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Vide Bleu Argent (W.I.P)

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1 Vide Bleu Argent (W.I.P) on Sat Dec 05, 2015 7:35 pm


Basic info
Name: Vide Bleu Argent
Age: 18
Birthday: 21st January
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 169lbs
Face Claim: Theodore - Persona 3 Portable/Persona Q

Aura 200|100 HP

Group: Duster

  • Being Seen: If he is going to do something he wants to be known for doing it and does it with a bang and with style.
  • Playing Cards: Vide loves to play cards as to this day he remains undeafeted in card games, which later inspired him to use his faveorite past time into his weapon of choice which he would use to control the battle as he controls every card game he has ever played.
  • Being the Prince: He is very self centered and often likes to consider himself to be somesort of royality often acting as if he was a Prince and more important than other people having a large enough ego to macth the number of times he got in trouble due to his sense of pride. He also call people my the names of chess pieces depending on how close they are to him and how they fight in battle.


  • Brutes: Vide absolutly simply hates people who fight in a barbaric style, he finds them to be idiotic, destructive and simply ugly to watch.
  • Incorrect Pronunciation: From people incorrectly pronouncing his name for so many years it became somewhat of a trigger for him to get angry.
  • Family: After being disowned from his family he absolutely despises anything to do them and hates them with a passion no longer considering them to be his family causing him to change his name.


  • Family: He fears that he will never be ale to start his own new family causing him to possibly go back to his original family, beg to be taken back and give up his dream of being a huntsman.
  • Death: Vide fears that he maybe the cause of one of his team mates/friends due to his plan/tactics failing. If this fear was to come true he wouldn't be able to live with himself.
  • Unpredictablity: He is constantly scared of what he can't predict and prepare for hence why he self assigns himself to be any teams stratigist so he constantly has to try and plan for every possible outcome.

Overall Personality: Vide is a very flamboyant and out going person whom is very self-centered; often not looking out for other which he considers to be below him. Due to this stupid sense pride of his; he often finds himself in trouble from not realising what he is saying and doing is often the cause of it. Or how it could (and has in the past) highly offended people. Though he sees himself to be a unparalled dust weilding strategist first, scholar second and fighter a distant third; his solutions to problems often rather roundabout and unorthodox. Though this kind of the out of the box thinking of his leaves his tactics to be the kind that people would usually almost. Though he usually calls his allies "his pieces of the game" he rarely informs them of the plan he has come up with regardless of their relationship standing they have with Vide. Even when disrespected or faced with obvious hostility, he rarely ever reciprocates the feelings often laughing in the face of the threat often provoking it.
Inside battle he is often seen as very carefree fights as if he what is going to happen due to the fact he usually believes he has already won and doesn't think twice to use underhand tactics if the situation occurs. Constantly making sarcastic and smart comments always making fun of those he is fighting and often gets other people to fight for him whom he then supports from a distance. Also he is able to keep his head cool in almost every situation making him a person who can work under very high amounts of pressure in dire situations which is one of the plus points about him, but he doesn't tend to get angry easily and when he does he goes berserk he does not care if he inflicts injuries on himself or others.
Despite all his shortcomings those truly know and befriended him has described him as being an irreplaceable team-mate and friend as once he considers you a friend you are now a member of vide's family which he would do anything in his power to support you to make sure you perform at your best, both inside combat and in everyday life. Even if he is a bit of an prick.

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Violet-blue
Semblance: Utility Semblance: Glyph Launcher (it allows the user to create mid air platforms and to launch himself, objects and other creatures around the battle feild)
Item 1: A brown leather book containing multiple decks of playing cards.
Item 2: Dust: Teir 1, Ice

History and Sample
Vide Vide Bleu Argent once in the past went by the name Vide Saphir Orfèvre was the middle child of seven children; having two brothers and four sisters. From a young age upon growing up with the bed time stories of the heroes and monsters told to him by his grandmother Vide aspired to grow up and be world renowned huntsman to become one of the heroes he had always dreamed of. Naturally this didn't sit well with his widowed and alcoholic father, whom at the prime of his life was a well-respected and known silversmith. However his grandmother supported him until the final days of her death-bed calling him her "Petit Prince". It was that same day he was tossed to the streets being disowned by his father leaving him with nothing but the deck of playing cards his grandmother had left him and the clothes on his back.

Months later Vide came across one of his departed mother's collages whom worked as a huntsman whom was known by the name of Bistre Bole, it was this hunter who took Vide under his wing acting like the father like he never had. Teaching him the very basic skills of the trade one needed to become to stand a chance as the huntsman Vide was desperately trying to become so that he could survive without dust or a weapon; despite Vide's fragile build. After Bole did all he could for Vide he passed him onto a duster whom was once was his partner and mentor who was known simply as Madam Marigold Igor. While Vide flourished under the teachings of this Marigold discovering how to properly utilize dust in combination with his semblance, which he seemed to have a natural talent for; Bole continued to help Vide by opening a court case to legally change his name to that of his mother's maiden name and to adopt as his foster-father. After years of brutal training and debating both Vide and Bole succeeded in their endeavors with Vide being accepted to become a student at the academy and Bole winning the court case leading them both to change their surnames.
RP Sample:
150+ words
Vide panted at a rapid pace as he moved his hand to the side of his waist as if about to draw a fire ar from the holster. It was in a split second later a glyph appeared underneath him firing him upwards into the air before reappearing in mid air acting as a solid platform floating steadly in the air, giving him another brief second to look underneath him to see the danger he had just avoided. Where he was once standing there was now a dust cloud that was quickly dispersing now revailing an oversized bronze battle axe

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2 Re: Vide Bleu Argent (W.I.P) on Sat Mar 18, 2017 4:23 am

Hey there Silver! Looks like you were just about done, but some small changes needed to be made.

You haven't quite made the word requirement for the RP Sample. Just another sentence or two would probably do the trick. Also, your semblance may be a bit too strong if you intend to launch people with it. It would have to be Aura-Resisted, as throwing anyone from any distance is a bit unfair. That, or limiting how far away you can be from someone to launch them.

If these changes are made in seven days, I can see you RPing with us all in the future, but if not I will have to move this app to the Inactive Section. Sorry for any inconveniences.

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3 Re: Vide Bleu Argent (W.I.P) on Sun Apr 09, 2017 3:52 pm

I apologize, but due to there being no changes or response in much more than the allotted time, I must move this app to the Inactive Section.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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