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Kei's Big Guide to Everything

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1 Kei's Big Guide to Everything on Thu Dec 03, 2015 2:28 pm

Kei's Big Guide to Everything

[OOC: Kei's Big Guide to Everything is collection of data from his own personal experiences. The guide is still incomplete and more things will be continued to be added. Yea yea, I know there are probably spelling/grammer mistakes. I'm too lazy to check it over. I'll fix it when I get to it. If there is anything particular you want added or changed, PM me.]



Schnee Dust Company: Leading the world's dust market. Has bad rumors going around it because of some fauness abuse, but seriously, what big company doesn't have some kind of dirt on it?

Vanheim Freelance Industries: Leading the world's weapon. The only real alliance these guys have is with money. They'll sell weapons to whomever as long as there is money involved. They'll push for war because it's simply profitable for them. Other then ethics, their products are pretty good. Just too bad it's always in the hands of my enemies.

White Fang: A large gang composed of mostly Fauness. Used to focus on simply peaceful protests, the White Fang recently began to move to more illegal tactics. Considered to be a terrorist group by all of the Kingdoms.

The Exalted:
A mercenary group Kei has had many conflicts with. Often pursuing dark and illegal methods for power. Not much has been heard of them as of recent.

The Officers:
The Officers are the strongest members within Exalted and stand above the others. They are VERY dangerous and easily outclass even most hunters in combat. My suggestion is to avoid them if possible.

Masura: An ex-serial killer who for some odd reason wears a large bear mask. I don't know why, so don't ask, but I'll go ahead and tell you it didn't add to his 'cute' factor. If anything, he was the opposite. He was a very skilled samurai, master in the arts of lightning fast strikes. On top of that, he had some kind of illusion technique that would paralyze his foe just through eye contact. My fight with him was no fun and ended with a hole in my right hand and my stomach nearly cut in half. Hopefully for the better though, Masura has been killed.

Beowulf: Your average baddie. Fairly easy to deal with unless in large numbers. That's when they become a problem.

Boarbatusk: These Boar like creatures are surprisingly well armored, but their underbelly is their weak spot, aim for there if you ever fight one. Also pretty fast, so be warned.

Creep: I am not entirely sure what these are suppossed to look like, their appearance is pretty unique. Anyhow, very similar to Beowolfs, but also have burrowing capabilities. Ambushes by these things are often difficult to detect beforehand.

Griffon: These winged horse size Grimm possess much strength alone, but often operate in large groups. As a result, you won't really be fighting just one Griffon, but rather a swarm.

Ursa:  Bear like creatures excel in strength. As such its best to avoid fighting it directly. Staying out of its attack range is also a really easy way of fighting this monster.

Nevermore: Things like this are reason why I'm atheist. Like seriously, a flying Grimm? Who thought that would be a good idea. High attack power, both ranged and close as well as excellent defense and mobility? Fighting and defeating this is no easy task. Sadly, I haven't figured out a easy way to fight these things.

Deathsalker: Basically a tank, so fight it like one. Underbelly is a weak spot making mines an excellent weapon against this. High attack power, but fairly low speed, so keep moving and you should be fine. You'll need heavier fire arms if you want to attack this thing head on and pierce its armor.

King Taijitu: Another tricky Grimm to fight. A massive two headed snake with high speed, attack power and decent defense. Also very smart. These things will be analyzing you as the battle goes on, as such, I suggest finishing them off quickly, because as the battle goes on, they'll only get tougher.

Goliath: I've heard rumors and such, but I've never actually seen one. Do I want to? Not really. Anyhow, as such, I don't have any recommendations to fighting this thing other than try not fighting it in the first place. First off, these things are massive, standing at several stories tall. Compared to other Grimm, unparalleled strength, defense, and knowledge. It'll probably take an entire Atlesian Battalion to take down one of these things.


Vale: It's a nice city, the kind of place you wouldn't mind living in. Not really for vacation though. I've only been here a few times

Beacon Academy: The most prominent school for Huntsman in Vale.


Vacuo: It's too damn hot here. I would never live here. I don't know why anybody would. 2 stars out of 10.

Shade Academy: Huntsman academy of Vacuo.


Atlas: Has the largest and strongest military of all the Kingdom's. Technology here is also very superior to that of the other Kingdoms.

Atlesian Knight-130: Common troop of the military, these aren't actually people, but rather androids. I've had my fair share of tussles with them. Weak individually, but dangerous in numbers. Main weapon used by these androids in an assault rifle.

Atlesian Knight-200: An upgrade of the Atlesian Knight-130, the 200 is suppossed to be superior in all aspects. They are still new so I've never actually seen one personally.

Atlesian Paladin-290: A large mechanized battle suit to be manned by a human or fauness. Also very new, I haven't really seen these in action.

General James Ironwood:  Headmaster of the Academy and Military, this guy's got way too much power. I don't mean to sound like a conspiracy theorist or anything, but he's been involved in some real shady stuff. Likes power and emphasizes strength.

Atlas Academy: Huntsmen academy of Atlas. Unlike the other academies, the students here are pushed to go into the military as opposed to becoming hunters.


Mistral: Not the best place to raise a family, but damn, has the best drinks compared to all the other Kingdoms.

Haven Academy: School for huntsman in Mistral.


Bellmuse: The smallest of all the Kingdoms, but still has plenty to offer. Is a nice place, low crime rates, and has a decently strong group of hunters keeping the Kingdom safe from Grimm.

Syne Academy: School for Huntsman in the Kingdom Of Bellmuse.

Finnek Forest: Known for its beautiful blue leaves, cool autumn air, and glorious sunsets. Also full Grimm, you know, before you think it's good place for a romantic date.

Skylight Woods: Makes for a nice picnic area... Until Grimm show up.

Bellmuse Central: Being the center of a active kingdom, something is always going on here. Excellent restaurants, alright bars, and I swear the most rigged gambling establishments.

Kompress Beach: The women here alright, but just about the only thing worth going to the beach for.

Stykler's Weapon Fixes and Upgrades: Great quality offset by steep prices. What more could you want?

Dusty's Crystal Emporium: Need dust? That's what this place is for.

Fletcher's Timeless Curios: Only fool goes into battle unprepared for any situation. Except for me. My excuse is that it keeps things interesting. Anyhow, good place to stock up on different equipment for combat.

Petunia's Pet Palace: Honestly, I'm not much of a pet guy, so it's probably better I don't talk about this place.

The Backalley: Like seriously, buying illegal things has never been so legal.

Bellmuse Licensing Branch: Good if you want to use dust if you but have no idea how. Sure, its a longer process then straight up using dust, but you might find that you'll keep a few more fingers then if you decided to try your chances at beginners luck.

Bellmuse House of Records: If you come here, chances are something illegal is going on. Anyhow, good for finding information on someone.

Leena Lilac: Headmaster at Syne Academy. Global Affiliations unknown.

Aaron Coal: Also Professor Coal, is a Professor at Syne Academy. Not much information on him.

Eminence Haze: Also Madam Haze, is a Professor at Syne Academy. Teaches combat-strategies. I've never met her, but judging from what others have said, it's probably better if I didn't. I don't think we'd get along too well...

Alexander Davis: Also Professor Davis, is a Professor at Syne Academy. Teaches wilderness survival. Watch out for his puns. They'll kill you if you're not careful. Has some kind of plant manipulation semblance and uses a massive ball and chain as his main weapon.

Toriera Free: A colorful, rollerskating, dust maniac professor who could be hardly considered one. I say this because professionalism isn't in the top of her list of things that should be taken seriously. Not that it should be taken so seriously, I don't take it seriously. Then again though, I'm not a professor, so I can't really I can't really put me and her on the same standards.

Lucas Neel: Technology professor. I haven't really to him, but he really gives off that 'I'm smarter than you' vibe.

Esoric Tacendash: A Professor at Syne Academy. I haven't taken his class yet, but I can already tell you I don't plan to. Why? Well, he teaches Physical Education, and that is literally the exact opposite of what I enjoy in life.

Ivory Doe: History professor at Syne Academy. I haven't met her yet, but I imagine that if we did it probably wouldn't go too well. From what I've heard, our personalities would not match at all, and I'm sure she'll find something about me extremely offensive.

Saffron May: Teaches philosophy at Syne Academy. I've also seen him working at the bar 'Nine Lives' every now and then. Probably cause he enjoys it.

Garth Galvon: A hobo fire sage. Though I haven't seen the full extent of his power, I know it's probably something pretty unimaginable. Fairly friendly guy, but carries a huge burden on his shoulder for things he has done in the past.

Grandmaster Samurai Brown: International celebrity who took up teaching at Syne Academy as a part of his hit new reality TV show, 'Teachings of a Grandmaster'. Supposedly, Samurai Brown is a absolute master at both martial arts and Kenda, though I wonder how much of this is true and how much of this was just exaggerated as a result of his celebrity status.

Meiko White: I call her Sarah but she doesn't really like it when I do. Then again, when was I the kind of guy who lived to make others happy? Anyhow, Meiko is a student at Syne Academy. Is also the sister of Sammey White.

Xavier Holstein: Student at Syne Academy. Is also a bat fauness. Recently moved to Bellmuse and knowledge on modern society is limited.

Zunsaskejiho: Also just Zun. Is a student at Syne Academy. Your stereotypical training junkie. Loud, huge, and not too bright. Fights with ridiculous strength, but entirely barehanded. His  Semblance involves a huge buff to his speed.

Oliver Balcross: A Student at Syne Academy. Very easy to get along with, even I really had no problems with it. Uses a Buzz saw type axe and has some kind of semblance involving Psychokinesis.

Averia Frost: Student at Syne Academy. Very free spirited. Like the type of person who will whatever they want to say. Apparently a lot of what she wants to say isn't the nicest of thoughts, thus earning her the nickname of 'Ice Queen'. Also the kind of person to be late on the first day of school. Main weapons include two high powered pistols that can transform into a flamethrower gauntlet and her semblance involves the manipulation of ice.

Kei Heiwajima: Yours truly. Student at Syne Academy, though mostly there just for the money. Works as a Jack of All Trades on the side, completing tasks as long as the money is there. Semblance is simply the generation of electricity.

Zan Drack: Student at Syne Academy. Despite being in a hunt with him, he never really interacted with me. Instead, he seemed more interested in Gricelda, another student who was participating in the hunt. Uses twin pistols that fires dust. His semblance involves buffing his gunshots with aura.

Crimson Waters: Student at Syne Academy. Managed to get on my nerves just minutes after meeting him. Quickly taught him 'what's up' with some snowballs. Main weapon is a Katana and semblance is the ability to turn invisible.

Olivia Hood: Student at Syne Academy. Other then that, I don't know much about her.

Raziel Mirandale: Student at Syne Academy. Just from her appearance, I can tell you she is some kind of fauness (Wolf Fauness, Fox Fauness, Dog Fauness? I don't know. They all look the same to me). I also heard that she is an extremely skilled swordsman. Maybe has something to do with where she came from? Something I'll have to look into.

Sammey White: Student at Syne Academy and sister of Meiko White. Extremely timid and innocent. Might have to tell her the bird and the bee story one day for the heck of it.

Richard Lionheart: One of the Students Syne Academy, I've never actually met him, though I have seen him around couple of times. Seemed to be grumpy both of those times.

Akui: Student at Syne Academy, but you would never guess it from outer appearance. Everything about her is aggressive. Her personality, looks, speech. Rumors was she was once in fairly large gang. Honestly, I have no idea who let her into the Academy. Main weapons include twin Glocks and semblance is unknown.

Ash Rockford: Student at Syne Academy. Better way to describe him though, the soul of some old professional musician trapped in the body of a student. Ash is really ahead of his time in terms of musicality. I, of course, would never tell him this to his face. Not for free at least. If I have to be nice to someone, I better be getting something out of it.

Noire Alford: Student at Syne Academy. Very easy to entertain. On a hunt with her, seemed like she was having the time of her life fighting a Deathstalker. Main weapon is giant broadsword and semblance involve creating two portals, one for things to go in, the other for things to go out of.

Grenal Black: Student at Syne Academy. I haven't really talked to him, so I can't say for certain, but seems to be at Syne Academy for a reason other than learning...

Glace de Bleue: Student at Syne and is a fish fauness. She seems really nice up until you get on her bad side. Yea... I highly suggest staying on her good side. Has some kind of weapon that manipulates her hair, but I haven't seen enough of it to entirely figure out how it works.

Albert Camaiu: Student at Syne. Despite being teamed up often, I don't really know much about him. Always seems to be analyzing things, rather than putting himself out. Main weapon is a sniper and semblance allows powerful, pinpoint manipulation of wind.

Niraya Huntsmith: Student at Syne and a fauness of some sort(?). When I met her she was testing a drone of some sort. Uses a whip as her main weapon and has a semblance that allows her to manipulate crystal ice shards.

Lloyd Vaneheim: Student at Syne Academy. His relation to the Vanheim Freelance Industries is also unknown. Seems friendly and good natured. Not what you'd expect of a Vanheim. Combat related information still unknown.

Jet Jeyson: Jet the kind of person who immediately gives off that 'cool guy' appearance as he wears sunglasses everywhere, from a snowball fight in the midst of a hunt to chilling in a bar. To be honest, I have no idea the reason for the sunglasses, I never bothered to ask. His main weapon is a blade-whip like weapon and his semblance allows control over metallic objects.

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