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Companions for His Life (Hunt/Solo)

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1 Companions for His Life (Hunt/Solo) on Sun Nov 29, 2015 12:52 am


Walking with his dog through the woods, ending up in the clearing together, Gawain smiled lightly as the dog's barks filled the air; however, the two simply weren't there for a play day, at least Gawain wasn't. Crouching to the grassy ground in the middle of the clearing, Gawain tickled his little dog's belly, smiling as he did so. In return, the boy received playful, joyful barks and pawing; such a reward was more than enough to please the boy. Nevertheless, as much fun as the two were having, Gawain raised his head to his surroundings, standing back up as he calmly placed his left hand on the pommel of his sword. He at least had more space to see an attack coming, but he still couldn't let his guard up no matter what.

Sitting up straight from the happy play time, the little dog looked up at his owner before examining the surroundings around them. The little pet had some kind of an idea of why his owner decided to come out to such a place, and with that idea, the dog decided to come with too in order to protect his owner. The little dog didn't want his owner to get another injury like last time, so he was there to protect his family; after all, Gawain was all that the little dog had.


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2 Re: Companions for His Life (Hunt/Solo) on Mon Nov 30, 2015 1:13 am

Grimm: Creep / Lvl: 1 / HP: 75

One little Creep was roaming around the woods, looking for something to bite. No food was needed for the beast, but for fun was it looking to kill. I started to follow a strange smell, one that it never caught. Toward east it was headed, right towards a small clearing.

The Grimm looked in the large space where a boy and his dog were standing. They were looking away from where it was standing in the bushes. The boy seemed to be here to kill, like the beast that was stalking him while the dog seemed out of it's element. It was clear for the Creep as to which one it would attack first, since the dog wasn't looking very threatening, the boy was the prime choice. A nice meal was awaiting the Grimm and that little fur ball would watch its master die.

The Creep jumped forward and started to walk slowly towards them, trying to stay behind before it started to sprint toward the boy, aiming its head to ram his back. If the little dog would get in the way, it might be punted away by the Grimm's charge.

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3 Re: Companions for His Life (Hunt/Solo) on Mon Nov 30, 2015 1:33 am

Unable to hear the sneaking sounds of the beast, Gawain was immediately surprised when his little dog barked and grew of his own will; however, the boy completely understood when his dog charged headlong into the Grimm behind him. Clashing heads for a trade, the dog backed off after the collision, growling and barking fiercely in protection of his owner. Then, with the presence of the creature known to Gawain, he dashed forward without hesitation, deciding to use any confusion the creature could have had from the headbutt to his advantage.

Drawing his sword immediately with his right hand, Gawain aimed to slice from the beast's lower right arm to its upper left arm, utilizing both hands to perform the slice, however. After such an attack though, Gawain retreated back to his dog with a back-step, waiting to see what the beast was going to do in retaliation. With only one of the Creeps in this encounter unlike the previous as well as the additional assistance from his dog, Gawain expected a swift, unscathed victory.

Health and Aura/Equipment/Attacks:
HP: 170/170 | AP: 150/150
Weapon: T.II Wizel's Sword
Armor: T.II Wizel's Armor
Attack #2: 40 Damage to Creep

Dog's Health and Aura/Attacks:
HP: 30/35 | AP: 20/30
Attack #1: 45 Damage to Creep

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4 Re: Companions for His Life (Hunt/Solo) on Mon Nov 30, 2015 2:49 am

As the Creep was running for the man, his little dog seemed to have sense the beast approach as it turned around and went for a headbutt directly against the Grimm, without even thinking twice. The dog seemed to be stronger than the Grimm had expected has the blow sent it backward, stunned with a small concussion. Such a little ball of fur having so much strength? It was inconceivable for the Creep. Before even having the time to react, the boy came forward and attacked the beast, cutting it in half without hardly any trouble. No realizing that his demise was slowly coming for it, the Creep let go of a beastly growl as it started to evaporate and vanish into the wind as a black smoke. the Grimm died as quick as it came, leaving behind nothing but the footsteps it took towards the boy. Before long, silence came back to the small clearing. The boy had won... for now...

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5 Re: Companions for His Life (Hunt/Solo) on Mon Nov 30, 2015 3:18 am


Blinking his eyes at the slain Grimm, Gawain turned to look at his shrinking dog who was barking happily as the won battle. Sheathing his sword, Gawain thought over the situation compared to the previous encounter he had: he contemplated how much easier the battle was than the last, that the Grimm he fought wasn't as bloodthirsty, or simply weaker, than the pack he faced. Nevertheless, the boy took the fight as a victory. Furthermore, the boy did end up exercising his body, having slain the Grimm with his own attack in addition to his dog's fierce headbutt.

Turning to his dog once more from his contemplating moment, Gawain picked up his dog, who was rolling around in the grass out of pleasure, and started petting his back, even rubbing it to show that he did a job well done. The boy received a few happy barks and licks as the two began returning to their home, in peace and happiness, at least for the moment.

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