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It's Always the Funny Looking Ones That Are the Most Dangerous [Weapon Training + Personal Plot]

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The midnight sky was clear over Bellmuse Central,  but despite this, the sky was completely void of stars, a result of light pollution from a modern and highly populated city. Kei was quickly traveling across the urbanized area on top of the buildings his identity hidden by the night sky.

Following his contact with his old, mysterious employers, Kei was given information regarding recent activity on 'The Exalted', a mercenary group Kei had conflicts with in past times.  The information itself was minimal, a time and place for of exchange of goods. What goods, who else was involved, all of those were unknowns, but at least Kei had somewhere to start.

Kei came to stop as overlooked the site. 5 people were down below in a back alley. On one side, two men with black suits from an unknown faction stood. On the other, there was three people. Two of them wore the usual Exalted outfit, green military fatigues armed with fully decked out assault rifles. The third one looked completely different. It appeared to be a swordsman of some sort as two Katanas hung from his hip. He was dressed in some kind of white martial arts garb. The thing that truly stood out to Kei though, was that this man wore on his head a large bear costume head piece. Kei couldn't help but frown at this. He knew people were getting carried away  these days with fashion statements and all, but that was a little too much.

The men in the suit passed over a briefcase to one of the exalted soldiers, then both parties quickly parted and went in opposite directions. The briefcase was the goods that Kei came to intercept, that much, he knew was certain. Kei chose to not intervene yet and tailed the two Exalted Soldiers and the odd looking Samurai, traveling swiftly and quietly atop of the buildings in Bellmuse Central. Kei waited until they had gone some distance away from the men in suits before he made a move.

Kei jumped off of the top of the building, leaping down onto the 3 Exalted members. He was aiming for the samurai in the bear costume, because if there was one thing he knew from past experiences, it was always the weird looking ones that are dangerous. Years and years of experience left Kei very skilled at his take downs. Kei's attack was instantaneous and the samurai in the bear costume would have no hint that he was about to be killed.

Or so it should have been.

Kei didn't know why or how, but the samurai in the bear costume knew. He turned his head and faced Kei as he descended down. Kei lost the element of surprise, but he still had the upper hand with momentum and speed. He was already nearing within attack range.

As Kei tried to make a move to finish the Samurai in the bear costume, Kei couldn't move. It was like he was frozen? Kei didn't quite understand what was going on. It was like time was frozen. Even his falling came to a halt. He was just stuck in midair. All Kei could do was watch, watch as the samurai bear costume reached slowly for the handle of one of his blades. The samurai grabbed his sword, and everything happened instantly.

Lightning speed, the Katana flew out of its sheathe and the bear samurai struck Kei on the side with it, catching him while he was still falling. Time began to return to normal and Kei could feel himself move again, but it was too late. The samurai in the bear costume already got him. The Katana wasn't able to pierce Kei's trench coat leaving Kei protected from being cut in two, but the force sent Kei flying into a nearby grouping of trash cans.

Kei's side stung, but it didn't seem to bad. It felt like he got off lucky and was left with just bruises.

"Fresh." Said the samurai with the bear costume with a scratchy voice began to walk towards Kei, re-sheathing his sword.

The other two normal Exalted Soldiers just noticed what was going on, and turned, also walking towards Kei, one of them putting down the brief case and them both lifting their rifles aiming at Kei.

"Don't worry Masura," One of the soldiers told the samurai in the bear costume, "We'll take care of this trash."
"Yeah," The other soldier said, "I had a feeling this we would encounter some kind of resistance. Good to see its nothing to serious."

Without hesitation or hint, Masura grabbed both of his sheathed swords and instantly cut down his own two allies. The two soldiers didn't even have surprised or fearful looks on their eyes. They were both dead before they knew it.

Masura then re-sheathed both his blades and continued his approach towards Kei.

"My prey is my own," Masura said, commenting over his dead allies, "And all is my prey."

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"Writing me off as just simple prey already?" Kei said confidently, despite still being on the ground, "You know underestimating me that much, you're going to hurt my feelings."

Masura said nothing, and continued approaching Kei. Kei quickly analyzed his surroundings, looking for advantages, anything to give him the edge over Masura. It didn't help that he still didn't know what exactly the Samurai's abilities were. He wasn't entirely sure what had happened earlier when he was nearly cut down by Masura katana. It was like his own body simply stopped responding to what his mind was telling it.

Still in the grouping of trash cans, Kei grabbed a trash bag from the sealed opening and hurled it at Masura's head. The trash bag would momentarily block Kei from Masura's view and in that moment, Kei pushed off of the ground and charged Masura, taking advantage of the created blindspot.

Without hesitation, Masura cut through the trash bag with both of his blades, instantly removing the blind spot and came eye to eye with Kei who was now getting within attack range. Then, just as their eyes made contact, Kei's body froze on him again, same as it first had when he attempted to attack Masura. Masura lifted one of his katanas, and made a stab for Kei's throat.

Split seconds, Kei identified the bind he was in, trying to figure out what locked his body. He had so little to go on with so little time. All he could do was close his eyes and roll with his instinct, forcing his right hand to take the katana slab and change the direction of the blade.

Not entirely sure if it was luck or perseverance, Kei's hand moved. The palm of his right hand caught the tip of the sword, and the sword pierced right through his hand. Kei didn't stop, and after being pierced, he moved his hand to the right of his neck, directing the stabbing attack away from his neck.

The momentum of the sword still carried, and Kei was forced back against a wall in the alley, the sword pinning his right hand to the wall. As he struck the wall, Kei opened his eyes and sent electricity running through his pierced right hand into the sword that went right through it. Electricity conducted right through the sword and directly into Masura's hand, sending a terrible jolt of electricity through his hand.

"Gah!" Masura grunted in pain as he let go of the katana pinning Kei's right hand. Small window of opportunity, Kei sent a powerful heel kick into lower part of Masura's mask, knocking the Samurai backward to the ground.

With his left hand, Kei pulled the katana out of his right hand. Kei moved the fingers on his right hand around, checking the damages that were done by the blade. Blood dripped heavily from the wound, but it didn't like any of his tendons were cut.

A few moments after landing on his back, Masura got onto his hands and knees, chucking to himself.
"I always enjoy hunt," Masura told Kei in a raspy voice, "It makes the meal after much better."
"You think so?" Kei asked casually, but still careful to not let his attention drop for a moment, "I'm the kind of guy who prefers free, easy to get food."

Masura got up, his haunting bear mask staring down Kei. His voice then got more aggressive, giving away his next attack.
"Words of prey!" Masura shouted, closing the distance between himself and Kei, swinging his one katana at him.

Kei still not enough for him to comfortably work on, Kei avoided eye contact with Masura. It had to be the reason his body froze on him twice before. It was probably somekind of stun semblance that was triggered through eye contact. Well, in this case, it was eye contact with the mask Masura was wearing? It really didn't make sense to Kei, but he decided to assume it was that case ultimately, seeing how he got caught in paralysis when they made eye contact and managed to escape paralysis by closing his eyes. Besides, it was the only theory he had on Masura, and it was better to try something than nothing at all.
Kei kept his gaze down, watching the Samurai's torso and did his best to read his movements. The katana still in his left hand, Kei brought it up to block Masura's first attack. His body didn't freeze this time, and it only strengthened Kei's theory behind Masura's ability.

Masura continued to make a series of attacks on Kei which Kei could only block. Kei couldn't make any counter attacks, and he was entirely on the defensive. Despite managing to avoid Masura's semblance, Kei was still fighting at a complete disadvantage. Of the two, there was no doubt Masura was the better swordsman and Kei was forced to fight his habit of looking the opponent in the eye, consciously telling himself to look down. It was proving to be very distracting.

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Masura swung his blade to Kei's left, which Kei blocked. Masura didn't continue pressing on his attacks though, and took a small leap back, putting a minor gap between himself and Kei. Kei hesitated for a moment, unsure if he should have immediately closed the gap or use the situation and try to approach Masura from a different angle. Hesitation made Kei lose his chance. Masura sheathed his sword as he leaped back. For a split second, there was distance between the two, then in the next moment Masura was immediately once again on Kei, kicking off of the ground as both of his feet landed launching himself at Kei. Masura pulled his sword out of his sheath with speed only comparable to lightning, cutting down on Kei right side.

Despite avoiding the illusion, the Samurai was still ridiculously fast on his sword slashes. Kei tried to reach over with the katana in his left hand, but he knew he wasn't going to make it in time.  Still trying to reach with his left, Kei reached out towards Masura with his pierced, bloody right hand.

Masura's blade cut right through Kei's kevlar lined trench coat. The speed and sharpness proved too much for the protective gear. The blade tore into Kei's flesh, just below his right ribcage and got about an inch deep before he managed to stop it with the sword in his left hand. His right hand extended, Kei fired the mini harpoon from the launcher under his right wrist. The harpoon hardly travelled and pierced Masura left bicep, crippling the arm. As it did, Kei sent electricity running his hand into the wire connected to the harpoon, which directly conducted into Masura's body. An effect similar to that of a taser.

Up until this point, Kei hadn't revealed he had  this weapon on him. Revealing it this late into the fight would only throw his opponent completely off and catch them by surprise. Literally a trick up his sleeve. Despite the electricity coursed through Masura's body, his grip on the sword only tightened, attempting to further press it down against the sword Kei was blocking with and into Kei's side. Despite the intense pain from the electricity, Masura was laughing.

Kei wasn't about to let up though, and reached down with his right hand, grabbing Masura's arm which was cutting down on Kei's right side with a katana. Kei sent a powerful shock directly into this arm, forcing it to go numb causing Masura to drop the blade. Kei also dropped the sword in his left hand, and went straight for the Samurai's neck, his hand forming a powerful grip around it. Kei hit Masura with such forced, he forced the samurai back against the wall. Kei's grip was choking Masura. Masura tried to react, but Kei didn't stop shocking Masura, hardly giving Masura a chance to counter. At this range, it would usually be impossible to evade Masura's illusion technique, but Masura couldn't even activate that in this state. His laugh began to turn into a painful, agonizing scream as Kei began to put more power into his semblance. Blue sparks danced across Kei's body into Masura's and lights in the alleyways began to flicker as Kei's semblance began to offset the voltage flowing to them. As Kei continued to power his semblance, the lights began to grow brighter, and Masura's scream also grew.

The lights suddenly shattered from too much power and all was dark. Kei stopped his semblance and let go of Masura's neck. The body of the Samurai fell limp and hit the ground with a thud as Kei let go. The smell of burnt flesh filled the air. Kei quickly kneeled by Masura's remains to check he was dead as well as remove the mini-harpoon from Masura's arm and load it back into its launcher. Kei stood up, only to realize how tired the entire confrontation left him. He was seriously out of breath, not to mention he had a couple of bad wounds on him. Kei removed his scarf and wrapped it around the heavy cut below his right rib cage before the bleeding got any worse.

"Damn," Kei muttered as he looked over the wound looking at the hole in his trench coat, "It's going to be expensive as hell to replace this..."

Kei also wrapped another piece of cloth around his pierced hand to also stop the bleeding there. He could still feel movement in his hand, so it didn't seem like he was going to lose anything there thankfully.

Maybe I can pass this off as me getting mugged? Kei thought to himself as he looked over his wounds. He knew the gate guards wouldn't let him quietly into the academy with injuries like these. Especially if he wasn't returning from a hunt, but rather a trip to the city.
Oh well. Kei decided, I'll deal with it whenever I get to it.

Kei grabbed the briefcase with unknown contents with his good hand and began to make his leave. Curiosity was eating at him to open it, but this wasn't the place to do it. He had to get out of here before the police and other Exalted members alike came.

Kei looked over his shoulder one last time at the fallen body of Masura.
If all of the other Exalted Officers were on Masura's level or higher... Kei thought shaking his head, Damn... This is really going to be a pain to deal with.

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