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Leather and Bartenders (closed)

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1 Leather and Bartenders (closed) on Mon Dec 21, 2015 10:22 pm

Clearly the Beach down beyond the mountains was a better place to live away from the bloody wintery cold death his campground was by the academy's woods. Ash muttered as he walked around in his typical clothing keeping his eyes averted from anyone particular and looking solely on the advertisement section in the paper he had. Work plus school means busy life equals money that's what was coursing through his mind. Some one said there was a tavern down here and he fully intended to get a job as a bartender giving his experience back home as one and working at his aunt's Inn. Glancing about he would enter the Tavern Creak and inquire about any job openings and if the place offer work and board before ordering a Midnight Kiss Martini the black licorice beverage had a bitter taste but he prefer it to something sweeter as he took a seat to a table checking over some more ads.

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He wasn't sure what the school policies were on students working given they were hunters in training an actual job wouldn't hurt and the tavern by the beach seemed to have responded to his phone app. Polishing off the Black Martini he decided it be best to take the Inn's offer and work there. Rising he leave some lien on the table with tip knowing how well that was important especially since he would now be working as a bartender. Who knows maybe he may meet some of his fellow students or teachers information was a currency well paid depending on price.

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