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New in Town (Open!!!)

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Flip Nelson
Autumn was such a lovely time of the year or at least Flip believed it to be. Especially here in this kingdom of Bellmuse, or Bellmuse Central? Flip had to admit that the name of this city still confused him a bit. Even so he had to give his father credit for his pick of land to setter down in. Bellmuse were a small Kingdom so they were free from much of the chaos of the larger one. Free from the large Grim's attacks or from the infamous White Fang. That, however, didn't mean it was free from its own problems.

That main problem being the occasional Grim that like to wander into the central for an easy meal. A common problem with not having a giant wall surrounding itself, but one that Flip oddly liked. It wasn't like he wanted Grim to attack people, but he didn't like the feeling of looking up at the walls either.

So free from an groomly wall Flip were walking around the town trying to learn the way of the land. With so much of the moving and enrolling into the Academy Flip had little time to learn his way around. So he had set off into town this day for a bit of sightseeing. Finding his way to what appeared to be the main street with lots of shops caught the young man's eye.

The young man was dressed in a simple tee shirt with jeans. The only thing that made him stand out at all, aside from maybe his blight yellow hair, would be the weather white cloak around his shoulders or the compact spear on his back. He didn't come looking for a fight, but one could never be care full with Grim's in these parts. So with no real goal in mind Flip simply wander along the street occasionally stopping to look at either the weapon shop or Dust store.

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Avy Frost
"Get her! Get her no matter what!!!" the voice of a middle aged man broke though the silence of Bellmuse Central.

She dashed with full speed, panting softly as she made her way through the busy streets of the town. Her long waist-length hair flowed softly behind her, eyes hidden behind the lowered visor of her cap. She jumped over a speeding car, causing it to screech as she crossed the streets and continued to run off to lose her tracks. About twenty men were right behind her, chasing with sticks and batons, and rather annoyed looks. She looked over her shoulder, grunting when she saw them still desperate to chase.

The girl made sharp a turn to enter an alleyway and continue their cat and mouse chase. Through the alley, she could see the exit which would mean more people - the better chance she could outrun her pursuers. However, just when she was about to turn from a corner, she bumped into someone, causing her to stagger back and fall on the ground.


Averia Frost sat up, placing a hand on the side of her head to steady her gaze. She glanced up at the person she had bumped into, her vivid crystal-blue eyes that were hidden from the visor before met the person's stare. It was a guy with amber hair and a spear on his back. Another hunter? But before she could say any more, her pursuers armed with batons had caught up. With their numbers, they had easily surrounded both she and the random guy. Averia glared at one of them before standing up slowly and dusting her clothes.

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Flip Nelson
As the day rolled on the crowds of the street grew more and more till Flip was a bit shock that there could have been this many people in one spot. Worst of all he wasn't the sort that could handle large crowds too well and was quickly making his way toward a side street when he suddenly felt someone slam into him. Thankfully the crasher was smaller than himself, allowing him to catch his footing, while they fell to the ground. "Wut the hell?!!" He let slip out as he reflexively rubbed his chest.

Looking down the culprit was easy to spot to be a young girl with waist-length hair wearing a cap covering her eyes. However, he got a clear view when she looked up at him before standing. Crystal-blue... He was about to offer a hand and speck, but were cut off as a group of men quickly surrounded the girl and himself. So much of a quiet day on the town, he thought to himself watching as the group pushed other bystanders away. The majorly of them look like they were about to kill over from exhaustion from the way they was all breathing so heavy.

"Hey! Who the guy with her!?" One of the men asked, staring a hole into the back of Flip head. "Who cares!" The largest man yelled from behind the circle that surround the two. But, Flip were quick to speak up as he looked eyes with the man. "Is there a problem here, Sir?!" he asked without the less hint respect in his tone. This only seemed to anger the man more as he broke through the line on his walk toward Flip. Stepping to the side of the girl flip allowed himself to stand face to, well in truth chest of the taller man.

Yeah, we do." The man said in more than growl the words. In a flash the man reached out and grabbed Flip by the shirt to pick him up, only to find himself struggling with the young man weight. A soft tan glow washed over Flip as his semblance came to life increasing his weight beyond the man limits. So in turn Flip answer back as he dropped into a fighting stance and punched the man in the face using his new increased weight. With the help of the newly added weight Flip watched as the man flew back out the circle and quickly follow suit with retrieving his spear and extending it to its full length. After a few quick spin around, he stepped forward ahead of the girl. Well, you already attacked first so you'er in this whether you like it or not he thought to himself. "I don't really know what's going on here, but for such a big group of men to go after one girl. It can't be good." Said giving his spear one more spin before point it out before him. "Girl, Stay behind me. Okay!?"

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Avy Frost
A hint of smile curved at the corner of her lips as she watched the man step up in front of her, going as far as challenge the group of men and actually attacked one in the process of defending himself. Averia was quite surprised too see that the man couldn't lift this average-built guy in front of her. Either the man was super weak, this guy was super heavy or she had just witnessed his semblance. Nevertheless, Averia watched without a word.

"Girl, Stay behind me. Okay!?"

This time she couldn't help a chuckle. She walked close to the guy and turned so that they stood back to back against their foes.

"Are you sure about that, dear sir? Defending a woman simply because she's pursued by a group of men? What if I was the villain after all?" Averia smirked as she lowered the visor of her cap. For now she'll see what this guy could do first. And depending on what happens next, she may or may not do what she had in mind.

The group of men finally charged towards the guy all at the same time.

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Flip Nelson
Flip couldn't help but aid his own chuckle with the girl. It's true, he didn't know what was going on. Hell, she could have been the bad guy here for all he knew. Then again, these guys didn't look like guards, cops, or even huntsmen of any kinds he has ever seen. Gripping the spear at the men's movement he ready himself for their attack.

"Well, if you are then I'll just catch you once I'm done here!" With that Flip stepped forward strike with his spear stopping just short of the man neck freezing him in place along with the two on his side, each staring at the bladed tip. With a small smile he flicks the side of the blade against the man on the left face slapping him away before doing the same to the man on the right. As the man in the middle regain his courage he launches at Flip to tackle him to the ground.

Once again Flip switches his weight, this time making himself lighter. This allowed him to move far faster than before as he backstep out of the man reach then side stepping around being the butt of the spear down on his back slamming the man into the ground. Removing the spear from the man back and giving is a quick spin before going back into any fighting stance. "Next!"

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Avy Frost
"Well, if you are then I'll just catch you once I'm done here!"

Averia laughed and nodded in agreement. "Fine by me. If I really am though, that means you're beating up the good guys. That couldn't be good for little boys like you," she teased with a grin. Seeing him charge forward and fight with his spear, Averia couldn't help but be amazed. Definitely a student of Syne. Perhaps a new one too seeing as the girl hadn't seen him anywhere in the campus before. Averia herself was about to take out her golden guns when from a far, she noticed the reinforcements. More men with batons. She sighed and shook her head. What a pain. She walked to the guy, then tugged the back of his shirt gently.

"Don't move."

She closed her eyes for a moment and when she opened them, her eyes were glowing a bright blue. Everyone within 10m of her vicinity froze on in place, literally. Ice shards had formed around their legs all the way to their hips, effectively freezing them in their spot. All except this guy that she was touching which effectively made him immune to her semblance's effects.

"Party's over, let's run~" She chuckled as she grabbed his wrist and dashed away from that place.

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Flip Nelson
As Flip dance around the attacking men he couldn't help but feel a little disappointed. Then again attacking was too nice of a word for what they was doing. More like frailing around would fit it better. It was very evident that most had little skills beyond just street fighting, but what they did lack of skill made up with numbers. More than once one got a little too close with a swing of a baton to his head.

However, it would be the girl that got the first hit in as he felt her hand on his back followed by "Don't move!" Confused Flip did what was asked of him and froze. Only to watch as the thugs around them was suddenly cased in ice to their hips. "Semblance!" He let slip out just before he was jerked along with the fleeing girl. It seemed more men was coming and he had to agree he didn't want to fight them all.

"You throw some poor partys!" He called out to the girl regaining his own footing running behind the girl. "Just what the hell going on here. What did I get myself into?!" Only now that question really seemed to matter. At first it just felt like the right thing to do to defend the person. Damn it, Flip! You have to start thinking before jumping into things he yelled at himself in his mind. Worst it seemed this girl wasn't just some damsel in distress. If she had a semblance, then she was either a Huntress, but since she didn't seem much older than himself, so most likely a student at the academy. "So much for a peaceful day." He sighed as he ran behind the girl.

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Avy Frost
Averia chuckled as she continued to run within the outskirts of town until eventually they lost their pursuers. The girl let go of the stranger's hand and she leaned back against a wall to rest, panting softly to catch her breath. She opened an eye and looked at the blonde haired guy in front of her. "So, hero, some skill you got there. Though you're kinda slow for my taste. Tsk tsk." she teased.

She pushed herself off the wall and removed her hat, running a hand on her own blonde hair and letting it cascade softly down to her waist. She then looked at the guy and smirked. "Hmm. You a new student in Syne? Haven't seen you around before so I assumed you are." She said.

Averia walked up to him and tilted her head as she looked at his spear closer but without touching it. "Nice spear. Can I borrow it?"

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Flip Nelson
With the thugs now out of sight and ear shot Flip allowed himself to rest the two came to a stop. Leaning on his spear he would wrap a bit of sweat away before staring at the girl. "That might prove to be a good thing for me then." He said with a small grin. He already had a feeling this girl would be a hand full if he allowed her anymore of this time. The best thing he could do now would be to leave, at least that's what is gut told him, but he also wanted to know what was going on. Hope I don't regret this later.

"Same to you Damsel." He said returning the nickname given. "That was a semblance back there. So guessing you're a student too?" He asked, standing back up and looking back to make sure they hadn't been followed. "Aya, just join not too long ago. Only been the Kingdom for bout half a year now." He didn't see any harm with giving the answer the girl wanted. It wasn't like it was anything one couldn't find out on their own.

However, with her last question Flip eyes narrowed at the girl. Holding the spear like to hand it over it quickly broke down back into its compact size. "Why?" He asked, staring at the girl moving the weapon of her reach. "And don't say you need a weapon. I saw you reaching for something during the fight so I'm pretty sure you not unarmed." He didn't mind people looking at his weapon. After all it was a bit of the old side and wasn't anything hidden in it. Still, it wasn't in his teaching to just hand over his weapon to anyone and everyone.

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Avy Frost
Damsel?" Averia grimaced at the boy's poor choice of words to describe her. Not only was it tacky, it was old-fashioned as well. "Now I don't usually give out my name to strangers I just met but that thing you called me just now is too cringeworthy for my poor heart." She snickered.

"You can call me Av. A-V. Simple."

When he mentioned he was fairly new, Averia chuckled and nodded for she, herself, was quite new as well. However, her smile vanished and she frowned when he refused to give her the weapon, going as far as take it out of her reach.

"No fair~ I just wanted to try it out in case I want to upgrade my weapon to have a second form. No need to be stingy." She smiled, going really close to him and giving him her puppy dog eyes look. "Promise I won't break it."

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Flip Nelson
Flip frowned at the girl notion of calling his joke cringeworthy, but only sigh, leaning back against the nearby wall. Yeah, it was a bad joke and it only help prove Flip wasn't the funny type. "And the name Hero is any better."

But he let it side, wasn't like it really matter after all. Although it did seem to get the girl name out of it. Av... well, maybe part of a name. "Well then A-V, I'm Flip. Just as simple." He said still holding the weapon out of reach.

So she claims that she wanted to test it out? Just what did that mean? Also, she still haven't even attempted to explain the fight. "I'm just good with people." He sighed again lowing the weapon. "Fine! Just don't slashing at everything. Got it?"

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Avy Frost
"And the name Hero is any better."

Averia laughed at his comment. Now that was the lighthearted response she was anticipating. The guy can be pretty chill too if he felt like it. Then he told her his name. Flip? What an odd sounding name even for a shortened form. But she doubted it was a shortened form to begin with.

Then the girl's eyes sparkled as he agreed to lend her the spear. Oh my. No one could resist her innocent act after all. With a smile and a chuckle, Averia reached forward and took the spear in her hands. "Ohh~ Nice weapon." She nodded.

She backed away for a bit spinning the object in her hand before holding the spear locked to her back. "And for that mister, I thank you for your wonderful gift~ The parts will sell really well," she had said and with that, she dashed away with the spear in her grasp.

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Flip Nelson
Crossing his arms Flip watch girl with a lock glare as she took the spear. Only after handing it off did the bad feeling grow into a full flame. Did was a bad idea he thought to himself, waiting for her to get this over with. "Just be care..." He stop as he heard the words.

So it began as the Av turned to tired and run away. A part of him knew this was going to happen. "You little brat!" He said, pushing off the wall and reducing his weight to increase his speed. Without even a hint of restraint Flip used his sudden speed boost to jump above Av while sending a hard kick toward the side of Av head.

Now he had a little more of an understanding of maybe why she was now being chased now. Flip now regretted not listening to his gut for this.

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Avy Frost
Averia laughed in her thoughts as she had successfully stolen another piece of valuable equipment, from an unsuspecting guy nonetheless. From the corner of her eyes, she saw him heading towards the side of her head and she blinked. Wait. Was this person seriously going to attack her?! Averia barely had time to duck as the kick missed her by a few millimetres. She quickly spun on her heel and jumped back so she was facing the guy but was a good distance from him. A sudden thought then came to her mind.

Her free hand went to the holster strapped on her right thigh and unclasped the button, pulling out her golden desert eagle to which she pointed at the guy. She was not really gonna shoot him. She simply wanted to see what he'd do in such a situation seeing as he's also a student from Syne.

"One more step and I'll shoot~" She cooed. "Now then, empty your pockets and slide them here."

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Flip Nelson
Flip was a bit disappointed as he felt nothing but air as his foot cut through the air. Even from a blind spot she had the reaction time to dodge his attack. Spinning around, he landed was about to follow with another attack when he came face to face with the gun. "Impressive." He said as he held both hands out to the side from under the cloak. Things just keep getting worse and worse.

"Is that so?" He asked oddly grinning. Letting his arms drop he studies the girl for a bit thinking about her demand. It wasn't the first time he was face to face with a gun, but it looks like the girl knew what she was doing. Most likely this was the weapon she was trained to fight with. Cocking his head to the side he made sure to never lose eye contact. "I'm going to have to pick no on that!" With a small laugh. "Don't have anything on me and besides, I can't let you walk away this that!" This time pointing at the spear on her back.

While saying this he used the white cloak over his body to hide his hand as it went into his pocket pulling out his phone. With his last word he would quickly toss the phone at the girl face as once again rushed her. He made sure to watch the gun for even the smallest movement as he reached for it to at least move it barrow away from himself. While his other free hand launched not for Av herself, but toward the weapon upon her back. A risky move truely, but he couldn't let someone take his father's spear.

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Avy Frost
Averia raised an eyebrow as the person's exaggerated movements, particularly his throwing of white cloak to cover himself sparked the girl's interest. Soon, a phone came whirling towards her and she chuckled. Yes. That's probably the best the guy could do at that point. But not good enough. He was clearly a new student of Syne for his techniques were still a little careless. Not bad for a newbie though.

The girl took a simple step to the side and tilted her head as the phone whipped past her without her even doing much work. As the guy closed their distance, she simply raised her gun and pointed it at his head, her other hand keeping a firm grip on the spear behind her. Despite her frame, Averia's strength wasn't to be taken lightly.

She smiled at him as they were practically on a checkmate. "Bang~ You're dead. Not to mention this is fully-automatic. I can simply hold the trigger and it will rain bullets on your body~" Averia said.

But soon, she let go of the spear and handed it back to him. "Not bad for a new student. Though your unarmed techniques could do a little better. Welcome to Syne~" She grinned as she lowered her gun and placed it back to her holster.

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Flip Nelson
In a flash it was all over. The fight was over and he now had a gun in his face. "Shit..." He let slip out losing his footing and falling to one knee as Av dodged his attack. So much for his great idea of using the phone. He hated to say it, but it was his lost.

However, he was a little dumbfounded as he was handed his spear back. Her words didn't help clear anything up as she welcomes him to Syne. Was this some kind of test? No, the people from early wasn't playing along and she did try to run with his weapon. Feeling the anger building he just kind of felt it erupt as he shot up suddenly. Like a flash of lightning he aimed to bop Av atop her head with the compact spear.

He controlled himself enough so that if it did hit at most it would leave a light bump. "Don't go around stealing peoples things!" He almost shouted placing the spear back upon his back. "Test or joke this wasn't funny! This isn't something I just bought or slapped together one day." He wants to yell a bit more, but held it in as dropped his head. "But you are right. I need a lot more training. Without this thing I'm more useless than I thought."

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Avy Frost
The girl was humming a cheerful tone until the next thing Averia knew, a hard thump came onto her head and she whimpered, holding onto the throbbing part of her head that was hit by the compact spear. She whined childishly as she looked at the blonde guy. "I didn't steal it. I told you, I borrowed it. See~ It's not even scratched." She said as she pointed at his perfectly fine spear.

Averia rolled her eyes and slid her hands inside her pockets. "Psh. Not like it's so great anyway. I've seen better spears than that, you know! Tch." Averia turned around and started walking away.

Her hands on her pockets fumbled on the stones inside - gems that she had stolen earlier. It wasn't as though she needed them. No. She simply wanted to try and experience the thrill of having stolen something for real. The guy's spear would've added greater value, but then again she felt pity on the poor guy, what with him being new to Bellmuse and all.


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Flip Nelson
Feeling a bit better from the tap Flip could feel his mood turning again at the girl words. Av really had a talent of getting up his skin. Borrowing it? "It was my fathers, but I'm sure something like wouldn't mean much to you." He said not caring how his words sounds.

Flip couldn't remember the last time he let his anger like this. Oddly enough, it felt good to vent. As he watched the girl walk away, he wanted to stop her. To find out what this morning was all about, but at this point he hardly cared anymore. " life sucks." He said to himself as he turn to walk the other way away from this mess.

[Exit I guess XD]

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