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Possibly Less Active?

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1 Possibly Less Active? on Thu Dec 03, 2015 8:01 pm

So, a lot of you know me as Xavier, however a good share of know that this is my new main account.

I've only be encountering creative issues since I decided to come back and try to enjoy roleplaying again after nearly, 4-5 year lack of it? Sure, not everything goes your way unless your write the whole story yourself, but I noticed that creative freedom on roleplaying sites isn't what it used to be, and not just here but other sites too.

Add to the fact that there is so much else to do now, what with amazing games and youtube and twitch and all that jazz that not as many people make roleplaying a top priority among their hobbies, which is cool because you do you. I however have games that were new and things that I've bought that remain unopened because I spend so much time on here...even when there is nothing to inspire me or not even anyone else on the site, xD!

I'm like this because of my insanely strong creative spirit, and I love to make cool things and share them with people, and unfortunately that's mainly ideas...but here, they come to life! I'm not playing someone else's work, I'm playing mine! Plus, I get to mix my work with that of others and make something truly amazing...most video games simply don't offer that.

I was reunited with my love for roleplaying, but it simply isn't the same creature anymore, and that's fine. I keep expecting things to work like it did back when I was 13, and that's not fine.

So , basically, I'm planning on trying to throw more of my time into my other hobbies and less into this one. This is not only for the sake of my sanity, but also for the sake of others because my extreme passion for things often is what charges any of my responses to other people. I'm not sure how much less activity I'll be, as all I really want to do is just post more and more and meet all your guys's characters and build IC and OOC relationships and weave our own little story and have lots of fun together and...*breathes*

See what I mean? I think it's best for us all if I do my best to be less active here...and of course, right around this time a whole bunch of cool stuff is happening with the site, but it's whatever I guess.

I still love all you guys, don't think I hate any of you, I just have a hard time not demanding from others what I provide them.

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