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Static [Open]

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26 Re: Static [Open] on Thu Jan 07, 2016 9:16 pm

"Caer!?" Flip called once more from the classroom as smoke filled the hallway outside. Things just seemed to be going from bad to worst around here with these monsters. Flip had know idea that Caer had that kind of power thinking back to his ice attack. He differently wasn't an ordinary private eye, that much was for sure. From outside the young man could only hear silence with the hint of voices from far down the hall. Yet, there was also another sound in the dust as well. Something Flip had never heard before.

Following the sounds a large knight would suddenly step out from the dust facing Flip. "Oh, what now?!" He said, retrieving his spear and unleashing it before him. This new creature wasn't a Grimm that much he knew for sure. Meaning this had to be some form of semblence, but just what kind of power did it have? Spinning his spear Flip ready himself just as the knight launched into its own attack upon him. Putting aside his worried over just what this thing power really was for later. For now he would have to fight.

The sound of metal on metal would filled his side of the hall as he traded blows with the knight of energy. Or more precisely pushing Flip back onto defense. The thing didn't have a solid body from the looks of it and he wasn't too keen on stabbing his blade into something he had know clue it was. After a few exchanges of blow Flip used the end of his spear to launch one of the room desk chairs at the knight before trying to slip by making his way back to the main hallway back to Caer, their sniper friend, and the master of these knights.

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27 Re: Static [Open] on Sat Jan 09, 2016 11:40 am

Reese's eyes widened at the sight of the enemies that were coming towards him. Out of instinct, he quickly jumped back, using Persephonee to block the incoming slashes from the doppelgangers. Eventually he would roll for ward before jumping backwards out the window before firing a round into one of their legs. After barely catching a gargoyle he managed to pull himself up and focus while crouched on his new perch. Things certainly seemed to be getting pretty chaotic that was for sure, well either way their opponent possibly couldn't handle the strain on his mind for very long, all that is needed is a few more pounds of mental pressure.

This small break wouldn't last for too long, however, since he saw those same two opponents jumping at him again. To counter this he fired a shot at one of them, upon missing he grunted before batting one of them down on the courtyard floor while he caught the other one with the butt of his rifle, pole vaulting his assailant to the same fate as the last. As Reese began to fall he quickly wrapped his legs around the gargoyle, swinging himself so that he was hanging off of it before aiming through the sights and firing a shot at at the enemy Caer was facing.

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28 Re: Static [Open] on Sun Jan 10, 2016 3:59 pm

As Reese flung two of the strange creatures off the balcony an intense hissing noise would occur, signalling three rods to fly back into the window and back towards their original master, being sure to block Reese’s next shot as they did so, the round shattering against the yellow field.

In the meantime, Flip had managed to at least distract the opponent he was facing, but the piece of furniture he threw its way would simply evaporate upon touching the creature, like its very presence was enough to tear apart matter. Nonetheless, the knight missed the next swing of his sword as Flip zipped back into the main hall. However, just as he reached it the other two rods would move to flank him, one to his right and the other to his left, both of them transforming into knight forms which held their blades at the ready. Including the one behind him, the hunter would find himself surrounded by the creatures, and by the looks of it, the remaining three rods were also moving his way.

Caernarvon, still pushing back against his opponent’s blade, felt a surge of adrenaline overtake him upon seeing this: his opponent was uniting his ‘troops’ against one person at a time now. If this was allowed to continue, Flip would be pitted against six opponents with only the help of their mysterious sniper friend, who for all Caern knew wasn’t even on their side.
“Just get out of here, boy, I can handle this sucker!” He shouted. If one thing was for sure: Caern would have to quickly finish his opponent or his ally would be in mortal danger. That would mean making a set of very bold moves that could potentially cost him his own life. And how was Noriega even able to control those rods if he was already fighting somebody? It didn't make sense, any of it.

Caern, feeling a rush of energy flow through him, threw aside his opponent’s weapon with a tremendous effort and came in with a quick punch towards Noriega’s face with his opposite arm. A crunch rang through the air as it connected, despite the fan dancer being able to move aside a little to stifle some of the attack’s strength. Noriega fell backwards, clutching his eye but being sure to keep his sword in a defensive position all the while. He cried out in a mix of anger and pain, other eye burning with sudden hatred. At the same moment the blow connected, each of the knights would flicker like a dying lightbulb before returning to normal. That was it! Noriega was using all of his aura to keep these duplicates alive, meaning he would be very vulnerable to attack now.
“Oh, butcher,” Said Noriega. “You should have looked into getting a secondary weapon.”

The detective lashed out with another blow, which his opponent sidestepped with ease, bringing down his sword across Caern’s flank. It grazed off the aura around his body, however, but Caern could still feel pain where it had struck. No sooner had this happened when Noriega was on the opposite side of him, like he had somehow teleported. He moved so quickly the detective couldn’t transfer enough aura to compensate as another sword strike hit, breaking through that barrier and painting the floor in blood. Caern stumbled backwards, pressing his hand against the cut and instantly realizing how deep it was.

He at least would be buying his allies time with all this.

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29 Re: Static [Open] on Mon Jan 18, 2016 4:08 pm

"MORE!!" Flip yelled out as he saw more blades flying toward him. It was bad enough that he had three to deal with already, but six would far beyond his ability. To make it even worse, he had no way to go on the offense against these things. He was just happy he had used the chair to attack with before trying to stab his spear tip into the knight belly. Swing the blade around to block another of the knight strikes Flip made sure he never stood still for more than a strike as he dance through the other knight attacks. But it was only a matter of time before one land a hit.

Something had to be done quickly else this day would get a whole lot bloodier. Yet an opening appears as he watched as the knight all stop in their attacks, blinked, and turn back into swords before his eyes. Now what was happening!? He wonders looking back seen the cop and ex-hunter in a close quarter combat. It seems Caer had the upper hand at first anyways. However the sight of blood quickly killed such thoughts. Caer was injured and against someone like this with a weapon wasn't nothing short but suicide. Gripping his spear tightly he knew he couldn't just run away.

As a tan light washed over his body Flip lowed himself as he became light as a feather. With one hard push Flip flew down the hall running at speed. Using the full strength of his muscles while being almost weightless allowed the young man increase his speed beyond his normal limits. In a flash, Flip would appear behind the fan user as he slides to the side and thrusting his spear toward the man back. Making sure not to place Caer on the other end of the blade point.

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30 Re: Static [Open] on Wed Jan 20, 2016 6:38 am

While disappointed that his shot had failed, Reese decided to drop down to the courtyard and and keep himself crouched and steady while watching his target and his ally fight, waiting for a chance to fire again. After watching them for a bit it seemed that by the sight of blood, things were starting to get worse. Then, out of the corner of his eye, Reese could seen a strange light out of the corner of his eye. It looked as if Reese's second ally was coming in at their enemy's flank. With a grin on his face he had decided to take a few shots to make sure that there wasn't an room for escape. Reese had readied Persephonee and fired a round between the two that were fighting before squeezing off a few more purposefully at the same field that shattered his previous rounds.

Know that Reese had his foe's attention, he decided to turn on Persephonee's laser sight just near his one of his eyes, making sure to give the flanking attack a good chance of success. "Move even a single muscle and I'll put a hole through you before you can so much a take step in my direction." Reese said as he slowly stood up, walking closer with the laser sight slowly moving about the man's eye to keep all of his attention focused on the light. He readied the butt of his rifle in retaliation in case he was too fast for him. With that he could at the very least counter his moves before retreating to another vantage point, then again he'd probably send more minions his way to keep him busy. With that he would need a whole new back up plan entirely. He eyed the Tommy-gun wielder before saying "I hope you have a magnet or something like that handy, because I think that that'll be the only way we can get this guy in a vulnerable state. If those rods of his are too busy being stuck together or to something else then I don't think he'll be in much of a mood to get them unstuck altogether."

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31 Re: Static [Open] on Fri Jan 22, 2016 9:49 pm

Caernarvon pounded his flank with the ball of his fist, bringing it down like a hammer on the area of the wound and hissing from the pain. It felt like he was being branded, but with a searing hot mallet.

This technique stopped his blood from trickling onto the ground as much, as the area would at least clot easier now. What blood that had escaped him created a network of connected and unconnected red splotches on the ground, an arching strip of the stuff was created when the blade initially struck. Long story short, the wound was deep, but Caernarvon had taken far worse beatings in the past and lived to tell of them. Focusing, the detective watched for his opponents’ next move. It came in the form of a slash from behind, Noriega’s form distorting for a moment as he moved. An idea quickly formed in Caern’s head: one that he didn’t particularly want to do but decided to follow through with anyways.

The detective focused as much of his aura as possible into his palm, spinning around just as Noriega began his swing. The aura didn’t stop the blade but at least made sure it didn’t cut off half of his hand as Caernarvon halted the edge. The weapon felt like lemon juice on an open wound, but the detective was prepared for this. At the same time, Flip had just managed to escape being surrounded and came in with an attack from the side. Noriega’s eyes widened in surprise he didn’t think would ever come from such a fight, and he was forced to use his other blade to parry the oncoming strike.

At the same time, two of Reese’s initial shots had missed but one managed to strike Noriega in the leg, an attack he normally would have been able to evade with ease.
“NO! You cannot interfere, dog!” The fan dancer snapped, grunting in pain as the bullet struck. The knights would quickly move to surround the sniper at a blindingly fast rate, bearing their swords to attack all at once. However, Noriega had just given in to his anger: a very costly mistake.

Caernarvon flung his opposite arm forwards as fast as he could and caught Noriega’s neck. The detective was strong, strong enough to crush the little worm’s windpipe with ease. He considered it for a moment, eyes flitting to the side to see his mysterious ally in considerable danger. Caern decided here was not the place for such a brutal killing, instead lifting Noriega into the air until his feet no longer touched the floor.
“Call them off or I will break your spine.” He growled.
Noriega grinned. “He’s the one… Who won you this fight, bastard,” He gasped. “You really think… Some third rate projections… Could do any of you in?”
Caernarvon, not wasting another second, lunged forwards while bringing his arm downwards as hard as he could, causing the back of his opponent’s neck to hit the ground with a sickening crunch. At the same time, each one of the knights in addition to his swords simply became metallic pieces of the fan he used to hold, clattering to the ground harmlessly.

The detective rose to his full height while breathing heavily. He was unphased by what he had done, tempered by the life fading from the eyes of so many that he had witnessed. Besides, this one was still alive, just paralyzed now. Caernarvon turned to Flip, shaking his head.
“I’m… Sorry you got involved in all this,” He said in a half sigh, adreneline blocking out the pain of his wounds. “But thank you for the help. I wouldn’t still be standing if I fought this prick alone.”

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