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What do i do?

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1 What do i do? on Sat Dec 05, 2015 12:03 am

Made account, done
Made character, done
Fixed character because i messed it up, done
What now?
Where and how can i kindof stick my character into the school, in rwby orientation was followed pretty quickly by teams, but i don't know how that works here.

Knowing me, i probably missed something obvious and you are banging your head against your keyboard. Just point me where to start rping and i will be on my merry way.

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2 Re: What do i do? on Sat Dec 05, 2015 12:15 am

You can't use your character just yet. First we got to approve it and make sure it doesn't violate the rules this is done by having a staff member grade it and since your character is finished I shall now go through the grading process. If I find things that don't work with our rules I will make a comment and include everything that needs to be fixed. If it is good the way it is and abides by the rules then I shall send an approved message then lock the topic move it to approved and put you in the group that you choose to be in I also input your stats and make sure your speed aura and health are at the right levels. If you have done your character correctly then the grading process should take around fifteen minutes at the most to run through it and make sure it is okay. Oh and if you need to make edits make sure you bump it so we know it is ready to be graded again.

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