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You call that music? [Private/Shadow Mission]

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1 You call that music? [Private/Shadow Mission] on Mon Dec 21, 2015 2:32 pm

Eve Naria
Eve was walking around holding a paper that held the directions to where the music studio was. Eve had signed up for a shadow mission and went out on her own. She signed up for the musician missions even though she knew nothing about music. Eve was also a bit lost until she saw the building in the distance. When she entered she she heard the sound of a guitar and someone say "Hey there kid! You here to rock with the amazing Musa!" when Eve heard her she thought Oh no.. Please don't let her be another Hazey.  The musician at first was going to hand Eve a guitar but then realized Eve's size and pulled out a ukulele for her to play as she said "So tell me how much experience do you have with music?" Eve said to the musician "I don't have that much... In fact I don't really have any." The musician sighed and said "Well then be lucky you have the amazing Musa to teach you how to play." The musician then brought another ukulele and began to teach Eve the very basics. Eve was getting bored with the instrument she was given and it was pretty easy to tell. The musician thought of other instruments someone so small could play until she thought of the piccolo. Eve saw the piccolo and she was confused as she asked "Miss Musa how can you play this one? It doesn't have strings like the other one." The musician smiled and said "Ah a good question. This instrument is one that uses your breath and your fingers. Here let me show you." The musician then played a song on the piccolo and the high potch of the instrument made Eve's ears hurt. The musician noticed this and said "Okay piccolo not interesting you.
Then why don't you pick the instrument you want to learn?

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Eve Naria
Eve began looking at all the instruments until she found the trumpet. With only three valves Eve thought The one seems like it will be easy! And when I get back to the academy I can show Kyo what I have learned!.. Speaking of Kyo I hope he isn't mad about me going off on my own. The musician saw Eve looking at the brass instrument and said "The trumpet? Is that what you want to play?" Eve nodded and picked up the instrument but the musician stopped her and said "No no no. You hold it like this." The musician again began teaching her how to play the trumpet. Eve seemed to like this instrument the best and she was able to lean very short songs like twinkle twinkle little star on the instrument. The musician was glad to see the progress Eve had made and went to go get more complicated pieces for her to learn.

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Eve Naria
Eve got bored of the music she was playing and she had a better idea. When the musician got up to get more music Eve sneaked around and hid in one of the tuba cases. When the musician came back she dropped the sheet music in shock because Eve was no where to be seen. The musician then began looking around while saying "Where did you go kid!? I didn't say you could leave and you haven't finished the shadow session yet!" Eve was still hiding in the case until she got bored of spontaneous hide and seek. Eve thought This mission is so boring! I wish Kyo was here to play with me! Eve then got the idea to add a bit more fun to her game as she grabbed a pair of maracas. Eve then began running around shaking the maracas and creating a noise trail. Then the case was on as the musician began running around the studio trying to catch Eve while saying "You put those back! Come on if you are bored you should just pick another instrument! Be careful the stuff in here is expensive!" Eve replied back to her with "Catch me if you can! Why pick a new instrument when I am having so much fun playing Musical Tag?" The musician was still chasing her but then stopped saying "The great Musa has no time to play your games child... You are a huntress in training at Syne Academy right? So act the way you are supposed to!" Eve stopped and approached the musician with her sad puppy dog eyes as she said "You mean you don't want to play?.. Why not? I thought we were having fun... You are a real meanie you know that.. You call yourself great but yet you are just a meanie." The musician was now put in an awkward situation as she pondered what to do. Eventually she sighed and said "Alright I will play with you but on one condition! We do this in town rather than in here." Eve's face lit up her plan had worked and she ran out the door with the maracas still in her hands. The musician sighed and said "Just what did I just agree to?" as she ran out the door to catch up with Eve. Eve was already halfway down the street when she heard the musician saying "HEY! SLOW DOWN! AT LEAST LET ME HAVE A CHANCE HERE I AM A MUSICIAN NOT A MARATHON RUNNER!" Eve turned around and said "WELL THEN MAYBE YOU SHOULD DO SOME MORE RUNNING THEN RATHER THAN PLAYING YOUR MUSIC!" Eve then turned back around and continued running until she darted into one of the shops. It was a clothing store and Eve decided to put on a hat and jacket to disguise herself as just another shopper. The musician began looking for Eve in all the shops until she got to the clothing shop. The musician noticed a faunus that had a tail that looked like Eve's and it was Eve. The musician said "Did you really think that would work on me?" Eve was startled thinking her plan had worked and the musician took this time to tag her and then ran out the door. Eve chased after her all the way back to the music studio where the musician said "Okay I think that is enough play time why don't you head back to the academy." Eve left the music studio with new knowledge and a new play mate.


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