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Ring-A-Ding-Ding! [Shadow Mission]

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1 Ring-A-Ding-Ding! [Shadow Mission] on Mon Dec 07, 2015 1:15 am

Throughout his travels in Bellmuse, Caern had been constantly searching for one thing or another. Typically, that thing ended up being another lead in his Three Stripes investigation which eventually either concluded in a fight or another vague clue, but once he had actually arrived at the academy he knew there were ways he could still improve himself at this school, most notably in his detective work.

As hard as it was to justify standing in the middle of a park for two hours in a light shower, he knew that it would all end well… You know, hopefully that was. The only thing shielding him from the frosty bite of the rain was the young oak above the bench he sat at. it, at the very least, allowed him to light up a cigarette and trace the thin trickle of smoke from the other end as it rose into the crisp morning air. He removed the stick from his mouth and exhaled a small cloud of smoke, feeling calm wash over him. As much as he pretended to loath the situation, Caern really did like the soothing grey atmosphere about the city and the relative seclusion from others he got here. Every once in awhile he just needed to relax and think about what his next plan of action would be.

Maybe that was why he purposefully showed up to his meeting with Thomas Valentine a couple hours early- to collect his thoughts and think about just what he would be doing now that his biggest case might be coming to an end. In a sense he didn’t even want it to end at all, as it made his life less exciting. It made killing in self defense harder and harder, even when he went into the worst parts of town deliberately just to be attacked. Eventually he would need to end his addiction, but for now he waited.

Any time he would be here.

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