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The Exalted Officers

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1 The Exalted Officers on Sun Dec 13, 2015 2:34 pm

The Exalted

The Exalted Officers are members of the Exalted who stand over the rest in terms of combat capabilities. Each come from a unique background wielding somekind of combat capability special to themselves. These members are VERY dangerous and can over power even the average hunter. Kei's Big Guide To Everything suggests it would be best to avoid fighting them in the first place. [Many of the fields are still missing. More to be added.]

The Exalted Officers

Risa Tarsh

FC: Anima Puppet Master by Wen M.

Weaponry: Large, titanium skeleton shaped puppet that wields a massive scythe.

Semblance: Mind Transfer: Allows her to transfer her mind to a non-living humanoid target (Doesn't affect Functioning Machines) and take control of it up 300 meters. Utilizing her semblance, she fights very similar to how a puppet master fights.

Description: Unknown.

Masura - Dead

FC: Jinno - Afro Samurai

Weaponry: Two titanium reinforced katanas

Semblance: Predator's Eye: A illusion technique. Looking into the eyes of the bear mask, the victim falls under the illusion. The victim is stunned, and their sense of time is greatly slowed.

Description: Despite the Bear Mask, Masura is all but friendly. Was once a infamous serial killer, Masura picked working with the Exalted to satisfy his own lust for blood. Very skilled samurai and is a master of Iaido, a style that involves quickly drawing the sword from its sheath and instantly cutting down a foe with lightning reflexes. Combo'd with his Predator's Eye, Masura becomes a very dangerous opponent.

Agent 'Red Queen'

FC: Wind Chimes - Immortal Hounds

Weaponry: PSL-54C Sniper Rifle, Two Combat Daggers

Semblance: Unknown.

Description: Grew up in an orphanage that raises its kids solely to become soldiers. Children at this orphanage aren't given proper names and 'Red Queen' grew up with the name 'NK-731'. During her teens, The Exalted bought NK-731 to strengthen their ranks. Proving herself through combat time and time again, NK-731 earned herself the title of Officer as well as the name, 'Red Queen'.


FC: Hosen - Gintama

Weaponry: Massive Combat Umbrella: Mesh weave kevlar cloth capable of blocking heavy gunfire covers the umbrella, providing a effective shield when open. Also is capable of firing high caliber bullets from its main shaft.

Semblance: Superior Strength-On top of his large frame, Jiraia's semblance grants him even further strength, putting him well beyond the expectation of humans in terms of physical power.

Description: Unknown.


FC: Human Lucario - Pokemon

Weaponry: Unknown.

Semblance: Aura Blast-Max can convert his Aura into pure energy and use it in multiple ways against his opponent, may it be as a projectile or a shield.

Description: Unknown.

HK Tempest

FC: Mistral-Metal Gear Rising

Weaponry: Unknown.

Semblance: Magnetic Polarity-Artificial semblance produced from the finest of modern day science, HK Tempest has superior polaric control over Magnetic objects.

Description: HK Tempest was created to be a revolutionary product in the Artificial Soldier projects. HK Tempest was unique to most in its ability to create and generate its own Aura. The Exalted came across HK Tempest and implanted a highly advanced AI into it, creating the perfect, self capable artificial soldier.

Dr. Gan Roths

Weaponry: Unknown.

Semblance: Unknown.

Description: Was once amongst the top scientists in the Kingdom Of Atlas his main area of focus being weapons of war. Gan was eventually exiled for human experimentation and creating weapons of war that were deemed completely inhuman.


FC: Guts - Berserk

Weaponry: A massive 7 foot sword, multiple throwing knives, mechanical arm

Semblance: Unknown.

Description: Unknown.

Illya Minerva

FC: Ciri- The Witcher 3

Weaponry: Unknown.

Semblance: Unknown.

Description: Unknown.

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