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Scar, Wind, and Fire [Dust Training]

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1 Scar, Wind, and Fire [Dust Training] on Tue Dec 08, 2015 2:35 am

Scarlett Winchester
There was no doubt in her mind that Scarlett's Prism was powerful. A single shot with a dust bullet had the strength that many similar weapons would need multiple shots to equal. But that in itself was her weapon's one weakness. Every single shot was a gamble, something that could either hit and deal a lot of hurting, or miss and waste all of that dust that she could have used. And because of this, Scar's accuracy was never allowed to be anything less than excellent. Because a single shot could mean the difference between victory and defeat. A single squeezing of the trigger could mean life or death at times. So being subpar or even just an average gunslinger wasn't acceptable.

And with every shot during a battle, Scarlett knew the toll that it was taking on her total amount of ammunition. Even her last hunt with three other people, she fired a total of six shots of the ten bullets that she had brought. Well, that she had. Dust certainly wasn't the cheapest material to acquire and she had been rather strapped for cash and just couldn't afford any more. It was rather fortunate that she had those ten bullets with her, truthfully. But it wouldn't be enough next time, she needed to be safer; to ensure that she would have enough to take on any foe that may rear its head towards her or her teammates. But it wouldn't be enough to simply get more of the water dust that she was using before. No, she needed something even more. She needed to expand her options to ensure that she had solutions to whatever enemy that she may face.

Versatility was always a problem for Scarlett and her Prism. Not much she could do with just a powerful gun. But making up for that weakness with the choice to use dust made it all worth it. But it certainly wasn't going to be enough to simply stock up on more of the water dust that she knew how to use. No, she needed more options. What type of dust to use in any specific circumstance is the key to being a great Duster. And thus, she knew that she needed to get new options, to get licenses for new dust use. But the problem in the young girl's mind was what dusts to get exactly? She had studied all of the tier one and two dusts quite extensively, as is expected of an aspiring Duster. But she had so many choices to pick from. Earth, fire, wind, ice, and even explosive were all subjects of her research. Especially during the time that she had decided to expand her arsenal.

Scarlett idly spun her Prism on her finger as she waited, a habit of hers when she got quite nervous at times. And of course this was one of the times she was nervous, waiting for her turn to submit an application for her chosen dust. With her middle finger, she spent her time twirling the gun in circles. After a few moments, she stopped the spinning, flicking her wrist and beginning to spin it the opposite way. Like this, she continued to switch the direction quite expertly. Beside her sat a few stacks of paper, some stapled together and the others in a sort of binder. As tense as she ever is, the redhead stared at the woman behind the desk, waiting rather impatiently for her turn to approach and make her case. What seems like she had already been waiting forever for, every minute felt like an hour. Who knows how long she really was waiting here?

As she felt her mind began to wander, she suddenly heard a voice, "Number 24 - Winchester." the woman called out.

Immediately Scarlett jumped up from her spot, gathering her materials in a rush, trying to not take too much of anyone's time. With the stacks of papers in her hand, she moved towards the front desk, setting them down with a sigh of relief. Sure, they may not have been heavy, but they were certainly cumbersome. She met the gaze - almost glare - of the woman behind the desk, immediately beginning to speak, "Y-yes, I'm Winchester, erm... I'm here to register for the tier two dust license?"

Without a word, the woman just held out her hand, causing the meek girl to open up her binder and almost frantically search the contents before pulling out several forms, "H-here you go, miss. Both the, uh.. applications completely filled out and ready to be, erm... processed... I think." she said before her eyes lit up. Pulling out an even larger stack of paper, she pushed it slowly towards the woman, "A-and here's the research that I put in for the tier of dust that I would like to get licensed for today... Erm... thank you."

With that, the woman took the large stack of paper, giving them a flip through idly, obviously not interested in it, nor probably understanding it, "I'll pass it along." she said before moving it to the side, "Take the door on your left for the evaluation range."

Scarlett, gave a short nod, biting down on her bottom lip lightly before making her way to shuffle on through the door. She felt completely vulnerable at that point, now empty handed with nothing but her Prism in its holster on her thigh. With a soft sigh, she cautiously looked around, seeming to come across some sort of shooting range. Completely void of anyone but her, there was an eerie feeling that came over the meek girl, most likely coming from the mirror that was on the wall behind her. Well she was being evaluated, so perhaps she was being watched from the other side? Pushing that thought from her mind, she turned her attention to the range, taking a step closer to it. It was rather simple, it seemed, a single pistol resting on the stand. And on the far opposite side of the position she would take was a bullseye.

It didn't take Scarlett long to figure out what was happening, moving her hand to take the pistol in her grip. Lifting it up, it felt... wrong in her hand. It was light, almost weightless compared to her Prism. It didn't feel as comforting, like it was an extension of herself. But it would have to do for now. Pulling out the clip, she looked inside to see how much ammo she had to work with. Two vials of dust, one a bright red and the other a icy blue. It was quite fitting actually.

With a soft sigh, she steeled her mind. It almost seemed like this entire ritual of sorts was prepared just to freak her out. And in all likelihood that was quite likely, this evaluation built around ensuring she could keep her head cool under pressure. But Scar was about the same under pressure as she was off of it: panicking constantly. Cocking the pistol in her hand, she aimed it towards the target that she was meant to shoot with the dust bullets the gun came with. She squeezed down the trigger, the only thing that followed being an almost deafening bang.

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