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Tara! <Ready for Approval!>

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1 Tara! <Ready for Approval!> on Sun Dec 13, 2015 3:55 am

Basic info
Name: Taratacalene Ona Linard
Age: 18 years old.
Birthday: April 17th
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 5'1
Weight: 108 pounds/48.988 kg
Face Claim: Kullweet Envatilia from Elemental Galade

STR:5 (Brawn)
RES:1 (Resistance)
SPT:3 (Spirit)
180 Aura|120 HP

Group: Warriors
Likes: Junk Food, A Long Book (No Pictures), Fighting, Meat
Dislikes: Self Absorbed Douchebags, Being picked on/bullying, Veggies, Comics/Books with Pictures.
Fears: Never finding Love, Losing, Herself.

Overall Personality
Tara is a very loveable person. When you first meet her, she comes off to someone as the nicest person they've ever met, and she probably comes off as the most beautiful person they've ever met. Though, there is a large bunch of certain people (It really just depends on their personality) who find her TOO nice. They can't stand her or get along with her. They can't help but make her suffer in some way. She's extremely kind when she wants to be, but there's two sides of the moon. One light, and one dark. Good looks come with a price. Perverts. In her previous school, she had to constantly fight them off. Quite literally actually. There were several occasions where she almost got kicked out of the school for "Excessive roughhousing", even though she was pretty much defending herself, the schools were trying to teach her how to fight. But she does have some.. questionable.. ways of treating her attackers. She's a bit of a psycho, and it shows in battle. She may be secretly crazy, but that doesn't mean she's rude right? Right?! Yeah no. When it comes to mannerisms, Tara honestly just doesn't care. Whether it's eating sloppily, burping without saying "Excuse me", or interrupting people in the middle of a conversation.

Aura type: Power
Aura Color: White, with a glowing red outline. (Like a hot iron ^~^)
Semblance: |Buff| Tara's buff would be for Reflexes, since she knows she can only take so many blows. When she activates it, her animalistic/psychotic nature pretty much takes over. Reacting on impulse, over decision. When she goes into this state, she reacts to all incoming attacks at a much higher pace, she won't speak, show emotion, or think of others safety. Then when it's all over, she won't remember a thing.
Item 1: Tara's Main Weapons are gauntlets that function as wrist blades, shotgun shell launchers, and small shields. The wrist blades are thick and wide blades that extend from the top part of the arm. While extended, they can fire 2 times before having to be retracted (Which reloads them). The shotgun shell launchers would be on the backhand of both arms. To fire them, Tara has to make a full punch, the gun will fire when the arm is extended the most. The small shields are rectangular shaped for the most part, but are triangular at the end above his hand. They can switch from function to function in a matter of 5 seconds.  
Item 2: Light armor. Her armor is quite basic. It only take so much of a beating, is mostly just there for those rare attacks that she can't dodge.

History & RP Sample:
History & RP Sample
Tara has had a relatively normal life, sh- No. No she has not, stop telling lies. *Clears throat* Alright little ones.. I am about to tell you about the story of Taraesgljoes.. Taraoisgheyesm.. Tara- Oh fine, we'll go with Tara. When Tara was just a baby, she was left at an orphanage. In the small basket that held her and the raggedy blanket that she was wrapped in. There was a notecard. On the note was a name, "Taratacalene" She spent several years in the orphanage, waiting for someone to take her as their own. She learned that if she wanted to leave, she had to be a sweetheart. This was a the reason that a man who had come the orphanage just to read a book for the kids there, decided to leave with her. He was a widow, his love had died on a mission long ago. Because of that, he quit his life a hunter. After learning this, Tara used her super annoying 5 year old skills to persuade him into teaching her how to fight. She quickly excelled. When she turned 11, she challenged her adopted father to a "First Blood" duel. She won. Her life seemed good, then one day, she came home from class to find the house in a wreck, and a note telling her to come to a warehouse. Of course when she got there, she found her father on the ground, his insides mostly outside, near death. And just to make it even more cliche, his last words were "Love you". Yeah no. Here I'll just... 'Tara would run to the dying man, "Daddy!" She'd turn him over onto his back, propping his head up as a spurt of blood comes from his mouth. He'd speak in a weak tone, his voice struggling to overpower Tara's breathing. "T-Tara.. I don't have much more time left, I need you to listen.. In the woodshop outside.."He'd cough, more blood spreading on to Tara. He'd speak again, his voice shaking with each word. "Loose plank.. My wife's.. weapons.. use them.. promise me you'll never lose them.." Tara would hug him tightly as blood would trickle down her arm."Don't leave me.." He'd chuckle a bit, coughing up more blood as he does. "Who said I was leaving you? I'll always be here.." And with that, he released any resistance he had. Giving away to the afterlife's pull.' Tara would mourn his death later, she had to get revenge. She went home to get the weapons, and found them in the exact spot where she was told they were. She spent a year trying to figure out who had killed her only family, training with her newly acquired gauntlets. Then she got her last lead from that sketchy guy who's alway by the dumpsters in the alleyways of good restaurants. When she had confronted the posse, they weren't armed or anything. They had told her that they were told to deal with him because the high ranks had told them too, and that there was no big deal to it. This mad Tara furious, she took out her anger on them. She slaughtered all of them, making sure none of them died without suffering. After doing so, she learned that it had made feel good after doing so. It terrified her, and to this day it still does.

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2 Re: Tara! <Ready for Approval!> on Sat Mar 18, 2017 4:18 am

Hey there Tara Linard! We see this app hasn't been touched in a long while. It looked almost completed, but it needs a few things.

First, we have new things called skills now. You can find the list here, and pick one positive and one negative skill, then add them to your app.

Also, your semblance isn't really specific enough. From what it looks like to me, you can potentially evade literally any attack and then counterattack successfully for as long as you have aura to maintain the form. A Buffing Semblance literally buffs one or more of the four basic stats, raising the number to a higher one, which the possibility of going above five this way.

Your RP Sample and your History are two seperate things, and should be altered as such. We have a nice and pretty template for a reason... (;^-^)

After those changes, you should be good to go. If those are made in seven days, you'll be able to be approved from there, but if not, this app will be moved to the Inactive Section. Sorry for any inconveniences.

You can still come back and finish this app in about seven days. If not, this app will be moved to the Inactive Section.

Sorry about any inconveniences! ^_^

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3 Re: Tara! <Ready for Approval!> on Sun Apr 09, 2017 3:53 pm

I apologize, but due to there being no changes or response in much more than the allotted time, I must move this app to the Inactive Section.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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