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Asen Mahawa [Completed]

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1 Asen Mahawa [Completed] on Sun Jan 03, 2016 10:48 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Asen Mahawa
Age: 18
Birthday: 12/26
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 125 lb
Face Claim: Ace from Final Fantasy Type 0

Aura 150|150 HP

Group: Extremists

Unnecessary Destruction


Overall Personality:
Asen's overall personality is practically carefree and is generally seen to be thinking positive. Anyone request a class clown? He's the guy for that role in class. Granted he doesn't pull pranks on anyone, he's more of a joking type of guy who tries to brighten everyone's day. Sure he might throw in a flirt or two at a girl if he likes them, but overall he turns the flirting into just a flirtatious joke that its somewhat hard to tell when he's not joking. Asen also has the tendency to tease his friends just to get them smile in the end.

If there's anything that bugs him the most is when someone is crying especially when its the effect of his behavior. It makes him feel bad and would try to make up for it somehow. See his intentions are mostly never bad or really evil to begin with, he doesn't wish to be rude or mean in a verbal sense that's just how he is. Some may see him as the best friend in the world to have, others may find him to be more of a nuisance than anything else. It just depends on who's associating with him honestly.

You know how most people even students for Hunters and Huntresses tend to slack around sometimes and just isn't that determined to get something done? Well, despite Asen's carefree nature he has a big amounts of determination that when he says that he's going to get something done he'll literally do everything in his power to get it done. When it comes to training, he can be sleeping or passing out from exhaustion yet his unconscious mind would still train the body by sheer willpower of his determination. Granted in his mind he would just be dreaming and therefore won't remember much. Hence is where his semblance resonates from, his immense willpower and determination to complete his goals and reach for the skies metaphorically to improve himself through effort.

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Silver Flame

Shadow Manipulation;
Shadow Manipulation is a semblance that takes on the shapes and forms of a variety attacks and defenses. This can range from firing off a shadow form of a bullet or even rain down a volley of shadow spears coming from the ground. At the same time it can ranged to form a shield to even a full plate shadow armor that weighs nothing yet helps prevent attacks from getting to them.

Item 1:
Arm Guards

Primary and only Form
Just iron protectors of the user's arms to prevent a blade from hacking the arm off unless its at the shoulder. Nothing special about it.

Item 2:

Primary Form:
Now when you see the name you would think that its a two handed three pronged fork right? Well that would be completely and utterly wrong. For the name is actually given to a katana of sorts that doesn't have anything special to it other than it is made out of silver that is surprisingly light yet sturdy like hard steel with the blade as keen as a chef's best cutting knife. It however doesn't possess any special abilities on using Dust or does anything special like that.

History and Sample
Asen's parents both died while he was still an infant after a mysterious fire was set ablaze on their home which even more mysteriously Asen was the only one left unharmed. It wasn't some weird semblance gone crazy or anything like that, for yes Asen wasn't harmed in any way from the fire. It was like someone took just Asen outside of the house and burnt his parents' house to the ground with his parents still inside of it. The situation has been written off by the Military Police division as a fire hazard mishap with not taking care of the fireplace that kept the house warm. Though his parents were both excellent Hunter and Huntress that knew what they were doing both inside and out. So the incident itself is questionable, and Asen went about his life living with a foster family without having any knowledge of who his real parents really were. The only thing he had from his parents was the necklace that was on his neck when the investigators found him. It wasn't until he was 15 working as a Dust Shop Assistant when he found out about what happened to his biological parents and what they did for a living. Luckily he was already going through Sanctum's education so he had a head start about becoming a Hunter after learning of his parents. Of course he visited their graves once he knew where they were buried at, and it happened to be buried in Vale. So he actually makes a trip over to Vale every 3 months to pay his respects to his parents when he gets the chance to be able to do so.

Fortunately for Asen, his name had gone up in fame a tad bit after one fateful night he decided to work late with his boss and is actually how he got his ticket into Beacon Academy. It was a dark and uneventful night for the most part and Asen was actually stocking up some magazines up at the magazines shelf where they were supposed to go while his boss was sitting behind the counter that had a glass display of crystalized Dust underneath the cashier. Welp a small group of thugs came into the store and basically tried to rob the store of its Dust with threats and some acts of violence. One of the thugs even happened to be an now ex student of Beacon. When they came upon Asen who was still filling up on the shelves with magazines, they threatened to break his legs if he didn't cower away from them like he should be doing. Asen of course simply smirked at them before a pair of thugs went flying on their backs while skidding on the ground. In essence there was quite a fight between the student and Asen even though Asen technically had less combat experience he still held his own. Granted when it came to range tripped Asen up on some occasions until he quickly formed a strategy that allowed him to activate the Initial Gate to move a bit faster than normal and was able to get in close to the student before placing the student into a choke hold. Not the type of choke hold to kill, but just enough to where the student was knocked unconscious. Thus he foiled the thugs' attempt to rob the Dust Store and was commended for it to some point. For Asen winded up getting fired because Asen accidentally wrecked the store while fighting the student. However the bright side is that he got accepted into Beacon Academy for his efforts, where his new journey on becoming a Hunter.
RP Sample:
It was roughly nightfall now as the sun had gone down, allowing the darkness to creep up along the cities in Japan along with most parts of the Eastern Continents as well. Walking down the dark streets with a single lamp post flickering its dim light into existence that temporarily banishes the darkness nearby the lamp post before it flickers off again, was a young man wearing a sandy brown trench coat with a pair of black leather gloves and underneath the coat is his simple white short sleeved shirt. On his head is a thermal black sports winter hat with his blonde hair poking out from the lip of his hat. His azure blue eyes wandering around the streets as he walks with his school bag in his left hand as his boots tend to make a heavy sound each time he takes a step.
Tonight felt like it was any other night, it was peaceful and mostly quiet with a vehicle that occasionally drives by with their headlights on to see in the night. Though that was all about to change here in a minute as what appears to be a gang of rough looking men and women emerging from a dark alley with bats, knives, and one of them is even holding a 1911 gun in their hands. What's more they look like they have the nerve to actually kill if need be, and it seems that Alex here just walked into the wrong place at the wrong time. Of course he was only walking back home, but it doesn't seem to matter with these guys. There was roughly around seven of them with one of them holding the gun trained at Alex's body. "You picked a bad time to be taking a night stroll kid, should've stayed home with your mommy sucking on her tit." The guy with the gun basically mocked Alex trying to sound tough and in essence set the mood that the guy was the top dog and everything he says goes. Or at least that's what the guy sounded like he was doing. Alex on the other hand just raised a brow at them as he goes to set his bag down beside the lamp post before he turns towards them with his arms crossed. "Look people, I don't want any trouble around here. All I want to do is to just go home, but for your sakes you better turn the other way around before you seven get thrown into body bags. Or sent to the hospital, depending on how you want things to go. These are your choices, leave me be or suffer the consequences. Simple as that." This however did not bold too well with the gang for they look more irritated and angrier than before. Which is actually not really a good thing on a normal basis, but Alex can already see that they're all not exactly trained or experienced on holding their weapons. Not saying that they're terrible or anything, but because Alex has been trained in other methods as well its kind of like he's a bit more advanced than they are.

This is easily proven as one of them wielding a baseball bat comes at Alex while swinging the bat in a horizontal arc. Initiating the movement by advancing with Alex's right foot while vigorously extending his right tegatana into the guy's face. The thug blocks with his right hand to protect his face. Alex grabs the thug's right elbow firmly with his left hand and pushes the thug's wrist down with Alex's tegatana. Ikkyo through yonkyo are all the same up to this point. Having unbalanced the attacker, Alex takes a large step diagonally forward with his left foot, moving his arm forward and down. Aligning Alex's body with the guy, Alex draws his left hand down to grab his tegatana. Alex immobilizes the attacker's hand against his chest and apply Sankyo. After he is sufficiently off balance, Alex steps forward with his left foot and stands against the thug's side. Alex pins the guy's hand against Alex's chest. Alex releases his right hand and execute an atemi to the attacker's face while stepping in circularly with Alex's right foot. Alex places his right hand on the attacker's elbow and brings him down diagonally to the right while stepping to the rear with Alex's right foot. Alex would then change his left hand grip on the guy's hand to a right hand grip. Alex then extends his left hand towards the guy's head while pressing Alex's abdomen forward to execute the Sankyo pin. When the guy is finally on the ground, Alex is free to break an elbow, dislocate the shoulder, dislocate the wrist, or even strike the controlled target. Alex is able to redirect 15% of the guy's fighting power back to him when performing this technique as a counter. Honestly the guy didn't have any clue on what happened before he lands hard on his back as Alex does a quick twist and winds up dislocating the guy's wrist which made the guy cry out in pain while dropping the bat which clatters on the ground.

Alex only releases his hand from the guy's wrist allowing the guy to curl up into a ball succumbing to the pain before Alex turns his eyes back towards the gang who are now uncertain on what to do exactly. "Now then... who would like to be next?" Of course this was basically an invitation as two of them, one male and one female, charges at him with a battle cry type of thing. The male who was holding onto a knife goes to attempt to stab Alex on the chest, however that plan was thwarted as well since Alex quickly raised his right hand to grab with a firm grip of the guy's wirst while at the same time Alex advances forward with his right foot against the guy's left foot. Alex simultaneously leans his upper body to the side while also pushing the guy's wrist down and giving the wrist a twist which dislocates the wrist. At the same time the guy goes flipping forward past Alex and drops the knife too with a dislocated wrist while also landing on top of the other guy from before. Now onto the girl who was actually holding onto a thin metal baseball bat who was also swinging in a downward arc for Alex's head.

However this was thwarted not from a throw this time, by rather Alex's right hand turns into a fist that is slightly vibrating that just before it smacks dead onto the girl's solar plexus to deal more damage and force. Not only did she get punched in the chest and more specifically her solar plexus that causes temporarily paralysis to her body, but she also gets knocked back in the air about 4 feet roughly to land against another of their buddies. Now things are getting a bit more heated up as there was a distinct click of a hammer pulling back inside of a gun. The leader of the group has his finger on the trigger aimed directly for Alex's head and it was more like Alex's instincts kicked in as he leapt powerfully towards the gunner's direction and allowed gravity to take over by letting himself fall with the beginning part of a leg sweep. The guy pulls the trigger just as Alex was going down, and it barely missed him yet it still grazed him on the head as the next thing the guy sees is him falling down on his back hard. Alex reacts to it by holding onto the spot where the bullet grazed him, and when the guy tried to sit up with the gun still in his hand Alex's boot winds up kissing the guy on the face as Alex pretty much stomped on the guy's face which made gunner fire another bullet straight up at the sky. "Yo man we gotta go! Come on let it go!" One of them was saying to the gunner as they all picked each other up and started running off into the distance leaving Alex still on his back while he has hand resting on his head. Blood was stinging his left eye as it leaks onto his field of vision causing him to close his left eye while having to deal with a bloody headache. With a grunt, he rolls onto his feet almost unsteadily as he walks over to his bag. Where he goes to pick it up with his free hand.

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2 Re: Asen Mahawa [Completed] on Sat Mar 18, 2017 4:05 am

Hey there AsenRealmMahawa6! I see your app wasn't properly responded to for a while, and I apologize about that. As a newly recruited mod, I'm getting to it now, and I see only a few changes needed.

First, we have skills now, and any new app needs one positive and one negative skill. You can select from this list here, and if a skill you want isn't listed, let us know and we can arrange something.

You need to list what your items are, even if it seems obvious. Those arm guards could just as easily be for preventing some Dust damage as they could be for melee, you never really know unless it's specified.

As for your semblance, it is a bit too much. Manipulating shadow is already kinda crazy, so having both offensive and defensive capabilities is a bit much. This needs clear limiters, like only being able to use your own shadow, or only able to generate effects from your general area.

Do these things in about seven days, and you're golden. If not, this app will be moved to the Inactive Section. Sorry about any inconveniences! ^_^

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3 Re: Asen Mahawa [Completed] on Sun Apr 09, 2017 3:56 pm

I apologize, but due to there being no changes or response in much more than the allotted time, I must move this app to the Inactive Section.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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