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Causing A Racket (Private/Haze Vs Averia)

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26 Re: Causing A Racket (Private/Haze Vs Averia) on Tue Dec 29, 2015 8:20 pm

Avery remained in her position even after the goddess-wannabe entered the room. Just thinking of sharing an enclosed space with this lowly being was making her feel dizzy. So much garbage and mess near her. And yet she couldn't even stare at her eye to eye. She did spare a quick glance as the woman began to relax on the sauna, enjoying the state that they were as if it's some personal paradise or something, all the while the girl was practically suffocating from the temperature. Only a first few minutes and Avery was already beyond uncomfortable. She parted her lips to take in much needed air but even that was hard. The combination of fire and water dust in the humidity that the woman explained before was starting to take its toll on her.

"How long are we going to stay here?" she muttered softly. Her hand clenched on the towel by her lap and she kept shifting. As though she wasn't uncomfortable enough, the woman just had to mention that word again and made her halt in place, goosebumps trailing on her skin.

"Don't call me that." Avery said, intending to snap at the woman but it merely came off as almost a plead. Her head lowered and she averted her gaze. "Why are we even doing this? If you don't care about the results of my progress then why don't we just pretend like you're tutoring me and move on with our lives? Go mooch off all the gold you want from my family for all I care."

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27 Re: Causing A Racket (Private/Haze Vs Averia) on Tue Dec 29, 2015 9:18 pm

The Goddess giggled as the girl seemed to gasp and mumble, clearly the heat was already taking it's tole. The sounds of light suffering and pleading filled the air, perhaps it would have been best not to set the device to max on her first go... well, it was only at level two now. Maybe even one and a half. It would certainly get far worse... for her, FuFuFuFuFuFu~

"Oh? Are you really the masochist I made you out to be? If you truly prefer to be called Pig and Ice cube I'm prepared to do so... but only if you tell me why you hate your name so much. FuFuFuFu~ There's no need to be so embarrassed of your obnoxious name Althea, no need to bow to me more than you already are," Scarlet eyes pierced through the mist, toward the girl who had averted her gaze, "Besides, there is a somewhat... additional reasoning behind your training. FuFu~

The Goddess returned to her original position, closed eyes to the ceiling as she swore she could feel red hot marks on the stone floor; "To be trained by a goddess, FuFuFu~ Is there a term for such a person? I want to see what you'll come  out the end like. Will you be almost perfect, bellow only me, or will exposure to the perfect being only cause you distress and depression. Leading to the eventual collapse and possible death of you... FuFuFu~ It's decided by how strong you are more so than my perfection. If you fail you've only yourself to blame. You are but a puppet, yes, but a puppet who's strings I like to pull on~"

Water, formed from piston crushed dust crystals, began to languidly flow out from then vent beneath the rectangular bench. The water quickly turned to steam as it met with the ground, creating an even denser fog. Beads of sweat began to form above the goddess eyebrows, but the flames weren't quite lit yet. She maintained her breathing and her position.

"I'll keep paying with you till I grow bored of you Althea, well... that or your Step-Mother's purse runs dry. Money is of course the primary motivator," The perfect huntress smirked, her towel growing heavier with the humidity.

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28 Re: Causing A Racket (Private/Haze Vs Averia) on Wed Dec 30, 2015 1:50 am

The heat itself was something Avery could tolerate but the stinging sensation on her skin from the dust was beginning to pain her. She clenched her jaw, holding on the towel tighter. Even that was starting to affect her hand from the accumulated water from the fog. To add to her misery the woman had to say that word again so casually, causing the blonde-haired girl to lower her gaze even more. Avery didn't say a word. Instead, she sat silently, listening to the woman's idiotic explanation. Tsk. Who in their right mind would want to be trained by a failure like you? She thought but held her tongue as per rule. She was even tempted to utter a rebuttal at her puppet remark but bit it down in the end.

Just then the stinging pains increased and she winced, her eyes trailing down to the vents. Wait, so the sauna was just officially starting now? Avery bit the inside of her cheek. Placing a hand on her arm, she subtly let her semblance coat the entirety of her skin with a thin layer of transparent ice concentrated enough to protect her from the effects of dust. Hopefully it would hold until the end of this hell, but breathing was still difficult. Were they really just in the minimum setting?

While the girl would have snapped at the goddess-wannabe at the mention of playing her like some toy, Avery was quick to look down upon hearing a specific word. Again! Her eyebrows lowered in frustration but as always didn't complain; she couldn't. She took a few minutes of silence before gulping and mustering the courage to speak.

"Hey old hag, are you sure you placed the dust setting on the minimum? Or have your eyes aged enough to not see properly?" she asked, hoping to address the issue at hand.

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29 Re: Causing A Racket (Private/Haze Vs Averia) on Wed Dec 30, 2015 9:35 am

Oh yes. She could feel it now. The rippling sensation of dust across her skin, tearing into her pores and nagging at every crevice. It was almost like acupuncture... at least the goddess assumed it was. She would never let a being get close enough to her naked form to touch her in such an intimate way.  No person, nor machine, was worthy of such a pleasure.

The goddess couldn't help realizing the mortal had been quiet for quite some time... perhaps realization had completely overwhelmed the simpleton. Such an amazing thing, to be trained by a goddess... yes, of course. It would leave any being overwhelmed, FuFuFu~

The Goddess crossed her legs, once more circling her neck slightly. Breathing was getting a little harder to keep up, she opened her eyes to a sensational burning sensation. A mix of dust and sweat that had dripped it's way down her forehead. She blinked a few times, her vision was not quite restored but it would suffice to look on this mortal. She tipped her head forward slightly, seeming to notice an almost light blue tinge trickling through the steam.

Another age related insult rang across the room, ah she was very much like a child attempting to be an adult. She wanted to appear big and tough before the goddess to prove herself, FuFuFuFuFuFu~ She wanted to show that she could handle the training, how adorably pathetic. The goddess slowly stood, lavishly stretching her arms as she maintained her breathing, "Well, Althea, when you answer my question I'll answer yours. Why are you so embarrassed by your name? FuFuFuFu~ It's such a silly thing, are all mortals really so weak willed? Does me uttering your name truly pain you so?"

Scarlet eyes caught site of a pale blue through the white; "And as for whatever your're doing there, it may protect against the dust's damage; but I highly doubt it'll protect you against the hexing. Though it does seem quite right that you need some sort of cheat in order to match up to me."

The goddess continued to stretch, sweat pouring down her face and into her gloves. A burning sensation had filled her lungs, perfectly timed heartbeat was ringing in her ears. Her muscles felt fit to burst with every great movement. The poor mortal really had no idea what was yet to come, did she?~

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30 Re: Causing A Racket (Private/Haze Vs Averia) on Wed Dec 30, 2015 2:45 pm

Witnessing the woman stand up, Avery tensed and almost recoiled out of instincts. Calm down. Calm down. She's not doing anything. Her hand trailed up to her choker but realised it wasn't there and instead opted to fumble with the zipper of her top. The least she wanted was for this particular person to piece together everything. She seemed to be catching up as well by saying that thing again. Avery bit her bottom lip, seeming to appear smaller with every mention of it. As if the dust wasn't problematic enough, this hag had to obsess with her name. Of all people, this snake just had to be the one to know of her real name. Whatever the case, Avery had to put a stop to it... even if it meant swallowing her pride.

She looked do the side, digging her nails on her palm. "You're right. I am weak willed. The name is obnoxious as you say and it doesn't suit me. A goddess such as yourself shouldn't disgrace your tongue by uttering a lowly name." She stated softly hoping it satisfied the freak enough to cut it out. But something in the woman's statement made her eyes widen and snap towards her.

"Hexing?!" Ah. The girl lowered her eyes. "You said we're doing minimum. One vial per minute." She said in a faint tone, leaning forward a little as she found it harder and harder to breathe, not to mention the ice on her skin glistened as it started to melt from all the dust damage. How was the woman fine with all this?

"Stop this. You're going to be affected by the hexing as well."

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31 Re: Causing A Racket (Private/Haze Vs Averia) on Wed Dec 30, 2015 3:56 pm

The Goddess couldn't help but burst out in laughter, dust tore down her throat and nostrils but she couldn't hold back.

"FuGhuFuFuGhuFu~" The Goddess' lightly chocking laughter rang out, "Do you really think a place like this would provide lethal doses of dust? Even at the highest setting? Calm down IceCube, this is a public place. If there was something that could so simply kill do you think they'd allow it here? Health and safety would prevent such a thing, FuFuFu~ You may pass out, sure, but the sauna itself vents every half hour. You'll live."

She swallowed, lips heavy and sweaty... but laden with the widest smirk a goddess could wear. She reached a hand up and tightened her towel, "And as for your request, why, I think you're quite right Althea. To speak the name of someone so low in the food chain is rather unbecoming... but that means I ought to name this new pet of mine, doesn't it? This lowly, weak willed, beast. Lacking in substance yet appearing to the foolish to have some sort of value on her own... I think Pyrite suits you best. The name of fool's gold."

Her controlled breathing had been lost to the girl's admittance of inferiority, feeling as the dust raged within her system. She grit her spiked teeth, a goddess could handle far worse than these meager minor pains... besides, the real purpose of their current position hadn't even be set in motion. The Goddess stretched her arms hard behind her back, the resounding clicks aching like bullet wounds due to the dust's effect. It hurt to stay still, let alone move as the Goddess planned to. She felt her muscles cramp and clench, clearly the huntress' own will was all that kept her here.

Suddenly, replacing the water, jets of white hot steam began to burst through the grills; one of which had resided behind Haze's legs when she was still sitting and likely around where the Pyrite's own legs currently resided. The goddess felt her limbs boil, sure her skin was beginning to turn the most dazzling shade of red raw by this point. She kept blinking as she re-stretched bellow her chest, letting her eyes adjust and her body calm. She would do it soon, she just had to judge the girl's reaction to the second to last part of the heating phase. Then would come the grueling endurance of high temperatures... and something more, FuFuFu~

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32 Re: Causing A Racket (Private/Haze Vs Averia) on Thu Dec 31, 2015 2:02 am

Avery visibly stiffened as the woman called her by that word again. Uneasiness started to rise inside the girl but just as quickly died down upon being addressed a different name. She blinked and the corner of her lip curved in a subtle smile of relief. This goddess-wannabe was really just as shallow as she thought. A few empty praises was all it took to mislead her. Who's a puppet of who again? And while the name Pyrite was creative, it was not much of an effective insult as it was a reminder of the snake's own naiveté.

Nevertheless, Avery could now focus on the real threat at hand. She leaned forward and gritted, clutching tight on her chest as her lungs burned with every breath she took. She tried pacing her breathing but to no avail resulting in a few gasps and coughs. At least her ice coating was doing its job of protecting her skin from the pain... until a sudden a jet of hot steam blasted through the vents by her legs. Avery winced, hands instinctively grabbing the edge of her seat and the ice covered up the grill beneath her. Still, the damage was done and she doubled over in pain at the searing condition of the back of her legs.

"Hng! Shi--" A few profanities released and her eyes stung as they threatened to tear up, though she never allowed herself to scream. The sauna wasn't built to kill but the pain was unbearable especially to someone who wasn't used to such exposure. At this rate she wouldn't even last an hour and she wouldn't give the woman the satisfaction of making her lose consciousness. She needed to get out!

Trembling slightly, Avery stood, using the wall as support for her weakened legs as she slowly made her way to the door. "I'm neither your pet, your puppet nor your toy. I'm done entertaining your sadistic desires." she hissed, now having the courage to talk back. Squinting through the fog, Avery located the door handle as she neared it, yearning for much needed cool air.

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33 Re: Causing A Racket (Private/Haze Vs Averia) on Thu Dec 31, 2015 11:07 am

A wheezing laughter broke out in the steam room; "Who said you could leave little Pyrite? I don't recall saying such a thing."

A fist painfully clenched, fingers cracking out as it did. To train in such a high pressure area, already in great pain. It was not dissimilar to how she had trained before proving her perfection to the world. Working till bones cracked and then working harder, Fu...FuFuFu...

She could hear the shuffling footsteps, see the faint blue glow. This place simulated Haze's proper fighting style, to cover a vast area in smog and have her prey struggle through it. Eventually they'd be too loud or clumsy, leading to the Huntress reaching her prey and well... it didn't typically end well for them. She swung out a right hey-maker, uncertain whether it would hit her neck or face. Her muscles twinged as she swung, the point of contact would burn and buckle for both of them... though the staggering the girl would have to do, perhaps even falling, would most certainly hurt her more than the goddess was feeling. It was fortunate she was wearing gloves so her red raw skin would not make contact.

A wheezing giggle rang out throughout the steam room, shaking her fist once she stood straight; "Were you really so stupid as to think we'd simply be relaxing in a sauna? Even one as painful as this?" Sweat dripped to the floor and quickly evaporated, she took a single step backward but kept her eyes half affixed to where she presumed the door was, "T-Training at a ridiculous temperature with dust tearing away at your body... or can the impure Pyrite not handle this, FuFuGuuFuGu~ If not then just pass out, let the steam claim you~"

The Goddess was not giving off any light, nor was she moving. The Huntress in training would have to focus on her panting breath, and what little she could see through the thick steam, to find her. Her knees buckled slightly, but she quickly rose up straight and painstakingly tightened her towel once more.

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34 Re: Causing A Racket (Private/Haze Vs Averia) on Thu Dec 31, 2015 2:43 pm

Avery had to admit, she didn't expect the woman to prevent her from leaving the room. She didn't think she'd bother enough to do that. Thus it came as a huge surprise when her senses picked up the sound and faint movements of an incoming blow. Her training with Alex proved to be useful as her left arm raised to block an attack she could barely see. The swing made her stagger slightly to the centre of the room and while the force behind it was nothing she couldn't take, the proceeding burn from the contact made an audible whimper to escape the back of her throat. Not to mention every movement and breath she took was paining her.

"You're really... annoying. Freaking.. ugly hag." She hissed, holding on her now aching forearm. Her eyes darted to find the woman through the thick steam but it was futile. Furthermore, the ice armour could barely hold the intensity of the fire dust and was starting to melt away, appearing as though she was perspiring as well but also exposing her skin to the full effects of the dust in the air.

"You call this training?! You said it yourself, I will never be immune nor will I improve my tolerance to dust, so there's no point in doing this." She added, backing away cautiously until her hand felt the wall behind her. "I get whatever I want. So when I say I want to leave... you will let me leave."

Her eyes glowed a bright blue and the ice spread rapidly from her hand and around the sauna, blocking the vents and grills beneath the bench including the scorching floor. It was made easier by using the water concentration in the air to create the ice, reducing the blinding steam in the process. However, she knew it wouldn't last long in this temperature so she was quick to find the door again and dashed towards it, ignoring the pain for now and forming an ice rapier on her left hand in case the woman decided to get in her way.

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35 Re: Causing A Racket (Private/Haze Vs Averia) on Thu Dec 31, 2015 5:37 pm

"Gu-Fu-Gu... While it is true you'll likely never get better at dealing with dust, you'll still take the same damage, but one can grow used to the pain. Learn to take it better and react to it better, FuGuFu~ That much is painfully obvious, you'll get used to the pain and so fight against it better," The Goddess informed Pyrite.

Hearing footsteps rushing toward her and feeling the cool ground the goddess smirked. Soundless as she could she lowered herself, gloved hands on the floor, and swung her leg out into the girl's path; aimed to trip her up. In the event that she, somehow, managed to jump the low sweep; the Goddess quickly raised her left hand to the side; a purple plume of smoke forced it's way through the steam. It quickly coated the door, turning it to a toxic purple wall.

"You may leave when the Goddess decrees such is allowed, not before. GuFuFu~ It's that kind of thinking that's holding you back, that you're so high and mighty. You're not. I am, I earned my position as Goddess. You have to buy yourself into my presence,"

Madam Haze rose, stance slightly wavering. As sweat was produced the moisture in the air almost immediately replaced it, sliding it down her body. Her crop top felt as though it was made from iron shavings, her pant legs like jagged rock tunnels and her gloves like vinegar bandages on open wounds. Her skin was so raw it felt as though she lacked it entirely. She dared not touch her own body or even adjust the towel for fear of pain.

She turned to the girl, smog still pinned to the door. She tracked the blue glow of her armor and sword through the dust ridden room. It was just about all she could make out, the rest was down to spacial awareness. Even her hands seem to be lost to the smog. She had completely lost control of her breathing by this point, bringing her fists up in front of her face. Her muscles ached to perform such an action but it was the best method of defense.

"I can keep that blockade u-up for hours silly Pyrite, you best try to hide in the smog. W-We both know how this is going to go. Any second now the sauna it will hit it's max, then the flames will start~"

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36 Re: Causing A Racket (Private/Haze Vs Averia) on Sun Jan 03, 2016 1:36 pm

The gunslinger found herself being careless once again, forgetting to take note of her opponent's positioning and ending up tripping from the woman's leg. Staggering forward, Avery was able to recover upright but was confronted with her only exit blocked by a purple smoke covering the entirety of the door. "Tsk." By the time she had turned around to glare at the snake, the mist had returned. Her hearing picked up no footsteps which meant the woman was still on the same location she was before. With a flick of her wrist, Avery sent the ice rapier flying to her, not bothering to blunt the blade.

"Goddess this, goddess that. You're nothing but a tryhard who's past her prime. A deteriorating delusional. I do not answer to someone like that."

The girl said that but in reality, she was straining to keep herself upright even with the ice armour on. Struggling, she backed away silently until she was against the wall alongside the door. The only way to get out of this oven was to make the woman lower the smog by force, but she couldn't even see in this mist. Then her exasperation increased. Flames?! What do you mean flames?! Her ice armour was the only thing keeping her pain at a minimum. If the flames melt through it... no. She had to persuade the woman with words if necessary.

"The only reason you're on your feet is because we're under your terms. Open the door and fight me on even grounds. I'll break you out of that fantasy world and make you realise the worm that you truly are." She winced. Even talking was harsh. "Or are you scared that I, a real royalty, one that is born one and not 'earned' like some peasant climbing up to nobility, can defeat a faux goddess such as yourself?"

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37 Re: Causing A Racket (Private/Haze Vs Averia) on Mon Jan 04, 2016 7:17 pm

As a blade, partially turned to slush by the heat, made a surprising attack toward Haze. She could hardly react in time, shifting her left fist upward slightly to block the blade. It seemed to hit the ground in three sloppy parts. Such a blade would hardly hurt under normal conditions... but the cool back side of her fist was replaced double quick by the burning sensation of fire dust from the air. She dared not move it again... but let out almost silent giggling laughs in place of screams of anguish.

"I-Is my student really so dense?" She cackled, "The best d-doctor beneath the cracked moon was present for my birthing, a midwife garbed in gold handed me to my mother. I had wet-nurses aplenty, cow and goat faunus fed me the finest milk. B-born on a private island in the middle of the ocean, away from poverty ridden society. A place only those of a certain caliber can reach... almost like some s-sort of heaven, is it not? Only those deemed worthy could be there, I w-was selected without application. I ea-earned the power of a Goddess as Goddesses of legend did before me, I went through trials and tribulation, yes, but I was still born a Goddess. I earned the position by birth and by power thereafter. I am twice the goddess any who claim to be such is. Wh-What is royalty to a Goddess but a footstool Prite?"

Madam Haze's breath hitched in a loud, but perfect, cough. I account for this she took a step back and to the right, struggling slightly but hoping her coughing would cover her movements.

The Goddss formed a ball of toxin in her left palm and lightly twitched her fingers to send it in the mortal's direction, she soon realized she had no idea where the human was actually currently standing so she recalled the orb... and painfully twitching her fingers fashioned twenty more alike it. Opening her palms she sent a barrage forth; aimed to coat both her and the entire back wall.

"Do you really think yourself worthy of an even playing field? A-Are you that naive and egotistical? Pyrite, simply because you are being trained by a Goddess does not make you one. I doubt it even makes you a Demi-Goddess, you're bellow even that such status. And so, you will fight with this handicap until you i-improve. F-Fighting me on an even playing-field, I'd simply thrash you. Th-That'd be all there was to it." The Perfect Huntress Justified.

As she did half of the vents began to jet harsh flame, the other half geysers of boiling water. The steam grew thicker still, one could not see their hand two inches before their face. The goddess eyes burned, she saw her shoulder redden further still. She was almost sloshing in her high heels, sloshing in almost magma like water. The towel around her head dropped, heavy. Black hair began to curl due to the humidity, seeming to almost hiss as it spread down her back. She took the painstaking effort to brush it back behind her head, muscles twanging and flesh burning.

She let out a low hiss, throat burning as it did; "The t-t-temperature is at it's maximum now Pyrite. Come on my silly student, prove to me that you deserve to leave and you may leave. FuGuGuGu~"

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38 Re: Causing A Racket (Private/Haze Vs Averia) on Tue Jan 05, 2016 7:04 pm

Avery couldn't help a scoff. As expected, the hag retorted with some form of excuse to make herself look like a legitimate goddess, going as far as reveal her birth condition. She sure was desperate to prove her point, being defensive as usual. It only ascertained her insecurity. "No wonder you're ignorant. You weren't exposed to the real world and lived in a private island, in your fantasy world, thinking you're so great. Ridiculous. And spare me your voodoo traditions please. You just make yourself look more lunatic the more you reveal yourself to me."

Grimacing at the thought that she was having such a conversation with a delusional who thinks she's a goddess, Avery opted to stay silent thereafter as every retort she'd give would only be responded by a stupid excuse. A waste of her brilliant responses. Not only that, the real purpose of persuading the idiot to release the door didn't work anyway. Still, that made Avery smirk. "That's what every coward says. You just proved to me today that you're actually scared of me. You know you can't defeat me on even grounds so you're resulting to cheap tricks; a faux goddess through and through. The name Pyrite suits you more. No wonder you even know of that term. I never had to deal with anything but real gold, you see. So calling me by that term is nothing but a reminder of how low you really are in comparison to me."

Sparing a glance at the purple-lighted door, the girl finally decided to just bash her way out and risk the poison than stay in this hell hole... only to realise she was a second too late. The ice covering the vents, walls and floors melted in an instant as the jets of flames and boiling water erupted from the vents. Sure she was fortunate to be against the wall by the door or her legs would've been impaired by now, but that still didn't save her armour from completely disappearing and exposing her to the harsh environment.

A sharp cry of pain and she quickly placed both hands on her arms to repair the armour. Her aura strained to fuel the ice covering herself. She couldn't even speak another retort for every part of her body was throbbing and burning in pain. She slid down against the wall, struggling to pull her knees to her chest to decrease the surface area exposed to dust. While the exterior part of her body could cope up at least, her lungs were burning, and she was starting to feel lightheaded for some reason. Not to mention she wasting a lot of aura continuously trying to maintain her armour; it wouldn't last long. Avery gritted her teeth, vowing to pay the woman back some other time but knowing she was hopeless at the moment.

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39 Re: Causing A Racket (Private/Haze Vs Averia) on Tue Jan 05, 2016 9:25 pm

"FuFuFuFuFuFu~ My my, are those jealous tones I hear? Ah~ B-But who wouldn't be jelous in your p-position. Beneath a Goddess yet encountering her so often. Raised to think you are the b-best... wh-when I am so much further above-ve. I didn't know Pyrite went so green when it rusted, FuFu-"

The woman's laughter was cut short by a sudden heart palpitation, the Goddess' hand rushed to her chest as her breath hitched... but it soon subsided. She had forgotten to maintain her breathing and was now paying the price. She lacked the gal to remove her right hand from the center of her chest, her chest felt fit to burst into flames.

High heels let out staggered taps as she meandered toward the girl, she had been far too noisy. It was time to teach her to bite her tong. Flames burst out at either side of the Huntress... she was forced to pause and let them subside before continuing her advance. The blue glow lay before the goddess... with slight hesitation Haze's left hand reached out; a painfully tender hand snatched at the girl's hair and began to pull up. Her over-taught muscles would hardly allow her to pull, but with the leverage of her size she'd almost certainly be able to lift the girl slightly... if she didn't raise herself to avoid damage... but the Goddess quickly released with a realization.

This lowly Pyrite... She didn't deserve to feel the Goddess directly. She had failed the Goddess. Madam Haze's right hand clenched a weak orb of toxins slowly began to form around it. With a wince and a stagger it shot forth for the girl's face, sure to at least induce a coughing fit... leading to greater dust consumption.

The Goddess knees buckled, but she refused to kneel. As her sacred flesh burned and was doused, her clothes felt lie spiked lead. Gasping breaths rang out through the room, she could feel her heart exploding at her palm... but she still pressed on. She lacked armour, she lacked the chill, but she had one thing this brat lacked. Experience. Experience of this pain.

Her pale white skin had been cast this red raw at least five times.

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40 Re: Causing A Racket (Private/Haze Vs Averia) on Fri Jan 08, 2016 12:12 pm

The girl could barely make out the woman's words amidst the onslaught of dust, heat and pain ravaging through her system. The audible taps of footsteps approaching her did catch her attention. Slowly, she opened her eyes, the effects of dust causing them to sting but she forced herself to turn to the source of sound. What she didn't expect was the woman's next actions.

Avery clenched her teeth as she fought against the searing pain on her scalp and let out a strangled cry as she was forced up, eyes tearing up from the combination of dust and soreness. Just as she struggled to reach the invading hand, she was promptly released, her knees buckling and sending her wincing to the ground.

Following the physical assault was a burst of poison smoke that did its job of causing a coughing fit and a whole new set of misery. Avery clawed the ground helplessly, the pain challenging her concentration of fuelling up her ice armour. The more she inhaled the more her lungs burned and the more she needed air, a continuous cycle that made the girl gasp and writhe on the floor. This was beyond tutoring; this woman was straight up tormenting her.

Casting a glance at the perpetrator before her, she gritted her teeth and slowly dragged her left hand. Opening the hand, ice blades shot from her palm and towards the woman's right and left ankles. Since their distance was short, the heat was not enough to melt them before they hit their targets. Thereafter, Avery crawled away from the woman to go back to her position against the wall.

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41 Re: Causing A Racket (Private/Haze Vs Averia) on Fri Jan 08, 2016 5:32 pm

The Goddess was stifling a pompous laugh, attempting to keep the dust from ruining her system... only to be caught off guard when she felt two sharp shattering feelings. The first, in her right angle, caused her to stumble. By the second, the coolness of the projectile briefly radiating before being replaced with heinous burns, she knew what had happened. A pain akin to blades stabbing straight through her ankles, even though the had barely penetrated, throwing her to her knees.

To be in such a lowly position... As if bowing to another's feet. For the Almighty Goddess, Eminence Haze The Toxic Huntress, to be in such a position... let alone put there by one so lowly as this Pyrite. A goddess put to her hands and knees...

Her jaw unhitched, her gums purged by the steam that enveloped them, touching her neck. She looked more akin to a Deamoness than the Goddess she had been prior... but her pride had been wounded. The blow was not mortal, but it did sting as if it were dealt by a blade; laced with salt and lemon. A hiss, louder than the scream which would account for such an injury, blew forth from her sterilized esophagus.

She rose from her all fours position, her head grooving left and right like a snake intimidating it's prey. Purple wisps burst forth from either palm as she raised them to her sides. Alright, law of diffusion. Her toxicity mingled with the steam dust, pushing the steam's deadly potential even further skyward.

Having exuded enough into her surroundings she focused on what lay before her. A weak little brat, unworthy to even look upon her, likely cowering against a wall. She was bellow the G-Goddess! She was unworthy She was such an impure, immature, putrid, individual! She was the student! She was weaker! She wasn't perfect!

She could feel every cell cry out in anguish as she sliced her left hand forward, producing a wide and long wave of toxin that displaced the steam in it's path as it raced toward Pyrite. She curled her right hand into a crooked fist, prepared for her to run out and into the foe in her path. She would end this, now.

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42 Re: Causing A Racket (Private/Haze Vs Averia) on Fri Jan 08, 2016 11:43 pm

The moment she heard that familiar demonic hiss, Avery knew she had really done it. Under normal circumstances, she would've felt a sense of satisfaction from having demoralized the woman. Yet the feeling of desperation loomed over the girl. She was in no condition to fight back and hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. She had to get away from this woman and from this room.

Taking a painful amount of air, the blonde held her breath to minimize her pain and to hide her position from the woman while she struggled to pull herself up against the wall. She had one whole minute before needing another lungful; she could make it.

Through the thick fog Avery made out the purple smoke spreading sideways, pushing much of the steam upwards which jeopardized her position. She was quick to drop back down, her muscles screaming in agony and she bit the inside of her cheek to resist her voice. Another wave of purple smoke sliced through the steam, missing the girl due to her lowered position. Pulling herself forward, Avery crawled using the wall as guide knowing the door was along its side. She ignored the woman's attempts at vengeance. Let the idiot search through this blinding fog and hurt herself in the process.

Ah. Avery stopped in her tracks upon seeing the purple-covered door. At this point she no longer cared of the poison; dust was more debilitating. Now, she only had to push the door and slip out. That's all she had to do and yet her body failed to move. It was as if all strength had been seeped out. Her elbows buckled underneath her and she rolled onto her back, internally panicking at this turn of events. What was this?! Her eyes widened in realization. Hexing?!

Not only was she incapacitated physically but magically as well. Her armour scattered into tiny ice particles and she released an audible cry at the bare exposure to dust. From the corner of tear-filled vision, she could see her way out just inches from her position but she was literally paralyzed. So close. If she could only force the last of her semblance to destroy the door she could escape this hellhole.

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43 Re: Causing A Racket (Private/Haze Vs Averia) on Sat Jan 09, 2016 12:11 pm

Her jaw ascended as she heard a cry, seemingly for no reason, in the direction of the door. Had she really been so stupid as to try to pass through the door? She followed it to it's source, crawling, and once again had to suppress her laugh. Those fearful eyes as she lay, gasping for breath. It made the Goddess position that little bit more bearable. Pyrite had become a muscle without it's shell, she was already pathetic but now she was pathetic and indefensible.

The smoke, blocking the doorway, vanished. As painful as this would be the Goddess had her mind set on something. She was going to play with her new pet. She lightly tapped the seemingly immobilized girl's forehead with her forefinger, a painful smirk plastered on her face. She then proceeded to ruffle her hair, as if she were a dog of sorts being pet by it's owner.

"Gyu-Gyu-Gyu," She cough-chuckled, "I guess we can stop now Pyrite, that is if y-you can make it to the door."

The Goddess attempted to rise, She got one leg up only to find she couldn't quite get the other. Hexing had begun to set in, she was loosing control of her body... it now occurred to the Goddess that, despite having lain in this steam room before, she had never really done anything tiring in it.This was perhaps... a little much. Not enough to overpower the Goddess but-

Her right arm went limp now... yes, maybe this had not been the best idea. Perhaps they should just have lain here rather than fighting.

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44 Re: Causing A Racket (Private/Haze Vs Averia) on Mon Jan 11, 2016 7:08 pm

Amidst her battle for consciousness, the girl realized she could summon one more burst of ice strong enough to destroy the door if she concentrated hard enough. Sparing a glance at it, she heard faint movements to her side and was a little surprised to see the woman on her hands and knees moving slowly towards her. She lucked out on dodging that smoke strike then? Still, with all that talk about being a goddess, here she was lowered to the ground like an insect. Avery herself wasn't in a better situation but at least she had the audacity to accept her weaknesses.

As the snake reached a hand out towards her, the girl braced herself for another hair-pulling or other forms of physical assault. Instead, she felt a tap on her forehead and the ruffling of her hair. Opening her eyes slowly, Avery glared at the woman treating her like her own personal pet. While it was better than a painful assault, she didn't quite appreciate the blow to her ego.

"Dont... touch.. me." She hissed after mustering a few painful breaths. The girl winced at the aftermath of those minimal movements, her vision fading in and out. That didn't stop her from noticing the change in the snake's posture as the woman tried to stand up.

With a final semblance strike, Avery could bash the door open if she wanted to. But then what? She didn't have the strength to crawl out the room. Instead, she focused on one area from the corner of her eyes gathering the remaining aura in her being and a full concentration to summon a final human-sized ice hammer to smash behind both of the woman's legs, particularly her knees with one purpose in mind. Stay down.

With that, the scorching and excruciating pain, the physical exhaustion and depletion of her aura caught up to Avery. Her vision blackened, her mind and body shut down, and she was unconscious.

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45 Re: Causing A Racket (Private/Haze Vs Averia) on Tue Jan 12, 2016 2:54 pm

It wasn't as if the forming was silent, and the blue light flashing behind her was bright... but honestly there wasn't too much the Goddess could do. She shifted her far leg, the right one, to avoid most of the blow, but felt as the cold hammer began to crush her perfectly slender leg. As the red raw muscle was pressured a pained hiss was drawn forth, the Goddess' leg did not break... but she was trapped. Just inches from the door.

She glowered at the girl, now unconscious. She would have considered helping her leave, but now... now not so much. Now it seemed like she deserved an additional hour of training. The Goddess attempted to shift the melting ice to no avail... but she didn't want to endure the extra time it would take a block of this magnitude to melt.

She hissed louder, knowing how difficult this would be to pull off... but it was doable. The Goddess raised her right hand, deep into the smog. She endured as the gas burned and curupted her hand, feeling her muscles begin to cramp. Then, with most of her remaining might, she brought the hand down fast. Cloaked in an almost red flaming aura, brought on by the dust, she managed to melt straight through the ice structure before the collected dust wore off.

She began to slide back to the door, the room seeming to twist and turn with every new movement. Her vision kept fading to black, the short trip was almost beyond her. With the last of her strength she reached up, tugging on the handle with all of her remaining might. The Goddess collapsed out into the empty gym, steam at her back. She quickly rolled over, gasping for breath, as her vision began to return to normal. It would take some time for her skin to turn to normal and her muscles to restore, but it felt good to be in the cool.

A brief moment of relaxing later the Goddess realized it was best not to rest in such an awful position, rising on her tender heeled feet and retrieving two new towels. She began to dry herself thoroughly, her black hair once more being tied in a white towel. She perfumed herself with poison, to be sure that she wouldn't get some sort of infection from the floor or her new pet... speaking of whom she was still laying on her back in that room. The Goddess' FuFuFu~ Returned. She would relax and tend to herself while the brat rested... an interlude after which training would resume.

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46 Re: Causing A Racket (Private/Haze Vs Averia) on Tue Jan 12, 2016 11:50 pm

As the dust subsided and her aura replenished, it didn't take long for Avery to regain consciousness. Slowly opening her eyes, she was greeted by a tremendous pain all over her body, pulsating on her skin, muscles and emphasized on her joints.

"Ngh.." She winced, a scorching feeling on her chest burned harder than the rest of her body and she was forced to turn to her side. Sparing a glance down, she realized it was the zipper of her top that had accumulated heat. Ah. That's right. She was in the dust-powered sauna with that snake before passing out. And of course she woke up like this, left vulnerable and defenceless by her 'teacher'. Why am I not surprised?

Taking a minute to regulate her breathing, Avery proceeded to pull herself up to her feet using the wall as support. Her knees trembled as the back of her legs ached like hell. She glanced at the entirety of her body, noting the harsh shade of pink and redness of her skin tinged by a faint blue aura as her passive semblance cooled it down. She couldn't even sigh properly without feeling the burning of her lungs. She was hurting all over - a kind of pain she'd never experienced in her entire life. The mere memory of earlier made her tremble. Any more of this 'tutoring' and Avery knew she was going to break. That made her annoyed of herself but more so of that snake.

The girl proceeded to walk out of the sauna but stopped in her tracks at the sight of the woman waiting outside. Why is she still here? She thought in irritation. After everything she'd put her through, she's still not satisfied?

Avery clenched her jaw and opted to ignore her as she didn't have the strength to curse her. Instead, she proceeded to take her bag. A brief glance around and she located the shower room to which she walked towards. What better way to dull the burning feeling, replenish her strength and clean herself than to have a cold shower.

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47 Re: Causing A Racket (Private/Haze Vs Averia) on Thu Jan 14, 2016 7:43 am

"FuFuFuFuFu~ You'll only have to go for another later if you go in there now, silly pyrite. Such a fruitless task, but fitting of a lowly pet. Go then," The Goddess waved her into the room, allowing her passage, "Waste some time on recreation. It simply means you'll train harder still upon your exit, FuFuFu~

The Goddess crossed her legs before her person, sat on a bench which one would use for lifting weights. She had found it rather comedic how her weak-minded puppy had stumbled from the room, hardly able to hold her own person upright. It was adorable, tiny child. What was she doing? FuFuFuFuFu~ More fit for as TV personality than a hunter, what a ditz.

"It's not ten yet Pyrite, I doubt you'll be leaving before lunch. It's a shame, I enjoy my brunch more than any other meal, but this is just far too entertaining to surrender. I've only just dubbed you, now it must be seen that you've truly earned your title; and if not it must be seen to that you do. To be trained by a Goddess one must have some form of skill, even if it is so far bellow their own. Training to achieve my standards will take a lot of effort."

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48 Re: Causing A Racket (Private/Haze Vs Averia) on Thu Jan 14, 2016 1:23 pm

Avery ignored everything the snake had to say and simply proceeded to go take a cold shower. Feeling the freezing water upon her skin soothed her senses. She stood underneath the shower for a long time, pondering over the infuriating moments from before. It's happening again. She closed her eyes and ran a hand through her hair. Even here in Bellmuse, it's happening again... oppressed, taken as someone's property, treated as someone's pet. She left Atlas for that exact reason and here she was finding herself in the same situation. The snake might be stupid often times, but she couldn't be any more exact when she called the girl the puppet of puppets.

The blonde chuckled at her pathetic state. What a cruel fate. When will her life be her own, she wondered. Despite her efforts it proved to be useless and she found herself at a dead end. Avery sighed and closed the shower when she finished. After drying herself and wearing a fresh set of clothes. She glanced at the door leading out to the gym. If she walked out that door, it meant another bout of 'tutoring' that would only drive her to her limit once again. She wasn't learning anything anyway; just a reminder of her own weaknesses. So why bother entertaining the snake if she could just leave?

Avery turned to the other direction, to the wall of the room and used her semblance to create a giant drill that dug through the concrete and paved way to the outside. Heh. Running away again huh? Oh well. Slinging her bag to her back, she hopped out and dashed to her motorbike, never once looking back and revving the engine to get the hell away of that place.


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49 Re: Causing A Racket (Private/Haze Vs Averia) on Fri Jan 15, 2016 5:47 pm

...D-Did she really think that wouldn't be heard? Was she really so dense? Had she snuck out the Goddess might have at least given her at least a little credit, perhaps if she had even had the gal to deny her to her face, but... wow. That was loud, such an imperfect sound. Foolish. Well, the magnitude of the noise at least suggested she had grown somewhat better and controlling her ice since their last clash... even if it wasn't by much and in such a crude manner.

As Madam Haze inspected the hole from the outside she shook her head, turning on her heal and approaching her car. It was fortunate that the Gym's insurance would cover damage dealt by hunters and grimm alike, well... rather fortunate for the gym. The Goddess planned to get her own suite soon enough. She would have no more use of this place.

She walked back to her car and took off, debating treadmill placement in her home.


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