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"Hands On Training" [Hunt/Open]

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1 "Hands On Training" [Hunt/Open] on Sun Dec 27, 2015 4:33 pm

All was calm in the Skylight Woods and everything seemed to be in order. Leaves were blowing in the wind only occasionally being halt briefly by trees, rocks and other natural objects. Silas was taking a stroll through this forest as if he were taking a quick walk in the park or doing some sight seeing. Actually, that's not true at all really. It was his first time roaming in the forest and he wanted to do some exploring to get a better mental note of his surroundings. Treading lightly through the thickets, making some unnecessary snapping sounds as he purposely stepping on twigs and dead branches to make the loudest possible noise. In truth, he wasn't here to just map the area but also he wanted to see what kind of creatures he'd find. He's heard of Grim and even wanted to test himself against one. He thought if he could make some loud enough noise, he'd attract one that he could hopefully do battle against and see what they're made off. Of course, he was prepared and was walking around with his trusty Genji. As long a she was at a distance, he was fine, although he wasn't squeamish about going to to toe in melee combat either. Just didn't have a function for that right now. Silas continued to make his way through the forest until he came across a small opening where the trees had seemingly been reduced to stumps and boulders had been reduced to small rocks. This is it. This might be his chance to find a Grim. Silas slowly crouched down behind a large enough rock to hide his frame before unsheathing his bow Genji and looked around aimlessly in hopes he'd spot the creature he sought.

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2 Re: "Hands On Training" [Hunt/Open] on Mon Dec 28, 2015 3:27 pm

"Fear of whats inside of me ♪~ Tell me can a heart be turned to stone? ♫~"

Erin sang softly as she walked deeper into the woods, the mild wind occasionally brushing her ebony strands of hair and letting it billow with the breeze. In her hand she spun a silver fountain pen to alleviate her boredom. What a peaceful day for a hunt. For the past week she had done nothing productive with her enrollment in Syne other than going on hunts. And this was no different. It was far more entertaining than having to sit in class, and she was had learned more and met acquaintances better than inside the academy itself. She suddenly wondered if she'd meet someone again for this hunt. That would be interesting.

As if on cue, the girl stopped in her tracks as her eyes picked up faint movements from a distance. The silhouette was too small for a grimm unless it was a young beowolf or creep. Even then, the pattern of motion was different from mindless creatures which only meant one thing - another person. Her hands reached for the top button of her blazer and fastened it. The simple clothing then morphed into a fitting battle black long coat made of reinforced leather that acted as her physical armour.

Approaching closer, Erin finally recognised the figure of a man who was now crouched down with a bow in hand, waiting to execute an ambush on the clearing. Hmm. Maybe can Erin could lend a hand. An archer was best in a long-range after all.

Instead of going beside him, Erin moved to the middle of the clearing. She tilted her head at the guy and gave him a faint smile. Hopefully he understood enough to know she was using herself as bait to make it more advantageous for the both of them. Erin was versatile in mid and close range after all.

"If you find an opening and I'm on the way, shoot. You'll still hit the mark," she whispered faint enough for him to hear. With that, she pressed a button on her watch an a loud reverberating sound echoed amidst the silence of the woods. She made sure she was facing the guy in case the grimm emerged from behind him.

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3 Re: "Hands On Training" [Hunt/Open] on Tue Jan 05, 2016 8:59 pm

x1 Level 4

The Deathstalker was minding it's own business as it did, sleeping in a dark patch if the woods. Barely any kind of light shone through, and the trees in this particular area were so thick. It was so nice... the air so cool. However, there was this... noise. This irksome noise and vibration that suddenly woke the beast up from its slumber. A VERY annoying noise that had to be stopped at all costs if the grimm wanted to keep its sanity. The scorpion lifted itself up from the ground to pursue this intrusion upon the Deathstalker's otherwise pleasing day. It scurried through the brush, not caring about the rustling of the leaves. stealth wasn't needed here, only action. Up ahead, there were two hunters, The source of the vibration coming from one of them, either the woman facing the monster or the man in front of her, though the Deathstalker could not tell which one. Guess it would have to kill both. It screeched loudly at the two, bending it's head up and shaking both front legs furiously in the air, now appropriately angry.

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4 Re: "Hands On Training" [Hunt/Open] on Thu Jan 07, 2016 1:56 am

Silas was still waiting behind the rock still waiting for a suppose grim to appear in hopes of testing out what fighting a creature of the sort would be like. As he waited, laying pressed against a rock, a woman had walked out from where he originally came from. She gave him what looked like a faint smile. Silas didn't say a word to her or perform a gesture of returning her greeting and just watched her walk on by. He was slightly confused on the event that just happened before hearing a faint whisper from her. He wasn't exactly sure what she had said but he didn't really want to pay too much mind to it since he was waiting for something relatively dangerous to appear in the next few minutes. At first, he was worried about her well being but then he figure her to be a huntress since she was also in the middle of the woods probably off doing her own thing.

Suddenly, A loud noise had began to emit from the female huntress' location. It was quite obnoxious really and honestly, Silas wanted it to stop cause he thought it would drive away grim and any other creature out there instead of drawing them. He stood up a bit and decided to look around wondering if anything could hear this ear splitting noise. As it would turn out, the noise did attract something, something rather big. A giant scorpion-like monster had came out from behind him as well, looking rather irritated it would seem. Silas spotted and immediately ran out from his hiding spot into the clearing a bit behind the girl, drawing an arrow and putting it in his bow. He'd pull the string back a couple inches, taking aim the creature. Releasing the the string, he fired his arrow at the scorpion's face in hopes he'd hit it instead of the plating. At this moment, he was only testing out what it's defensive capabilities.

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5 Re: "Hands On Training" [Hunt/Open] on Fri Jan 08, 2016 4:18 pm

Erin narrowed her eyes at the slight motion coming from behind the guy, her well-trained eyesight spotting a difference in the movement of the leaves even from afar and she sighed. Well, there goes their plan for an ambush. Even before the Deathstalker could reveal its presence, the girl already reached for her dual fountain pens: one from her breast pocket and the other from her pants. Her thumbs flicked the caps off , spun both pens into a reverse grip and swiped them in the air to expertly lock the caps onto the butt off the pens. She had done it so fluidly that by the time the scorpion emerged she was already dashing forward to cover for the guy who was placed in a disadvantaged position.

Raising the right pen across by her chest, she pressed the trigger on opposite end of the pen tip to shoot five thin needles made of special acidic ink to the eyes of the scorpion. She continued dashing past the guy and once close enough, jumped to the grimm's claw and over to its back, using this opportunity to run along its body while raining down highly-corrosive needles to its back. Once she reached the end of the Deathstalker, she hopped off and spun on her heel, emptying her pen cartridge on the backside of the grimm.

Battle Log:
Deus Ex Machina (Dual Fountain Pens) Tier 1 | Reinforced Leather Coat (Physical Armour) Tier 1

Aura: 130/130 | HP: 170/170

Attack 1: Acid-Ink Needles (Eyes) - 35
Attack 2: Acid-Ink Needles (Body) - 35
Attack 3: Acid-Ink Needles (Backside) - 35

Potential Damage: 105

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6 Re: "Hands On Training" [Hunt/Open] on Sat Jan 09, 2016 9:20 pm

As the Deathstalker arrived at the scene of the crime against peaceful sounds everywhere, it was met with a hunter girl dashing up to it and shooting five of its eyes with some needles that REALLY STUNG, though not enough to completely phase the creature. That was punishment for rushing into battle. Still, with its remaining three eyes, the beast was able to spot, and of course feel, the girl jumping up onto it's claw, and again toward its back, as well as the other hunter in front of it, aiming a shot after having fully revealed himself. Using its large, yellow, hook-like pincer, the mighty Deathstalker scooped the woman up just before she landed on the monster's back and tossed her in the way of the flying arrow. This beast had gotten into a scuffle with humans before, and it was not about to make this one the last.

105/140 HP

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