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Happy Birthday, Wonderful Friend (Closed)

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1 Happy Birthday, Wonderful Friend (Closed) on Sat Jan 09, 2016 7:07 am


Standing at the airport landing on the day of her special day, Gawain stared into the endless blue sky and simply waited with his growing dog by his side. The boy owned his dog for roughly three months, and even when Gawain bought his new companion, the little dog was roughly as tall as half of his lower leg. Then, as the two stood together with the girl's present, wrapped in a red and black striped box with a blue ribbon on top of it, the once small dog was now almost as tall as Gawain's leg from his foot to his knee and as long as his foot to his mid-thigh; the dog was also decent in width, having been fed well by his owner. Nevertheless, the dog wasn't a year old yet as far as Gawain knew, but in the end, the boy would celebrate his companion's birthday on the day he bought him, making sure that the little one would feel special as well.

But for that day, Gawain made sure that he prepared himself so that the person he cared for would feel special as well. He spent a considerate amount of his winter break preparing the gift he was going to give, having to pay a mechanic to manufacture such an object: a pocket-watch that was light enough to be carried as a necklace that functioned as a music box as well. Such a design costed Gawain a considerable amount of lien, a good portion of his savings to say the least, but the boy wanted his friend to have a wonderful day. She, after all, was one of the few who introduced him to this new life, and also was one of the specific few that simply made his life at Syne enjoyable and fun. She meant a lot to him in that respect, and he wanted to give back to her after everything.

So, the boy stared up at the sky with his dog nudging his head against his owner comfortably, wagging his tail while he also waited, and as a unit, the two waited together, ever patiently.

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2 Re: Happy Birthday, Wonderful Friend (Closed) on Wed Feb 03, 2016 9:57 pm

Sevy was on board of an airship taking her back to Syne after a small vacation back home. She didn't have to go far from the school since she lives in Bellmuse with her parents, but it was refreshing to spend time back home for a while, but she did was glad to come back to the academy since she had to get back studying. As late as ever in her studies, she had to get an early start if she wanted to be sure to be alright. There was another reason why she was glad to come back to school and she was not knowing that she would see him so soon.

The airship slowly made its way upon the landing zone after a while, people started to get down. Sevy was in the lasts to exit the flying vehicule and took a second to stretch before taking a deep breath. She smiled as the cold invaded her lungs, a feeling that she always loved, which gave her another reason to love the winter season. She was glad to be born in it, exactly 19 years ago...

Since she celebrated her birthday earlier with her parents, she did came back with a couple of presents, mostly clothes and a new notebook since her last one was already full, but to her biggest surprise, it wouldn't be the last gift she would receive.

Looking around, Sevy noticed Gawain further... with a dog? She never saw Gawain's dog before, she didn't even knew he had one as before the break she was really busy and they couldn't spend as much time together as she would have wanted. Happy to see him, she waved and walked towards him with he two bags she had. "Gawain! I'm so glad to see you, but.... what are you doing here? You... were you waiting for me?"

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3 Re: Happy Birthday, Wonderful Friend (Closed) on Sat Feb 06, 2016 9:41 pm

As the large breeze brushed against the boy's buttoned black jacket, Gawain simply smiled up at the approaching airship, tightening his grip on the box. Ever since that morning came by, all Gawain did was wait for her; he didn't even know if she was heading back to Syne that day, so all he could do was hope. Standing there with his ever-so patient and caring dog , Gawain ignored the strong winds that dared to remove him from his goal; audible flaps from his black slacks sung in unison with the rest of the chorus as if they sounded the arrival of his wonderful friend.

Watching the airship perfect its landing, Gawain drew his gaze towards his pet, smiling at him and nodding. As the two stood side-by-side, the patient boy examined the arriving crowd for the girl before noting her waving presence. Grasping the box in one hand and waving back to her, Gawain started forward to meet her with his dog calmly following his owner with a gentle wag of his tail. Every hour, minute, and second that the two waited together was for this gratuitous moment, and the means were worth the results.

Nodding his head with a warm smile at her questioning statements, the boy gently drew his hands forth with the gift-box between the two of them, simply waiting to be opened. Even the dog barked with calm glee, walking forth and nuzzling his head against Severa's left leg, finally meeting the friend Gawain took quite fondly to. With an prepared note written in the black box, attached to the bottom of the cover, Gawain simply smiled in wait, waiting for her response upon opening the box and the gift.

”Happy birthday, Sevy. Thank you for everything, and I hope that this new year will be a great one for you.”


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