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A little R & R with S (Open)

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1 A little R & R with S (Open) on Fri Nov 27, 2015 5:20 am

Rose Castella Pazilioni

Aura: 230/230
Health: 70/70

R ose had met up at the tennis court in order to enjoy some of her free time with an old childhood friend and a rather crazy associate of his. The two were alone, Royce being his old darkly natural self still communicating with a note book. The white haired girl however was pestering him about how a two on one wasn't fair, and it seemed as though Royce was not all there, like he was blocking little miss Sasha out of his head. Ever so loudly with her feet of android technology she approached the two, Royce being the first to notice her and in turn looked her direction.

Rose gave a small wave and grabbed one of the tennis rackets, waiting patiently as she started bouncing a ball on the racket, getting a feel of the weight to it before their little game started. She was sure that the match was simply to build stamina and coordination. She looked from the ball to Royce as she waited, speaking in her rather docile tone. Still as satanic looking as ever Royce. Maybe you should get a new helmet, you know, one that makes it to where you don't look like a deranged murderer?

She asked, realized what she said was rather rude. Wait wait wait, I didn't mean that in a literal sense... You aren't deranged at all, just.... You look like someone who could be. She spoke, still sounding rude. Atleast in her mind she did. Im just gonna say I'm sorry before I say anything worse.

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2 Re: A little R & R with S (Open) on Fri Nov 27, 2015 5:24 am

Royce watched as rose arrived, listening to the constant babble from Sasha as she persisted on making the match more fair on his part, not like he really cared for the odd match up. It was his choice, a match to build Sasha's stamina as she was lacking in that department. She was quick, but got tired rather easily. He gave rose a simple wave of acknowledgement and placed his hand over Sasha's mouth as she moved from the match to talking about fashion sense, and his fashion sense none the less.

How he looked dark as if he were in a goth stage of his life and needed to brighten up. What would he have done, paint his horns pink? Bleach then Tyedye his skull on his helmet? No way. As rose started speaking to him he felt the words cut like a knife but never really bother him, and as she tried fixing what she said she only made it worse. He chuckled silently and wrote -"Ouch. Little miss shy puppy suddenly got a big bark huh? No matter, nothing you could say would ever affect me. Atleast not any more.

I'm someone used to the ridicule, I sometimes wear dresses do I not? A boy wearing dresses is basically a target of influence by other people. Whether they like that or not. Society is a burden, but none the less we carry on."- and stood up. He pulled his hoodie over his horns and tossed it in the chair he was resting on, a royal blue T-shirt covering his upper half. He grabbed a racket, made his way to the opposing side of Rose, and waited for Sasha to join.

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3 Re: A little R & R with S (Open) on Fri Nov 27, 2015 5:27 am

Sasha (Mina) Manusika

The Drying Pole

The Washing Pole

Aura: 180/180
Health: 120/120

S asha, oblivious to the world around her, was speaking to Royce about his rather idiotic decisions based on a sport. Was the boy an idiot, or just overly cocky in a sense that he only needed himself in the match. Who was to know as she rambled into his ears about Tennis. So you are seriously serious on wanting two people to play against you? That's rather unfair, are you saying that you don't need another person on your team?

I mean a one on one is fair, but why, seriously why, are you going to have two people on a team when you are meant to either do a one on one or a two on two? I mean really.
she babbled on and on, not even noticing that Rose showed up. She had a crush on her, as she did all girls, but how did she not notice her come up? Fashion, suddenly the topic of fashion was on her mind and when that came up, the world around her basically stopped and granted her her own little world where she didn't really notice anything but the words coming from her mouth.

You should really wear more colors or people are going to think you have issues. You wear all black soooo much and there is no color to you besides your brownish gold horns! You should come with me to the store one of these days so we can get you some outfits to wear so you don't look so menacing! Maybe a new hoodie, white maybe to work with the helmet. We could also color the skull if we take the color out of it with bleach. By the time he got up she realized that they were waiting on her and that her words of proper play didn't happen to really matter. She let out a soft sigh, picked up a racket, and met rose on the other side. Didnt realize you got here cutie. Pretty little Rose! She smiled and gave her a bear hug.

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4 Re: A little R & R with S (Open) on Fri Nov 27, 2015 5:38 pm

Eve was sprinting down the courtyard and carrying a sniper rifle. But the rifle wasn't hers it was her friends who after their little class with Madam Haze was completely serious about saying that he wasn't going to play with her. So she took matters into her own hands and by taking something that he needed she would for him to play with her. She passed by the tennis court and noticed someone that she knew a ram faunus. As she was looked over at the court she wasn't really watching where she was going and ran into a tree. She was on the ground a bit stunned as to what happened as she began looking around mainly to see if her friend was chasing her. Eve couldn't see him either that or she didn't look long enough before getting up and walking over to the tennis court with the gun in her hands while yelling "HI BOX MAN!!!" She looked at the other to that were there as well she didn't know them so she just smiled and said "Hello!"

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5 Re: A little R & R with S (Open) on Fri Nov 27, 2015 5:49 pm

Kyo was looking around the courtyard he seemed as though he was panicking about something as he thought Where could she have gone? She doesn't realize the danger of having a weapon she doesn't know how to use properly AND A GUN OF ALL THINGS! I need to get it back before someone gets hurt. It is this kind of reckless behavior that could end up getting someone hurt.. Maybe I am too lenient with her?.. Maybe she needs more discipline?.. Or maybe I should've been playing with her? No the way she was acting towards Madam Haze was completely disrespectful she needed to get some consequence from it.. What gave her the idea to take my weapon though I mean her running it the courtyard with any weapon is dangerous.. I should deal with how to punish her later I should focus on getting my weapon back first that way there is no risk of anyone getting hurt.  Kyo then saw her near the tennis court and ran over to where he was while shouting in order to get her attention "EVE!! YOU ARE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE RIGHT NOW!" Kyo then noticed that there were three other people at the tennis court two people he didn't recognize and an ram faunus that he has seen once or twice.

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