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Close Quarter Quarrels [private/M. Haze]

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1 Close Quarter Quarrels [private/M. Haze] on Tue Nov 24, 2015 5:54 pm

"For the last time, I don't need a tutor! No! I'm perfectly fine with my guns and hand-to-hand... huh? No, I'm not gonna die.. I killed two grimms yesterday! Hello? Mom? You there?"

Averia looked at her phone and cursed under her breath as she saw the call had disconnected, more like the person hanged up on her, and that person being her mother. See, this was the reason why she didn't want to give them her number. She did leave Atlas to be independent yet her parents keep finding ways to meddle with her life. Averia growled childishly and kicked the closest thing to her which happened to be a random student on the hallway passing by. The student whimpered but couldn't really complain since it was Averia, the bully, who had kicked him.

The blonde-haired girl stepped out of the dormitories and made her way to the training arena, still grumbling of the situation she found herself in. She received a call this morning informing her that her parents had hired a 'tutor' upon learning she was lacking in close quarter combat skills involving a melee weapon. Averia herself was confident with her dexterity and hand-to-hand combat so she didn't find it necessary to further improve her swordsmanship. However, knowing Nightfrosts, they wouldn't settle for anything less than perfection.

Averia reached the training arena, the place she was supposed to meet this so called specialist. From what she heard, this tutor was famous for her skills back in the day, so much so that even Nightfrosts acknowledged her being. Now this definitely sparked her interest. Who could have been so great that she was entrusted to this person's care?

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2 Re: Close Quarter Quarrels [private/M. Haze] on Tue Nov 24, 2015 7:19 pm

"Mhmhmm HhmmHmm~" The goddess hummed, daintily polishing the newest addition to her collection. A new necklace, made from twenty-four karat gold. While it wasn't the most glamorous of items in her collection, nor nearly the most highly priced, it was a pretty thing. The chain was probably the most expertly crafted piece, each golden link matching seamlessly with it's neighbours. Each one no more than a quarter of a centimetre in diameter. The latch, a gentle little twisting piece.

The ornamental part of the chain however was slightly garish. A sword. A bland one at that. A cross short sword. Wrapped around which was a snake, with two ruby red eyes and a slither of a golden tong poking out.

To be honest she was rather uncomfortable with her more snake like traits, often attempting to distance herself from the slithering creature that was so near the ground and filth, but gold was gold. She couldn't be mad at such a precious piece. The ultimate woman secede her polishing, placing the item within her private safe and locking it. She then once more glanced over the letter that had came attached, the stack of documents that had later accompanied it sitting atop her pristine coffee table.

Dearest, Madam Eminence Haze.

Greetings, it has been so long since we last were in touch. I was perusing the papers and went to look for my daughter's face in the Syne Post only to find you! I was quite shocked to hear one as wealthy as you would be teaching the masses at the school in which you learned. Oh what a most charitable thing to do! I have attached to this letter an item given to me long ago by your late mother, in exchange may I ask a favour of you? My daughter, a relative newcomer to this school, I fear she may be ill equipped to handle the task of becoming a huntress. It is well known to me that she would struggle in close quarters, even as a baby she struggled to shake her rattle with any force. Could you perhaps tutor her? Should it go well I will be more than willing to pay in these trinkets in return for further services. Perhaps on the Twenty Fourth of November? I could instruct her to meet you at a training arena of sorts. Bellow I have attached my scroll number so we can further this conversation.

Hopping you are well; Lady Nightfrost

P.S. Try not to be too rough on her, I would prefer my step-daughter did not return to me lacking an eye or with some hideous scar.

The name "Nightfrost" did not hold the slightest of meaning to her Eminence. Perhaps she was one of the silly women mummy would have around to play tennis with, maybe she had bought some jewellery from her father. Honestly, she cared little who she was. This woman had offered her gold in exchange for briefly babysitting her brat, that was far superior to the school's pay-rate... even if the woman paying her seemed far more pompous than the Headmistress. Either way, post a round of messaging that Haze had mostly ignored, the Perfect Teacher had been sent a ton of pointless information on the student she was to teach... one that looked a little familiar.

Perhaps they had been in her class, or maybe just been given a passing glance. Most of the information was garbage anyway, riddled with imperfections and embarrassing baby photos. Haze did however get what little information she had needed from the documents, the girl's semblance and fighting style. Why her mother wanted enthuses on close quarters mattered not to Haze, this was all for the gold. With a semblance of ice manipulation the goddess knew exactly how this imperfect child could perform such combat however, having beaten many element manipulators who had focused on close quarters in her brief time upon this imperfect rock.

She begrudgingly retrieved her weapon, newly polished, and dust; placing both items within a stylish deep purple leather handbag. In all honesty she'd rather be here, shining the rest of her collection, but alas this could only lead to the growth of her hoard and would thus be good in the long run.

You may be wondering quite why Madam Haze was wearing a pristine version of the garments she had worn to teach in just the day prior, a fresh cape and all. Well, not only was this perfect piece her most tacky work clothes, but her shoulders were free to swing her weapon in her tennis like style and her posture was kept perfect by it's snug fit. The tiara kept the hair from her magnificent eyes and the gloves prevented grazing of her hands. In short; it's elegance and style allowed for her fighting style to be perfectly implemented. Even the dress's front opener allowed for some degree of speed, having mastered the art of running in high heels... though her fighting style involved little to no running away.

She collected her keys from her mannor's desktop, making her way outside at her own pace. She proceeded to her large purple sports car, taking off toward Bellemuse and attempting to ignore the rabble outside. Eventually she reached the academy, parking in her reserved space, and leading herself to the training area that she and the student's mother had agreed on... around half an hour late... or in her opinion, perfectly on time; the student had been early. They ought to have at least taken this time to practice and warm up.

Madam Haze noted a water sprocket for refilling water bottles by the entrance, noting how it would most likely be easiest to form the weapon the student craved to learn from the water within it. She looked to the only student present, a girl with golden hair who appeared vaguely familiar.

"Ah~ So you truly want to take a step closer to perfection in close quarters weaponry, do you student?" Madam Haze crooned in her godly sweet voice.

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3 Re: Close Quarter Quarrels [private/M. Haze] on Tue Nov 24, 2015 8:27 pm

"Ah~ So you truly want to take a step closer to perfection in close quarters weaponry student?"

Averia looked up from the book she had been reading and came face to face with Madame Eminence Haze herself. This woman? She frowned a little as she gave the woman a once-over, scrutinising every little detail she could find. Sure Averia found the professor interesting from the newspaper interview and her first class with her, but she didn't expect Haze to be that much of a fighter. She didn't even allow weapons for her first class.

"Hm. No, not really. But I'm guessing you had a deal with my parents so I'll take it. I was bored anyway," Averia said casually, placing her book down on a bench nearby. She tilted her head and lowered her eyebrows as she began looking at the woman again. She still couldn't believe this would be her 'tutor'. It sparked her curiosity and actually made her anticipate the lesson. It's as though she saw the lazy professor in a new light.

"I'm Av," she introduced herself simply. The woman wouldn't remember her afterwards anyway since she assumed that's the type of person Haze was. So why bother with a long intro? "I hear you're my tutor for the day, so let's just get this thing over with early. Show me what you got, madam~"

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4 Re: Close Quarter Quarrels [private/M. Haze] on Wed Nov 25, 2015 11:03 am

The goddess cocked her head to the side; "Why would I ever do that? Goldilocks, you're the one being tutored here. You should be showing me what you can do... though your eagerness for to see combat perfection personified is entirely justified."

She elegantly removed her mace from her handbag, scrutinising her prior polishing; "You should show me what you can do instead, that way we can push your poor efforts toward something slightly more... skilled. Rather than the mess you must be if your mother is calling Madam Haze herself to tutor you."

The goddess daintily gestured to the faucet behind her, a small and relatively dirty looking drinking fountain; "You can use that, coupled with your semblance, to gain a weapon to fight with, can you not? Or does your incompetence make it so that even a simplistic task like that is beyond you?"

Madam Haze paused her inspection of her tool, for which she gave herself flawless marks, and looked to scrutinise the girl before her. "It does not however seem you have warmed up for this, did you think we'd be idly gossiping? That you could just relax while I gave you all the answers? No, why would I go to such lengths for an insect like you? Hurry up, my precious time is not for wasting."

She then thrust her mace in the direction of the training dummies, strong foam torsos on thick black pikes that were fastened to the ground in a line. They appeared new, not a single mark nor scratch on any of their bodies.

"Form your weapon and you can practice against them, they seem equal opponents to one such as yourself." She commanded.

She raised a gloved hand to her mouth, snickering surreptitiously at the irony behind a dummy such as her fighting literal dummies. This would be easier than she had anticipated, get the brat to slice up a few of them and be gone before the next hour. Perhaps she'd be back in time to observe some dunces dancing around the Amity Arena, such a thing could only enforce her self-confidence.

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5 Re: Close Quarter Quarrels [private/M. Haze] on Wed Nov 25, 2015 11:43 am

Goldilocks? Mess? Insect?

Averia's eye twitched at every insult this woman had thrown at her. Now she finally understood why this woman had fascinated her before. They were alike in ways that both had high perception of themselves and viewed others below them. Averia was used to doing it on others, but it was a different matter when she was at the receiving end. Furthermore, she couldn't do anything since this woman was, for some god forsaken reason, a professor.

She glanced at the dirty looking fountain before her jaw tightened. This woman was really... getting on her nerves... underestimating her like that. Her left hand clenched into a fist before loosening. Ice crystals danced around her forearm down her hand until it swirled and formed a sleek double-edged rapier. Did she think she could only use her semblance with presence of visible water? The air itself is composed of water vapour that she could crystallize to her heart's content.

Averia surveyed the surroundings through the corner of her eyes and upon realising there were just the two of them, she felt the need to be bold. The girl stepped up towards the woman and raised the ice blade, pointing the other end to her neck.

"Don't act all high and mighty on me, Haze. If you're so perfect, why are you just a professor stinking in some low rate kingdom? You're so disappointing that you have to resort to teaching a student and wasting your 'precious' time to earn a living. Or are you gonna use your non-existent perfection again as an excuse for the failure that you really are?"

The girl finally lowered the blade, looked at the dummies from a distance before glaring back at the woman. "For your information, I am not obeying your orders. I am doing this because I want to," she said before dashing towards the dummies. With a firm grip on the blade, she made a diagonal strike on one dummy, spinning on her heels and delivered a horizontal slice to the next, then placed one foot back to end with an upward strike. She felt slight pain on her wrist but ignored it and continued slashing on the rest of the dummies. Averia let out a sigh once all dummies had at least a slash on them. She rubbed her left wrist unconsciously as she made her way back to the woman. "Well?"

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6 Re: Close Quarter Quarrels [private/M. Haze] on Wed Nov 25, 2015 1:27 pm

"Is it really an excuse if it's true?" Haze own mace pried the frosty-sword away from her neck, smirking; "I'm here because I'm needed by little brats like you, children who are not nearly as good as the previous generation of huntswomen."

As the girl began to follow the tutor's orders Haze smirk grew further still; "Yes, of course. On your own accord. Just like I'm here because I want to be, not because your parents gifted me one of your family's treasures in return for their daughter's babysitting. Potentially more over this school year, your mommy and daddy can clearly see my perfection. It's only a matter of time till you do to."

Haze rolled her eyes at the student's dummy assault, hardly paying any attention after she moved on from the first, it was rather clear this wasn't her strongest suit. Her overuse of slashes was a rather clear example of it, with the use of a rapier sword no less; a sword for accurate poking and thrusting rather than crazed slashing. Not to mention how clear it was that working with a sword made of ice was not only rather cold in the hand but hard and rough, putting strain on the imperfect girl's hands.

The goddess shook her head at the failure; "Have you ever even fought with or against a rapier? It's advantage over other swords is it's long blade and sharp pointed end. Side slashes should only be used when no other option is available. You are expending far too much energy and effort, to be perfect one must spend next to none and get the job done. For example."

Haze removed one of her hands from it's glove, revealing perfectly polished and sharpened red nails, before expending vast amounts of aura from her fingertips in the form of her semblance. Using this thick purple smog she focused it into a thick gas humanoid, an entirely purple version of Averia. Returning her glove to her hand Madam Haze raised her mace and took a good step backward to compose herself.

"This isn't how you would use a mace but with a rapier," Madam Haze took one quick lunge forward, aided by her speed aura. She thrust her golden mace forward, piercing the gas body straight through the heart would be, "Precision is  far more useful than wild slashing, I suggest you make a broadsword instead. Fits your more... inelegant style of fighting."

The gas clone stayed stood still, a simple hole having displaced from where the mace entered to where it exited. She then brought the heavy metal piece straight up, briefly turning the head to wisps before the entire body returned to it's initial form.

Haze sighed, rising to her usual perfect posture and resting her mace's head in her other hand; "However, should you truly wish to focus on the rapier then try lunging. It provides deadly hits with half the effort, makes use of the weapon's longer reach and well..." Haze did not run out of things to say she simply... took a pause to marvel in her own perfection, "Even a simpleton could do it, ought to be less painful on your weak wrists to. Go on."

With a simple wave of her hand the gas clone of Averia stood before the original in a neutral stance, ready to be struck... Haze couldn't tell which of the two had a more toxic personality.


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7 Re: Close Quarter Quarrels [private/M. Haze] on Wed Nov 25, 2015 1:59 pm

"I suggest you make a broadsword instead. Fits your more... inelegant style of fighting."

Averia snickered upon hearing that statement. "That coming from someone wielding a mace," she whispered. Nonetheless, Averia did listen to her words. Despite the woman's rather unpleasant nature, she appeared to know what she was talking about.

Averia faced the purple smoke and raised an eyebrow. What a weird semblance... yet oddly fits her. The name sake too. she thought. She moved back a couple of distance from the said smoke and she turned to her side, placing one foot back perpendicular to the other. Her right hand locked behind her while her left held the rapier in a typical fencing stance. It's been a while since she was in this kind of position. She did train to use a rapier back then but to no avail. Melee weapon was just not for her.

As per instruction, she made a quick lunge and struck the smoke with the blade's end. It found its mark but was a little to the right of the heart. She blinked and lunged again, this time hitting it on the neck. Averia bit the inside of her cheek in frustration. Apparently, swords didn't move in a perfectly straight line as a bullet with a simple press of a trigger. She had to take into account the motion of her shoulder, elbow and wrist, not to mention her grip and the exact time she needed to outstretch her arm.

Averia glanced at Haze, her eyebrow twitched for she already knew what was going on inside that pesky brain of hers. She glared at the smoke and with a new found concentration. She lunged, this time hitting the heart perfectly. She would pull back, strike.. to the liver, pull back again and this time drove it to the middle of the forehead.

She lowered her blade and looked at Haze. "How was that?"

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8 Re: Close Quarter Quarrels [private/M. Haze] on Wed Nov 25, 2015 2:36 pm

"FuFuFuu~ FuFuFu-Fu Fuuu~" Madam Haze brought a gloved fist to her mouth, attempting to contain the perfect laughter that flew from her lips. Either this girl was completely useless or she had absolutely no knowledge of anatomy whatsoever. She couldn't hit a version of herself who was standing still, let alone a moving target. Haze had planned to propose she aim for a kidney or a lung next... but she had her doubts the girl had any idea what one even was.

She then smirked, scoffing; "Are you certain you still want to use a rapier... I think a Warhammer would fit one with your level of elegance far better. Perhaps a buster sword? Don't have to be so precise nor skilful... that'd be beneficial to you. FuFuFuu~ That was awful, utterly awful. You got worse with each attempt!~"

With a wave of her hand Averia's toxic-clone began to change, going from a humanoid of her proportions to a dartboard style target; the center bull's eye being a far darker purple than the rest of the disk. The large circle was around a meter in diameter and currently floated directly in line with how the girl should properly thrust her rapier.

"Alright though, if you really want to keep failing then I'll humour you. Try to land a bull's eye, if you can we'll skip this stage today and move on to the next step of training. If not well... I'm not sure mummy would be happy that baby can't hit a target, let alone a creature of Grimm. Do you think you can handle this goldilocks? Hitting a simple target?" Madam Haze smirked, hoping for more of the girl's failures.

"If you can strike this target then, perhaps, I will allow you to witness more of my magnificence. The step after this, a step beyond what I think you can do, would be feinting. After that however, the only good way to practice would to be fight I; the perfect huntress." She informed with a smirk, certain the girl's riled up state would lead to her missing the target entirely.

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9 Re: Close Quarter Quarrels [private/M. Haze] on Wed Nov 25, 2015 3:00 pm

Averia raised an eyebrow at Haze pointing out she got worse with every strike. Those three last hits were perfectly on point and she didn't see any problem with it unless of course... the girl snickered mockingly. Did Haze think she was targeting the heart the whole time? Her mental speed was slower than she thought. Sure she was aiming for the heart at first, but hitting it thereafter, she moved on to the other vital parts of the body.

The girl didn't say a word and simply faced the target board. She took a step back and shifted to her stance. What better way to shut this woman up than to prove her wrong. The grip on her rapier tightened as she tried to remember the motion and momentum she had used before: shoulder, elbow and wrists within a line, the only movement of the joints should contribute to a straight motion. Perfect. And then she lunged. Strike. Right in the middle. Proper footwork to draw back. Strike again, hitting the centre without a miss. Last one, shuffle back, then lunge, piercing right through the target.

Averia straightened and lowered her blade, giving the woman her annoyed stare. "What? You hoped I'd miss? Only fools make the same mistake twice. Now that that's done, you can stop talking crap now and just teach the next step."

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10 Re: Close Quarter Quarrels [private/M. Haze] on Wed Nov 25, 2015 3:51 pm

Haze didn't say a word. Before the girl could even complete her line of dialogue Haze swung her mace with her right hand in a forehand motion, however, this strike was aimed to miss the brat's nose by a few millimetres. The intended hit would come from Madam Haze's left hand, a knife-hand style blow aimed directly for the girl's neck shot out like a python from beneath her mace swinging arm just as it passed her nose. Hit or miss she immediately jumped backward, her aura helping to propel her swiftly through the air. While doing so she pulled the toxic fumes in-between them, acting as a barrier so that Averia would be at risk should she try to cross through it in rage. She landed with a slight wobble due to her heels but quickly raised her mace, ready to counter any following assault the idiot had in mind.

"Now, before you try to start phase three of this tutoring, do you understand what I just did?" Madam Haze toyed, recalling the toxic cloud to her person so she could talk to the pupil; "Not only did I take advantage of your bratty personality for a surprise attack, but coupling that with an initial feint made it so much harder to dodge. In close quarters combat there are so many brutes, those who will strike hard and fast at the first inclination. To apply class, sophistication and... subterfuge when fighting these such foes guaranties victory."

The bold woman finally shrugged off her cape and removed her handbag, gently setting the items to one side "Now, naturally I won't try my hardest to dodge, but if you can land a single feint style hit on me we shall have our spar... after a break to refresh and such of course. But the spar will come."

Alike a master to their dog Haze waggled a finger to the girl, smirking like the know it all goddess that she was. She would leave this girl ragged for the spar and simply finish her... it had not yet occurred to Haze she had not fought another person in several years. Her red eyes sparkled, she felt like her seventeen year old self; facing those bullies post her month of continuous training.

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11 Re: Close Quarter Quarrels [private/M. Haze] on Wed Nov 25, 2015 6:28 pm

Averia's eyes widened as the mace came swinging to her face. Her reflex kicked in, head moving back slightly just enough for the weapon to miss. However, she realised too late that it was a distraction. The snake never intended to hit her with it. Instead, her left hand shot forward and struck at her neck. Averia didn't have time to react to a point-blank range attack. She wasn't even in battle mode yet thus her concentration was nowhere near ready for such kind of surprise attack.


The strike connected and Averia felt like oxygen escaped her being. She coughed and stumbled back, dropping the rapier as both hands held on her throat that was throbbing in shock. Weaponry and hand-to-hand? Her eyes burned an azure blaze as her aura leaked and she glared at the woman who had gained distance from her. She crouched down and was ready to pounce back only to realise the woman was one step ahead of her. The purple smoke prevented her from doing anything.

Averia gritted her teeth as her eyes narrowed in irritation. She didn't know if she admired the woman or hated her. Definitely the latter. Yes. She hated her with a passion. Upon the professor's suggestion of attacking her, Averia was more than willing. Oh she'd love to strike that filthy body of hers.

She picked up her rapier with one hand while the other hovered over the hilt. She ran the hand along the length of the blade, the rapier's edges noticeably dulling as it passed by. Even the end was blunt. Sure she'd love to strike holes on that snake faunus, but she wouldn't appreciate the consequences of a student accidentally stabbing a teacher.

The girl took her position as before. Her eyes had toned back to an opaque blue as she retracted her aura. This time she was focused on battle and wouldn't allow something like a surprise attack to catch her off-guard.

She dashed forward as though she would charge head on towards the woman but then skidded to a halt at the last minute to throw the latter off. Almost immediately she would lunge at her, striking at the heart area as per her practice earlier. It proved to be harder since the woman had more than a whole foot of height advantage, but that also meant she had a bigger target. With arm still outstretched, she would pull back slightly and twist her wrist downward to strike at the woman's stomach area. For the final attack she would retract fully and motioned to strike at the woman's head. However, it was a feint. Her left hand continued its motion forward but her fingers would slip off from the grip to catch the rapier with her right hand and use that to strike at the woman's thigh. Wielding dual guns, it came as no surprise that Averia was ambidextrous.

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12 Re: Close Quarter Quarrels [private/M. Haze] on Wed Nov 25, 2015 7:27 pm

Haze felt her smirk grow larger as the girl dashed forward, weapon held out across her chest. She found the girl's first attack rather sloppy, even though she had paused before the lunge to throw the tutor off; an attack charging head first and a lunge could be dodged in much the same way. A simple slide to the left, passed her blade. It was rather obvious she was still not used to this fighting style, though admittedly it was a far cry from her regular gun slinging style... Haze was not kind enough to overlook such a thing however.

As she saw the blade going for her head she could see the student's grip loosening and the sword as it fell. She reacted accordingly, flipping her mace upside-down in her grip and parrying against the blade's inner side as it was dropped and thrust. This ended with the golden sceptre sandwiched between the icy cold blade and Eminence's own thigh; her arm crossed rather uncomfortably across her body.

Haze locked eyes with her opponent, a dominating smirk plastered on her face; so wide in fact that her snake faunus teeth in all their terrifying glory could be seen.

With her left Haze reached aimed a backhand, not to strike the girl no. This gesture pulled the miasma of toxic air between the two, not only would this force the student back but it gave Haze time to push that sword from her thigh and jump back. It could even potentially poison her if she was so stupid as to run through it.

Sliding on her heals the Toxic Goddess, as she had been dubbed during her time at the academy, drew her mace back across her body in it's regular defensive form; the half of the weapon with the weighted end still sticking out of the pinky side of her fist. As the cloud obscuring the girl's vision began to thin Haze could not help but feel a single bead of sweat trailing down her nose... she shook her hair back to regain her composure.


The divine tutor began to twirl the mace in her hand like a ballet student would a baton, but this was no ballet student, this was the three year consecutive most likely to become a famous Huntress Eminence P. Haze. NO! This was Famous Huntress Eminence P. Haze!

Her mace spun at such a speed it appeared a sun in the training arena's light; she was ready for whatever this brat would try to throw at her.

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13 Re: Close Quarter Quarrels [private/M. Haze] on Wed Nov 25, 2015 8:07 pm

Averia glared back without a word as the woman locked eyes with her. She had to admit, the latter's reaction time was fast. Just as anyone would expect from a professor. Averia noticed the backhand from the corner of her eye and she jumped back, planning to speed forward once again only to realise that the woman had used her annoying toxic smoke once again. Where are my guns when you need them? She thought as she was rendered incapable of attacking her foe while the smoke was in place. She could try and dash through it covering her nose and mouth, but she doubted that smoke could only poison someone through inhalation. She respected the woman enough to know her semblance was much more than that.

Once the smoke cleared, Averia sped through, her rapier switched back to her left hand and used the exact same attack she used before - a lunge to strike the heart. If it connected, great. If not, then that was exactly what she had mind. One knee bent as she dropped on the ground and twisted her body, allowing her other stretched out leg to swipe a full 360 degree kick aiming to hit the woman from below, yet otherwise forcing her to jump in the air. She would then use this advantage and strike the woman with the blade since mobility in the air is limited as opposed to the ground.

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14 Re: Close Quarter Quarrels [private/M. Haze] on Thu Nov 26, 2015 3:05 pm

The famous huntress' spinning baton collided with the icy blade of the student as they made their first lunge, knocking its trajectory off and passed the goddess' thigh. She didn't wait a second in case it was a feint of any sort, immediately throwing her body backward a good two and a half feet plus skid space. As the girl's icy weapon missed it's swing Goddess Haze chose to take advantage of her opponent's silly decision to drop, setting off in an elegant dash with her mace out to the side. Using her amazing agility Haze set of in a divine dash, getting herself away from the wall behind her that she had been rapidly encroaching on her person space.

She held her mace out to the girl's side, one would expect this was to strike or beat in a hit and run style but it was really just to block or parry any attempts to slash her on her way passed.

"Insects like you belong down there, kneeling at my feet and flattering me on an hourly basis, Fu-Fu-Fuu~" She smirked, turning and skidding to a halt and once more drawing her weapon across her chest in a defensive stance.

"You do however seem to have forgotten, this is not a spar... at least not yet. You're meant to land a blow after feinting, not go for the kill then try something tricky you idiot. You realises you can feint more than once, don't you? Just because I didn't show you it doesn't mean it's not blatantly obvious." Haze tutted... but she felt her breath beginning to hitch, a wheeze beginning to sound.

Three beads of sweat had collected atop her right eyebrow, the left having collected two. She thrust her head back, all but a few strands of hair returning to their rightful place. She steadied, assuring herself that those which had not were simply just too enamoured with their perfect positions on her body. She let heavy breaths through her nose, refusing to pant.

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15 Re: Close Quarter Quarrels [private/M. Haze] on Thu Nov 26, 2015 4:34 pm

Too fast for her. The woman was undeniably too fast that one movement was all it took for all of Averia's attacks to go in vain. Not even the slide kick had connected which was almost impossible to dodge. And though Averia was successful in making the woman jump in the air, her blade didn't connect. The professor didn't even parry them except the first one. She just plain out dodged. Was she really too fast or could she just predict my moves?

She heard her talk about feinting again. Well that kick was supposed to be a feint and it didn't work. How the hell would she know how to do a 'proper' feint when all the example the professor gave was a simple surprise attack to a person who was not even on guard yet. Averia took a calm step to the side to avoid the woman who had passed her with the mace.

The blonde-haired girl stood there for a moment, pondering over what to do, as well as to catch her breath. Frosts didn't perspire for it was in their semblance's nature to exude lower temperature, yet that didn't mean Averia wasn't tired. She was bloody exhausted and the spar hasn't even started.

Averia finally turned to face the professor. Multiple feint eh? Might as well try. She walked towards the woman and stopped a good distance from her. She went into position and stared at the opponent eye to eye. This way she made sure she was watching her movements properly for this next attack would only work once. Then she lunged. First attack was directed right in the middle of the woman's body. Whether she avoid, parry or whatnot doesn't matter for Averia would pull back this time strike the woman towards her upper right shoulder. That's what it would appear to be for she would let go of her sword again and pass it to her right hand, the exact same thing she did before. The blade would then strike on the opponent's lower left thigh.

However, Averia made the position on purpose so that the woman's attention was on her lower left thigh. A new ice rapier formed and shot forward from Averia's left hand to strike the woman's right shoulder. The two blades would hit the professor almost simultaneously.

Aura: 130 (-10) | HP: 140/140

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16 Re: Close Quarter Quarrels [private/M. Haze] on Thu Nov 26, 2015 6:31 pm

Haze took the student's time and she used it. As the girl was seemingly mulling over her next move and catching their breath, Haze prepared herself for the oncoming attack. She began to take a side on stance, deciding it was about time for some extra-credit. She'd show this prissy brat a counter a blow perfectly.

She locked eyes with the girl, lunging forward before-

In the initial movement of her legs to bolt toward the insect the goddess felt a slight pain... no actually... it wasn't so slight... it felt as if someone had dug a small knife into her left calf muscle. As the student charged forward her Eminence let out a horrible, yet perfectly executed, screech in pain; dropping down significantly as the girl's initial jab and swipe came in... this in turn resulted in the girl's icy sword lightly thwapping off the back of her head with a ringing tone as the goddess fell; grabbing her leg.

She let out the most perfect of groans, sitting on the floor and clutching her leg as a newly formed ice rapier flew over her head... she sat at the foot of a student... how ghastly.

Haze shot back up once the girl's assault had finished; "You realise what this means don't you?" She brushed back her hair with her unarmed hand, walking by the girl... there was a slight limp in her step but she used the wild sashaying of her hips to compensate for what would have otherwise appeared to be an injured leg, "My body felt so bad for your pitiful efforts, it decided you would never succeed in landing a simple feinting hit. As such it allowed you to tap me on the head so that I, the Grand Madam Haze, could continue with my life and not spend all day dodging your pitiful attacks."

With her final word the injured goddess turned on her heel, looking back to the girl, having walked up to her handbag. She daintily lower herself and picked up the bag.

"And of course, unlike you I had a long car journey before this endeavour. Meanwhile you had all the time in the world to stretch, probably got warmed up more than enough from my excellent training." She hissed, rummaging through the bag until she found the very object she desired; a can of wine. To be more specific a rather cold can of wine, having been kept in the confines of her flame-retardant purple leather bag. While it wasn't quite the girl she had been facing, the can was still lightly cold... bland in design alike her to.

Haze held the can to the leg that had taken it upon itself to give the golden haired girl a chance, soothing the slight cramp that had so briefly embarrassed her. Of course, a goddess of perfection once of her had to be embarrassed every so often. What other way could she prove she was so much better than everyone else at being embarrassed? She ignored the truth, that her lack of recent training had led her body to deteriorate, entirely.

"Alright girl, you've earned a brief break. Come over here, a break from combat does not mean a break from your tutoring," A smirk grew on Madam Haze's face, "I have a very important task for you to do, more important than even us sparing after you complete it."

190HP 80 Aura

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17 Re: Close Quarter Quarrels [private/M. Haze] on Thu Nov 26, 2015 7:52 pm

Averia's eyes widened as her opponent dropped to the ground even before her attack connected. Due to her motion however, the rapier was able to lightly tap on the back of the woman's head, both of her rapiers then hitting the air as the opponent was nowhere near where she assumed the target would be. Averia straightened as she looked down at the suppose-to-be-perfect woman holding her leg in pain - a position she didn't expect a Madame Haze to ever be in. What? Cramp? Or did she twist her ankle cause of her heels? Tsk. Seriously. The girl bent down to offer a hand but the woman was already back to her feet as though nothing ever happened.

Averia could only stare blankly as she was once again at the receiving end of this woman's insults. At least it wasn't as annoying. The professor's words didn't hold the same poison as before, especially when she was walking like that... trying to hide her limp with the awkward sashaying of her hips. The hell is she talking about warming up? I didn't stretch too just like you. She thought. Averia shook her head. They really are almost alike.

She walked to the woman and bent down, casually brushing her fingers on the can of wine to infuse it with her semblance and thus make it ice-cold. She knew the woman had so much pride that she wouldn't accept any help or even be seen receiving one, so she removed her hand right away and sat in front of the professor.

"Just so you know I am not satisfied with that strike. Next time, I'm giving a legal hit and make you scream the same way," Averia said.

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18 Re: Close Quarter Quarrels [private/M. Haze] on Thu Nov 26, 2015 8:43 pm

The recovering goddess' sensitive skin could feel the girl's cooling blast. Did she think that Madam Haze would so freely let anyone venture that close without imposing a glare upon them? She did not however thank the girl for her cooling blast, instead she rolled her eyes at the stupid girl's claims; "Goldilocks, there's not going to be a next time. My body felt sorry for you and decided to act on a whim, besides... you're clearly more fitted as a cooler than as a huntress. Have you considered making wine glasses from your ice? It'd be far more useful than your other techniques."

Feeling her injured leg had sufficiently cooled and seeing the brat on the ground bellow her, Haze felt a confident smirk grow on her lips. She felt the pain in her leg was mostly relieved and well... there was an obvious way to sooth the remainder. She cracked open the cool can, taking slow sips of the deep red wine it held. It wasn't nearly as good as corked and bottled, but for the presence of this insect it was rather fitting. Drinking trashy wine around a trashy girl... though even this liquor may have been too good for her.

She elected to continue her prior lecture, "I mean... why would you ever throw a rapier? You could easily have made a spear as the second blade, not only would it have flown better but it seems like a lot less effort; thus closer to perfection~ FuFuFuFuu~"

The goddess had wholly returned by this point, looking down on the weak mortal bellow her as it begged for praise and perfection to be bestowed upon it. Unfortunately for Averia however; the Madam Haze had the monopoly on both of these things. Her Eminence reached into her handbag and pulled forth a notepad alongside a bright red pen; dropping it next to the undesirable broad.

"This is a piece of homework I forgot to give a class just the other day... in no less than two hundred words write absolutely everything you love about me." Madam Haze deadpanned, "You ought to get a start on it now, and of course there is no way you could finish such an amazing task in such a tiny period, but I expect it in full no later than Friday... although no writer could ever transfer my flawless nature to text that should at least give you some time to form a shorthand version. And yes. You will be graded on this."

Haze drank the can slowly, her composure now fully regained. She took a few steps forward and then a few back, her sashayed walk no longer over exaggerated to compensate for injury but being her natural sashaying walk of style and confidence.

"You see? Good as new. That couldn't be more than a few minutes, though that's hardly a feat for one as perfect as me. Don't worry though Fridge-Girl, I won't interrupt your essay writing. I know a simpleton like you needs their breaks and of course to write so many words with a brain like yours, what a challenge."

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19 Re: Close Quarter Quarrels [private/M. Haze] on Thu Nov 26, 2015 10:45 pm

C-cooler?! Wine glass?! Fridge-girl?!

Now Averia was back to being pissed. How dare this woman insult her semblance like it was a cheap tool! Her semblance was like an extension of her being, a nature of the Nightfrosts. And this woman spoke of it as though she was a simple kitchen appliance?! All Averia's previous acknowledgement of the professor had vanished. This person was just... not... real. No. This woman did not deserve any form of respect, pity or warmth. Averia finally realised she will never develop any form of connection to this person. She didn't even know why she bothered trying.

Averia glared at the notepad the woman had thrown beside her then back to Haze. "Did you seriously think I'd do that even if it's graded?" She stood up, dusting her clothes, then without a word stomped on the notepad and kicked it back to her. "If you want it so much, do it yourself," Averia glowered.

Her eyes shifted to the can of drink on the woman's hand and she snapped her fingers. The content would freeze into ice and with her manipulation, explode out of the can. Almost immediately it would go back into its liquid form to drench the said professor in her own drink. Now Averia was never this rude but this woman was pushing her unpleasantness to a whole new level.

"Now if you would be so kindly as to focus on your job, that is to teach, I would appreciate it. You're wasting my precious time with your dilly dallying and leg cramping."

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20 Re: Close Quarter Quarrels [private/M. Haze] on Fri Nov 27, 2015 1:23 pm

"Why would I ever do it when I have underlings like you to for me? Do you really want mommy to know that her little ice cube is disobeying her teachers? Wouldn't that put a stain on the family name she seems to hold so dear... despite how tacky it sounds," Madam Haze smirked, just as the girl snapped her fingers. Feeling a sudden chill radiating from the can, three red pikes suddenly bursting from outward from it's side, Madam Haze let out a sigh before smirking.

She lifted the can to her lips, just beneath it's spikes, as the alcohol melted. There wasn't too much left in the can, and some did dribble down her lips and onto her chin, but she successfully shotgunned it's remainder. Removing the can from her lips she shook her head dismissively at the silly girl, tossing the busted can at her and quickly whipping her face back to it's prior perfect state.

"You sound as if you're wanting to be beaten. I know fine well you've got nothing better to do with your time, you're a student. You sleep all day and study all night, seeing as you're clearly one of the unpopular ones. I doubt you've every even tasted wine, let alone enjoyed the admiration of your peers. Never heard the flattery of your adoring fans..." Madam Haze had begun to reminisce, taking her mace in both hands.

"Fu-Fu-Fuu-Fu, Nothing could ever compare to being showered in awards, basking in the stage light before your pining peers... eating lavish meals after the ceremony and, post your acceptance speach, retiring to a queen sized bed within an exuberant hotel suit... But one as imperfect as you will never experience that, will you?" The superstar goddess sighed.

"You couldn't land a successful feint, what makes you think you'd ever be able to defeat me in a spar? You're shorter, less intelligent and far from the goddess I am." Haze reached into her purse, pulling forth a dark red dust crystal; "You don't even know how to counter, yet you're asking of me to hurry my teaching? Stupid girl, if I do not pace myself for you then my perfection will overwhelm you. A brain as small as yours can only take so much information at a time... however if you truly want to injure yourself, would you rather; attempt to fight me now, relax to catch your breath or learn to counter and parry? The latter of which will guaranty injury on your part, but certainly less so than the spar would."

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21 Re: Close Quarter Quarrels [private/M. Haze] on Fri Nov 27, 2015 4:20 pm

"You think I'm scared? Go tell my mommy and I go tell yours. I don't think the headmistress would be so happy knowing a new instructor made students write narcissistic comments about herself instead of doing her job properly."

Averia bit the inside of her cheek all the while glaring at the person in front of her. How did her family get into the picture again? She moved to Bellmuse to be independent and here she was having to deal with their dirt. Maybe I really should use my name... hire someone to assassinate this freak in her sleep. Averia shook those thoughts away and sighed. She was done losing her temper to this faunus. She will never win in the battle of words what with the snake's in-born foul mouth. This woman was just.. what's the word? Stubborn? Tenacious? Pest? Ah, gum. Yes. The gum on the bottom of her shoe. The more she tries to remove it, the more it sticks and irritates her.

She scoffed at the professor's little tale of fame and glory. "Yeah. And look where it got you. Go bask in your past since you can't do it now in your pathetic state. Lower than a headmistress of an academy. Disgusting." She rolled her eyes and turned around.

"And fine! Whatever. I'm taking a break because I want to and not because you told me. Tsk."

Averia stormed off the training arena since she didn't bring her own water. She actually didn't think this 'tutoring' would tire her out as so. There was a fountain in the arena but... yeah. She'd rather die than drink from that filthy refresher. She spotted a vending machine just outside and walked to it. As she did, she heard a few students talking.

"Hey, did you hear? Some students saw Madame Haze sparring with someone."
"What? THE Madame Haze, fighting? Wow. How did she look like?"
"Still elegant and hot--"

"NO!" Averia growled childishly and kicked the poor male student on his shin before continuing to walk. She was grumbling as she reached the vending machine and dug on her pocket. Oh great. She didn't have coins. This day was the worst.

Averia sighed and simply leaned back against a wall, closing her eyes to rest for a good ten minutes. When she opened them, she was feeling lazy. She didn't want to deal with that woman's dirt again, but knew she had no choice. She pushed herself off the wall and trudged back to the arena.

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22 Re: Close Quarter Quarrels [private/M. Haze] on Fri Nov 27, 2015 6:11 pm

"FuFuFuFuu~ Lower in position in this dead end job, sure. But does the title "Headmistress" not sound long and drab to you? Silly girl, take your break. Don't come back until you're prepared to learn how to counter." The cunning woman smirked, dusting the end of her mace with her gloved hand.

The smirk on her face grew to it's largest as the refrigerator stormed off, seemingly seething to itself. Her Eminence set the dust crystal back within her handbag, looking for somewhere to sit... it was then that a boy walked through the doorway, shortly after Goldilocks had left. A rather tall student, seemingly wearing a tux and carrying a beach chair of sorts beneath his arm.

"Madam Haze, I and a few of my fellow classmates couldn't help but notice you completely demolishing that student in a spar. She could not touch you at all, as such I thought it only right to retrieve this chair from my dorm-room and offer it to you." He informed, unfolding it.

Madam Haze took graced the seat with her presence, crossing her long slender legs as she lay down; "Naturally, you know of me then?"

The boy's eyes seemed to almost pop out of his head as he began to wildly gesture; "H-How could I not? You were a legend when you came to this school! Your name is plastered most everywhere!"

"Go on," The goddess indulged the mortal, allowing him to continue his speech all the while she inspected her golden mace for any indents or pieces that had been chipped off.

"You bested so many famous hunters and huntresses in your very first year! You've been such an inspiration to me and my friends! And I-I-I-

""I" What? Go on, spit it out. I've not got all day, soon that ice cube will return," She began to look through her purse once more, arranging her dust to a position which would allow easy retrieval.

The boy laughed, blushing profusely, "G-Good one Madam Haze, well erm... it's just that... well... it was related to that... w-would you like to ditch this failing pupil go out for some dinner with me?"

Madam Haze stopped, "No, but I'm in the mood for some caviar. Bring it here."

The boy went wide eyed, "M-Me... eating caviar with Madam Haze?! A real date with Madam Haze!? Oh I love you Madam!"

"What? Ew. No. Of course not, shut up. Take a few steps back you foolish boy. And here I thought you showed some promise." She scowled.

"W-What?" He flinched.

"You bring me the food, then you leave... what? You just told me how amazing I am, as nice and truthful as that was it should make it abundantly clear that I'm way out of your league. In fact, I'm out of everyone's league. For me to date one of you... it'd be like a goddess dating an ant." She shrugged, as if it were the most blatantly obvious thing in the world, "No man, woman, nor machine could ever match me. Thus no man nor woman shall ever be my lover. I will remain the singular perfect being."

The light in the boy's eyes seemed to vanish, having heard his hero turn celebrity crush utterly demolish his dream. His eyes seemed to water slightly; "C-Can I g-get my chair back?"

Madam Haze set her mace beside her, swished her hair out of her eyes, and pulled out a jewellery catalogue; proceeding to browse. She didn't even grace the traitorous mortal with a simple look. "If you remember to come back for it at the end of the day, yes."

Madam Haze couldn't help but smile as the boy stumbled and then ran away, loudly weeping. She, with her jaded sense of self worth and lack of empathy, assumed the boy was crying tears of joy; both glad he had met his idol and glad he had learned the truth. That Madam Haze was above all, she was the best being that had ever existed. While the boy could never achieve her level of prowess he could aspire to be even the smallest iota closer to her in skill level.

She kept flipping through the magazine, resting her perfect body and recovering by looking at gemstones almost as flawless as her, until he heard the drumming of the ice cube's footsteps.

"Are you ready to learn to counter then? You took your time didn't you, naturally I had completely recovered before you left. Form your weapon and prove to me you've not become dumber since our lesson's beginning, go hit the dummies again."

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23 Re: Close Quarter Quarrels [private/M. Haze] on Sat Nov 28, 2015 12:23 am

Averia raised an eyebrow as a student came out of the training arena bawling his eyes out and running to the nearest restroom. She tilted her head wondering what randomness just happened. When she arrived at the arena however, she saw Haze and everything made sense. Yep. She could already imagine what happened. She rolled her eyes. Why would that student even talk to this woman? This person was not human... literally. She's a snake faunus for god's sakes; every open of her mouth and she's spitting venom.

The girl reached the professor to which she was told she had to attack the dummies... again. Averia sighed. Repetition was never appealing to her but she obliged just to shut the woman up. She had formed an ice rapier same as before and approached the dummies. Since this was all too boring for her, she switched her sword to her right and practiced her lunge and attack that she had learned from... well, from her tutor. The first few dummies had her aim were quite off but she got used to it eventually. She switched to her left and just as expected, she finally got the drift.

"Done. Teach me that counter thing now," Averia said as she made her way back to Haze. She sighed and flipped her hair back, noticing she was catching her breath a little again. She looked at the woman with a frown before speaking. "You're not purposely tiring me out so you can cheat your way during the spar, are you?"

She already knew the professor's answer but she still wanted her to know she caught up to her ways if that really was what it is.

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24 Re: Close Quarter Quarrels [private/M. Haze] on Sat Nov 28, 2015 4:18 pm

The exquisite woman didn't even look up from her magazine as the girl thrust at the dummies with her rapier. Instead she slowly rose, swinging her magnificent legs over the chairs edge. She set the catalogue back within her handbag and recollected her sceptre. She gently stretched her arms over her chest in an elegant fashion, attempting to alleviate the chances of any more cramps.

"Why would I ever need such a thing? We both know I outclass you in every way silly girl... well... you're better at failing I suppose. Take pride in that if you're so desperate for something over me." Madam Haze smirked, brushing her hair back, "If you're still feeling tired you should have taken a longer break, it's your own fault."

She slowly paced toward the girl, spinning her mace in thought. She paced back and forth passed the short girl, establishing her dominance and intimidating so as to not make it look as though she was struggling to decide how to do this. She stopped on the third circuit, a good few meters away from the blonde dunce.

She raised her right hand out in front of herself, just bellow her right breast, shifting her mace into her left hand.

"Attempt to thrust your sword through my hand. I'll show you the easiest way to counter a lunging attack... Just keep on target silly girl." The Goddess commanded, preparing herself to counter. Her hand was prepared to lurch, with the palm where it was it should be a simple straight forward jab for the girl... not that she'd be landing it.

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25 Re: Close Quarter Quarrels [private/M. Haze] on Sat Nov 28, 2015 10:08 pm

Averia rolled her eyes at the woman's response. Yep. Just as she thought. An insult and a self-praise in a statement. This pattern was getting boring to Averia and it didn't pose the same impact as before. In fact, she could no longer take this woman seriously what with her perspiring and cramping and all. She wasn't as mighty as she made herself seem to be. It was like overhyping but getting an anticlimactic ending after having known the woman longer.

She followed the goddess-wannabe with her eyes as the latter walked back and forth, looking tall and intimidating. Averia wasn't feeling the effects though. She was too busy thinking what dinner she'd have tonight.

As the woman got into position instructing her to strike the hand, Averia tilted her head in wonder. Now why would she strike someone who was obviously positioned in a counter stance. Ah well. She hovered her hand and ran it again over the rapier's blade to the dull its edges and blunt its end. Maybe I should leave the end sharp. Averia shook those thoughts away and left it with a safe point.

She got into position just as before and as per instruction, she lunged, aiming to strike right in the middle of the palm.

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