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I'm Just a Little Drunk. (priv/Ave)

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1 I'm Just a Little Drunk. (priv/Ave) on Wed Dec 16, 2015 12:19 am

After a day of dealing with both kids and adults in the classroom what is there for a teacher to do. Why drink, of course! At least that's what the Dust teacher had told the few friends she had made in the short months returning to Bellmuse. It wasn't a total lie as going out once in a while for bevers did help her after a rough week. However, she also got into a habit of coming to a certain tavern every other day during the week now. It was mostly for the food as she had grown an odd love for bar food over the pass few years. A beautiful view of the setting sun over the ocean with good food, drinks, and people, what was there not to love about this place.

After becoming a regular at the Creak's Toriera no longer felt out of place sitting at her small table off the side of the main bar line. "HEYYYY POPS! I need another round over here!" She yelled as she gets up for more drinks. It was a mostly slow night with only a few people, making her stand out even more than normal. Although the girl didn't need to do much to stand out as her rainbow hair did most of the work. However, for the first time she decided to wear her swimsuit as she had planed on swimming, but the call for drinks and food won the battle in the end.

Toriera swimsuit of choice as a dark blue bikini with a matching see through mesh skirt with white sandals. However, what would draw your eyes to the woman would be the many scars along her abdomen and on her left shoulder. All evidence of a long past animal attack, or Grimm. With what appeared to be a bite mark scaring on her left shoulder and claw mark along her side. This didn't phase her at all in show her body, nor did she care. She had left that life of caring what others thought of her long in the past.

"You know, Tori. You're going have to tell me the story behind those scars one of these days." The Barman said pouring her more shots. With a wicked grin Tori only raised a shot at him before downing it. "I'll tell you as soon as you forget about my tab. Deal?" This only made the man laugh before shaking his head. "The Boss would kill me if I did that. You built up quite the numbers here." But Toriera didn't want to worry about such things as she picks up the remaining shots before giving the man a wink. "Oh, you both know I'm good for it, right?~" With that, she went back to her table and to her own little party. Since the people she came with had already left, she was forced to simple enjoy the view of setting sun all by her lonesome. She could feel the buzz coming on a bit harder than she had placed when coming this day. "Looks like it's a good idea I walked here today."

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2 Re: I'm Just a Little Drunk. (priv/Ave) on Wed Dec 16, 2015 5:25 pm

Avy Frost
Under normal circumstances, Avery would've been having a blast on the beach. However, when that stupid guy's stupid old jetski went haywire on her in the middle of the ocean, that's when the fun ends. Thank god for her semblance or she would've drowned. She didn't want to end such a good trip in a bad note though, so what better way to spend the rest of the day than to get herself a drink.

Thus here she was, standing in front of some old dingy low-class tavern dressed in nothing but a dark red hoodie that stopped mid-thighs. The jacket was unzipped, revealing much of her black halter top bikini inside. She grimaced as she kicked the door open, not wanting to dirty her hands as she stepped in. Is this the only bar around this place? she thought with a frown. Avery pulled her hood down and proceeded to walk to the bar and settle on a vacant chair.

"Johnny Walker Black, double, straight up," she said, running her fingers through her wet golden strands.

"Do you have an ID, ma'am?" asked the bartender.

Avery raised an eyebrow and shifted her cerulean gaze at him. "Excuse me?"

"We don't serve alcohol to minors."

She dug in her pocket, flipping her phone open to show a form of identification. The bartender shook his head. "I'm sorry. The only form of digital identification we accept is through a scroll."

"But I don't have a scroll." Avery frowned. She couldn't and wouldn't use one, what with her destructive temperament. She settled for something cheaper since she always ended up smashing them against the walls anyway.

"Then I'm sorry, I will have to ask you to leave."

Her eyebrows shot up. "Excuuuse me?! You're asking me to leave?! The great Avy Frost doesn't get dismissed by anyone!"

"Unless you show an identification or have someone vouch for your age, we can't let you stay inside."

Avery glowered and was throwing daggers at the bartender with her stare. How dare this person ask her to leave! On another note, he was simply doing his job. Tsk. With a huff Avery turned on her heel and was about to leave the place when she spotted someone she knew, the familiar streaks of rainbow hair identifying the said person.

"Miss Free?" She blinked. Now this was a surprise. As if a bulb lighted on her head, she immediately snapped to the bartender and pointed to the woman. "Her! That woman can vouch for me."

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3 Re: I'm Just a Little Drunk. (priv/Ave) on Wed Dec 16, 2015 7:27 pm

Toriera was reaching the bottom of another glass just as the drinks started to hit her. She might not look it, but Toriera could hold her own against just about anyone when it came to drinking. Not the most appropriate traits of a teacher, but then again who cared. Slamming the glass down with a satisfying "Ahhhh" Toriera was about to order another one when she suddenly heard her name. Her eyes shot open at the "Miss Free" leaning back over her chair. "Who the hell you calling Miss!? Do I look old to you?" She asked the barman before he pointed toward a blonde girl. "Ohhhhh, what have we here?"

Getting up from the table Toriera slowly made her way over to the two. Feeling a bit woozy as she walked. "Don't mind the outburst Love. Now what can I help you with?" She asked, but he barman spoke up. "This girl said you can vouch for her age. Well, Miss Free?" Said with a wide grin at finally a weapon of his own to tease with. Yet, Tori death glare was more than enough to shut him up. "Of course she old enough! Isn't that right, Blondie?" In truth Tori didn't have a clue how old the girl was really. Checking each of her student ages didn't seem like an important thing at the time so she skipped it.

Beside why deny people who training to fight monster a drink from time to time, right? "You can trust me, right?~" Giving the barman her best semi-sweet smile as she leans on the bar top. It had taken her just till now to realize that she might not be as sober as she thought. "No, not really, but I'll let it pass this time." The man joked going to fix Avery drink. "Ohh, make me another to. Plz and thank~"

With that taken care of Toriera turned her focus back toward the girl. "Sooo Blondie. What brings the great Avery down this side of the beach?" She purrs with almost wicked grin. Tori remembers the stories she had heard about this girl from around the school and felt a little teasing might be in order. Beside she wasn't on the clock so she didn't have to be the ideal role model here. Not that she was one in class however.

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4 Re: I'm Just a Little Drunk. (priv/Ave) on Wed Dec 16, 2015 9:03 pm

Avy Frost
"Ohhhhh, what have we here?"

Avery turned her head to the voice and saw her Dust 101 teacher staggering towards them. Giving her a once over, the blonde-haired scrunched her eyebrows at the woman's demeanour. Is she drunk? Avery folded her arms under her chest and stood there silently as the two began to exchange words. From their manner of speech, they seemed close. Did that mean her teacher was a regular in this place? Avery looked around the tavern with subtle motions and grimaced. A respected teacher in Syne was a regular in a bar like this? Quite disappointing.

When the two were done talking, Avery gave one final glare to the bartender before facing the teacher. She raised an eyebrow at her tone of voice when she asked her a patronizing question. It was teasing, almost flirty. While she was not the most perfect example of an ideal teacher in class, this was even worse. She's definitely drunk. Avery took a step back and turned her head away.

"Ugh, the smell of alcohol is all over you. How much have you been drinking?" Avery asked with eyebrows lowered, shifting away from the woman and going to the table where she first saw her. She wasn't quite comfortable with their distance in the bar.

"The jetski I rode broke down and ruined my day, so I figured I'd get myself a drink," she explained briefly, pulling up a chair for her to settle in. "And you? Are you fine with having a student see you in a state like this?"

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5 Re: I'm Just a Little Drunk. (priv/Ave) on Wed Dec 16, 2015 10:07 pm

It seemed this one didn't care for Toriera little games. Watching the girl walk away Toriera only sigh. "Not enough, it would seem." She said her head hanging a bit. "That girl got that stick way too far up her own arse for her own good." She said, pushing off the bar making her way back toward the table. However, to her surprised Blondie was now sitting at her table. She was honestly confused by this as the girl sounded like she didn't want anything to do with Toriera.

It seemed the girl was having a bad day and more than likely was looking for someone to aim that anger at. Toriera just so happen to the one who step into the cross arrows, great. Flopping back down into her own seat Toriera quickly placed a finger up to pause the blonde. "Shhh, Give me a sec. The room spinning a bit." She had walked back faster than she meant to and the alcohol in her wasn't liking it.

At last the room return to normal, allowing Toriera to relax again. "Should I not be?" She asked with her head hung back with her eyes closed. She couldn't help smiling that this question. She had forgotten that she was still new here and most saw her actions to be a bit... extreme at best sometimes. "Worrying what others think about me is something I gave up on a long time ago." The subject wasn't something she particularly liked to talk or even really think about. "It'll be the death of you if you let it get let it get to you!" Out of reflex and habit she reached up to lightly rub scars along her shoulder.

Thankfully, she was saved from this moment as their drink arrived. "You only live once, right? Besides, if you think this is bad should have seen me back in Haven. I setter down quite a bit since then." Said picking up her drink to sip of the drink. Allowing this one to last longer than the others. "I'm a bit surprised though. From how you acted in class and at the bar wouldn't think you cared too much for my company. Trying to get some dirt on a teacher or something?~" She asked, giving the girl a wink.

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6 Re: I'm Just a Little Drunk. (priv/Ave) on Wed Dec 16, 2015 10:57 pm

Avy Frost
Avery eyed the woman warily as she joined her in the table. What a weird woman; quite the free spirited one amidst the line of serious teachers. "Clearly you have no regard to what others have to say," she stated in a matter-of-fact tone as she eyed her random smiling.

Her eyes then shifted to the woman's hand that reached up to the scars in her shoulders. Avery hadn't noticed it before due to the lighting, but she had a better view of them now. It made her wonder the story behind it. As per Alex's words, scars not only contained memories of the past but were also a constant reminder of one's failure in order prevent the same thing from happening again. Would it be appropriate then to ask this woman about something so personal? Under normal circumstances perhaps not. But since she was drunk anyway, Avery might as well use the opportunity to dig in deeper. Her lips parted in the process of asking but was interrupted by the arrival of their drinks. What great timing.

As the server placed her shots on the table, it then occurred to her how stupid it was to move to the table when she had an easier access on the bar. She sighed and simply told the server to keep the shots coming. Taking a glass, she downed it in one go, feeling the alcohol burn the back of her throat. Almost immediately the woman asked if she was here to dig some dirt from her and that caused her to choke a little.

"..! Of course not! That idiotic bartender is looking at me as if I'm some troublesome minor, so I am using you as my insurance," she hissed. Leaning back in her seat, she nonchalantly brushed her fingers along her amber hair and tucked a few strands behind her ear. She reached for her other shot and downed it again, cringing slightly from the after taste.

"In any case, although it's obvious that I'm far superior than you, we are alike in some ways. Caring about what other people think is tiring so I don't bother with it. However, there's a difference. I have all the leeway to bend the rules since I'm a simple student. You, on the other hand, is a teacher who apparently needs to be a role model to her students."

Avery tore her eyes from the shot glass in her hand and fixed them on the woman before her, giving her a smirk of her own. "So maybe you're right. I am trying to get some dirt on you. What're you gonna do about it, teacher~?"

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7 Re: I'm Just a Little Drunk. (priv/Ave) on Fri Dec 18, 2015 1:54 am

Toriera giggle a bit at Avery comment about being a free spirit. "I try my best." In a mocking tone before downing the last of her drink slamming the glass down. There was nothing better than that burning feeling as the liquor run down your throat. Even in her semi-drunk stage Toriera eyes were still observant watching at the blind eyes was drawn toward her own neck. She didn't blame the child for staring. Hell, she still stared from time to time herself.

Before she could say anything the blonde would start on a new rant about her "Digging for dirt". It had been meant as a joke, but maybe she was drunker than she thought and it came out wrong. "Don't mind him, Love." She said playfully with a wave. "The guy a big softly once you get to know him." But she knew the girl didn't care about that. Grinning Toriera leaned forward a bit, letting her chin rest on her open hand. "Guess I'm blessed that someone as superior as you has graced me by sitting at my table. What's more, you say I'm a role model!?"

She had never really stopped to think about it before now. She never felt like she needed to promote herself in any such light. After all, she believed heavily on individuality. "I guess you could have a point there, but at the same time I hope you lot can tell the different between something good or bad by now in your life. I'm not about to hold anyone hand, in class or life. If you f**k up, then well... you f**k up. Get up and keep living. It's what I did and it got me this far in life."

It was only then that she realized she had gotten off the subject and was rambling on. Leaning back Toriera rubbed her temples, trying to clear her head. "Think I got a little lost there." She said trying to remember what they were talking about. Dirt? Oh, if she really was trying to gather dirt on teachers.

"Then I hope you have something better than me getting drunk up your sleeve, Blondie. Cause they have my records at the academy and a wee bit of public drunkenness is, the less of my problem." True for the most part Toriera was having a bit of fun with the girl, but at the same time she wasn't lying. At least not completely since if everything on her records were true, she would never have gotten a job here, even with her credentials.

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8 Re: I'm Just a Little Drunk. (priv/Ave) on Fri Dec 18, 2015 2:31 am

Avy Frost
Avery stared blankly at the drunken girl before her as she started blabbering about not being a role model and how it was not part of her job to hold anyone's hand. Oh my god. The blonde girl sighed as she simply downed a drink. She couldn't believe the teacher took that at face value. That was meant as a sarcastic comment to let her point through. She didn't think a free-spirited person that the teacher was so intent on making obvious couldn't as much as read in between the lines. To a person like Avery who was just a big ball of sarcasm, perhaps this teacher was not the best drinking buddy.

Or maybe this was just the woman's drunken state? In any case, Avery was starting to know more of this woman in just a few minutes of her stay in the tavern. Downing another glass, her eyes narrowed at the burn of the alcohol but moreso when this teacher talked about her reporting her drunkenness to the academy. Avery just shook her head. Oh wow. This person was more shallow than she thought.

"Seriously? You think I'm gonna use your intoxication as a warrant? My dear teacher, are you that naive?" Avery smiled slyly. As two more shot glasses arrived, Avery pushed one towards her. "Here, drink more. Maybe then you'll realise what I'm talking about."

She leaned back on her seat and crossed her legs. "And if you're still clueless, guess I'll just have show you what I mean."

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9 Re: I'm Just a Little Drunk. (priv/Ave) on Fri Dec 18, 2015 3:11 am

It was times like this that made the woman miss her bat ears friend Violet as she puffed up laying her head down on the table. She had allowed herself you become so serious in her drunken state. Making her into the very thing she had tried to put distance between. Then again, maybe that's what happen when you drink alone? That and she never was the best with jokes as it seemed Blondie was growing more annoyed with her.

"Maybe a little." She agreed stilling laying her head on the table with her arms to the side. She could feel the drinks now starting to hit and knew she was getting close to the danger zone. However, at the sound of a glass being slid her way her perk up. No... She heard the voice in her head say. No! It grew louder as she reached out and picked up the glass. NO! But the woman only ran her hand through her rainbow hair, pushing it out of her eyes as she grinned.

"Won't lie to you kid!" As she rolled the shot around watching it content dance. "I think I'm too drunk to understand what you want me to know that I don't know. You know?" Only afterward confusing herself with what she just said. "Let's just forget all that other crap and enjoy these drinks." With that the woman followed her student in downing another drink against her inner voice order not to. "Ahhhh!" She grasp with her eyes closed. "Beside, I learn better through practice than lecture. So you might have to show me in the end after all. But don't worry, I'm a fast learner.~"

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10 Re: I'm Just a Little Drunk. (priv/Ave) on Sat Dec 19, 2015 2:24 pm

Avy Frost
Avery sighed and shook her head. "Alright. You did ask for it." Downing another shot, she slammed the empty glass on the table and stood up. Her eyes scanned the crowd and quickly spotted an easy prey - a single drunk man on one side of the tavern. She made her way towards him and just as she passed a server, she snapped her fingers in his face to get his attention. "Get me a bottle of your strongest vodka on that table over there. Chop chop." She gave the boy a quick pat on the shoulder and proceeded to her target.

She nonchalantly slid on the chair next to the drunk man, turning his head to her in attention. "Mind if I join you?" She whispered, using her sultry voice and adding a bit of her tricks by playing with the ends of her hair and tucking some strands behind her ear. This naturally caused the said target to agree more than willingly. As the two engaged in a conversation, Avery spared a glance at the woman as though saying 'are you watching this?'. It became even more interesting as the vodka bottle arrived. "Here, drink more," Avery said with a sweet smile as she kept pouring more alcohol on his glass until eventually the man was nothing but a pile of intoxicated mess flopped down unconscious on the table.

Avery stood up and made her way back to her teacher, placing a wallet, a scroll and keys on their table. "Not only did I get his money, I got his phone and keys to his car. This is what I'm talking about, teach~" She smiled. Instead of settling on a chair, she sat on the table itself in front of the teacher. Crossing her legs, she leaned forward to place an elbow on her knee with her chin on hand so that she was looking down at the woman.  "The reason the academy doesn't want you teachers getting drunk is because it leaves you vulnerable. Other than the obvious fact that drunk people spill out their deepest and darkest secrets which I can use to blackmail you, there's more to it than that. When you pass out, what's stopping me from taking you into a hotel, snap a couple of pictures to make it seem like something 'happened' between us and showing it to the headmistress? I believe touching a student is a criminal offense, is it not?" Avery purred and tilted her head. "Now then, do you see how using 'drunkenness' as a warrant is such a naive thought in your part? Of course, that is just an example. I am capable of utilising other means to take advantage of your... carelessness."

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11 Re: I'm Just a Little Drunk. (priv/Ave) on Thu Dec 31, 2015 1:17 am

With a goofy smile Toriera stared up at the blonde as she talked to her. It seemed the student wanted to teach the teacher. Toriera had no reason to stop her and in fact wanted to know what the Blonde had to "Teach" her. However, she wasn't one to just sit back and do nothing. So as Avery down the last of her drink Toriera fingers came to live as danced over the pocket just before she hop up and walked away.

The prize from the blonde was the her phone, which in surprise Toriera a bit. She didn't expect the girl to have a phone rather than a scroll, but to each their own. She made sure to keep an eye on the girl as she did her thing. Toriera would have been lying if she didn't know what the girl was doing and an even bigger liar if she said she never did it before herself. However, that was a lifetime ago. With a somewhat drunken smile Toriera waved at the girl as she looked back and just as quickly took a few pic with the girl phone making sure she never saw. Most being of the girl coning the man with one being a pic of herself winking.

As the girl came back to present her prizes Toriera could only grin at it. She was very good, if not a little careless in her actions. "Not bad, not bad at all." she said as the girl went on about blackmail and drunkness. A lot of nonsense the drunken Tori didn't really feel like listening to. But the girl made her point which Toriera answer with a sigh. "I see you'll point. Also see why the academy doesn't want the student getting drunk either." She said as she quickly sneaked Ave phone down next to her.

"If you're this vulnerable sober, I hate to see you drunk. Though that could be fun." She purred before leaning back in her seat. It was a shame she had taken the teacher job as the blonde was a cutie and she wasn't the type to shy away from such a prize. Looking the girl up and down Toriera giggle a bit before narrowing her eyes at the blonde. "But I have to ask, Your Majesty. What makes a cutie of your statute want to take part in these short of activities?" She made sure to carefully say each and every word as to not slur any of them.

Maybe Avery was right about the drinks, but was far passed caring at this point. "Gotten bored sitting at the top and wanted to see what life is life for us down at the bottom?" Trucking rainbow hair behind her ear Toriera waited to hear from the girl. At this point she no longer cared about putting on the teacher act anymore and simply wanted to let loose.

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12 Re: I'm Just a Little Drunk. (priv/Ave) on Thu Jan 14, 2016 1:39 pm

Avy Frost
Avery smiled subtly as she continued to stare down at the girl before her. Her eyes narrowed though when she mentioned something about her vulnerability when sober. "What's that supposed to mean?"

Her hand shifted on her side over the table and knocked something. Sparing a brief glance at it, she frowned upon seeing her phone. Did it slip out from her pocket? Weird. She placed it inside and turned back her attention to rainbow girl who appeased her once again. So she was the type of person who's flirtatious when drunk eh? Two could play that game. The difference was, Avery could do whatever she wanted to this woman while the latter was still limited by her position as a teacher. Heh. This could be fun.

"Yes. You peasants weird me out so much I wonder how it's like to be such a lowlife." She sighed. As she was still sitting on the table in front of the woman and her legs were getting tired hanging precariously, she shifted a little, using her foot to move her teacher's legs apart so she can rest her foot against the edge of the woman's seat in between her thighs. She leaned forward even more, using a finger to tilt the woman's chin up to meet her stare.

"Why~ What're you gonna do about it?"

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13 Re: I'm Just a Little Drunk. (priv/Ave) on Fri Jan 15, 2016 5:47 pm

It seemed this girl was willing to push the envelope as far as she could, which in truth Toriera were all for. She did love a good teasing game, but she also knew when to play and when not to and right now the girl attitude wasn't what she would call a turn on. Watching as Avery moved onto the table in front of her Toriera waited with a small smile for what she knew would come.

This girl seemed to like to toy with people and things and if she had to guess might even be a control freak, or at least to a point. With a growing grin Toriera reached up running a finger along the girl leg, being sure to keep her finger as close as she could be without touching. "Well, my Queen there are a many things I could show you." She said as Avery lifted her face up by the chin. If this were anyone else beside a student, she might have pushed this further for a fun night, but even this irresponsible immature teacher knew when to play and not to.

Suddenly she would stand up stopping just an inch from Avery face. "When you're older~ But I have to ask..." She said as she move toward the girl's ear to whisper. "What happen to you to make you fall this far? Or have you always been a brat?" Rude or not Toriera didn't care as right now the mix of alcohol and curiosity drove of lips and it questions.

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14 Re: I'm Just a Little Drunk. (priv/Ave) on Sat Jan 16, 2016 7:38 pm

Avy Frost
Avery's eyes shifted low to the finger that treaded dangerously close to her leg, though it focused back to the woman before her as she stood up moving and stopped inches from her face. Her eyebrows lowered and she unconsciously leaned back a little, annoyed that she was easily caught off-guard like that.

"Talking mature all of a sudden? What a joke. You're no more than five years older than me. And with your attitude, I'd say I know more than you in general," Avy stated, looking at her eye-to-eye.

However, she was once caught in surprise when rainbow girl leaned to her ear and spoke. Avery bit her lip and turned away as her face was quick to flush a deep red, shivers running down her spine. Well what did she expect when her breath was hitting her ear like that. Sure Avy was used to touching people all the time; it's in her nature to invade personal space. But never the other way around.

"T-That's not something of your concern, is it?" She said, catching herself before she stammered the whole statement. Placing a hand on the woman's shoulder, she pushed her back down to her chair. She reached behind her and took a shot of the drink before taking another glass and handing it to rainbow girl.

"In any case, I can say the same to you. What happened to make you this pathetic of a human being? Or have you always been a loser?" Avy responded with a smirk as she looked down at the woman. This person was just too nice for her own good and Avery realized she could play with her all day without getting into trouble. At this rate, she could even establish getting herself a pet~

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15 Re: I'm Just a Little Drunk. (priv/Ave) on Mon Jan 18, 2016 7:01 pm

With a wicked smile Toriera watch the red wash over the girl before allowing herself to be pushed back into her seat. It seemed her surprised attacked had worked better than she thought it would. Maybe Avery wasn't used to being on the other end of touching. Then again Toriera also made sure she never touches the girl herself. Not out of any such fear of the bull of teacher/student rule, but rather that she knew it was better not to touch when teasing.

Taking the drink Toriera would play with it rather than drink it as she swirl it content around in the grass. Grinning from below she watched as Avery down another one. "So you are capable of being embarrassed. It's a cute side. Shouldn't hide it so often." With that she follows suit and down her own glass before giving a satisfied purr. She could feel the warmth flow through her body. Now, however, it seems the girl wishes to turn the question back on it give which only cause Toriera to giggle a bit.

"You really want to know?" She asked, reaching up to her own neck and running a finger along the scar on her shoulder. "If you knew me seven years ago, I wonder what you would think of me." Even with her smile a hint of sadness could be seen with a skill eye. About what it took to turn a shy bookworm into the woman she is today, for better or worst. "I would have to say, it was Death. You be amazed what dying could do for a person!" In a flash the sadness would replace with a sinister grin. For the most part she did it for theatrical more than anything else. But she also wanted to see what Avery would say when faced with this. After all, it wasn't like Toriera was lying.

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16 Re: I'm Just a Little Drunk. (priv/Ave) on Wed Jan 20, 2016 12:22 am

Avy Frost
"I'm not embarrassed," Avery snapped at that grinning woman. She scoffed and folded arms before looking away. Well at least the teacher was annoying enough to be persistent and instead opted to answer her question. The returning response was something she didn't expect though. Was this person serious in talking about her personal life to her, to Avery of all people.

Avery glanced at the girl from the corner of her eyes and her gaze lingered at the scar on her shoulder. Seven years ago "Now you got me interested," she stated lowly as she hopped off the table and settled on the chair opposite the woman. It was easier to get the drinks like this after all.

"Hmm. So, what happened seven years ago? Is that when you got the scar?" She asked, taking another shot glass and downing it quickly. The alcohol burned the back of her throat and she hissed, resting her forehead on her hand. Seems the shots were starting to take effect. It's a wonder how the rainbow girl could still be on her toes despite having already been drunk for long. Heck she was already intoxicated even before Avy arrived.

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17 Re: I'm Just a Little Drunk. (priv/Ave) on Sat Jan 23, 2016 1:27 am

Leaning back in her chair Toriera hanged her head back over the edge while staring up at the roof. Thankfully, it seemed to be a slow night for the bar as there weren't many people they had talked over. In fact, she found herself having to speak a little lower than normally just to keep this convesation between the two. At last her brain had to step in and slap the woman's mouth shut that had run for far too long. After all, this was a part of her life that only two other people in the world know about her.

"No, seven years ago would have been my last year of college. I was just a shy little girl with her nose so far into her books she didn't even remember what the blue sky looked like." Whipping her head back forward Toriera would take a moment to settle herself. Too much movement and drinks had made her mind more loose and she needs time to adjust. Thankfully Avery had moved back to her side of the table, allowing Toriera a moment to breathe before flipping her smile back on.

"Sorry Love, but you haven't hit a high enough social link with me yet for me get that... personal yet~" With a wink Toriera would lean forward, placing her fingers together, making resting spot of her chin. "Just know I made some very poor life choice and this was the price I paid for them. Also, let be a lesson to never let your guard down with Grimm's. I'm a living lesson for that!"[/b] Said sounding almost like the teacher she was meant to be. [b]"Sorry... I think you have found me at a bit of a low point, thanks to this city or maybe it's the liquor."

Pushing the empty glass away Toriera would run her hand through her hair, pushing it back and out of her face. It was times like this she missed her friend from Haven Academy. "Either way it seemed I might have brought down the mood with that last bit. I apologize."

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18 Re: I'm Just a Little Drunk. (priv/Ave) on Sat Jan 23, 2016 11:52 pm

Avy Frost
A shy little girl seven years ago, huh? A terrible far cry from the intoxicated woman in front of her now. This meant something must have happened along the way to make her change into the free-spirited person she was right now. Or perhaps she got sick of the linear life and simply snapped. Either way, Avery couldn't help a small snicker. She couldn't exactly say they were on the same boat as their circumstances differed, but the concept wasn't too far off.

As for the scar, it seemed that was a story for another day. Though from her words alone one would assume the scar originated from a grimm attack. "Hmm. How underwhelming," Avy stated in bemusement. It was her response to both the teacher's unwillingness to share her personal story and the fact that scar might have simply came from petty grimms.

The mood was indeed brought down however and the blonde used it as an opening to one of her little tricks as usual. Feeling groggy, she leaned back and sighed, opening her eyes to stare at rainbow chick. "Well then, what do you say we play a game?" She mused with a small smirk.

"Nothing too complicated. It's a simple modified truth or dare. However, instead of choosing between truth or dare first, the asker presents one question (truth) and one command (dare), and the player gets to choose which of the two she'd rather do. If the player decides to do neither, then she has to drink 5 shots of tequila. That's it. Simple right?" Avy explained. "What do you say?"

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Level 5, 150 HP & 200 HP

The Floorboards under the tavern began to quake slightly, so much so that not many would realize it was even happening, especially not a room full of drunkards. However, a room full of drunkards DID house much negativity, what with people drowning their problems and some even becoming angrier the more they indulge in their beverages. As the quaking went on it got more visible, the wood floor panels of the back corner of the place were vibrating in and out of their place. This continued for only a short moment until a Creep burst out of the ground, followed closely by another, smaller one. The bigger creep squealed, and the reactions began. Those who hadn't been there very long ran. The ones that were considerably more drunk stayed to watch, even laugh, some even throwing their useless empty bottles at the Grimm. To the creatures however, it was like their food finally decided not to resist. This was going to be a good time.

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Well, it seems the blonde wasn't all that entertain by her little story. Not that Toriera could blame her really. She would be unsatisfied as well if someone started talking about their life story, only to cut it short half way. Thinking about it again Toriera saw no real reason not to tell the girl, or anyone really. Even after all these years she refused to tell anyone what really happen. About how she had foolishly done this to herself. It wasn't shame that keep her from telling others, but anger. Anger at herself for ever taking that path in life.

Wow! She thought to herself suddenly as she shook her head from side to side. What the hell was in these drinks to have her thinking about the past so hard? For the first time she would push the glass away while shifting in her seat as the blonde propose her idea for a game. "F-Five shots! I'm starting to think you're trying to kill me tonight girl...You're on!" She said with one of her famous wicked smiles.

However, for better or worst her attention was quickly pulled toward the back of the bars at what sounded like a bomb going off. Soon followed by a mixture of screams, laughers, and angry shouts filling the air. "The hell going on back there!?"

Toriera wouldn't have to wait long for her answer as people started running in all directions out of fear. The source of this fear shocked even the drunk woman oddly causing her to burst out laughing as she used her right hand to support her while her left hand held her side. It was just funny to her for some reason. "Hahahaha. Guess we weren't the only ones who wanted a drinks tonight!"

Stepping away from the table Toriera would click her heels together, transforming her shoes to their skate form. Even in a drunken haze Toriera rode the skate as gracefully as sober. Mostly from her years of having to ride them home drunk. "Hope you got your pop guns with ya! I didn't bring a lot of dust with me tonight. Now then... Are there two or four of these buggers?" She said, slightly swaying from side to side while squinting her eyes. It seems the alcohol wasn't helping the situation by only adding more to Toriera carefree nature.

"So you say truth and dare right? Then how about this then. Truth! What is a Nightfrost doing all the way in Bellmuse or dare and attack the big one!"
With a grin Toriera would point toward the pair of creeps while looking back at Av over her shoulder.

OOC: Sorry for the wait.

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Avy Frost
Amidst her amusement from rainbow girl agreeing to the game, a sudden loud noise erupted from one side of the bar completely catching her off guard. "What the.." Grimms?! How cheap is this kingdom that they don't have hunters guarding pubs and stuff. And now she can't even drink in peace? Avery cursed under her breath in annoyance. Of all the time in the world, these creeps just had to come in when the alcohol was finally taking its effect. If they were a little earlier, the rush of adrenaline would've blocked the effects and she'd be killing these things in no time.

She reached for the back of her choker and thigh accessory to activate her armour. "Now where the bloody hell are my guns?" she whined patting her other bare thigh which usually had a gun holster strapped on it. Oh right. It was only then she realized they were on their travel mode - a belt strapped loosely around her waist. With a click, it snapped into two and shifted to their gun forms.

Avery stood up to join the fight. But unlike the teacher, she didn't quite have the coordination she needed as she found herself stumbling back until she felt the wall behind her. She's never been in such a situation considering she doesn't go around drinking in cheap pubs with no hunters and guards to keep the freaking grimms away. And as if that wasn't bad enough, Toriera called out her surname. Her real surname. "Wh.. h-how did you even.." Avery winced as another headache hit her vision. "Dare," she hissed in irritation. Raising her guns, she pressed the trigger and held it to release a barrage of bullets which she proceeded to swipe sideward, spreading the bullets in a line hoping one of them would hit the creeps.

"I already forgot what I was about to ask," Avy whined again as she stumbled to locate the nearest restroom. "Let's kill these things first. But for now... bathroom."

Battle Log:
Weapon: Imperial Regalia (Dual Machine Pistols) - Tier 3 | Physical Armour: V-013 Nightfrost Tech (choker; thigh accessory) - Tier 2

HP: 140/140 | Aura: 190/190

Attack 1: Horizontal Bullet Barrage (Creep 1) - 55
Attack 2: Horizontal Bullet Barrage (Creep 2) - 55

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Through all the sweet, sweet chaos surrounding the tavern, it seemed there were two hunters, ready to get down to business. Well, sort of. They were definitely drunk, which would make this all the more fun. as the crowd cleared to get out of the way of the people with real weapons, The bigger creep saw the younger looking huntress aiming her gun. Though aiming was a bit of an exaggeration. She was mostly just pointing it in the general vicinity. This allowed time for the creep to duck before the wild barrage of bullets could hit it. However, it did this with a bit of a sudden swivel, causing its large tail to whack the smaller grimm by complete accident. Not noticing, the creep ran to ram into the huntress with skates, seeking to knock her off balance whilst doing a bit of damage

In the smaller creep's point of view, it had chosen to go after one of the angry drunkmen. The huntresses were more dangerous to try to eat and the negativity that was pouring from these other guys was just...beautiful. The indistinguishable grimm needed a taste, a bite, a meal. It was about to ke a nice, big, juicy munch when it suddenly heard gunshots. Next thing it knew, it had fallen onto its side. Not because of the bullets, but because its companion had Struck the small creep with its tail, causing it to fall over on its side. This was a lucky break in avoiding the sudden gun barrage, but now the creep had to get up, a difficult feat with no arms. It instead had to push its face into the ground over and over again until it eventually managed to get back on its two feet. What's more, the other Grimm abandoned it! That guy was gonna have to learn its lesson after all of this.

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What started as giggles at the drunk Avery quickly turned to full blown laughter as she watched the big Grimm slap the little one around. She had to hold on to the back of her chair to keep from falling to the ground. It was around this time that little voice from the logical part of her mind was trying to tell her this was no time for laughter. Unfortunately, it was really hard for logic to swim in a sea of beer and other assorted alcohol. Clapping her hands together in happiness she started to cheer Av on as she open fire. "Yayyyy! Go get them, Blondie!" She yelled over the cry of the room. However, it seems Av needed the restroom before she would be ready to fight. With a shrug of her shoulder and raising her hands up as she just shook her head while looking at the Grimms. "Women! Am I right?"

While letting Av go take care of her girl business Toriera grinned from ear to ear while looking around the room. A wave of nostalgia floated its way though the woman clouded mind, remembering a similar night she once had a long time ago. I never have any lucks at bars. All I meet are pigs and Grimms it seems she thought to herself swaying to the side slightly before reaching over the table grabbing the bottle of liquor. Thankfully Avery liked it hard and heavy she thought looking at the bottle, then back at the Grimm.

"Well then! Those who want to be Grimm's food feel free to hang around! Those who don't. Well, I suggest you get the hell out!"
She yelled over the few fools who had stayed. She could feel the pain of the scream pounding on her head along with a building headache. Curse that blonde for making her drink the hard stuff after an afternoon of beer. She be waking up with a major hangover tomorrow, or death if they didn't do something about the Grimms. "As for you two!" She said pointing the bottle at the two. "It be rude if I didn't offer you a drink!" With that, she tossed the bottle at the Grimm's in an arc. As it started to fall, she spun and kicked out with her leg causing her skates to glow. Using the fire dust she would cause the bottle to explode, turning the liquor into a fire rain shower upon the Grimm's and surrounding area. Thankfully, all the bar patriots had left that part of the bar already move away as the fire fell. At this point it might have occurred to her that fire within a bar might not be the best idea, but she really likes that punch line and wanted to use it. Sadly, after trying to act tough and cool the swing of her leg with level of drunk was enough to cause her to fall backward into the path of the attacking Grimm. Thankfully, even in her drunken state her body knew what to do as she semblance quickly appeared above her pulling her toward her platform. This gave the woman an most odd appearance as to all others, it appears she just fell not down, but upward and was now floating in the air.

Sorry I forgot the formula for attack and stuff XD Also not sure how much fire rain would do Xp.

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Avy Frost
Avery finally located the restroom and went staggering inside. She wasn't here to take care of her business though. The first thing she looked for was the first-aid kit. Cheap as it was, every establishment had one just as every kit, as always contained a certain drug used for allergic reactions - Epinephrine, or as commoners knew it, Adrenaline. She quickly took one and injected it on her thigh as a temporary countermeasure to her grogginess. This was quite the horrible idea though as alcohol contains adrenaline itself, she'd feel the immense intoxication later. But eh. Better than die from the creeps outside.

As the drug took its effect, Avy came out of the bathroom in time to see a shower of fire that would have burnt her as well had she not closed back the door to take cover. Once certain the rain was over, she stepped out with a frown. "Heyy, watch it," she mumbled.

With no time to spare, she pointed her guns to the remaining creep and fired them against its head. She quickly dashed to its side, targeting its body this time before summoning about twenty knives made of ice around her and sent them forward to stab at the grimm.

Battle Log:
HP: 140/140 | Aura: 170/190 (-20)

Attack 1: Bullet Fire: Head - 55
Attack 2: Bullet Fire: Body - 55
Attack 3: Cryogenesis: Knives - 20

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((Somewhat forgot about it XD but fixed it! Shall delete this when needed))

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