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I'm Shellfish When It Comes To You [Private/Cuddlefish]

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Willow was perhaps worrying a bit too much. Ever since Glace's agreeing to go on a date with the brunette, she had been wracking her mind, figuring out what they could have done together. Sure there was the obvious - and rather boring - options such as going to dinner or seeing a movie. But none of those popped out as potentially leaving a great first impression for the date. Although she'd absolutely adore spending time with Glace doing anything, she wanted to be sure that she was enjoying herself just as much if not more. That was her goal and mentality going through with this date, and she was sure she was going to meet that goal. The only question was 'how?'.

And then it hit her. In an almost sudden flash of inspiration, she knew what she'd need to do. Of course, it was the beach; the only true option. She knew that Glace loved water and well... the chance to see the fauna in a swimsuit certainly may have been a factor. Flashing a smirk to herself, she suddenly became quite giddy, a state that she hoped her roommate didn't have a chance to see her in. Pulling out her scroll, she immediately searched up the contact 'Cuddlefish' in it and sent her a message

Hihi! Hey, I thought of the best thing we could do! Meet me at the beach in twenty minutes <3

Quite the short text that she sent, but she didn't want to over explain anything. With a lick of her lips and another grin, she went to get a swimsuit from her closet. Perhaps the only flaw may have been that she didn't really consider the time of year... But even when that fact came up, it would take far more than chilly water to deter her from giving her potential girlfriend the best time out that she could possibly give. Yes, she was determined, and there was rarely a time that a Novack would back down when both their ego and their desire to impress the cute girl they like took hold.

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Glace was roaming around Bellmuse, turning random corners, bumping into people and nearly got hit by a car. Her mind was half there at the moment as all she was able to think about, was her girlfriend. Ever since she met her, the fish fauna could not think of anything else but Willow. Everything was so sudden, the feelings were  so strong, her memory is still blurry, yet clear as crystal. Glace was not going to forget that day at all, that is for sure.

Her mind may also have been stuck thinking about that date that Willow suggested. Although nothing was decided yet, she could not stop making herself scenarios in her head and all of them were great, but she felt like she would not be able to organize a date herself with all those option she was imagining. It was a good idea that Willow was the one dealing with it.

Suddenly, Glace felt her Scroll vibrate as she received a message, from her Darling of course. She read the message with an ever so big smile on her face while biting her lip slightly. Without even thinking that it was weird to do something at the beach by this time of year, the fauna started to walk toward the beach with excitement as she was messaging back.

Alright Darling~ I am already on my way, I will be there in 10 minutes, I hope you are ready~

It really did not take too long before Glace made her way to the beach. She was even there before the 10 minutes she said it would take her to get there. She may have been running  a little. The fauna stood there waiting for her girlfriend to come into view. It would not be hard to see each other on the abandoned beach.

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