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Avy's Armour Training [Solo]

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1 Avy's Armour Training [Solo] on Wed Dec 16, 2015 11:09 pm

Avery was currently on her dorm, sprawled on the bed on her front with elbows propped up and hands supporting her chin. She stared silently at the metallic black devices before her. She had been upgrading her beloved golden guns so much so that she felt like she'd been neglecting her defenses. Both firepower and durability were needed in battle. What use would a powerful gun be if the wielder is dead? Her recent encounters with the stronger grimms made her realise that she wasn't all that invincible. The pain was unbearable as well and some of the fatal strikes had almost cost her her life.

She sat up from the bed and ran her hands along the black finishings of the device. It was made of Atlesian technology so it was already excellent on its own right. But recently, her parents sent her a package containing the latest advancements in the Nightfrost Tech Corp. Not one to ignore an offer when it came to her gadgets, Avery willingly received it and was planning to use it on her armour to see if it was any good.

The blonde-haired figured she should start with the thigh accessory half of her device first. She moved both devices on the floor and took out her tools to disassemble the said gadgets. Carefully taking out the upper case, she surveyed the parts to decide which ones were viable to be replaced. Perhaps changing the main chip would do as well. Avery placed on her protective glasses and started to take out the smaller pieces, replacing them with the parts from her family's company. It took longer than expected since most parts were very sensitive. A few more minutes and she finished. But before she placed the case back, she took her laptop to record the blueprint of the device that she could use for future purposes in case she needed to upgrade them again.

Next one was the choker which was more complicated and sensitive than the previous one. This is contributed to the fact that it's almost twice as small and covers more vital parts of the body than her thigh accessory. Thus, needed to be perfect and fit on her body. With a soft click, the case was removed and Avery bit her lip at how different the parts inside were in comparison to her thigh accessory. Using her tools to handle the sensitive parts, she proceeded to replace the viable ones with the new parts from her family's company. Hopefully she doesn't touch a vital component and not only risk failing to upgrade it, but also completely make the device useless.

After half an hour of fixing, she was finally able to put everything in place, and just as with her thigh accessory, she recorded the blueprint on her laptop. Placing the case back on, she awaited for the audible click before finishing the upgrade of her devices. Now for the final step. Testing them out.

Avery stood up and took the thigh accessory first, fastening it securely on her left. The moment it locked, a small beep was heard then came the light blue hue that spread out to her entire lower body. Perfect. For her choker, just like the first one, it was locked with a beep then a light blue hue. After moving and testing them out, she had concurred the upgrade was a success.

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