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I'm Just a Little Drunk. (priv/Ave)

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26 Re: I'm Just a Little Drunk. (priv/Ave) on Fri Mar 25, 2016 10:07 am

Avy Frost
OOC: following the new grimm rules, skipping the grimm for the auto-hits.


Whether it was her awesome skills, the shock of her awesome appearance or the overall awesomeness of an Avery Frost that made the creep freeze in its tracks and take in all their attacks, she didn't care. What mattered was that the beast was dead and she no longer had to fight in her inebriated stated. Without a moment's notice, she located a chair and flopped down on it, spent.

"Weren't you already drunk when I came in? How can you still fight in those?!" she exclaimed and pointed at the floating rainbow girl's rollerblades. Avery had to admit. She was very much impressed at this... weird skill of her teacher. Perhaps the only notable skill she'd seen from her so far. She wondered if the girl was like those she'd in the movies who fought better under influence.

Regardless, Avery lazily gazed around the burnt areas of the bar. Some were even still in flames and slowly spreading due to the wooden structure of the tavern. With a small sigh, the blonde used her semblance to extinguish the flames before turning to the teacher. "You're gonna pay those by the way. You're the one who made the destruction," Avy said with a shrug.

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27 Re: I'm Just a Little Drunk. (priv/Ave) on Thu Apr 28, 2016 8:32 pm

Laying in the air Toriera was a bit confused at first as she stared down at the wooden floor. She couldn't really remember why she was there or how. That was until she smelt the smoke in the air and looked around at the blacken wood and bits of ice about. That had to have been the blonde semblance as she herself didn't have any ice dust with her this day. "Why you freeze the place?! It not like I have a lot on right now you know!" She said as she spins in the air placing her back to the ground. From this angle, she rolled onto her side to looked at the blonde. "This? I'm hardly buzzed!" This was a lie, somewhat, but she was still far from being drunk.

With another spin, Toriera went to a sitting position before setting her feet back to the ground and began to roll over to Avy. With her body swinging from side to side along with a big smile made it very hard for anyone to not think she wasn't drunk at this point. "Pay? You think I make that much as a teacher?" She said her smile turning to a frown as she waves a hand dismissively. Coming to a stop next to Avy would do a spin before falling backward before stopping mid air next to Avy. "I think...." She paused feeling a burp coming, but it never did. "I think I need another drink!" Her big smile now back.

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28 Re: I'm Just a Little Drunk. (priv/Ave) on Fri Apr 29, 2016 5:55 pm

Avy Frost
Avery folded her legs and massaged her temples as the teacher's voice sounded louder and more irritating in her ears due to the alcohol. "I froze the place to save your arse. What were you thinking trying to burn the whole place down?" she seethed lowly.

As the rainbow woman practically wobbled her way towards her claiming she wasn't drunk and implying she wouldn't be paying for the damages, Avy sighed in annoyance. "And you think I'm any better as a student? Hunts and shadow missions don't pay much too, you know," she grumbled. But what she heard next made her almost lose faith in humanity.

""I think.... I think I need another drink!"

Avery glared at the woman in disbelief. After all that commotion, almost destroying the whole tavern and naturally scaring everyone including the bartender, she still had the audacity to continue drinking?! "Ridiculous." Avery murmured. She stood up and paused for a moment as the pounding in her head intensified. She gritted her teeth and took an ample amount of concentration not to topple over. "Get up. I'll take you home. Clearly the responsible one here is me."

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29 Re: I'm Just a Little Drunk. (priv/Ave) on Sun May 01, 2016 7:01 pm

Toriera only laughs a bit at the girl words while she lay there with her eyes closed and smiling. "But Grimm's hate fire. Besides its a good way to keep them from seeing the blonde shooting at them from behind." She said as she rolled to her side trying to look for another drink. Sadly she didn't see any in reach and didn't feel like hunt any down just yet. Focusing herself on sitting up she frowned as the cover her ears as Avy yelled at her again. At least it felt like yelling in her head. "Yeah... but aren't you rich or something."

She couldn't remember why she thought this about the girl are the moment, but she did. Still she would turn toward the bar front giving a floppy wave toward it. "Heeeeeeey...." She stops turning back to Avy. "What the bar guy name again?" After waiting for a second her frown returned before shrugging her shoulders. "Hey, barman you got insurance right?" She asked as the man slight nodded his head from where he was still hiding from the attack. The a clap of her hand Toriera cheered looking back at Avy. "See! The Universe provides! You just have to believe!"

With that out of the way, Toriera stood back up still on her skate and slowly began rolling backward away from Avy. "You're Ridiculous!" she snapped back before sighing and stopping the rolling. Her frown was quickly replaced with a grin as Avy had offered to take her home. "Ohh? I wasn't planning on taking home such a cutie tonight." She quickly began to giggle after the statement wondering how the girl would take the statement.

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30 Re: I'm Just a Little Drunk. (priv/Ave) on Thu May 05, 2016 5:05 pm

Avy Frost
Avery sighed as the rainbow woman justified burning the place down, making it sound like she did it for their benefit. And worse, she insisted on having her pay for the wreckage. "Excuse me? And where did you get that assumption?" Avy scoffed, completely forgetting the fact that the teacher knew of her family background.

The blonde shifted her attention to the bartender who for some reason decided to hide instead of leave the bar. Hearing he had insurance gave Avy a small amount of relief. At least she wouldn't have to pay for anything, not that she would, but still. Less thing to worry about.

Avery narrowed her eyes at the teacher's childishness as she rolled away. Impatiently, she stormed towards her and grabbed her by the wrist before dragging her to the exit of the tavern. "Idiot. I'm taking you home and leaving. Like I'd spend the night with a crude drunk like you." Avery stated with a roll of her eyes. Her free hand fumbled through her jacket pocket and took out her phone to call someone. After a two rings, the other line picked up.

"Sebby, come pick me up." Avery said while still dragging the other girl. "And prepare a paper bag just in case. I have an intoxicated person with me." With that, she ended the call and handed the phone to rainbow woman. "Now fix yourself and give me your address."

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31 Re: I'm Just a Little Drunk. (priv/Ave) on Wed May 11, 2016 11:53 pm

At this point, Toriera no long felt like fighting with the blonde as she felt her stomach decide to turn on her. It was true the woman was more than used to this amount of drinking, in the past. It had been at least a year since the last time see had to drink this much on purpose. It had not been the plan at all this night, but after gaining a drinking buddy she couldn't just say no, could she? Not to mention the Grimm attack and all the bouncing around had caused the alcohol to start to disagree with her stomach. She didn't fight as Avy grabbed her hand and began to pull, allowing herself to roll behind the blonde.

However, once outside she quickly broke away before rolling into an alleyway and promptly vomit into a trash can. "Bloody hell!" She coughs out just before vomiting a second time. "I haven't drink this much in a long time." Spitting the last of the bad taste from her mouth she sighs realizing she had nothing to wrap her lips off with reluctantly used the back of her hand. "Sorry love. I doubt this is a good light to see a teacher in right now." She said as she clicked her heels transforming her skates back to shoes.

Removing the mesh skirt from around her waist she would wrap it around her shoulder as she stepped out of the alleyways. "You know you really don't have to give me a ride, Kid. It's not that bad of a walk home from here." She said uncharacteristically maturity for the first time. She still felt light headed as her face was still red but had faded a bit. Leaning against the wall she knew the walk would be hell for her in this state, but more importantly she was a bit afraid what her drunken state might let slip to her student.

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32 Re: I'm Just a Little Drunk. (priv/Ave) on Fri May 13, 2016 11:05 pm

Avy Frost
Avery blinked as the woman broke away from her grip and went onto an alleyway. At first she wanted to check up on her but quickly decided against that idea upon seeing the woman roll into a trash can. The blonde grimaced and looked away from all the throwing up and she grimaced even more seeing her wipe her lips with the back of her hand afterwards.

"Yeah, tell me about it..." Avy murmured. The mental image of the throwing up was strong enough to make her remember her own intoxication and she placed a hand on her head as she felt her vision spin again. The blonde decided to lean against the wall of the alley for support while waiting for her ride to come. She shifted her gaze back to Toriera who seemed to be looking a lot better. What the hell... she thought. She was honestly impressed at how quickly the teacher was able to recover from her drunken state. Meanwhile, Avery was becoming more and more disoriented.

"Will you stop calling me 'kid'. You're not that much older than me. Also, if you think I'll let a drunk woman walk in the streets in the middle of the night alone, then you must be drunk still." She said, tone rolling of much sarcasm. "If you don't trust me enough to give me your address, fine. I'll drop you off in a hotel and you can just go home tomorrow morning. But you are not not going home alone tonight." she stated and winced as another headache hit her.

Eventually a black car arrived and Avery struggled in her pace before finally making it to the backseat. "Get in." she said impatiently. Thereafter, she did as she said, drop the woman off to a hotel then drive back home.


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