from across. Turning his head towards the girl after hearing her murmur something, Gawain listened closely with a light smile on his face, despite her still mean behavior.

Reaching into his satchel for his notepad and pen for a reply, Gawain opened to the page after their small exchange, writing on his lap to which his little dog peeked over and watched.

"My name is Gawain Egret. guh-wane e-gret. And yours?"

Finishing his simple response, Gawain stood up and passed it over to the girl, waiting for her reply with a calm expression.

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18 Re: A New Home for a New Friend (Open) on Wed Nov 25, 2015 9:55 pm

Averia looked up to see the boy handing her the notepad. Oh right. She almost forgot he couldn't speak. After receiving the pad, she read the message. Gawain Egret. How adorable that he even included a pronunciation as though she couldn't read it by herself. "Gawain Egret." She let the words flow out. It had a nice ring to it, yet somewhat didn't suit the boy. The name Gawain had medieval knight-ish tone to it, somewhat barbaric and heroic at the same time. She looked at the person in front of him and chuckled. Very far from it. This guy was melancholic and peaceful as opposed to his name.

She took the pen, normally this time, and wrote on the pad in her typical elegant perfectionist handwriting despite it being only two letters. Av. She gave it back to him with a smile. "I'm sure you know how to pronounce that." There was no sarcasm or mockery in her tone. The boy may not be able to speak, but she knew that in his thoughts, he had a voice and spoke like any other person.

Her eyes shifted to the dog who looked freaking adorable with its head popping out of her blazer like that. She looked back at the owner and pursed her lips. "A-as for the cage.. I'm willing to pay for a new one.. since it broke and all. Obviously that's not my fault but I'm kind enough to take responsibility," she said.

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19 Re: A New Home for a New Friend (Open) on Thu Nov 26, 2015 12:12 am

Av. What a nice name. Reading the name, Gawain pondered for a small moment before acknowledging the word as the girl's name: the word was short, simple, and straight to the point like the girl herself. Nodding his head with a light smile to Av's statement, Gawain thought to himself about his mute nature, knowing that there was no way he'd be able to tell others he could pronounce; still, Av was kind enough to consider Gawain like everyone else in such a respect. Regardless, their conversation soon changed from names to the topic of the dog's cage.

Shaking his head to Av's offer and "apology", Gawain wrote his response, deciding to take responsibility of the situation due to the dog being his pet.

"You don't have to. I'm more than willing to take care of my own expenses, but thank you for the offer, Av."

Handing the girl his notepad, Gawain watched Av calmly while the little dog rested in the midst of their conversation. They surely were becoming better acquaintances than when they first met.

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20 Re: A New Home for a New Friend (Open) on Thu Nov 26, 2015 7:41 am

"You don't have to. I'm more than willing to take care of my own expenses, but thank you for the offer, Av."

Averia frowned as she folded her arms and turned her head away. "Don't misunderstand. I'm not doing this for you. I'm doing this for myself. I dont want you to think I owe you anything, which obviously I really don't." She looked at him briefly and eyed him from head to toe.

"Besides, it doesn't even look like you have any money in you, seeing as you're not the type to go on a hunt yourself." Once again her personality was out of control but to her, she was speaking the truth. She didn't find anything wrong with what she said thus the casual tone behind it. In fact, she was naively concerned for the boy.

His passive and caring nature triggered her protective... and somewhat mild side. Exaggerated thoughts had already sprung on her mind, thinking because he needed to pay the cage, he needed to go on a hunt. And what if he gets killed during the hunt all because of a stupid cage? Yeah, her non-existent conscience would not like that.

She dug into her pocket and took out a cheque. Using the boy's pen, Averia wrote an amount that was more than enough to afford the cage before placing the paper on the table in front of him.

"If you're still hesitant, think of it as me paying you to shut up." She paused, completely forgetting this guy was mute again. "Whatever. You know what I mean. The thing that happened downstairs? Yeah, I'm not involved in any of that. If a teacher asks you, don't you dare mention my name. Worse case scenario you take the blame." Her eyes narrowed. "Got it?"

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21 Re: A New Home for a New Friend (Open) on Thu Nov 26, 2015 3:55 pm


Staring at the check on the table, picking it up from its spot, Gawain gazed at Av for a moment, almost ready to take her "kindness" willingly. Regardless of her offering, Gawain gently set the check down on the table, shaking his head afterwards as he closed his notepad and placed his pen in its original spot, all while a calm, collected look lingered on his face. Turning to his dog, Gawain gently lifted off the blazer and handed it to the girl without falter, only to pick up his then resting dog.

No matter how much Av was willing to give Gawain, the mute boy would refuse in the end. No matter how kind she was being, Gawain was still a humble being, willing to do things on his own and accept mistakes as his responsibility. Regardless, he wasn't going to tattle tale on the girl, knowing that she herself didn't deserve any trouble.

So, without anything more to say, Gawain left with his resting dog to his chest, hopefully on well terms with the girl.

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22 Re: A New Home for a New Friend (Open) on Thu Nov 26, 2015 4:47 pm

Averia's eyes narrowed as she watched the boy leave the cheque on the table without even a response. It seemed he was adamant to pay for his expenses. Well, Averia didn't mind, as long at the boy didn't tell a teacher on her. More cash for her. She stood up and received her blazer without a word and draped it around her shoulders as she bent down to pick up the cheque from the table.

"If that's what you want, then fine. Just remember our deal." She warned.

As Averia straightened up, her eyes trailed over to the puppy on his arms and she smiled warmly. Perhaps she should get a pet of her own some time - alleviates from her boring routine in the academy.

"Alright, well, nice meeting you Gawain. Take care of the puppy," she turned around to leave. She paused on her tracks before lowering her head and grumbling. "..and yourself."

With that, Averia flipped her perfect golden hair back and walked away.


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