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boredom + guns = hunt [solo/hunt]

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1 boredom + guns = hunt [solo/hunt] on Mon Dec 14, 2015 1:22 pm

"I at least need to try these out before upgrading them again."

Avery sighed and pouted as she looked at her shiny titanium-gold desert eagles in hand. It had been a few weeks since she last upgraded them and ever since then she'd only been in one hunt. She was even with her hunting partner at that time who was equally skilled as her so the both of them obliterated the grimms like it's nobody's business. She didn't even get to enjoy her guns' full power.

Then this morning, her parents sent her the latest advancements in their technological weaponry company which included new parts that she could use to upgrade her guns again. She at least needed to know the problems and limitations of her guns at the moment to identify what needed to be changed. She needed to see its full potential first.

And thus here she was, strolling in Skylight Woods planning to test out her guns on some unfortunate grimms. As with any other hunting missions, she had her choker and thigh accessory to use as her physical armour device. She was donned in her typical all-black sleeveless turtleneck top, mini-shorts and knee-high boots. Though she did accessorize with a red scarf since it is winter after all.

The soft crunch of leaves resonated in her ears as she made her way deeper into the woods. According to her recently bought grimm positioning system, there were three Deathstalkers around this area. And she's ready for them.

OOC: used grimm position system for this thread. link:

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2 Re: boredom + guns = hunt [solo/hunt] on Tue Dec 15, 2015 3:45 pm

Level 4, HARD
160 HP / 150 HP / 160 HP

The grimm positioning system that Averia had bought was true to it's name and had done it's job to the letter, for there were indeed three deathstalkers nearby, each one roughly the size of a Volts Wagon Bug, not counting their tails or claws.  They stood huddled in a triangle pattern, their heads nearly as they consumed the last huntsman that had tried to take them on solo.  One of the Grimm had an arrow lodged in it's smallest right side eye, so it had a blind spot in it's vision directly in front of it and slightly to the right.  As a result that grimm was insisting on keeping it's right claw a little bit more in front of it's head in case anyone tried to take advantage of this weakness.  Considering that this huntsman used an axe and not an arrow firing weapon, the method of defense had worked.

Their prey was quickly consumed and all three deathstalkers were still hungry, wanting to devour the flesh of the weakling two legged flesh creatures.  The alpha grimm lifted reared slightly and sniffed the air before chattering it's mandibles together.  It could smell another pathetic flesh creatures nearby.  Soon the three Grimm were on the move, but stopped when they could see their new prey in the distance.  The lead Deathstalker outstretched it's clawed limbs, as if pointed to the left and to the right, and soon the other Grimm parted to the side and walked off on their own.  After waiting a moment, the alpha Grimm started to walk forwards.

When it revealed itself to the weak girl holding golden colored guns, it's pack mates also showed themselves by coming in from the sides, the one on the girl's right had the arrow in it's eye.  They had this weak girl surrounded, just like they had surrounded their last prey.  Over the years of hunting the two legged creatures this pack of Grimm had learned to attack from different angles gave them a much better chance at victory.

Letting out a shriek, the three Grimm charged, the lead Grimm striking at the feeble girl with it's tail while it's fellow Deathstalkers struck out with both claws.  This meal would taste wonderful...


Grimm A: one attack, 40 possible damage
Grimm B: two attacks, 80 possible damage
Grimm C: two attacks, 80 possible damage

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3 Re: boredom + guns = hunt [solo/hunt] on Tue Dec 15, 2015 10:05 pm

When Avery was ready, she was ready. The resonating shriek of the deathstalker reverberated throughout the woods, making her chuckle at their failed attempt of a surprise attack. Even without the shriek though, she would've easily known their location. Grimms of their size weren't particularly good at hiding their presence, what with the crunching of leaves and all. Surrounded from all sides by the scorpion-like creatures, Avery was left with no room to dodge... was what they probably thought.

A single lift of two fingers and an ice pillar shot up underneath her, propelling the girl high up in the air and buying her enough time to take out her pistols from their travel gauntlet form. Utilising the clustered formation of the three Deathstalkers underneath, she pointed her guns down and fired. She held the trigger to initiate her guns' fully-automatic functioning akin to that of a submachine gun, raining bullets against the scorpions below, particularly targeting their eyes.

Click.. click. She had emptied her magazine case. Quickly reloading her guns while descending, she kicked against the body of her pillar to send her propelling directly behind the first deathstalker. She landed a far distance from it and spun on her heel, blasting bullets again towards its exposed backside.

Battle Log:
Weapon: Imperial Regalia Tier 3
Phys. Armour: Atlesian Device Tier 1

Aura: 170/180 (-10) | HP: 140/140

Attack 1: Bullet Rain - 55 (DS 1)
Attack 2: Bullet Rain - 55 (DS 2)
Attack 3: Bullet Rain - 55 (DS 3)
Attack 4: Target: Backside - 55 (DS 1)

Potential Damage: 110 (DS 1), 55 (DS 2), 55 (DS 3)

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4 Re: boredom + guns = hunt [solo/hunt] on Wed Dec 16, 2015 3:39 pm

Level 4, HARD
HP: 105 / HP: 95 / HP: 105

Right before the tail and claws of the large grimm could strike their target, a pillar of ice shot out of the ground and carried the tiny weakling of a girl to safety, resulting in the claws and tail striking the ice pillar instead, cracking it to the point that it was on the verge of falling over. Stunned, the death stalkers started to turn their bodies to the left and right to finger out where their prey had vanished off to, only to get bullets raining down on them from above. While the bullets were coming down onto their hard shells, the bullets fired from such powerful guns were ripping right through the hard shells. As a result the Deathstalkers shrieked with pain and rage.

The Grimm on the left looked upwards and saw Averia jump off the ice pillar and realized the pitiful human was going to try to land behind the alpha, something that these three Grimm had learned always resulted in pain. With a shriek, it grabbed the falling ice pillar in it's claws, crawled forwards and slammed the ice pillar horizontally against the ground behind it's pack leader, blocking the round of bullets. While this was happening the Grimm on the right quickly crawled around the ice pillar and snapped at Averia with both claws, followed by the Grimm on the left sending it's stinger tail over the ice pillar in an attempt to pin the huntress to the ground.

Finally the Alpha Deathstalker had managed to turn around, these Grimm were lousy at making a 180 degree turn, grabbed the ice pillar with it's claws, and tried to bring it down on top of Averia while shrieking at it's comrade. If it could speak English it would've said "You dolt! If you have an opening, you attack!"

Grimm 1: ice piller slam, 45 possible damage
Grimm 2: double claw, 90 possible damage
Grimm 3: tail strike, 45 possible damage.

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5 Re: boredom + guns = hunt [solo/hunt] on Wed Dec 16, 2015 6:24 pm

Avery smiled a little as the deathstalker used her own pillar to block the incoming shots to its brethren's exposed back. At least this one would provide her some challenge. A movement from her right and she turned just in time as the pincers went her way. She ducked at the first one then sprang up in the air for the second one, landing on top of the deathstalker itself. She dashed along its body, ready to blast bullets against it, but a tail strike hidden from view caught her by surprise.

It managed to stab her on the shoulder, her armour protecting her from the actual piercing strike but she still winced at the blunt force behind it. The tail almost pinned her against the body of the other grimm had she not rolled to the side. But since the back of the grimm was uneven, she slipped roughly off the scorpion and onto the ground.

"Ah crap." Avery cursed under her breath, realising she lost her other gun in the process. So it needs a feature that prevents it from slipping from my hand. She noted. Just then a pillar was dropped down towards her and she rolled to her left, at the same time coming back up her feet. The moment the pillar hit the ground, she pulled back her free hand and delivered an open-palm blow against the pillar, breaking off a rather large piece that was sent spiralling towards the second deathstalker. Almost immediately she dashed, using her other gun to open fire bullets at its eyes as both a damage and a distraction to let the ice projectile hit it as well.

The golden shine of her other gun caught her eye. She swiped it off the ground along the way before jumping up to the deathstalker's pincers and up to his back, pressing the barrel of her gun directly on its shell while the other raised to its brethren aimed at its eyes. Avery then pressed the triggers at the same time to pierce them with her high-powered guns.

Battle Log:
Aura: 170/180 | HP: 130/140 (-10)

Attack 1: Unarmed Strike: Ice Projectile - 25 (DS 2)
Attack 2: Target: Eyes - 55 (DS 2)
Attack 3: Target: Body - 55 (DS 2)
Attack 4: Target: Eyes - 55 (DS 3)

Potential Damage: 135 (DS2), 55 (DS 3)

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6 Re: boredom + guns = hunt [solo/hunt] on Thu Dec 17, 2015 4:34 pm

Level 4, HARD
HP: 105 / HP: X_X / HP: 105

The deathstalker that had managed to score a hit let out a shriek of triumph, but that was the only one it let out. Soon the first and third deathstalkers could only watch as their brethren take hit after hit after hit. The ice striking the Deathstalker only left a bruise, but the shots fired into the Deathstalker's eyes blinded the beast so it could only shriek in pain and dismay. It had already been partly blinded by a hunter's arrow already. Now it was completely blind. In anger it thrashed it's claws and stinger, but it couldn't hit it's target. The next set of shots took it out completely.

As the second Grimm died, the third Grimm took off running as fast as it could to avoid getting shot again. It might of been just as big as the rest but it was a tad bit faster. As it ran in a big loop the alpha Grimm shrieked again and snapped at Averia with both claws and tail, all at the same time. The three Grimm had been together for a long time and now they weren't anymore. Meanwhile the 3rd Deathstalker had turned around and was now charging at Averia, and attempted to trample her.

1st grimm: claw strike, 45 damage
1st Grimm: claw strike, 45 damage
1st Grimm: stinger, 45 damage
3rd Grimm: trample, 45 damage

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7 Re: boredom + guns = hunt [solo/hunt] on Sat Dec 19, 2015 4:50 pm

Avery hopped off the dead grimm as it began to disperse into black ashes but then came the attacks from the first grimm using both its claws and tails to strike at the same time. The blonde girl stood there waiting for the attack as her guns returned to their travel gauntlet form. At the right moment, she jumped, avoiding both the pincers but taking a rather painful blow on the side of her leg as the tail's sharp end nearly tore through her armour. With both hands free, she grabbed a hold of the tail and allowed it to carry her over the grimm as it retracted back from the strike. When she was directly over the scorpion, she let go and directed her hand beneath her to launch a giant ice spike that pierced the deathstalker from above. The other end of the spike was a flat surface.

Avery then performed a flip in the air causing her foot to impact the flat surface of the spike heel first, giving it a hammer like effect onto the spike that drove it deeper on the grimm. Settling on top of the flat surface, she took out her guns from their travel mode and rained bullets on the joint on the grimm's tail and it's eyes. She didn't have to worry about the other charging grimm for now since her position atop this Deathstalker prevented the other from doing any damage.

Battle Log:
Aura: 150/180 (-20) | HP: 120/140 (-10)

Attack 1: Giant Ice Spike - 20
Attack 2: Hammer Kick - 25
Attack 3: Bullet Barrage: Tail Joint - 55
Attack 4: Bullet Barrage: Eyes - 55

Potential Damage: 155 (DS 3)

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8 Re: boredom + guns = hunt [solo/hunt] on Mon Dec 21, 2015 2:03 am

Level 4, HARD
HP: 50 / HP: X_X / HP: 105

The Alpha deathstalker let out a triumphant shriek as it's tail struck true, only for it's target to grab a hold of it's tail and ride it upwards. Realizing what had happened it let out another shriek, this time in horror as it tried to shake Averia off, but to no avail. The ice spike got slammed into it's back and even farther by Averia landing on top of it. However before the bullets could rain down on top of the Deathstalker, the other remaining Grimm had charged again and swung out with it's tail, slamming it into the ice spike, got it's spiked tip of it's tail lodged into the ice spike, and yanked it upwards out of it's pack mate and trying to throw Aviera away, thus preventing her from firing her guns at the Deathstalker. The alpha deathstalker quickly backpedaled to make sure that Averia didn't land on top of it again.

When Averia landed the 3rd Grimm, it's tail still lodged in the ice pillar, tried to slam the ice spike down on top of the huntress once, twice, and on the third attempt the ice spike finally shattered. By then the alpha Grimm had maneuvered itself around it's comrade and snapped both claws at Averia at the same time. They refused to lose to such a pathetic weakling!

3rd grimm, three hammer tail attacks, 40 damage each, 120 total damage
1st grimm, two claw attacks, 40 damage each, 80 total damage

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9 Re: boredom + guns = hunt [solo/hunt] on Wed Dec 23, 2015 11:19 am

As Avery was taken off-balanced from the top of the spike, she formed an ice board to which she used to manoeuvre off the ground. It acted as her makeshift hoverboard which enabled her to zoom in the air to dodge the grimm's first attack. However, it was followed by a second one and the edge of the pillar managed to graze her shoulder, making her wince from both pain and annoyance. Following the third attempt, she knew she had no way of dodging the full length of it. Her eyes narrowed.

"Alright, I let you play with my ice pillar before but that's enough." With a flick of her wrist, the ice spike shattered into tiny glimmering crystals. "That is still my ice." She pouted childishly, taking offense from someone using her possession without permission. Now that the pillar was no longer in the way, it made it easier for her to breeze past the scorpion tail as it missed her by inches. From her side came the two claws from the other grimm and one managed to inflict a scratch on her right leg as she she elevated higher up in the air to get out of its reach.

And now she was positioned directly behind the third grimm, knowing full-well their weakness against something coming from behind. Her guns still in hand she rained bullets on its backside while flying towards it with her board. When she was inches from the grimm, the ice board's front end shifted into a sharp edge and she used it to the stab the grimm at angle between its back and its left. The momentum caused Avery to be propelled forward off her board and over the grimm, this time firing bullets against its body while in the air. Landing on top of the scorpion, she shifted on her heel and jumped back, emptying the remaining bullets on her cartridge towards the other scorpion's eyes.

Battle Log:
Aura: 140/180 (-10) | HP: 100/140 (-20)

Attack 1: Target: Backside - 55 (DS 3)
Attack 2: Ice Board Stab - 10 (DS 3)
Attack 3: Target: Body - 55 (DS 3)
Attack 4: Target: Eyes - 55 (DS 1)

Potential Damage: 120 (DS 3), 55 (DS 1)

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10 Re: boredom + guns = hunt [solo/hunt] on Fri Dec 25, 2015 8:27 pm

The Deathstalkers continued to shriek in pleasure as it managed to get a couple of hits on it's prey. The two Grimm would feast on her flesh soon... there would be one less huntress in the world to stop the impending darkness. However when the ice pillar shattered and the huntress managed to get behind the healthier of the two Grimm, it was as if the evil creature's dreams vanished in an instant. All the thoughts of devouring all the huntsmen and huntresses died, right then and there. Round after round fired into the Deathstalker's backside hit dead on, and even though the Grimm tried to use it's speed to run, which allowed it to avoid getting hit by the ice board, the other bullets fired into it's body finished it off. With a shriek of dismay and rage, the Grimm slumped to the ground and started to fade.

The alpha Deathstalker let out an angry shriek and charged at Averia with a blind rage... and took every single bullet to the face. However even as each bullet struck the Grimm it kept going, barreling towards the ice manipulator, even though all but one of it's eyes had been shot out. Finally when it was close enough to grab her with it's claws it fell to the ground, and it's right claw skidded across the ground and came to rest at Averia's feet.

And they all fall dead! X_X

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11 Re: boredom + guns = hunt [solo/hunt] on Sat Dec 26, 2015 2:39 pm

Avery looked down at the pathetic fallen grimm by her feet and shrugged, turning around to walk away. Three deathstalkers albeit young adults and she finished them off quickly by herself. Granted she took a couple of hits, the damage was nothing too major for her be concerned of. For some reason she felt an emptiness inside her. Everything's too easy now. She looked down at her guns and placed them back to their respective holsters. She did find their limitations - and that was that they were beginning to be too powerful that she needed to do something with them to alleviate her boredom. Something to add spice to her attacks other than just plan pulling the trigger. After all, the reason she was a huntress was all for fun. Dust was obviously out of the question.

A second form?

Her eyebrows shot up at the idea of that. Yes. If she could make a second form that differed from her guns, it would make for an interesting change of pace. As though enlightened, she grinned as she walked away from the three deathstalkers just as they began to disperse into black ashes.


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12 Re: boredom + guns = hunt [solo/hunt] on Mon Dec 28, 2015 6:15 pm

4500 exp and 2585 lien (warrior stuff counted) rewarded

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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