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The Pieces Are Set... [Weapon Upgrade + Personal Plot]

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This is odd
, Kei thought to himself as he looked at a box that sat in front of his door.  It was some kind of package that was delivered from the post office. Who sent the package? Kei had no idea. He wasn't expecting a package. He didn't really know anyone who would send him a package. He also didn't remember buying anything online recently. Curious, and honestly a bit excited, Kei brought the package inside to be opened.

He set the package on the table and tore open the top of it. Inside of the package was a white box. On top of the box, sat an enclosed envelope. The envelope definitely had class to it, embroided edges and a wax seal with a symbol Kei could've sworn he's seen before.  Kei opened the envelope, wondering if it would give away the identity, carefully pulling out the paper and unfolding it.

The wait is over. You know what to do.

Kei's heart dropped when he did. He read over the words over and over. The wax symbol. The writing style. He's seen it before, or something similar at least. It was his old employers that both he and his old mentor, Ul, used to work for.

Despite once working for these people, Kei knew close to nothing about them. They were very anonymous about how they contacted Kei and Ul.  The only thing Kei ever did learn about them as time went on was that they were wealthy, powerful, and worked entirely behind the scenes from the public. Kei eventually came these men as "Shadow men".

After the death of his mentor, Kei heard nothing from the Shadow men. Over the course of several years, Kei decided he would try to figure out who the shadow men were, hiding his identity and avoiding his old job field. Kei even became a student at Syne Academy to continue to hide his identity with the intentions of using the school's recourses to find information on the Shadow men. Though it hadn't worked to well. In fact, it seemed to have done nothing, seeing how Kei knew nothing of the Shadow men and how easily they managed to locate him.

Suddenly but a few days ago, Kei had an encountered with an old group he often found himself fighting in the past, The Exalted. In this encounter, Kei had a few hints that something was going on, but nothing solid. Shadow men communicating Kei only confirmed his suspicions.

Distracted in his thoughts, Kei completely forgot about the actual box inside the package. A bit more hesitant now knowing whom the package was from, Kei carefully removed the cover of the box inside.

Kei was a bit puzzled at first at what he saw. It was a pamphlet. Across the top of it in bold was 'MAUWS: Multi-use Advanced Utility and Weapon System' . Kei scrolled through the pamphlet and the contents of the box for a bit before he finally realized what it was. It was a upgrade to his current Weighted Wire equipment.

Though he didn't like the Shadow men much, Kei knew they fought for the right things. That was the only reason he and Ul carried out their jobs in the past... Well that and the good pay. Kei knew this weapon upgrade from them only meant that things were about to go down, and that he would be involved in them.

"Meh," Kei grumbled to himself, "I'll worry about that whenever it actually comes around."

Pulling all of the MAUWS contents out of the box, Kei began to make his way to the forest, interested to see what this new stuff was...


After a few tests, Kei figured out all of the new additions to his wire system. The original system included two automatic retractable coils of a weighted wires attached to his belt. What MAUWS added was two more coils of retractable wires. Unlike the original two coils, these two new ones were located on his wrists. A launcher either of his wrists would launch the respective wire.

Connected to the wrist wires are 8 inch poles with barbed sharp ends, basically mini harpoons. These harpoons are shot of the wrist launchers and provide enough punch to pierce surfaces like wood, furthering adding to the surfaces accessible to the MAUWS.

The poles can be wielded as rods in Kei's hands also allowing for some offensive capabilities.

The wire coils also have a wire cutter built into them, making it possible for Kei to cut an extended wire should he need to abandon it for some reason.

Condition: Healthy
Health: 180
Aura: 130


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