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Musa Wilhelm vs the Leather Ninja (Shadow Mission/Open)

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Musa starred up at the leather clad boy in front of her though she was gravely shorter than him the fact he wore leather chaps, jacket, gloves, and those sunglasses reminded her of one of those depress Goth musicians and eyed him wearily she had barely gotten a word out of him till now showing him the various instruments available for him to play. The youths smile was creepy since he barely shared a word other than hello and listening to her instructions as a hunter. "So you see kid a second job helps in between missions and often helps in maintaining supplies for both you and your team mates if you decide to form a group. But when it comes to music any body can play an instrument and learn how but to play and sing having the full jam in your head and expressing it is art."

Ash stood up picking up an electric guitar and nodded a few times. "Yeah?"

". . . . Do you say anything except a few words your like emotionally draining me over here. Listen if you can play that guitar really well I'll be glad to teach you a few Dust tricks involving music. But if you suck I'm so sending you back to the head mistress explaining why you were so lame." ranted the instruct Musa tuning her guitar having enough of the kids mellow and boring behavior.

That seem to get Ash's attention as he stare flatly and tune the electric guitar. "Mission accepted. all right Musa-sama I will grant you your request and perform for you the song I played back home."

Musa jaw dropped starring at him he actually spoke more than five words and grin. "Leathers if you can freaking play in front of these people watching us on the stage I'll even give you an A and recommendation to your Head Mistress. But I don't expect a novice like yourself to even be as awesome as me so don't aim to high."

Tilting his head to the woman it was obvious she did not believe with his current attitude he had what it took to take on a mission let alone music. However if there was something Ash loved above anything else it was the art form known as music he just didn't like the attention it brought and obviously at a school setting he really didn't want to draw that kind of attraction but with little choice it was time to bring home the strings of rock. "Musa-sama I apologize ahead of time but may I borrow this guitar and a mike I think I may have something for you to listen too if you like."

Musa eyed him wearily. "don't play any weird country bumpkin nonsense. Better have something worth listening too or I am so kicking you off my stage. And no funny business like the kid who was running around here earlier. Any more shenanigans and I might start axing all of you with my guitar."

Nodding Ash shoulder the electric guitar and gestured for a cable for his audio device he pulled from his pocket and flipped through some setting since none here would know the instruments or beat he was about to play there were a few songs he himself liked that represented him just he wasn't sure if people would enjoy the lyrics. Clearing his throat he began to test a few strings drawing some attention and pulled down the black scarf.

"A plan of misleading the world in a form of a lie
Showing his true strength to all of them

Going to the sunset excavating all his regrets
And the riddles standing in his way
Going out by the twilight field with elegy
And falls to a kind look

Admiring the lonely night with burning justice
Then he whistles through the darkness
Erasing the vortex of desires with hot justice
And he makes the melody beautiful with stardust

Struggling to a battle for the sake of hidden answers
Telling him to creep up from behind only to shake off the offer

Within the silence a silhouette rises up, stands still
And a wordless question
As comforting memories leave
And sad memories bloom

Holding onto his secret past with burning justice
Then he whistles as time pass
Smiling through the shadows and shaking off the painful justice
And not a symphatic melody

Does not want any Communication
It is the blues of a man to be alone
Does not want any Information
It is the bloom of a man jus'to have gone
Does dislike any Restriction
It isn't he blues of a man have been torn
Does dislike any silly Deception
It is the bloom of a man to love the Justice

Giving in to sleep as he was certain to the promised justice
And he whistles through the tempting dream
He is praying to have a proper justice
And his mind parched from melody

Admiring the lonely night with burning justice
Then he whistles through the darkness
Erasing the vortex of desires with hot justice
And he makes the melody beautiful with stardust "

Stunned Musa blinked then smiled the kid had an odd sense of taste speaking in his native dialect before going into common. The words seems to represent some kind of feeling he had but she couldn't help like the catchy tune grinning wider. "Kid why are you even a hunter if your dreams to sing." she said to herself as he began to near the end of the song. Ash had drawn a bit of a crowd has he finish stringing the last melody finishing the lyrics raising his hand holding the pick in the air. What small crowd he did draw could been citizens or students hell maybe even his teachers he didn't care playing the song and indulging his teacher reminded him how much he loved music and how much his revenge wouldn't be complete till he decimated every Grimm in his way till he can become strong enough to lead to the downfall of Atlas and make them pay for what they did to his people.

"Encore! Encore! Encore!"

Musa Wilhelm wasn't too keen in the style but the white hair musician did love music and this kid had a talent she felt he was wasting and encouraged him nudging his arm. "Come on kid one more for your fans sakes."

Annoyed Ash looked down whispering softly. "Musa-sama you said if I did at least this I would receive a lesson. I really am not interested in what they think. . . ouch."

Punching his thigh she knew very well he was giving up on his talent and whatever reasons he had to wasn't worth losing a shinning star and held a finger towards him. "Your music is your soul, your soul is built on the burning desires of your experiences you put into music and words. If you can't express yourself with words alone express your feeling through your music. Inspire your fellow hunters and huntresses in battle if that all you have. But inspire above all yourself and never deny who you are to anyone not even yourself or your enemies."

Listening to those words reminded Ash of his father and pushing back his spiky white hair he pointed to a bottle of water nearby and Musa got it for him. After pulling a long sip from it Ash cracked his neck and eyed the gathering crowd. "Yush, one more Musa-sama then you will train me all right? Please don't have the Head Mistress bother me playing for the academy Music Band. I hate to have to decline her of anything yet."

"By the Maidens you're so negative just get out there so I can see one of my pupils do this tour justice!" she shouted and nudge him back onto the stage.

"Filled within the darkness
Hearing a cry for help as it continues
"Go now!"

Running out of life gauge in the process
Taking back those gentle dreams
Illuminating the tear-stained world with light
Yes, I'm a flash in the dark!!

Don't worry about the injuries
It’s for the sake of the future
Holding tightly on my hand
To imminent the plan with crushing energy
Rockbuster! Shouting for bravery
What a bounded life

Burning the town into nothingness
A voice echoed like a demon's laughter
"Don't give up!"

Passing through the steep stage with speed
Never look back by all means
Bringing a shed of light to a world full of smiles
Yes! I'm a flash in the dark

Extending those lonely wings to the heavens
For the sake of the future
Burning with passionate desire
An endless battle with opposing energy
Rockbuster! Screaming for justice

Shaking off all those sorrows, releasing the energy
The emitting light
Yes! I'm a flash in the dark

Don't worry about the injuries
It’s for the sake of the future
Holding tightly on my hand
To imminent the plan with crushing energy
Rockbuster! Shouting for bravery
What a bounded life

Flash in the Dark... "

Feeling into the mood of playing Ash couldn't help reach out for his sun glasses and tossing them into the crowd for some would fan to take unzipping his jacket and shouldering both the guitar and jacket blue eyes like the ocean starring forward to the crowds. My name is Rock the musician who plays in the shadows and flashes from the dark for justice.... till next time."

Musa was kind of impress he wasn't a man to back down from a challenge as he walked to the back of the stage awaiting his lesson. This was going to be an interesting student none the less. "All right Rock let's see if you have what it takes to play a tune to Dust."

to be continued . . . . (part 1/2)

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Starring out towards the the small gathering of musicians Rock had listen closely to Musa's lessons there were a few Dust techniques she and her group had considered sharing with him which mostly fell in utilizing singing or dance moves. But he did learn Musa's Healing which used a song to invoke wind/water dust to heal light wounds. It was a useful evocation but Ash's preference to Dark and Fire was more his style.

She did teach him some technique called "Shocking Air Guitar" a rather childish fashion to summon up Dust into lightning using lightning Dust which charges a powerful bolt of lightning down through the caster and onto it's target stunning them for a short duration. Once struck though the paralyzation would wear off anyway.

She did educate him on the use of dust and the basics in how a hunter could use it to their advantage changing the tides of their fight. Much like any tool it also held it's limits and a Duster needed to consider how much aura to use or they may painstakingly hurt them self in the application of using dust.

Alone Ash watched from back stage the performance of Musa Wilhelm one of his first teachers. She was spry and talented if not a bit egotistical in her methods and ways. But she was considerate and frankly for Ash it was endearing. Perhaps maybe a day later in his life he would come to her again in hopes of learning more maybe even join her band. But for now he watched her play and looked at the life he could have but as a hunter there was no time to play or dream there were Grimm to kill and balance to keep.

Revenge was a dish best served well cooked and under duress. If he wanted to avenge his people and ruin Atlas he would need to find those willing to help him in his dream. For now he allowed his youth to claim the dream he never had enjoying the smooth beats and songs by a teacher who reminded him the joys he once had. Watching her sing he smile and turns his back towards the back stage steps lifting his scarf to cover his face.

"Sayonara Musa-sama," stepping towards the shadows and into the cold night he leap into the tree and watch the performance afar. Getting to close to people would be a problem but for now he needed them to teach him, groom him, so he can one day kill.

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