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This class is going to be a blast... Literally [Open/Class]

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Lucas Neel
Lucas was setting up his first class as a professor at Syne academy. His specialty was robotics and other kinds of technology which also mean that he could probably diffuse a bomb in a matter of seconds. So that is what he has set up for his bombs, however they weren't real but they looked very real and had a timer and wires like any simple explosive would have. They didn't contain explosives of course instead Lucas had set them up to where if they were to go off they would make a really loud and high pitched noise. There were four different colored wires one was red, another was blue, then there was a green one, and a yellow one. The only thing that made them different was that there was a part of the devices that sent a wireless signal to Lucas's laptop so he could shut them off if he needed to. Each student would have to be partnered with another and Lucas will let them choose their own partner as part of his lesson. He wrote on the board Don't mess with the items on the desks until told to do so. He also laid out the necessary tools that would be needed to diffuse it. Lucas then opened up his laptop and checked to see if all of the bombs were all connected and then he waited for the students to come into the class hoping that he wouldn't have to repeat what he had written on the board. 

Since he had some time to kill while he waited and since he already had his laptop opened Lucas opened up a program that seemed to show a student it was an android student that was rather small and had silver hair. This program also showed things like the girls aura and her overall system really, Lucas somewhat smiled as he said to himself very quietly "Glad to see you are doing okay Lagu." Lucas then closed the program and began to play a game it was a rather simple game called minesweeper. 

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Jet Jeyson
The classroom was still empty when Jet got in, except for the teacher. For a moment he wasn’t sure if he was in the good place, maybe he took a wrong turn? He squinted his eyes reading the number on the door, trying to focus on it. Well it certainly looked like the good class number so he simply got in. Whatever, if he was in the wrong class someone would tell him… or he would learn about something else than what he had planned. But he hoped not. Defusing bombs sounded cool as hell and had a certain appeal to him considering the accident. Ok it wasn’t the same thing at all but it involved explosion so learning to prevent other sources of explosion was still a good thing to know.

For a moment Jet had wondered the use of learning to defuse bombs for Hunters. It’s not like Grimm ever made bombs!... Did they? Still, Jet had quickly learned that being a Hunter wasn’t exactly what he thought. It wasn’t a disillusion, he just learned of another aspect of the job. Helping people would potentially place him against opponents other than Grimms. It’s not like he would look at a robbery or hostage situation and say “Nop! I only fight Grimms! Do you want my wallet too?” Yeah, he would get involved, he would beat the criminal’s ass till he cried mommy, and then be acclaimed as a hero and get the obligatory girl… Well maybe not exactly like that. But anyway! All in all, he knew that his goal of helping people would potentially throw him in various dangerous situations. Maybe even having to defuse a bomb for whatever reason. If that was the case, knowing the inner-workings of bombs would help.

With his semblance, he was able to sort of scan the device on his desk without touching it. He knew enough about technology to understand what it did, but unless he dismantled it entirely he could be surprised by pieces that weren’t made of metal and, in the case of a real bomb, potentially make the thing explode violently. In this case though, he was about 80% certain that it wasn’t an actual bomb, which was logical, can’t ask novices to disarm real bombs on their first try.

Still, Jet hoped the practical portion of the class was bigger than the theory or what was potentially a cool class would end up quite boring.

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Ackard slowly pulled his body through the halls of the academy, still drowsy from the events of the shenanigans that went on on his first night at the school. However like any other student he was expected to attend classes. Sadly he didn't have much of a schedule to work from, and considering that he was a little low on energy he wasn't able to keep focused for very long. He managed to work out a class that he was supposed to go to, and by the time he had arrived it appeared that he at least to be on time. He slowly slinked into the room and took a random seat in the room before acknowledging the teacher and the other student that was present.

He slowly pulled out his notebook and flipped to a page of a certain design he'd been working on since he'd arrived at Syne, and started working on it until the lecture had started while eyeing the bombs in the class from time to time. Though out of sheer curiosity he decided to skulk around one of them while activating his semblance to see if there was anything off about them. With his irises glowing a light shade of blue he focused on one of them, from the overall design it seemed realistic enough, but what with them being exposed like this they obviously weren't real, though nobody would really need a semblance to see that.

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Bashir looked into the room, curious. They Faunus had been told that classes were a thing that he'd have to attend, but at the time he never thought to ask which ones he had to attend... One of the teachers had told him to just use his scroll to check, but he could barely operate half of the electronic doors in the school, never mind this blasted thing. He shuffled inwards, hidden mostly in his cloak, sitting down in the centre of the class in a fairly sheepish manner. He looked at the device on the well it looked like it had a few wires...a clock?...hmm... Looking around, everyone else seemed like they were doing just fine. He removed his almost-Beowulf styled mask, placing it into his pack to see if he could get a better look, getting fairly close to the thing to try and see what it did.

"Um..." he started, clearing his throat, "I...Is this a solo task or will there be partners?" He hoped there would be partners, he had no idea what he was doing, never mind why he was doing it. Why...why couldn't it have been something like Dust, at least he KNEW Dust. He hoped there'd be partners, it was his first class and he didn't want to be the one to admit that he had no clue what this thing was, what class he was in, or how on earth everyone else seemed so sure of what they were dealing with.

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Lucas Neel
Lucas saw that a few people had entered the class and stopped his game and brought up the student lists on his laptop. He was looking around the room while matching the student's faces to the list Hmm let's see who we have here Jet Jeyson, Ackard Reese, and Bashir Rakitak. Lucas expected more to join the class later on so he was going to go ahead and begin the class. "Hello class. I am Lucas Neel and I shall be your Professor for this class. As you can see there are items on your desks they are bombs. I will not say whether or not they are real but you task will be to diffuse them after I activate them. Why is this a class? Well if you didn't know this school has been bombed before, they were dust bombs but bombs none the less. There was also an event involving a group called the white fang in Vale where a train car loaded with bombs exploded and grimm filled the city." Lucas heard one of his students ask if this was a partner activity and he answered with "No.. think of this as a test to see how well you do under pressure because you might not have a partner to rely on in a situation like this and you will have to do it all on your own." 

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Ash Rockford
The black leather clad ninja looking rockstar entered the scene with guitar on his back and sunshades on. Looking the class over was another point to interact with people and learn something as a Hunter. He wasn't too in the know of technologies but in order to understand the world they lived in he had to know more of the tech around Remnant. He walking calmly with out a word and found himself a desk some where in the middle by himself.

So far he learned that this school's students were often self indignation of their personal history or beliefs and after his last two classes he didn't want to get dragged into such messes again. Ash removed his old fashion note books and quill and inkwell setting them on his desk giving him a rather primitive out of date appearance as he awaited the instruction of the new teacher.

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Areios looked at his schedule and realized a single thing. He was late, to a bomb diffusing class. Oh... OH! He ran to put on the Uniform. He realized, it'd take too long. He put on his black shirt, and fell on his arse trying to put on his pants. Once putting it on, he grabbed his camera and put it on his neck. He started running. He arrived to the class late and hurried to the seat. He had arrived just in time to hear the instructions. He looked at the bomb, and he was immediately wanting to open it up.

He took the tools from the side and opened the bomb up. He really didn't care if it blew up. He then stood up and took pictures of it with his camera. Three to be exact, and then took pictures of the teacher. He then took pictures of the entire class-room, without flash. He then sat back down and took his time with fiddling with the wires and feeling which ones were hot. He hadn't carried his shotgun, but he could still heal with his semblance.

He was very tempted to cut the red wire, but didn't. He then asked the teacher a big question, while introducing himself.

"So, the name's Areios Raven, Journalist. Can I get a quote if these bombs are real or not? I have picture evidence if you say yes!"

This probably wouldn't get him on the good-side of the teacher, but it'd certainly get him somewhere.

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Jet Jeyson
There wasn’t a lot to do while waiting for the instructions so Jet had started trying to map every pieces from the bomb with his semblance. He couldn’t feel the materials that weren’t metal but he could still have a general idea of where said non-metal parts would be if there was. Considering the size and the amount of non-metal space he could detect, he could know if there was enough space for Dust or another type of explosive agent.

Still, he could detect the sound device and the wires, so if the wires were all concentrated on the sound device, he’d know that it wasn’t a real bomb. Already he doubted it was cause… how irresponsible would it be to put live bombs in the hands of people that never defused or learned to defuse one before?

As if to prove his mental point, some guy barged in late, took a bunch of pictures and opened the bomb on the spot. Granted, they weren’t activated as the teacher had said so they wouldn’t have blown up even if they were real, but the fact he did proved the fact that it would be more than a little dangerous to put live bombs in a first class.

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