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New Year, New...Feelings? (Riley Meets Akui) [Private, Riley Stanos]

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Since there were no classes, though to be honest that wasn't much different during the school year itself as Akui normally skipped her classes, she decided that she should spend her time working on her latest project: contacts that, while not changing one's eye in terms of appearance, provided them with night-vision and thermal-vision. She was making a decent amount of headway, possibly even able to have a prototype ready within the day, and she was heavily engrossed in her project. Diablo was sleeping in the sunlight, his body rising and falling almost in rhythm to the of the buzzes and zaps coming from Akui's self-made electric meter that determined whether the connections were good and how much current was flowing through them before making changes to any wiring.

She was just about to make a splice with the very thin wires when she heard a knock at her door. "...who in the f***?" was her puzzled response. Her roomie had a key and would have just barged in without caring about what was going on. This meant that it was either a teacher or faculty of some sort, because no one else would even bother coming to see her. She groaned and set down her tools, then slouched her way over to the door and opened it. "Whaddaya want?" she grunted in an irritated manner.

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After knocking, rather loudly, a small pink hair came up to the door and opened it up. It was Akui, with her atypical cursing before the open door, and the questioning after. There was certainly quite a few things she wanted, quite a few of them attached to this other girls body, but that... was a rather big thing. Kinda what was on her mind as she stared at Akui from roughly an entire minute before answering what was at the top of her mind.

"Yo- I mean. I came to visit."

The chicken went as red as her clothing, but then shook her head. She wasn't lying. She did, in fact, want the Akui. Then again, she wanted a lot of women, but she wanted Akui just a bit more, just a tiny bit more. She didn't know why, but like her momma said after she updated her momma on it. Maybe they were love at first sight, who knows.

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Akui looked up to see that it wasn't a staff member who was knocking at her door: it was none other than the weird red chicken chick Riley. Akui just looked at her for a moment as it took the chicken a moment to respond to her.

"Yo- I mean. I came to visit."

Odd. That was the best way to describe it. She hadn't seen Chicken-Chick in a number of months since she first joined the academy, but now all of a sudden at the turn of the new year she shows up at her door acting a bit off her game wanting to hang? Akui wasn't against the idea per say, but she never had visitors before, and this was definitely not a normal occurrence...but it was whatever.

"That's cool, I guess. Get on in here then." she then walked away from the door and into the middle of the room and turned to face the chicken again. "Welcome to this s*** stain that I have to call home. It's bigger than it looks, but you probably have your own, so you'd know that s*** already." she then gestured with one hand towards her side of the room. "This is my half of the room. Used to be all my room, but the head staff f***ed me on that one. My bed is right there, closet with all my s*** is right there, dresser and replacement workstation here."

She then gestured with her other hand towards the other half of the room. "And this..." she partly sighed, partly groaned, and partially grunted as she rolled her eyes "...this is the half of the room that unfortunately belongs to Averia Frost, aka B****y Richie. That's her bed and all her dumb s*** over there. Do whatever the f*** you want with it, she can afford to replace it, and I'm not being held responsible for her s***." she finished that portion of the introduction with a grumble, then gestured towards the restroom.

"That's exactly what you think it is, although it reeks of disgustingly sweet perfume as B****y Richie had to make it smell better than it's 'atrociously peasant cleanly chemical scent.' It's open for business if needed." she was about to end the introduction until she felt something sliding up her leg.

Slowly slithering up the scaling mountain that was his human's body, a very sleepy Diablo with droopy lids coiled atop the spiky hair atop Akui's head. This prompted Akui to show off the one man in her life that mattered. She picked him up off her head and let him stretch out on her arm and around her shoulder and his head rested in her right palm. "How could I forget. This here is Diablo, pet snake and homie. He's some breed of viper, although I'm not sure which yet, and he's the most beautiful f***ing man I've seen in my life. He is very poisonous, but only when he intends to be, which leads me to believe that his venom is semblance related. He's incredibly smart, and he's very sweet so long as you don't f*** with him or with me, only then does he get pissed. That or if your a rich b****." She then nuzzled Diablo's face, and he returned the nuzzle, then hung around her neck like a boa.

"I'm not sure if you are afraid of snakes or not, but if you are just imagine him as one giant f***ing worm...that would kill you if you tried to eat him." Akui had a bit of a devilish smirk on her face at that one, but it faded quickly. Why was she teasing this chick? Whatever, it wasn't a big deal. She then flopped onto her bed and stretched out a bit.


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Riley was met with an explosion of swears and talks. She was paying attention, and noted that she had a pet snake. She had Akui’s permission to chill on the other bed, and she planned on taking it. She swiftly moved and plopped on this other chick’s bed. What was it? Averia? Richie? Gah. Bugger if she knew, but she knew that it was now or never. She had to do this now. In Pinkeys room. She was summing up the courage.

“So. Uhh. Hmm.” Her face was becoming as red as her feathers, but she had to continue, had to go on. If for nothing but the quest for the booty. She cleared her throat. “So… Akui. You… You into girls?” Sure. Pervertedness and pride were taken away at the mere presence of this chick. Why was it like this? She used to be able to ask this in the most suave manner, but with this girl. Gah.

She put on a smile though, even though she was dead afraid of rejection. Her heart was beating? Why? Her heart was fluttering, usually, that wasn’t why it was fluttering. Usually, weather she liked it or not, it was because of some sort of arousal. Be it exciting, or be it some other dirty thing. Not her fault. Totally not her fault.

It was natrual, right? RIGHT? She couldn’t figure herself out. Akui put her completely out of her mind. Why? Bugger if she knew, she just knew it was happening. Love was not, and it was no doubt proved in her history, her specialty. It wasn’t her fault. No. Never. It couldn’t be her fault. Elise did this as well. Except. It was never this bad. Rarely was it ever this bad. It shouldn't be this bad.

If she weren't completely and utterly rejected, especially since her eye's were most defiantly attracted to some specific assets. If she weren't rejected, she jump over and hug Akui, smiling in typical Riley fashion, if rejected? Just kinda sit there. Stunned. She really hoped the second didn't happen.

(I have a giant screen and I have no idea how long this post is. It says it's about 350 words, so sorry if really short post.)

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Akui stretched out her entire body and yawned, and Diablo decided to follow suit before slithering his way back to the spot of sunshine that he claimed as his own and letting his eyelids droop back down until they fully shut and within a couple minutes he was back to a peaceful sleep.

In that time, Akui had actually decided to put a bit more work into her contact lens prototype, and she was actually able to make the splice she needed before the chicken chick said something.

“So… Akui. You… You into girls?”

That was a rather odd question to ask, Akui thought to herself, mainly because she had no idea the context behind it. She did notice, however, how high strung and nervous that the chicken she was ready to lay an egg or something. What the hell was wrong with her? Her face was all red like her feathers and she couldn't just talk to her normally...did she come to see her when she was sick? Akui wasn't sure if she appreciated that.

"Hmm...'into girls', huh? Well...maybe? Well, I f***ing hate men, I hate those s***holes so much the idea of them being near me makes me want to f***ing vom...but I don't have as many problems with my own kind. Not sure if that answered your question, but..." Akui got up from the seat next to her nightstand and walked over and sat down next to her on Avi's bed, which actually ended her rather close to the chicken chick. "What the f*** is wrong with you? For a chick who has beaten the s*** out of men and is the world champion of punching, you seem to be having an issue. We may not know each other all that well, but...if some s*** is bothering you, I've got your back, and not just when it comes to scaring off some douchebags."

Akui was a bit confused as to why she gave a s*** about this chick. Sure, after their initial mishap meeting, they had gotten along well...and Akui liked the idea of her being a strong chickadee who made the faces of men bleed with her fists, but she didn't really know her all that well in all reality. Maybe they were just meant to be close friends, so they hit it off well, which it wouldn't be the first time that happened in her lifetime. She scooted a bit closer and threw her arm over the chickadee's massive shoulders.

"So, what's bothering ya?"

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Akui had asked what was bothering her. There was many a thing bothering her, quite a few below the belt. Actually. Most of them were below the belt. If you understood what she meant, you'd understand why she was still flush red, and that she kinda felt dejected. For about three seconds. Until it dawned upon her, she wasn't being rejected. Akui legit didn't know what exactly was happening, and considering the fact that she was really close to her made her shift. Shift for reasons she'd rather not say. She was slightly sweating.

"I..I-I..I want to, maybe, kiss you?"

You F**ked that one up, Riley. Good job. You managed to dun goof. What in the hell would you do that for. Don't just say what you want. But. But. That's what you're good at right? rightrightright? No, no. Riley didn't mess that up. Right? Who knew.

She put her arm over Akui's shoulder. She kept her eye's open, and leaned in for the kiss. It felt right, but she had no idea if it was going to go through, hopefully pink would return the kiss. Please return the kiss. That's all that ran through her mind as she went in for it, because while Riley might be proud, she's still not a social bug. Kinda lacks social skills. Social skills that would have been useful. Especially when you have a cute girl sitting right next to you.

(Short, I know. But i'm running low on energy, and I suck at romance. No experience irl)

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It took her while to respond, but then the chicken opened her mouth and let out the most bizarre string of words Akui had ever heard in her life. She couldn't even believe what was being said.

"I..I-I..I want to, maybe, kiss you?" the...just what? Akui couldn't even get her hazy thoughts together on what was happening right now. Here was this girl who knocked out guys for a living and was super strong and independent, and she...just asked for a...a...a k-kiss? What in the f*** is wrong with this girl? Why would she want to kiss her-no, scratch that! Why in the hell would she want to kiss a girl in general? Girls are supposed to want to kiss guys and be all over them, it's a natural thing that was ruined for Akui by the men in her life, and yet this girl was all puckered up and waiting for her...what was she supposed to do? She wasn't all fired up about this idea, and she didn't even know her that well...and she was obviously crazy, because she wanted to kiss her instead of some other beefy dude. Akui was stumbling over what to say, or what to do even.

There are those who say that animals can sense things that humans can't, or sense things better than humans can, and while Akui wasn't one to trifle with thoughts like that the following events did in fact transpire...

Diablo changed his mind about napping, and had been eyeing his human and the new human who didn't smell human. He had gotten a bit of a vibe from the non-human-smelling human when she first arrived, and it seemed that she was attracted to his human, and even though she wasn't acting the same way he felt a similar vibe coming from his human. So, Diablo decided he would do his human a favor! He slithered slowly across the floor until he was right next to the bed, then he curled up and waited.

"Wha...what the f***?!" was all Akui could manage, and she began to back away. She moved on foot back, and as she moved her other foot back, Diablo hissed and slithered away quickly...which startled her and made Akui lose her balance. "S***! Diablo, are you okay? What were you do-" she was cut off as she was falling because...her lips came into contact with...

Oh no, this wasn't good...this was really awkward: Akui knew she had just accidentally kissed the Riley chick, but it was a complete accident. If she just opened her eyes and got off of her and told her it was an accident, it would all turn out she opened her eyes.

Akui's eyes locked onto Riley's, and it felt like a lightning bolt struck her and her entire body shivered. What the hell was that all about? Akui didn't know, but her whole body relaxed and her arms draped of the muscular chick's shoulders, and her eyes went from a shocked look to an accepting one...and then she pressed her lips against her's, not just barely touching, but giving it some oomph.

Akui had no idea what she was doing or why, but for some reason she didn't care. Everything felt...okay, acceptable.

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Riley's heart was shattered. Was she rejected? But..


Suddenly she felt Pinks lips on hers. She was too busy feeling dejected to realise what happened, but she figured that Pink would pull away. Pink... was into it? This led the, then dejected, Riley into questioning what was happening, and due to this, she fell back. Which meant Pink would fall onto her and most likely continue the kiss. On her room-mates bed. So many things going right and she was still super confused. She was totally enjoying the kiss, and wrapped her arms around Pinkey.

Really. What was happening? Riley’s face lit red as if it was the first time. Certainly wasn’t. Could this be actual attraction? Not just the lady parts riling up, no, this was actual love and Riley didn’t know how to deal. Especially since she fell back and Pinky was totally on top of her. This was strange, and she could swear… in these situations she was usually on top.

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It would seem that both her and the chicken chick felt a bit awkward about this at first, but as her back fell to the bed something jolted through Akui's body fueled her...she wanted more. As the chick's arms wrapped around her, she pressed her lips against her harder...and she slipped her lower lip into the chicks mouth and held onto her upper lip with both of hers. Akui's entire body...was, she felt like someone had started a forest fire inside her body. She didn't feel anything on the outside, but on the inside she was a sloshing smorgasbord of emotion and passion. She wanted to do nothing but slip in her tongue as well, yet she also wanted to hide. Clearly not all there, she did in fact slip in her tongue and used it to find the chicken chick's tongue, breathing heavily all the while.

What in the hell was she doing, and why couldn't she stop? Why didn't she want to stop? The fear was creeping in, and she placed a hand on the girl's abdomen to push herself off of her...but when she touched her, the signals in her brain went haywire again. This chick was f***ing toned! Instead of pushing herself off her, she gently felt the girls abdomen...wait, why was she doing that? WHY COULDN'T SHE STOP HERSELF?! WHAT WAS WRONG WITH HER?! Her body refused to listen and just wanted more of whatever the hell this was...well, that was until the chick tried to put a hand up Akui's shirt.

That act paralyzed her in fear for a moment before pushing herself off the girl and desperately making her way to the other end of her roommate's bed. She armed Agony and aimed it straight at the chick, her eyes wide with an irrational fear, but soon she hid her face in her left hand while still aiming the gun with the right.

"...I think it's time for you to leave..." she someone managed to force out between deep breaths. She then lowered her gun a bit before she continued. "Just...just know...I'm not...mad. I just...I just...I need some time." she sputtered out, crunching herself even more into the position she put herself in. " think. I'll...I'll come to you...with an answer...but for now...please, just...go. Wait...for me." she was doing her best to keep herself together, and although disappointed, the chick left. As soon as she couldn't hear her footsteps, Akui ran up and locked the door, then dashed to her bed.

She couldn't think about this now...whatever that was...she was being torn apart from within. Akui took the other half of her injection, plugged her earbuds into her scroll and jammed to Indie EDM until she fell out.

[Distressed Gangsta, Out~!]

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Riley did leave... although she thankfully was just disappointed. She could have been dejected, but she wasn't. Sure, she got kicked out, but pink told her that she needed time to think. It was progress. After all, castles aren't built in one day, right? Or at least, that's what she convinced herself was going on. Chicken was a chicken when it came to love, and she just happened to be that chicken. It sure sucked. What if her thoughts came to a conclusion that involved no?!? That'd be terrible, Riley figured. What ever would she do? Cry herself to sleep and then go after another after awhile? She wasn't sure. This love was different.

She actually felt like she'd break down without Akui. I wasn't her fault though. Wasn't Akui's fault. She was fast to love, and even faster to trust in whatever love was of current. After all, Love was very important.

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