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1 Character Example on Thu Feb 13, 2014 7:26 am

Liona Mimiko
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Liona Mimiko
Age: 18
Birthday: 8/26
Gender: Female
Race: Faunus
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 125 lbs
Face Claim: SeeU (Vocaloid)

Aura 130|170 HP

Group: Duster

  • Butterflies
  • Fish
  • The unique colors of Finnek Forest.


  • Dogs
  • Humans (Slightly, Because of the lingering prejudice between the two races)
  • The indoors


  • Loud noises
  • small, enclosed spaces
  • public speaking

Overall Personality: Liona is a generally happy girl, though she has problems trusting a human at times. Even so, if you can break through that wall, you can see her smiling and bubbly personality. Liona is easily distracted and really easy to impress. This tidbit is much to the delight of her friends who never have to try very hard with gifts or surprises. She is very serious when it comes to battles and training, an independent cat girl striving to be the best. She wants people to see that she is strong only if she is, and not because of where she comes from or her affiliations.

Aura type: Speed
Aura Color: Yellow
Semblance: Polarity, The ability to move metal objects around.
Item 1: Weapon: Clawed Gauntlets (Shredsteele). A pair of yellow-orange gauntlets that unsheathe a full set of razor sharp steel Claws when activated. (like Wolverine.) The claws are about half a foot long each and fold in half outwardly and into three inch sockets when done with.
Item 2: Dust: Tier one Fire.

History and Sample
Liona grew up in Vale with her mother and father, a happy and complete childhood. The only drawback were the prejudice humans giving herself and her Faunus mother a hard time, and her father was not well liked either because he was a human who had married a Faunus. Still, none of the Mikiko's  let it get to them and they lived live ignoring the haters. That is until Liona's father had a sudden change of heart. He couldn't handle the stress of being almost hated by what was only even a few people, the wimp. He left Liona and her mother, and neither of them saw him again. That was when Liona was 7.

With the White Fang now causing problems around the time she was 13, Liona was subject to even more bullying and hate. Still, she bore her ears proudly. She was not a coward like her father had been. Over the years, The Faunus Child's mother had taken back her maiden name of Lilac, and decided that she wanted to be the type of Faunus who would actually help people. So she went to Beacon to train to be a huntress. Liona would sometimes watch her train with immense admiration, wanting right away to be a huntress too.

Five years later and her mother, now a full fledged graduated Huntress, gets a call from the Bellmuse Kingdom. They wanted to recruit her to be the Headmistress at a new academy that was being built in the mountains of Finnek Forest. Syne Academy. Liona and her mother moved out to the island, Liona finally old  enough to start some training of her own. Of course, she didn't want to be considered strong because of her mother's status, so if no one asks, she will not let anyone know that Headmaster Leena Lilac is indeed her mother. She wanted to be strong on her own, to prove her power to herself, her coward of a father, and all the humans that put down the Faunus. This was the mission she had set for herself, and she would see it accomplished.
RP Sample:
"Liona! Are you all packed yet?" Leena called from down the hall of their apartment. Liona zipped up her suitcase and left her now empty room, meeting up with her mother. "Yep, all set!" Today was the day that Liona and her mother were moving to Syne Academy in the kingdom of Bellmuse. Liona was hyped up. Since her mother was Headmistress, she had a full ride to the academy and could do pretty much whatever she wanted. Still, at the same time she didn't want special treatment both negatively due to her race, or positively due to her mother. She would have to be careful.

Still excited, Liona followed her mother out of the apartment complex, a happy bounce in her step causing her long golden hair to move about. She wondered what sort of adventures would be in store for her in Syne. She was ready to help people and fight Grimm like a real Huntress.

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