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To Pay The Bills [Hunt]

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1 To Pay The Bills [Hunt] on Wed Dec 23, 2015 1:23 pm

For Scarlett, things were going fairly decently for her recently. Not only had she met a new friend, but she also managed to finally get her license for the use of tier two dust. It may not have been much compared to what some others have, but one thing that couldn't be denied was that it was progress. She was becoming more experienced in both the use of dust and her social life, meaning that coming to Syne was a good idea afterall. Which was quite a good revelation due to the condition that Scarlett's confidence and willing to continue was at an all-time low not too long ago. But that was mostly due to the hunt she went on with Warren and two other girls. All things considered, Scarlett managed to handle herself exceptionally well, but problems arose that the redhead would have preferred to not think of.

Since then, it was almost as if Scarlett was avoiding hunts, unsure about her ability to fight without being a hindrance to her teammates. But all the training she had been doing had a purpose. Said purpose being to prepare herself for when she felt that she was ready to take on another hunt. After all, she had gotten the tier two dust license for a reason, and if she wasn't going to use them then it'd kind've been a waste for all the research she did for the paper she turned in. But that wasn't the only influence that the tier two dust license had for her 'decision' to travel out and take up a hunt. As it turned out, dust was quite expensive, something that a girl from a modest background like her hardly could afford easily. Sure, she had funds, but not enough to spread around on both ammo, food, and other necessities.

It was a strange thing to think about once Scarlett did. She needed to buy dust so that she could hunt to get money. And then quite a bit of that money would then go to buying more dust for other jobs. Such is the cycle of a dust-user, but one that she had to accept. Looking for one of the assigned targets given to the academy for training the students, the redhead picked something that she felt was best for her. She signed up for a hunt that involved the sightings of an unidentified grim in the woods that were trailing a bit too close to the zones that they could cause some actual destruction. With the job selected, all that she needed then was to find someone to assist her as her confidence wasn't high enough to really high enough to take on a job like this all by herself, and it always helps to have someone there with her. After considering her options, there were only a few people that she knew well enough to bring out that confidence. Warren was one, but he was busy since it was so close to the holidays and everything. Which left one other person that came immediately to her mind.

Pulling out her scroll, she messaged Avery:

[Hi Avy! Erm...]

She immediately regretted sending that 'erm'. It was just something that was a habit of hers, even when she was typing. Which she always thought was silly because in text-form, it was impossible to stutter!

[Anyways, I was doing a hunt and remembered your offer to join me. So if you have time and things, I'd like it if you came. I could show you even more of what my Prism can do!]

After that, she sent the girl the coordinates and what time to be there. But whether or not Avery agreed, Scarlett was going, knowing that she needed this quite a bit. The meeting place was rather simple, just a small enough clearing in the woods for people to meet. It seemed to be the closest point to the sighting areas that the grim was found. While it wasn't night time just yet, the sun was setting, giving everything in the woods an eerie shade. While she waited for Avery to respond or arrive, Scar simply sat at the base of a nearby tree, her sketchpad out and on her knees as spent her time drawing schematics for alternate forms for her Prism. Hopefully it wouldn't be too dark before she began to search for the creature.

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2 Re: To Pay The Bills [Hunt] on Wed Dec 23, 2015 10:05 pm

Avery had her headphones on and blasting some dubstep music while being a dead log on her bed. She had been laying on her side for the past hour or so just staring blankly at the wall of her dorm. What a boring day. However, her music was abruptly cut when a new message arrived. She sighed, dragging a heavy hand to her phone. The moment she saw who the message was from though, her eyes widened and she shot up from her bed, a wide grin plastered on her face while her fingers breezed through the letters to type a quick response of agreement. A simple 'Okay~ ^^' would do the trick.

She slipped her headphone down and rested it around her neck as her smile lingered for a moment before realisation dawned upon her. She was heading to a real hunt with Scarlett, as in she's going to fight alongside her! Avery was a lone hunter for a reason and the fact that her hunting companion was sweet fragile Scarlett made her think this might not be a good idea.

"In my desk drawer there's a device. Use it to check what type of grimms there are in the coordinates I sent you." Avery spoke through her earpiece as she sped through the woods in her metallic-black motorbike.

From a distance she spotted the redhead sitting under a tree. She skidded her bike into a halt a few distance from the girl and hopped off, removing her helmet to let her amber hair fall down freely. "Oi! What did I tell you about sitting on the ground!" She admonished immediately. But before she could say more, a voice from her earpiece informed her something.

"Eh? Three young adult Deathstalkers?" She blinked and her eyebrows furrowed. "How close?" Avery surveyed the surroundings. "Okay. Bye."

As soon as the call ended she took out the earpiece and unzipped her all-black leather suit to reveal her usual hunting attire inside. "So how have you been, Scarlett?" She asked casually, making idle talks.

Ciick. Click. Her choker and thigh accessory came off with a simple press of a button.

"The deathstalkers are a few yards from our position, but stay on your guard just in case. Also, um.. it would make me feel better if you wear these.." Avery stated as she indicated to the two piece of accessories that she always wore. "It may not look much but it's an armour. It's from my family's... I mean, an Atlas technology. Emits a coating that acts as a second skin or something. You'll get to experience it for yourself anyway. But um.. i-it will only lock with my fingerprint... sooo..." Avery scratched her cheek in awkwardness.

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3 Re: To Pay The Bills [Hunt] on Sat Dec 26, 2015 3:44 pm

Scarlett continued to idly draw in her sketchbook, something that she often did as a hobby when she was alone or simply needed to kill some time. Often she would draw various designs and blueprints for her Prism, as well as ideas for different forms, ways to put in and load dust cartridges, and even miscellaneous things. She even once managed to figure out how to put a milkshake machine on the side of her gun, but simply as something fun with no actual intent on doing that. Unless she suddenly had an unstoppable craving. Although this time the redhead knew that she wouldn't be able to put all of her focus into her schematics. Her eyes strayed often to her surroundings, keeping her attention on any sounds that came from the denser parts of the woods. She wasn't about to be caught off guard by whatever type of grim it was that she was out here hunting.

Scarlett began to hear something strange off in the distance of the woods, a low rumbling sound that seemed to increase, meaning that it was getting closer. Her hand strayed towards her Prism, merely resting on her trusty revolver to prepare herself to fight whatever may be coming. In a way, she was both relieved and disappointed to see the real culprit of the noise. As Avery appeared on a rather loud motorbike, Scarlett slowly allowed her mouth to turn into a wide smile. While she may have been a bit relieved and disappointed, upon seeing the young woman for the first time since their project, she was delighted to see her once again, "A-ah..!" She let out, closing her notebook and standing to her feet in haste after being chastised. But afterwards, she went right back to smiling towards the girl, even attempting to hide said smile by turning her head away once she realized she looked weird.

"Ehehe... I've been well, you know..." Scarlett stated casually, "Although... not much has happened recently..." Really, all that's happened since their last meeting was her acquisition of the second tier of dust licenses. Not exactly noteworthy, especially to the woman that was quite averse to dust. Giving a somewhat awkward chuckle, she rubbed the back of her neck, not sure what else to say until she realized that Avy was taking off her accessories. Tilting her head towards the girl, she merely blinked when the choker was offered to the redhead, "E-erm... Do you... really think I'd need armor..?" she asked. Did Avery really not expect much from the redhead? "O-okay..." She certainly couldn't argue despite her shoulders lowering when she had no other choice than to accept the girl's charity. She reached out and accepted the offered piece, moving to wrap it around her neck, "A-ah... you said you needed to activate it... right..?" At the question, Scar's cheeks turned a slight pink.

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4 Re: To Pay The Bills [Hunt] on Sat Dec 26, 2015 7:36 pm

Hard, level 4
130 health / 130 health / 130 health

At a relative distance away from the pair of huntresses, a trio of deathstalkers were making their way through the forest, searching for prey to feast upon. However unlike typical Grimm that would roar, or screech, or even snort, these three Grimm were actually trying to remain as quiet as possible. At most the only noise they made was the sound of their feet hitting the ground as they walked, or when their mandibles clicked together. Having been ambushed by a silent huntsman before, they had learned from it by being silent themselves had allowed them to ambush a group of hunters not to long ago. One of the deathstalker's tail was still dripping with blood as proof of this.

Upon hearing voices of humans, the Deathstalkers stopped even making a clicking sound and walked slower to be even quieter. Soon they could see two huntresses talking to one another, one of them seemed to be trying to hand something to the other one, but the deathstalkers couldn't see what it was, nor did they care. The three of them simply, and as quietly as possible, grabbed three different trees with their pincers. Now with their claws around the trees, they stopped being stealthy by uprooting the trees and throwing them towards the two girls. Two of the trees was heading towards the ice manipulator while the other one was heading towards the other girl. The battle had begun.

Tree toss, aimed at Averia, 45 possible damage
tree toss, aimed at Averia, 45 possible damage
tree toss, aimed at Scarlett, 45 possible damage

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5 Re: To Pay The Bills [Hunt] on Sat Dec 26, 2015 8:51 pm

As the redhead received the choker, Avery gently took her sketchpad and placed it inside the compartment of her motorbike then pressed her keys so it drove away on autopilot as far from the battlefield as possible. She glanced back at the girl when she finished putting on the choker.

"It's not that you need it, I'm just not comfortable wearing one and leaving you bare. It's also to prevent you from getting wounded if ever." She stated. The armour was compact enough to minimize the blunt force from attacks but also protect from the actual piercing strikes. "I know you're capable of defending yourself so this is just a precautionary measure, okay? Hold still."

Avery leaned closer, moving a hand behind Scarlett's neck to press the button and lock the accessory in place. However, a commotion from a far caused her head to turn slightly and witness a few trees getting uprooted. That's their cue. She snatched the other accessory from the girl and swiftly placed it around the latter's thigh. No time to feel shy about it as she pressed a button to secure it in place. Now both her upper body and lower body were protected.


As the trees were thrown towards them, Avery pushed Scarlett behind a large sturdy-looking tree to block her from the incoming attacks. Avery jumped over the first tree that came her way, dashing along its length but was surprised to see another one. Her semblance instincts kicked in, forming a thin yet concentrated layer of transparent ice armour on herself before pulling her arm back and punching halfway the trunk to split it in half. She winced at the pain but nothing too tragic. Her training with Alexander was more arduous.

Avery's hands reached towards her belt and they transformed out of their travel mode into her golden desert eagles. Still running towards the scorpions, she pressed the trigger to fire bullets aimed at the eyes of the first Deathstalker. Once she was at a close range, she jumped onto its pincer and onto its body, firing bullets through its hard shell while dashing along its back. Then she hopped off towards its brethren and flipped her body in the air to deliver a kick to the joint of its right pincer before lowering her gun to empty her cartridge on its eyes.

Battle Log:
Weapon (equipped): Imperial Regalia - Tier 3
Physical armour (unequipped): V-013 Nightfrost Tech; choker & thigh accessory - Tier 2

Aura: 190/200 (-10) | HP: 130/140 (-10)
Buff Active (Def +2): Ice Armour

Attack 1: Target: Eyes - 55 (DS 1)
Attack 2: Target: Body - 55 (DS 1)
Attack 3: Unarmed Kick - 25  (DS 2)
Attack 4: Target: Eyes - 55 (DS 2)

Potential Damage: 110 (DS 1), 80 (DS 2)

OOC: Deathstalker damage is 40. ;D

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6 Re: To Pay The Bills [Hunt] on Sun Dec 27, 2015 5:58 pm

Scarlett felt more than a bit awkward simply standing there - well, no more awkward than she typically felt. But it was a strange kind of awkward, one that she couldn't really figure out why it was so awkward. After all, this was Avery she was with, someone that she had done a lot more than simply touch before. Blinking once, she gave a soft grumble at the girl's words. She understood that Avery was worried about her, and perhaps she should as she hadn't shown her that she was the most reliable in a fight. But her desire to show her wrong simply increased, wanting her to find her cool, just as she always wanted. However, Scar was suddenly pulled from her thoughts as there was a series of strange sounds off in the distance, her head immediately turning towards it.

As Scarlett's attention was drawn towards the noise, her eyes flickered, turning on her semblance as they began to glow an ethereal red as her gaze scanned around. Although it wasn't exactly dark, the evening sky and the trees in the woods could make it seem quite dark at times, so her ability to see even in the darkest of situations will come in handy here. Her hand trailed towards the gun at her upper thigh, but before she could grasp it, she was suddenly pushed away, letting out an, "Ach!" of surprise. The next thing she knew there was a loud *CRASH*, the obvious culprit being that of the tree that slammed into the one was was pushed into. Ducking her head to avoid any stray debris or wood chips that flew around her, by the time that she had straightened her posture, her Prism was already out in her hand, ready to fire upon the grimm that had appeared.

Allowing her head to poke out from the tree, she cursed at Avery from under her breath. She didn’t need to be pushed, she could have easily handled herself against that attack, and Avery didn’t need to rush in alone once again. Gritting her teeth in a mixture of determination and being quite upset, she made her way out from the protection of the tree, revealing herself to the deathstalkers as she rushed forward. Of course, she didn’t go directly towards the group of grimm as that would have just been a terrible idea. No, instead the redhead made her way around, circling and hoping that the three were too busy focusing on Avery - the obvious target - to allow her to get in position to flank the group.

While she was further away from the group, she was still close enough to easily fire upon them, but was worried about her teammate once again getting hit by one of her stray bullets. Instead of being careless and firing wildly at the group in an attempt to take them out, she instead decided to take a role that consisted more of covering fire. Bringing up her revolver, she held it with both hands to steady her aim, picking her targets carefully and taking as many variable into account as she could. She didn’t want to fire at the one that her partner was fighting currently as that would have put her far too much at risk. Instead, she aimed at the furthest away from the girl, hoping to either draw its attention to her or at least distract it long enough so that Avy could take on the others easily.

Squeezing the trigger in rapid succession after only a split second of raising her gun, Scarlett made the best use of her sharpshooting skills that she could. The first shot fired from the end of her Prism. The first shot flew towards the deathstalker’s poisonous tail, hoping to knock it off balance once the water dust the redhead was using made contact with the creature’s main form of attack. Following that, the next shot erupted from her fun, this one aiming a bit lower to instead hit one of its claws. If that hadn’t gotten its attention then it was hard to tell what would.

Scarlett glanced towards Avery, giving a light lick of her lips as she watched her movements for a moment. Seeing her jump from the first deathstalker to the second, the redhead was worried about the possibility of a counterattack from the creature. Aiming towards the first now, she hoped to put this one off balance as well, distracting it long enough for it to not be able to hit the blonde while she attacked her new target.  Firing once more, she aimed it at the creature’s tail once more. Same part of the body as the first, but a completely new target. She just hoped she was doing what she could to help out her partner. She wouldn't be able to handle yet another failure.

Battle Log:
Water Dust - Tier One
Aura: 210/220 (-10) | HP: 90/90

Attack 1: Target: Tail - 40 (DS 3)
Attack 2: Target: Pinsir - 40 (DS 3)
Attack 3: Target: Tail - 40 (DS 1)

Potential Damage: 80 (DS3), 40 (DS1)

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7 Re: To Pay The Bills [Hunt] on Sat Jan 02, 2016 5:59 pm

OOC: 45 points of damage. on hard difficulty Grimm do +5 more damage. Look at the rules. XP

Hard, level 4
75 health / 105 health / 90 health

The deathstalkers hissed in anger and annoyance as their attempts to ambush the two girls resulted in only one of the girls getting hit instead of both, and only one of the trees did any damage to that single girl. Also the weakling had protected her with something so the attack dealt less damage then it should of. One of the grimm pounded the ground with it's pincers while clicking it's mandibles in anger, and the lead Grimm shrieked in response, as if the two Grimm were communicating.

Grimm translation software activated:
"Aw come ON!! Why does my food always have to have some sort of special power to prevent me from harming it? All I want to do is eat her! Is that so wrong?!?"
"Focus! We've got a fighter on our hands again. Besides, weren't you the one that always says the harder the kill, the better the meal tastes?"

The Grimm finished their conversation just in time to see Averia coming at them with her guns at the ready. Protective of it's eyes, the Grimm that was getting shot at quickly stepped to the side to avoid getting shot at, though when Averia landed on top if it and shot down at it's back the bullets ripped through it. The Grimm that had it's leg kicked let out a screech before back pedaling to avoid getting shot, though this was followed by the first Grimm stabbing at Averia with it's tail... which also resulted in Scarlett's rounds missing the tail as well. The second Grimm then raised forwards and tried to grab a hold of Averia's right leg with both claws and tried to start eating her foot. The thing was hungry enough that it didn't want to wait till it's prey was dead.

The third of the Deathstalkers let out a surprised screech as it's tail was hit, causing it to backpedal quickly just as it's companion had done so, resulting in the attack aimed for it's claws narrowly missed. With a shriek the Grimm charged at Scarlett, attempting to snap at her head with it's left claw first, followed by trying to snap and her legs with it's right claw. This was followed by it trying to block her escape root by using it's tail to stab at the ground so Scarlett was trapped between the tail behind her, the claws on her sides, and the Deathstalker's waiting mouth in front of her. With a click of it's mandibles, the Grimm tried to bite at Scarlett's right arm, hoping to enjoy a quick meal as well.

Grimm 1 tail strike at Averia 45 possible damage
Grimm 2 claw strike at Averia 45 possible damage
Grimm 2 claw strike at Averia 45 possible damage
Grimm 2 bite Aviera 45 possible damage (yum!)
Grimm 3 claw strike at Scarlett 45 possible damage
Grimm 3 Claw strike at Scarlett 45 possible damage
Grimm 3 bite Scarlett 45 possible damage (yum!)

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8 Re: To Pay The Bills [Hunt] on Sun Jan 03, 2016 4:48 pm

Heh. That's my girl. Avery was aware of all the three deathstalkers' positioning and was impressed by Scarlett's choice of aiming the third grimm farthest away from her to prevent friendly fire.

Now to focus on her scorpions, after the second grimm back pedalled, Avery landed on the ground and was able to jump back to avoid the tail strike giving her time to swiftly finish reloading her guns and prepare for the following two claw strikes. She jumped up over the first claw strike but the second one was higher and it grabbed onto her right leg, penetrating through her ice armour and she winced as it dug onto her flesh. It would have completely crushed her leg if she hadn't transformed her guns into their second form: the dual flamethrower gauntlets.

Avery pointed them downwards and fired a burst of blue flames on the grimm's head, at the same time using the jet-propulsion recoil to push her higher up in the air and slip from the grimm's grasp, landing on the grimm's back. She transformed her weapon into their gun form and fired bullets directly on its body while moving down its back and hopping off to finish it with a flamethrower burn aimed on the grimm's backside.

Her eyes widened, however, when she saw the third deathstalker moving to Scarlett. Avery dashed forward, firing bullets on the grimm's exposed backside before transforming them back to gauntlets and utilising both her speed and the high recoil of her flamethrowers to reach her faster.

"Yo~ I'm here again. Miss me?" Avery grinned cockily as she took the girl by the waist with one arm and planned to move her farther away from the grimm only to grimace as she was pulled back. Her hand slipped from Scarlett but the momentum was enough to move the girl away from harm. Looking over her shoulder, Avery bit her bottom lip seeing the scorpion's claw clasped around her right forearm and a deep gash on her upper arm. The only thing preventing the claw from crushing her limb was the gauntlet itself. She tried pulling away but to no avail. Crap.

"E-erm.. Don't worry. I got this. I don't need your help. I'm perfectly fine." She huffed while trying desperately to pull her arm off its grasp.

Battle Log:
Aura: 180/200 (-10) | HP: 100/140 (-20)
Def Buff Active

Attack 1: Flamethrower (DS2) – 55
Attack 2: Bullet Fire: Body (DS2) – 55
Attack 3: Flamethrower (DS2) – 55
Attack 4: Bullet Fire: Backside (DS 3) – 55

Potential Damage: 165 (DS2), 55 (DS3)

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9 Re: To Pay The Bills [Hunt] on Tue Jan 05, 2016 11:55 am

Scarlett's eyes widened as she watched the Deathstalker charging right towards her. Knowing that she needed to act before she thought, and that she wouldn't be able to run away, she decided to fight. Her gun still raised at the enemy, it wasn't hard to simply aim at the approaching target and squeeze the trigger, another shot of blue-colored dust erupting from the barrel of the revolver and slamming into the front of the scorpion-like being. But that was all the time she had as before she could fire another shot more, the enemy was upon her. Letting out a yelp, her immediate response was to duck as the deadly claw came upwards to decapitate her. While there were several locks of red hair that slowly fell to the ground, she was thankful that it wasn't her entire head.

But Scarlett wasn't away from danger just yet, gritting her teeth as she was prepared for a barrage of attacks from the Deathstalker. Only to instead feel someone grip onto their waist and pull them away from the creature's attacks. Blinking, the meek girl's brain cranked, figuring out what the situation was, only to find that Avery was trapped in one of the beasts' claws. "Y-you... dumb... idiot!" the redhead yelled out as she began to moved. "You don't need to save me! Don't get yourself hurt because of me!" She lept up, landing on the back of the Deathstalker that had her friend in its grasp.

Positioning herself in a haste, Scarlett turned, aiming her gun downwards and firing an immediate shot at point-blank into the creature's face. "And you!" She began to call out again, moving her Prism to aim at the joint that connected the Deathstalker's arm to its body, "You can't touch her, so let her go!" Another shot rang out, hoping to at least loosen the grip of the Deathstalker's claw if not ripping it off altogether with her bullet's force.

Battle Log:
Water Dust - Tier One
Aura: 200/220 (-10) | HP: 90/90

Attack 1: Target: Front - 40 (DS 3)
Attack 2: Target: Face - 40 (DS 3)
Attack 3: Target: Claw - 40 (DS 3)

Potential Damage: 120 (DS3)

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10 Re: To Pay The Bills [Hunt] on Thu Jan 14, 2016 3:58 pm

I am so sorry! I completely forgot I'm the GM for this thread!!!

As the second Grimm attempted to attack it's prey, it started to think about how the weaklings would taste. They could be sweet and succulent, or they could be a bit on the spicy side. One time it had eaten a huntsman with ice powers and that one turned out to have a minty flavor to it. However all those thoughts came to an end when a jet of flame shot into it's face coming from Averia's transformed weapons. The flames burned at the Deathstalker's eyes, blinding it. With a shriek of pain it tried to back pedal and managed to avoid getting shot, but the second jet of flames burned the Grimm alive and it began to fade away. If someone had ordered fried grimm, then the meal was ready. The 3rd Grimm saw this happen and spun around to face Averia and eat her, but that only got the bullets aimed for it's rear end to hit it in the face instead.

Blinded by the volley of bullets going into it's eyes, the Grimm shrieked and rushed forwards towards the sound of more gun fire... only to run into the path of the bullets coming from Scarlett's gun that were aimed for the last Grimm. The bullets ripped apart the blinded Grimm, killing it on the spot. The last remaining Grimm let out a stunned cry to see both of it's breathern taken out withing seconds of each other, but in that instant to shriek, it was hit by all the bullets being fired by Scarlett's gun. Clicking it's mandibles together in disgust and anger, the final Grimm died and started to fade away. All three death stalkers had died within seconds of each other to some of the best gunslingers that SYNE had to offer.

And they all fall dead. X_X

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11 Re: To Pay The Bills [Hunt] on Thu Jan 14, 2016 5:55 pm

"You can't touch her, so let her go!"

"Hoo~ How possessive." Avery grinned as she yanked her arm free from the scorpion's hold with the help of Scarlett gunning down the poor grimm's face. Stumbling back, the blonde regained her bearing and proceeded to follow up with an attack only to halt in her tracks upon seeing the deathstalker crumble to the ground lifeless. Looking for the two others located behind the third grimm, she gave a pleased nod at the sight of another dead scorpion and the last one, burnt to crisp, courtesy of her gauntlets.

Flicking her wrist, her gauntlets transformed back into their pistol form and eventually to their travel form, fastening the belt around her waist. "Phew. Well you totally obliterated the last two. Not bad." Avery said as she walked to where the redhead was and offered a hand to help her down from her position at the back of the grimm.

"You okay? That wasn't too harsh for you, is it?" She teased.

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12 Re: To Pay The Bills [Hunt] on Thu Jan 14, 2016 10:11 pm

Possessive? Scarlett blinked, her gun still aimed downwards at the fallen Deathstalker as the flower pattern on the side of it radiated a soft blue. She was honestly quite surprised, she hadn't expected to simply shoot the final one down like that. Even more, she glanced over her shoulder, noticing that the others has been defeated as well. Were they easier than the redhead had thought? Or was she and Avery just better prepared to fight? Giving an awkward smile, Scar moved a hand to the back of her neck, rubbing it as she attempted to play off her surprise, "No, not too harsh at all, actually." Deciding to take this opprotunity to attempt to brag a bit. Perhaps she'd even seem cool to Avy? "Eheh... I could have taken on even more without a problem. Because, well... Y-you were..."

At the offered hand, Scarlett's immediate reaction was to retreat slightly, pulling her hand away. But before she got far, she stopped herself and took just a few seconds before reaching out and grasping Avy's. She allows herself to be helped down, letting out a sigh of relief as her feet land below her. Afterwards, she looks up, smiling at Avy, proud of herself and what they could accomplish. It may have been for the best that she hadn't realized that she was still holding onto the girl's hand.

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13 Re: To Pay The Bills [Hunt] on Fri Jan 15, 2016 12:09 am

Avery was a little surprised at the redhead's response to her question causing her to raise an eyebrow. The usually humble girl was actually bragging? That made the blonde smirk. Not that she didn't like this side of Scarlett. On the contrary, she found it interesting.

Upon seeing her shy away from the offered hand, Avery mentally scolded herself; she forgot about that fear again. She was about to pull back when the girl took her hand and moved down from the disintegrating grimm, much to Avery's delight. Returning a grin of her own, her other hand raised and softly patted the girl in the head. It was a brief moment and a very light motion as well - an attempt to show her appreciation. Thereafter, the blonde was quick to turn away and clear her throat.

"Well, you didn't do half bad. At least you didn't get in my way or something..." she murmured, trying to muster a few more words that didn't involve insults. "A-and I guess.. you were kinda cool there too... barely missing and all."

Looking back at the battle earlier, the thoughts of her first few shots missing the target sparked her competitive side and she pouted a little. They did kill the grimms, but due to her successful encounters since coming to Syne, hunts were but a mere game to her by now. Still, her real purpose here of providing a tank for the redhead was done anyway, and all's good.

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14 Re: To Pay The Bills [Hunt] on Fri Jan 15, 2016 10:32 pm

"Ehehe..." Scarlett let out a soft chuckle. It was a mixture of embarrassment, pride, but mostly happiness. And why wouldn't she be? Sure, the situation was rather strange, the redhead getting her head patted lightly and getting Avery's best attempt at compliments. But still, just the fact that she was getting anything seemed to make her heart flutter. It was a very strange feeling, but one that she couldn't deny felt quite nice. And even better, the blonde actually said that she was a bit cool, which may be the most important part!

With an almost stupid smile on her face, Scarlett couldn't help but show her delight openly. But of course, she didn't want to seem selfish or unappreciative, "Thanks, Avy, that all means a lot to me... And of course, you were amazing as well, everything that I had expected and more~!"

"But, erm... we should really be heading back to the academy before it gets any darker. Want to... walk with me?" Scarlett asked, biting down on her lower lip, anticipating the answer.

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15 Re: To Pay The Bills [Hunt] on Fri Jan 15, 2016 11:50 pm

Avery smirked cockily at the returning compliment the redhead gave. Though it didn't really mean much to her knowing the latter was simply saying it out of courtesy, she still appreciated the thought. Besides, how could she act all snobby in front of that huge innocent smile.

"Heh. But of course. You're talking about the great Avy, what do you expect~?" she said very humbly.

"Walk?" Avery looked at the injury on her thigh and then to the girl incredulously. "Yeah, I don't think this is a scene for a nice walk in the park, no?" Digging in to her pocket, she pressed the button of her keys and her black motorbike came zooming back to their location. She lifted the seat to a compartment underneath and took out a spare helmet which she handed to the girl. "Some other time maybe."

Without another word, Avery hopped in and started the engine, waiting for the other person to get in. Scarlett wasn't that delicate as to not know how to ride a motorbike, right? That made her think a little. Just how much did she know about this girl anyway? Not a lot. Well they only met a few times so they were technically getting to know each other. "All set? Hold on tight. Just tell me if I'm going too fast... or if you want me to go faster~"

After wearing her own helmet, Avy revved the engine and the two sped out of the forest with a successful hunt to claim.


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16 Re: To Pay The Bills [Hunt] on Sat Jan 16, 2016 4:02 pm

"Oh..." Scarlett let out at first, dejected that her offer was declined. Of course, she tried to not show it entirely, keeping a straight face, other than biting down on the inside of her cheek. Should she feel as disappointed as she did at simply not walking back with her friend. Perhaps it was just because she hadn't spent as much time with the blonde as much as she would have liked. This was her chance to change that, but maybe the redhead was the only one that felt that way?

But whatever Scarlett thought, she realized something curious. As she was waiting, it almost seemed as though Avery was waiting on her to join her on the bike. She blinked, the idea taking a moment to fully click her her head before a wide smile returned onto her face once again. With a nod, "Mhm!" she let out energetically. Not pausing for a moment, the redhead quickly moved to mount the motorcycle in the spot right behind the blonde. Although it was a bit awkward, she made due, unsure how close she should be to the driver. After a moment of consideration - and biting on her lip nervously - she simply wrapped her arms around the blonde's wait, holding onto her tightly. Leaning in, almost hugging her partner from behind, she said with a somewhat nervous giggle, "Ehehe... G-go... fast, alright..?"

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17 Re: To Pay The Bills [Hunt] on Sun Jan 17, 2016 8:59 am

1950 lien (2145 in Av's case) 4500exp rewarded ^^

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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