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Avy's Weapon Training - 2nd Form [Solo]

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1 Avy's Weapon Training - 2nd Form [Solo] on Mon Dec 21, 2015 12:57 am

Finally, it's time.

Avery walked inside the dorm with a huge backpack and two satchel bags in hand. Placing the luggages on the floor she went straight to her closet to take out her beloved manila paper which she always used to avoid having to sit on the dirty floor. After having unfolded it on the ground, she quickly slipped off her coat and placed it neatly on the closet to which she proceeded to tie her hair up in a high ponytail. No time to worry about her clothes now for she had more important things to attend to.

She settled on back on the ground over the manila paper and opened the two satchels to reveal her tools used to tinker with her weapon. As for the backpack, she zipped it open carefully as it contained all the valuable items needed for this weapon. These parts came in just this morning with a note from her parents about what they exactly were - the latest advancements in the Nightfrost Tech ranged weaponry. While normally she wouldn't have accepted anything that had to do with her parents' company, these parts were just too good to ignore and thus here she was, giddily awaiting to use these brand new additions.

Taking out her golden guns and laptop, she reviewed the blueprint of her weapons first as she tried to remember which ones needed upgrading. The last few hunts she'd been into definitely gave her a good overview of its limitations. However, she wasn't here for a normal upgrade. No. She would put these Nightfrost Tech parts into good use and build a 2nd Form for her guns. It was about time she stepped it up a notch as she was confident she had enough skill and knowledge to achieve such feat.

Like she always did, Avery started to disassemble her guns with utter care. She had actually already made a blueprint of the second form on her laptop and the exact mechanisms to incorporate it with her guns. The tricky part was just putting them together and hope it worked. As  with her guns, the finishing of the new parts were made in titanium-gold as well, as though specifically created for her.

The sound of metal against metal reverberated along the empty walls of her dorm. There was no room for mistake or she would have to start all over again, or worse, completely ruin her guns in the process. Using her full concentration, she followed every small detail in her blueprint, double-checking everything before moving to the next parts to make sure she built a good foundation.

Eventually about four hours, the blonde girl sighed and removed her safety glasses. Her eyes shifted down to her guns' second form and smiled. It was perfect. And it looked magnificent. The last thing to do now was to try them out and see if they worked. As this wasn't exactly the best place to try out such a destructive weapon, she sneaked out of the dorm and into the training arena.

Spinning her guns in hand as she faced the dummy, a small smirk formed across her lips. With a flick of her wrists, the guns shifted into gauntlets and she aimed at her target. A pull of a trigger and a sudden burst of blue flames incinerated it in one go, the recoil causing Avery herself to skid back several distance from her original position. Her eyes sparkled at the sight. Yes. They were perfect. Her weapon's second form...

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