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Avy's Weapon Training v2.0 [Solo]

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1 Avy's Weapon Training v2.0 [Solo] on Mon Nov 30, 2015 1:54 pm

Avy Frost
While it was true that Averia was contented with the specs of her beloved dual titanium-gold Mark XIX desert eagle machine pistols, she still aspired to make it better. The past few weeks had been productive as she went on several hunts and managed to finish them with flying colours, all thanks to her golden pistols. Heck, she even killed 2 Nevermores all by herself - an almost impossible feat for a first year student of Syne. Today, however, she decided it was time to pick it up a notch and make her guns even more powerful than before. She also had some things she wanted to change and add.

Averia was inside her room alone. She was in her main residence in Bellmuse, the one she resided with her butler instead of her roommate since she wouldn't be able to fit all her equipment in the latter. A loud dubstep music played on her background; it helped the girl to think and concentrate. She eyed all the metal parts organised neatly on the floor, then shifted her stare to her golden machine pistols which lay just below it. So travel belt mode wasn't as efficient as I thought. I need to change that. Magazine size is okay. I don't think I can do anything about that actually. The guns are already big as they are. Hmm. I can probably fit in two more optional features in there. A silencer? I wonder if I could do that. That would come in handy during sneak attacks. Maybe a blade extension too wouldn't hurt. Other than those, I guess I'll just have to increase its fire power.

The girl got up from her bed and went to her dresser, tying her golden hair up into a neat ponytail before proceeding to sit on the empty spot on the floor not occupied by all the metal parts. With expert hands, she reached for her guns and disassembled them carefully. Sure they were made of titanium - the strongest useful metal in the world so it wasn't like they were fragile or anything. But Averia treated them like an extension of her arm. Thus they were extremely precious to the girl. Once the the guns were dismantled she simply laid them there silently. Her eyes darted from metal to metal, figuring out a rough outline of how to upgrade the guns in her head. Maybe if this went there and that over here... no, I can't. That would break the optional scope. But what if I use this instead? Yeah, that'll work. Oh but wait, this means it would overheat the handle and the barrel. Hmm.

Averia stayed there for almost an hour, figuring where to place the pieces to complete the perfect puzzle. About another hour and a half, her eyebrows shot up and she grinned. She stood up, ran to her desk to which she took her laptop and brought it back with her as she returned. Time to create the blueprint. She smirked as she began typing and tracing her plan formulated on her head onto the computer. She did this for an hour and finally printed her blueprint.

She laid out the piece of papers on the floor and started to build and assemble her guns using the blueprint as guide. A wide grin retrained on her lips as every piece made her heart tremble in excitement. She couldn't wait to finish her new guns and try them out. Just thinking about it make her shiver of anticipation.

"Ah!" Averia was abruptly stopped from her fluid assembling when her finger caught against the sharp edge of a metal blade. She winced as the blood started to drip, causing her to grumble in annoyance. What a waste of time, really. Personally she didn't care if she injured herself and would have continued nonetheless, but she didn't want the blood staining her guns so she stood up and went to the bathroom.

Holding it under running water, Averia washed the wound thoroughly, letting the blood flow out until it clotted and no longer was bleeding as before. From her medical cabinet, she pulled out her antiseptics and bandaid to which she began tending to her wound and wrapping it with the band. Alright. Now that's done, let's go back. She thought excitedly as she practically ran back to her room and continued assembling her guns, not minding the obvious pain whenever a part touched the bandage on her wounded finger.

About half an hour later, she finished assembling the machine pistols. Averia's eyes were practically sparking as she held them in her hands. "Aww, you still look gorgeous even with all the upgrades~" she cooed giddily. Of course she still made them look aesthetically pleasing. That was the reason she took hours to build the upgrades anyway. Averia shot up from the floor, guns in hand and ran out of her room leaving a bloody mess that she'd probably smack herself from making later. But for now, she needed to try out her guns.

She ran past her butler downstairs who held a tray of juice and snacks, perhaps to give to her but she simply thanked him as she practically disappeared to the basement of their house. Arriving at the basement she quickly set up the shooting range for target practice. She wore her protective glasses, not that she needed them, but kept it just in case. Then she positioned herself a good distance from the target.

"Alright, let's see what you can do, baby~" Averia raised her left gun and targeted the aimed it at the head of the dummy.


Her eyes widened as the recoil managed to push herself back. Ooh, so the recoil increased once again? As she might have expected from an increased firepower. She squinted her eyes and saw that the bullet completely missed the head. Hmm. Now this would be a challenge. She fired again, this time keeping a tighter hold on the guns to prevent them from missing the target. It did hit the head, but not where she wanted them to be. This time, she held the trigger to utilise its fully automatic function. Averia laughed as the recoil was so strong her gun almost liberated from her hand. However, her strength wasn't something to be ignored as well. She fired again, this time using a good portion of her strength to steady the gun in place. And as expected, it hit bullseye.

Averia grinned. Now all she needed to do was practice.

The whole day was spent on the basement, trying to get used to her new guns which eventually she managed to do so as her dexterity and accuracy was back to normal.

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