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Dust 101 (Closed)

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26 Re: Dust 101 (Closed) on Thu Jan 14, 2016 1:49 pm

Avy Frost
Avery frowned upon hearing her roommate chime in the conversation. The blonde kept silent after the diss despite being tempted to say that she, herself, was a mounted archery main before moving to gunslinging. Not to mention the punk hasn't even seen Avy in combat yet so technically she knew nothing of the girl either. Nevertheless, Avery was kind to people she likes and she merely gave the pink-haired a smile. Pfft. Pink Death she said. Is that a cotton candy brand or something?

That was until her attention was caught by the teacher's fiery display of dust. Avery pouted and simply proceeded to listen to the two male's introduction. Bondage Jo was blabbering about camaraderie which Avy, a lone huntress with a high successful mission record, deemed useless. The man with the top hat was interesting though and she couldn't help a smirk at his overly zealous introduction laced with sarcasm. Yea, she liked the old man.

In the middle of thinking about ways to use dust, Avery caught movement from the corner of her eyes and when the snowman invaded her personal space, Avy knew something was up. An ice wall materialized in between the two in time to block the incoming slap. Her eyes narrowed at the girl. "What do you think you're doing in the middle of a class? You just proved to me right now that not only are you physically useless and emotionally unstable, you're apparently stupid too. Deadweight."

So that might have been a little too aggressive even for Avery but the attempted slap pushed her temperament. How dare this person raise their hand on her when even her own parents never did? Avery scoffed, waving a hand to clear her desk, the snowman's books and notes clattering to the floor. "Trash that belongs to trash," Avy muttered lowly before flopping down on the desk to listen to the teacher, hoping the latter would ignore the commotion and move on with the lesson.

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27 Re: Dust 101 (Closed) on Sat Jan 16, 2016 7:15 pm

Akui wasn't one for the ruckus going on in this class. That's not to say she didn't love creating a ruckus, as she loved a bit of destruction here and there, but this was not her type of ruckus: bickering immature adults versus taking down a rival gang in the middle of the town square.

However, she was caught mid-yawn by the teacher...being a pyromaniac? Whatever floats your boat, she supposed, although she could see why playing with fire would be a cool thing. However, when it the flames all but cleared, Akui noticed that the flames had come from...her skates? Akui stood up and walked over to the teacher, and even with her dull-set eyes, it was obvious there was a slight glimmer. She inspected the shoes rather nonchalantly, although something deep down inside her wanted to gush over how cool they were, but she quashed the feeling as she continued to inspect them.

"Cool f***ing skates, teach. What they made out of? Oh, and I know only what I read from books, which isn't much. Some s*** about it being vital to human survival against those asshole Grimm. I can kinda use Fire Dust, but I want to learn it all. That's why I dragged my ass out of bed and came over here, but we have so far is this bulls***." she groaned as she pointed at the students behind her. "Oh, it's it's not 'TMI', teach: anyone dumb motherf***er watching the news that past year knows about me, and I could care less about it."

She then looked back down at her teachers sick kicks. "Seriously though, what are those? How did you balance retractable roller-blade wheels like that without losing foot room?"

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28 Re: Dust 101 (Closed) on Sun Jan 17, 2016 11:25 am

Ash Rockford
The black leather clad ninja just stared blankly it was a surprise to him how all this was turning out each individual was some sort of self induced maniac with ME written on their forehead with the exception of Akui who he thought was pretty much the only sane individual and honest with themselves as they come. He couldn't blame Sammy for being whom she was but the Ice Queen was apparently one who needed her ego assuaged for superiority let alone the weird Pizza Deliver Italian Mafia Slob looking guy turned around which he hope was a descent talk from the heart but given the people he had to work with Bellamuse was beginning to look like the Ghetto Schools of Beacon consolidated Delinquents of Poverty. But Ash wasn't going to simply give up he was here to learn and he feared one or two of these people may hate his guts but he could be kind and equally just as disrespectful and frankly this lesson wasn't going anywhere.

When the teacher flamed on he was kind of like Akui fascinated how her skates generated that arc of flame he himself was particular to Flame Dust and got up nonchalantly hands in his back pockets staring at Skittles feet admiring the use of some kind of retractable roller skates. It was an odd choice of tool for battle but to each their own some times the impractical was often the most effective but his thoughts broke when he could hear Avery continuously whinnying about Sammey and Ash's brow just knitted closer and closer to a frown before his eye brow twitched and twitched and when Sammey got up and defended herself he had to admit Squeeky had Spunk and it was commendable. He even realize some of these people need nicknames they weren't deserving of the use of their names and if it made him an outcast so be it. When Avery decide threats where in order that just caused Ash to snap especially given as Hunters what point is it fighting each other when their are Grimm out there to do so.

"To whatever gods there are in Remnant we sit and bicker and as Hunters and Huntresses we should think that all we are doing is making Grimm stronger and drawing Grimm to Bellamuse as we speak. So why is it senior students are acting in such a manner that they themselves should already know... YES! You Fluffy White Cotton candy, Snow Queen, Ice Witch! *points up at Avery* If all you can do is *itch at her it seems that's all you are good for from here! Why don't you use your *itch-Fu on the Grimm and see how much that works! I don't know what they call you in school but if it is the Mistress of *itching then obviously you are Bella Victoria! Seriously Five Ancient Sage's of *itchdom gathered together one day on the Mountains of Peak *itchdom to proclaim your birth. And in a hundred years later when all *itchstellations were aligned and you were born it was prophesized you would make everybody's life a living hell! Now sit both of you and please let the teacher get on with this lesson! I swear to gods if Cotton Candy or Pizzeria Joe want to comment then at least let the teacher Nuke me from her Desk and let this be over with!"

(Quote from TFS abridge, Krillin)

Having said his peace he knew more or likely these people would hate him. Heck he downright expect them all to ignore him, outcast him, and even extradite him from any form of socializing this school had to offer but frankly what did he care he was hear to learn not deal with the soap opera dramas of small chested adolescent women whose britches were tighter than a saint nun's hosier. And if Skittles struck him down at least he be taken to the Nurse Officer and left to kick back relax and just try again for classes when less people were so freaking annoying. And if people respected the quiet Ninja for being outspoken good not like he freaking want or need it before looking at Skittles Teacher calmly. "Please can we go on with this lesson?"

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29 Re: Dust 101 (Closed) on Tue Jan 19, 2016 1:02 pm

Sitting on her desk watching the class Toriera felt an odd bit guilty thinking back to her own teacher. She had also been a terror in the classroom and standing on the other side, she felt like she needed to apologize. That would have to wait as she needed to bring this class back, but that was easier said than done. Honestly, she just wanted to end the class and go grab a drink at the closest bar. Come now Toriera you can give up on your first day! She told herself before feeling the weight again.

It seemed the class was more willing to talk now, but each word only made her regret it more. It seemed one wanted to make a joke it all with his little story of pizza's and Grimm's. In a another time she might have found it funny in the least, but right now it was only annoying. Watching his face, however, it seemed the man didn't enjoy his own jokes, or maybe the frown were aimed more toward the class. She didn't care either way. "Well Caernarvon" Saying the impossible to pronounce name with ease. "I wish you all the best with your pizza and if I want more BS in the future, I'll be sure to call on you."

There however, were a few rays of hope in this class, oddly being the two that was late to begin with. The odd one in leather seem to have taken it upon himself to reprimand the others. A noble gesture, but one that would do more harm than good. Especially with that overly dramatic little act of his, creative as it was. "You done now, Joe?" She asked, walking away from her desk only to stop at Pinky words. Toriera had more or less seen the files on this one and had thought if there was any trouble would have come to from this one. Reaching up, she would pat the girl on the head. "Thank you." Would be all she would say without explanations or giving her an answer. Toriera would be more than willing to talk outside of class, but right, she was still on the clock.

It seemed the two in the back, little fight had come to an end, in a sort. She couldn't hear the words, but she could guess they weren't too good. She was just happy the two have separated before it became physical, well more physical. Oh well, that problem was their own and Toriera had given up trying to be the mediator with them. Walking to the back of the room Toriera would take out a box from one of the cabinets before returning to the front of the class. Placing it down on the front row table with a loud and heavy thump. There she would place a hand on her hip and smile.

"Okay! Have we all got our angst out now? If any of you want to keep going then you're more than welcome to... Outside my class. I agreed to teach here cause I was told I be teaching futures Hunter and Huntress, not children's. Now I won't go into detail about how you should act and all that jazz. After all, I'm not exactly a role mode myself. So for those who want to learn, then take a seat and those who don't well! There's the door!"
With a wave of her arm, she would point at the door before waiting. After a few second she would smile, rather any left or not.

"Arightly then! Now Mr. Pizza and Joe did give some good answers, more or less. Dust is the very reason we are live to this day. It powers our world! From AC and heater in our house to power source for vehicles and airships. However, unless you have been living under a rock, then you already know all this. But did you know that honestly, we as mankind don't really even know what dust is!" Having said that Toriera would open her box and pull out a large green dust crystal. With a smile, her hand would suddenly glow as if a rainbow was wrapping it and in turn cause the crystal glow a blight green. "Or even why our Aura can interact with it like it does. So if you stop and think about it mankind has been using something that we really don't know that much about. Even now we are studying just where it comes from or even why it form like it dose in mines."

Stopping long enough to catch her breath the woman would toss the crystal from hand to hand. "Now I know some of you might be wondering why the hell I'm telling you this. Thinking I don't need to know this to kill Grimm's with dust. And you would be right. But think of dust as a weapon, a gun for example. Anyone can use a gun. Just point, pull trigger, and BOOM! It's the same with dust." With a smile she made a gun with her fingers and pretended to shoot out over the class. "But like a gun if you don't know how it work, without training, then the best you can ever hope for is landing a potshot or two. What if the gun jams?! Can you fix it? It's the same for dust and how to use it, rather it in its powder form or crystal. Now we can talk about it all day long, but that's will get boring. At least for you I'm sure. So how about we have some fun! A demonstration if you will."

Now with a playful smile Toriera went to work removing the content of the box onto the table. It contents being just about every form of dust she could get her hands on since coming to the school. From fire to ice, plants and Thunder, to even a few that she doubt the other Hunters knew of. Those, however, would have to stay for another day. Before now were just the basic of the dust: Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth. "This isn't mandatory, but I want to get a gage at everyone's skill with dust here. Not everyone will be on the same level so I have to adjust for those lacking. So come up and pick your type, crystal or powder and I don't know. Do something interesting with it. So me how well you can use dust. Oh! No using it on each others!"

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30 Re: Dust 101 (Closed) on Fri Jan 22, 2016 9:35 pm

“Business is booming, but thanks anyways.” Caern said, a little smirk forming on his face for just a second. In the meantime a lot had happened, another girl just sort of walked out on the class and it seemed that with every second that passed another fight broke out. Thankfully, it seemed that the teacher was at least able to get things under control. Caern didn’t mind being reprimanded when he probably deserved it. Nevertheless he woudn’t take back his speech if he was paid to.

In all honesty he kind of liked the name ‘pizzaria Joe’. It fit him. Might not be the best mafia nickname, but hey. At the very least debate class chapion here managed to make Caern grunt in amusement at his little speech calling out the punk lady, who seemed to be unable to go a single sentence without cussing. Caern found himself fairly annoyed at how improperly she was timing her swear words. Finding the right time to drop and F bomb was an art! If you simply throw around cusses they lose all their meaning! Heh, she seemed like the type who’d never learn that anyways. Caern was already starting to miss that hotheaded girl from before. Avery was it?

At last something seemed to really catch his attention: an opportunity to show o- learn something new about dust… Yeah, that was it. Caern picked up his gun and removed a light blue colored drum from his coat.
“Now I’m not gonna lie, but I’m actually pretty crap at using dust raw,” He said. Perhaps the class would notice the lack of sarcasm in his words. “But I can make these bullets, see. Out of a special kind of ice dust.” He pulled out the standard ammunition already in his gun and replaced it with the blue drum, slapping the bottom of it so that it clicked into place. From there he let his aura flow into his weapon, which began to emmit a frigid mist that creeped along the ground below, reminiscent of what one would expect from a fog machine. The intricate carvings present in the gun’s form were set ablaze in luminous aquamarine light, tracing a railroad through the metal frame of the weapon that eventually reached the barrel, the end of which was extended by a long cylindrical muzzle of wavering blue energy. Caern pointed the muzzle towards the ceiling. “Don’t worry, shouldn’t hurt anybody.” His finger fell back on the trigger. The detective made sure to only put small amounts of aura into the volley that came next, an amount so small the bullets themselves would be unable to hurt anybody.

There would be a series of loud cracks as the bullets detonated aways into mid air, burtsting open like waterballoons but showering the area with water in its frozen state instead: snow. White flurries would begin to gracefully flutter to the ground, already beginning to form a thin layer of white. Caernarvon ceased feeding his gun with aura and it ceased glowing.
“Snow fairy over there should feel right at home,” The detective said with a grin, setting his weapon back down on the ground and sinking into his seat once more. “Welp, don’t let me delay the rest of you any longer.”

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31 Re: Dust 101 (Closed) on Tue Jan 26, 2016 6:30 pm

Sammey White
Sammy was sating down still drying her tires as the professor said something "This isn't mandatory, but I want to get a gage at everyone's skill with dust here. Not everyone will be on the same level so I have to adjust for those lacking. So come up and pick your type, crystal or powder and I don't know. Do something interesting with it. So me how well you can use dust. Oh! No using it on each other!" Sammy looked at what kind of dust the professor had as someone with a gun shot up into the air. It looked nice as Sammy made her way to the dust and got some lighting and fire crystal’s and got an ice crystal and walked off to the side a little away from the professor and started to use ice dust to make a sphere. Then she put fire dust in the sphere the fire started to bun. Than Sammy blow it up with lightning. The ice shards acted as shrapnel’s. The fire will burn and created a concussive shockwave while also melting some of the ice into water. Sammy made sure there was no one around when she did it. “T-th-this well enhance the lightning power to shock everyone touched.” She then walked/rain back to her site with her head down on her way back.


Tier 1 Dust: (10x Water) (10x Fire) (10x Earth) (10x Air)
Tier 2 Dust: (10x Fire) (10x Water) (10x Earth) (10x Air) (10x Explosion) (10x Ice) (10x Plant) (10x Thunder)
Tier 3 Dust:(6x Fire) (6x Water) (6x Earth) (6x Ice) (6x Lightning) (6x Light) (6x Shadow)
5x poison
Shadow's Bane
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32 Re: Dust 101 (Closed) on Wed Jan 27, 2016 11:06 am

Avy Frost
So at least the teacher didn't make a fuss about the slapping incident, though what she talked about dust was nothing Avery didn't know already. When she suggested a dust demonstration though, the girl went frigid. Dust was the one thing she's inept at! She watched in fascination as the old man used his gun to recreate snow, delighted as it piled up on the floor. Even deadweight had her fair share of skills in mixing fire, ice, and lightning dust to create an explosion. Avery sighed and stood up to make her way to the box, taking out a fire dust crystal. The professor should've understood by then that Avery's skill in dust was poor. Dust powder was preferred by hunters due to their high potency - something her level of skill couldn't handle. Dust crystal though was less potent but more stable and is used for commercial and industrial purposes.

Avery moved to the back of the class with a single fire dust crystal in hand. A dust dunce wouldn't be able to do much with it. Heck her guns don't even have a cartridge for dust powder. However, that wasn't the only way to use dust. This is THE Avery Frost we're talking about - of course the queen will find a way to accommodate her weakness. Her eyes glowed a bright blue as the falling snow began to swirl around her left arm holding the crystal. Even the snow pile underneath began to rise up around her. Avery wasn't going to wield dust raw nor equip it to a weapon; she's going to use dust with her ice semblance.

The crystal shattered in her hand, releasing a fury of blue flames from her arm and moved to expand behind her. A strong gust of wind enveloped the room as the flames absorbed all the snow and frozen water in the air to power up the fire, growing larger until the blue flames took the form of a mighty phoenix. "Why hello there~" Avy mused. Instead of burning, the blue firebird froze everything it touched evidenced by the crystallized ceiling. The damage dealt, unlike raw dust, wasn't based on her spirit but on her semblance. And unlike her normal ice, the phoenix wasn't solid. Bullets couldn't shatter it; blades would pass through. And it was flowable. The blue flames disengaged and zoomed towards the window, seeping through the window sills which froze upon contact, and reforming into its phoenix shape outside.

The firebird briefly changed into a crimson colour as it flapped its wings, releasing multiple ice projectiles towards a tree. Upon contact, the red ice shards exploded, catching the tree on fire and burning rapidly. "True damage, burn infliction and power in numbers. This is me at my weakest?" Avery whispered with a snicker before commanding the phoenix to kamikaze against the tree, crashing at it and turning the whole thing into ice. Avery wasn't fully satisfied with what she could do but it was better than nothing. She went back to her seat and flopped on her desk.

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33 Re: Dust 101 (Closed) on Mon Feb 01, 2016 8:52 pm

Apparently, class was back in session, as it was time to take some Dust and show off what you got...which honestly wasn't much for Akui: she was only familiar with Fire Dust, and only in powder form, as she never had any formal training, experience, or book-time with other variations or elements. Akui didn't want to look like an idiot in front of everyone, because even though she didn't care what most people thought of her, but there was one that she couldn't look weak in front of...stupid rich b****, no way she would give her ammo to tease her.

Slowly, Akui walked up and grabbed two vials of Fire Dust, and then a crystal of the same kind. She then looked up at the professor, and a studious one could tell there was a tinge of worry in her eyes, but she quickly closed said eyes and reached deep within herself.

See, Akui wasn't the best when it came to wielding her Aura, as she struggled to use her Semblance at times to do more than just easy menial tasks. Forcing herself to do so flooded her body with a slight pain and made her quiver, and it gave her massive headaches, but she had to show something...and the two before were rather impressive, manipulating Aura in ways she never heard or saw before. She was rather impressed with Barkface and what she could do, wielding multiple different elements and using them together, and even rich b**** managed to do something cool with he ice semblance and Fire Dust...she had to do something impressive next, but how?

Akui was struggling to wield her Aura, evident by the face she was making as she tried harder and harder to find the power. After a few more moments of struggling, she remembered what she read in a book: the Aura was literally created by her, always there for was, in fact, part of her...was her...

Akui relaxed, and took in a breath, and slowly let it out. If her Aura was herself, then what was she? Who was Akui? She took in another deep breath, and slowly let it out. Graffiti and stylish bullet-hole patterns...steaming tears and busted knuckles...fierce glares and harsh words...stunning displays of marksmanship...burning buildings and bleeding bodies...

Akui's Aura shined brighter and brighter, an obnoxious neon pink, extending well behind her and becoming blinding to any of those who were looking. She felt it surging through her, sudden power and strength, all from her...all her own. It was was too much, but she couldn't hold it back or tone it down, only let it go. Her Aura kept shining brighter and brighter, and disappeared. Akui turned to face the students now, eyes still closed. She had a vial of powder in each hand, and the Fire Dust crystal in her mouth, but she let the crystal roll off her lips and hit the ground at her feet, where it shattered...and did nothing. Akui waited a few more moments, then even though her closed gaze was aimed down, the students there could see smirk appear on her face.


The shards of the Dust crystal dissolved and formed a circle of flames around Akui's feet. The flames then crept up her legs without burning her or her clothes, as it was actually climbing up her Aura that she was manifesting. It surrounded her clothes like a bit of a shell, and taking the form of a gorgeous frilly dress, made of fire. From her back sprouted two big and beautiful feathered angel wings of flame, slowly offering a very slight flap, as Akui held her arms against her chest.

She was despair...she was...rage!

Akui shuttered, a shiver flowing through her whole body. The frilly dress of fire began to unravel and split off at the ends, even ripping and having tatters fall to the ground, so making the once beautiful yet deadly dress a shell of it's former self...and the wings...they were no better off. The feathers on the wings were falling off, first slowly then rapidly, until all the feathers were on the ground and the wings were naught but flaming bone versions of their former selves. Suddenly the feathers and tatters returned to flame form and all that was fire violently expanded into a raging wall of inferno, reaching from the door of the classroom to the window, filling the room with an echoing roar of raging fire as the flames licked the ceiling. Some of the flames began to surround Akui, wrapping around her like a cocoon quickly covering up everything but her face as it slowly crept up and around to cover that as well.

She was...intimidation-no...she was FEAR!

As the last bit of flames covered up the left side of her face, an unblinking eye formed out of the fire and stared at the students, burning it's image into their minds...silent judging them...silently damning them. Under the eye formed a distorted grin, teeth bared, bobbing up and down...almost as if chuckling at how pathetic they all were. The makeshift face became one with the cocoon with a small swirl, and the wall of inferno that based on her returned to the cocoon she was in. The flames shuddered and rippled around, like some disturbing creature, before a giant skeletal face emerged. The cocoon took on the form of a skeletal reaper, cloak and all, and it pushed hot air from it's gaping hole of a mouth with a force that almost sounded like a wail as flaming snakes crawled out it's nose hole and into it's eyes. Then shuddered again, almost as if it was cackling without sound to something they could not recognize, and with one fiery bony hand it reached out and pointed a bony finger at Averia Frost.


From within the cocoon, Akui tossed the vials of powder, and the punctured the Reaper of Fire as the vials soared above. She unclasped Agony and Infamy with a whipping motions, and flames whipped out of the body of the beast to the left and the right. She then aimed her glocks diagonally outward, her eyes still close, hands across her chest again...and fired a shot from each. The bullets penetrated the reaper's body and shattered the top of each vial before lodging into the ceiling. The vials turned upside down and poured out the powder as the fell. Akui let her arms fall and adjusted her glocks so that they area marked for Fire Dust powder was opening for filling on each, and small holes opened in the flaming shell as the powder fell through them and filled each gun's container before becoming one whole flaming reaper again.


Both guns loaded, Akui locked them and performed her 'signature move': The Jester. Eyes still closed and glocks set to wield First Dust powder, her 'aim' was up the middle where there were no students, only stairs. She then juggled her guns and fired them at the wall behind them all the students, and she completed two nearly-complete sessions, firing the nineteen bullets left from each glock before reloading while maintaining the juggle and firing nineteen more rounds for each glock before stopping at the final four bullets for each. For these she stopped the juggle and aimed each weapon forward, yet slightly apart and fired, moving the guns farther apart for the next shot and farther still for the shot after. For the final shot, all the flame reaper was absorbed into the barrels of her glocks, and she lightly tossed them over her shoulders and let them rundown her arms before catching them and gives them a twirl...and then aiming at the opposite corners of the room with her head tilted back, eyes still closed...and then fired. The last two blasts hit the wall in each corner and had a bit of a flame burst, produce a blast of air that would surely rustle hair, paper, books, clothing, and maybe even jimmies.

She then lean her head forward again and blew the smoke off her guns before opening her eyes and witnessing her beautiful creation...

In the middle was a skull chewing a heart with cockroaches crawling out it's eyesockets, then three bats on each side the lead to the skulls in each corner. One was laughing furiously, as if he lost all his marbles, but the one on the right was crying with blood leaking from it's eye sockets and mouth.

Akui looked over her shoulder for a moment and muttered only a "Heh." to the teacher before sitting down in her spot and stroking her temples to relieve what pain she could feel.

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34 Re: Dust 101 (Closed) on Wed Feb 03, 2016 3:34 pm

Ash Rockford
Ash watched all give out there displays of power and manipulation in dust. Styles, Art, Destruction, Creativity, each their own it seemed in their control. This show and tell became more and more disinteresting like some kind of Dust measuring contest and frankly Ash had no care for it. But the teacher wanted and example of creativity and cutting loose which given everyone's abilities even the Ice Queen was capable of something over the top.

More and more he pondered if Bellamuse was for him the people he had to work with weren't people he felt comfortable watching his back in battle. Frankly all around given this class and the other and the people he met so far this felt more like a high school joke. sighing he already put his money forward into this school and he wasn't about to squander what hard earn money he had given this was one of the few schools that would take him with his background.

Slowly he approach grabbing raw dust vials of ice and fire. Ash waited till everyone was done he wasn't sure if he wanted to do this or be belligerent and just not care. So he just took seven dust vials three fire in between his left hand and the rest in the other. Focusing he let the vial erupt like small volcanoes as the flames engulfed his hand.

"Yeah... fire.... woo..."

Giving them a few minutes he do something similar with the ice letting it flow all over his body like a thin layer of protection. Then with the same hand ablaze he snap it back letting ice crystals spark and cover him using both the ice dust and remaining fire dust to erupt a steaming blaze an average yet highly effective maneuver as he was literally engulfed in his own blazing fire.

As it was over he merely reach over shining and glistening dark skin from the wet melted ice and slick a hand back over his head wiping off any excess water. He then proceeded a few more tricks for the class then shrugged reclaiming his jacket.

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35 Re: Dust 101 (Closed) on Tue Feb 16, 2016 7:06 am

Taking a step back Toriera watched as each student took their choice of dust to do whatever they wanted with it. Taking a notepad out of her back pocket, she wasted no time writing down what she saw. She wanted to see what they could do without restrictions. It wouldn't tell her everything she needed to know, but would give her a good idea the limits of everyone. The type of dust a person use could tell you a lot about them, if you knew what to look for. That something was what she was seeing now. It wasn't necessary skill base, but rather something more primal. With a grin Toriera hand flew across the pad as she wrote while watching.

"Well, well. You certainly didn't disappoint. That's for sure!" She said before placing the pad under her arm to clap for the class. Now for the part that most never enjoy. Criticism! "Now then lets see here. You! Papa John!" Said, pointing toward the older gentleman with the gun. He's really impressed her as it seemed his semblance was made to work with dust at a symbiotic level. "So if I'm not wrong, you can make your own ice dust bullets? Most interesting. I might have to make time some time to study you." Placing a finger to her lip, thinking of all the tests she would run on such a semblance. "See just what make you tick." She couldn't lie that the man was the most interesting of the group, if only of his unusual skill.

Suddenly she would snap her arm toward the white hair girl while smiling. "Next up is our little Snow White! While we're at it pick your head up kid! You did good. I say out of everyone here you're most likely at the top." That wasn't just Toriera trying to cheer the girl up. True, unlike the others her's wasn't as much of a spectacle or grand, but she was the only one that used more than one. Three no less. "Using ice as a conduit to house the fire in order to turn it into a bomb. Then add a hint of lightning to make it into an Aoe. In a larger form that would do wonder either Grimm's or human foes." While looking toward Sammey Toriera smiled as she gave the girl a thumbs up before writing more down.

Now for the real test of her analogy skill came into play as she turned toward the blonde. "Up next we have the princess. This is you at your weakest you say? I can tell..." She said the first time sounding like a teacher. "Don't get me wrong, it was impressive, but also dangerous. I would strongly advise you not to try that when in actual combat without further practice." A side from maybe Akui the girl really did have the most impressive of the display, but also one of the more dangerous. "When combining the two, dust and semblance, it takes a mass amount of skill, concentration, and understanding of dust to use without it backfiring. It's clear you have to first two." Toriera would be lying if she wasn't more than a little impress with her. "But if one of those three is broken, say from a Grimm attack, that ice fire of yours could just as easily freeze yourself or your teammates. Or just blow you up. Dust is a fickle mistress and doesn't play well with others. Oh, Right!" She said suddenly before reaching into the box, pulling out a vial of fire dust powder. "Next time, try using powder. I know its bit scarier then crystals, but it works better with attacks without physical forms."

Twirling the pen around her finger the woman turned toward Akui while thinking over her notes. The form gangster really knows how to put a show if nothing else. In combat the set up was far too long to be of any use, but she hasn't really asked them to perform in any specific way. "Well, I'll start by saying if you ever get bored of being a Hunter tell me cause I know a few high class clubs and hotels that would pay handsomely for a show like that." She said playfully before coughing. "Now then that was most impressive Pinky. Excellent control and delivery. Also excellent uses of manifesting a familiar in your flames." Tapping her pen on the pad Toriera would put her back to the desk before hopping up to sit next to the dust chest. "It's a bit harder for me to critique yours, maybe aside from you make a mess of the room." The last attack of the girl had sent most of Toriera papers flying around the room. If it wasn't for the fact that none of it was organized to begin with she might have been mad. "But I guess I'll let it pass for art you gave me. You also get bonus points for using powder." Powder was always the hardest form of dust to wing people onto using, well for anything. "Overall good show Pinky. Well done"

Last but not less she had S&M man coming up at last with his fire show. Unlike the others with their fire it seems Ash was more of the right to the point type. He didn't showboat or put on a great show for her, which she was a little disappointed about. Still, he did what was asked and even did it skillfully. "Well, it wasn't very flashy, but still very good, Joe." By covering his body with ice, he showed great control while at the time showing a weakness. "Was the ice really needed?" She asked, tilting her head slightly. "It's easy to see you have an eye for using the dust for combat, but it seems you might be lacking a bit in control. It's a creative way to get around controlling the fire with the ice, but it's not needed." She said as she opens the fire dust powder she was holding. Using her aura her hand would glow like a rainbow before flames lunched up forming a fireball floating in the air about the size of a basketball. Reaching up with both hands Toriera would pick up the fire as if it was a real ball in her hands. Despite the heat the others would feel from the flame Toriera held it as if it was nothing. "Once you learn to master control over dust there little you can't do with a little concentration." With a grin Toriera would hold the ball up on one finger before jumping up.

"Well then I have some interesting notes on you all, and I think I understand where we all stand now. I also see we are going to have to start working on expanding everybody's choice of dust from fire." With a snap of her finger the fire ball quickly began to shrink before disappearing all together. "To the many other forms of dust out there. Fire is what most people start out with as its something we as humans are more comfortable with. But at the same time it's a very dangerous type to use. You be amazed how fast you can start a forest fire or light up a building while fighting with it if you're not careful with your control. So I guess that is a great place for us to start." Reaching back into the chest Toriera would this time open a vial of lightening dust powder. "Let's go over the theory of control!" Like last time Toriera hands would begin to glow as she held it over the opening. With a spark and then a loud boom the lightning shot up into her hand where it dances around her arm visible to all. From the static alone her hair slowly began to stand up all over her body, even her ponytail was starting to float up. "So who can tell me what it is that allows us to control dust? Why are we able to do something like this without the aid of a semblance or a weapon? I'm curious to hear your theories."

Sorry for the wait DX also I got a bit carried away typing this up :3

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